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Ghost Recon : Future Soldier- All Weapons, All Unlocks/ Weapon Range part 2 [HD]

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All of the weapons and customization options from the Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Game for the ps3 Like our facebook page! http://www.facebook.com/pages/HardcoreGamingOnline/131753863525693 If you're ever on Steam, come join the group and chat with us! http://steamcommunity.com/groups/Hardcoregamingonline
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Text Comments (51)
Steven D. (1 year ago)
MTs 255 be like: It's high noon m8ts.
Steven D. (1 year ago)
To get the Green Goblin: Mod a standard Goblin to max power, and of course, give it a green paintjob.
Auura (4 years ago)
I've been laughing quite hard about the ignorant argument that went on here, who cares if games have the same weapons?
Mrchese97 (5 years ago)
aye but there be no such thin' as KAP 40.
dennis hans (5 years ago)
is the Goblin the Hk 416 ?? why the fuck do they call it goblin ?
PsyopsTZM (5 years ago)
hi nice vid, maybe u could help.... in the progression tree, I can't choose the unlocked weapons or equipment?? Or where do I choose between them? I've read, you'll be asked to choose but it never came as I leveled up. & now I'm more than half way to 50 but haven't unlocked any weapons or equipment. many thnx
Exalted Nevaeh (6 years ago)
@seamr1 Hey, they started again. I'm gonna go get some popcorn, want a bag?
Exalted Nevaeh (6 years ago)
[One month later] Round two of the troll-off BEGINS! "FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!"
Oscar Tyminski (6 years ago)
no your mother helped me nigga
Conner Neill (6 years ago)
come up with that all on your own junior?
Isaiah Vigil (6 years ago)
Maybe he is redoing it but is already past it I do that because I have better guns more fun
Exalted Nevaeh (6 years ago)
Ah swatbandit, troll on, it's sooo fucking amusing.
Oscar Tyminski (6 years ago)
a wise man once said 85% of quotes are bullshit....
Oscar Tyminski (6 years ago)
@druskov calling me a 12 year old cod fanboy when all you say is "you mad bro?" haha LOL and no im not gnna stop saying GAY EMO FAG! what? you dont like people pointing out what you really are? and yeah its the internet so what ill fuck u up in real life that's a fact, gay emo fags such as your self cant fight, and are scrawny as fuck, and you are a fag cuz the first thing that popped up in your mind is gay emo sex.... GAY EMO FAG
druskov (6 years ago)
And you made absolutely no sense just now.
Oscar Tyminski (6 years ago)
@druskov and you say "you mad bro" because you know its true LOL.
druskov (6 years ago)
Lol your mad bro
druskov (6 years ago)
Am I making you mad bro? Because you sound mad? You keep saying Im an emo fag... hmmmm does that mean you have something against them or do you just enjoy throwing around insults to boost your immature ego to make yourself feel better?
Oscar Tyminski (6 years ago)
@druskov you were preaching about guns too... and i bet you're like a 14 year old emo fuck head with bangs and shit covering his left eye or some shit and then u try to shit talk people becuase in real life you get bullied by a fucking goat.
druskov (6 years ago)
If your so epic at this, why do I sense your a 12 year old cod fag who thinks just because he plays a wargame he knows almost everything about guns and can start preaching on the internet about it... Im sorry but the way you act says you are...
Oscar Tyminski (6 years ago)
@druskov im pretty sure a small ignorant lil kid such as yourself doesn't has a clue about what he is talking about, especially when we talk about plagiarism in weaponry, i noe a lot about this stuff, and for your information the Kriss Kard is fake because it isn't developed yet, so sit down in a corner somewhere, and stfu and listen to daddy
druskov (6 years ago)
^_^ your not getting the point... listen these are all modern guns in use or being developed currently in real world, most of these game developers get hands on for their sound and artists so they can put them into the game. Now your point would be valid if say Call of Duty made a gun that was unique only in their game not in the real world, and another game copied it. However that is not the case so stop arguing about something you don't seem to understand.
Oscar Tyminski (6 years ago)
@druskov they copied black ops 2 with the Kriss Kard pistol...that guns hasnt even been released yet...
druskov (6 years ago)
lol stop sounding badass no one copied shit get over it kid :D
Oscar Tyminski (6 years ago)
fuck up b4 i ko ur ass, they copied it and thats it.
druskov (6 years ago)
Its a gun in the real world so stfu no game is copy cats for choosing guns at that point I could call every fps a copy cat for using a 1911 >.>
Oscar Tyminski (6 years ago)
LOL this game copied every single Weapon from another game and i understand u are allowed to use it and stuff but the A91? seriously copy cats
Damian (6 years ago)
I enjoy max payne more than this game.
Chad Smith (6 years ago)
K thanks
Brenedy Lopez (6 years ago)
You should get this game.
Chad Smith (6 years ago)
Should i get this game or max payne
Buck-CGAV (6 years ago)
Lorenzo Gardner (6 years ago)
Um... almost every gun has their own built in sights
Indabaz (6 years ago)
Is there an XM-8 or just M-8 in the game?
Tropicolo100 (6 years ago)
nice I still need to buy the game! lol Is it good?
Robert Poi (6 years ago)
Wat r the extra maps?i got the collectors ed,dnt knw wat the xtra maps r?doesnt wory me any way so ill just shut up and piss off
0verlord (6 years ago)
Hardcorecaming is the tar good? ( and compared to the stoner witch is better?)
xheka555 (6 years ago)
I know, got the game right now :) it's really awsome guys!
Tropicolo100 (6 years ago)
you still have to pay for the DLC i think, pre order only gives you like 2 new guns (more or less depending on where you pre-ordered)
SeekingYouHere (6 years ago)
you know you still have to unlock them, all it did really is give you alt. colors for them.
Tropicolo100 (6 years ago)
yep they just announced DLC that includes 6 new guns and maps and stuff
Robert Comelli (6 years ago)
There would be more weapons in the real thing
Robert Comelli (6 years ago)
Isn't this just the Beta?
Rangdip (6 years ago)
If you dont pre order can you buy it after
PewPewLazors (6 years ago)
You get the Ak-47 for Bodark, the MK14 for Ghost and M40A5 for Ghost if Ubisofft Store or smth.
Bizzy-Marck (6 years ago)
and a mk14 :D
xheka555 (6 years ago)
you get the AK if you pre-order the game. I only know this because i did :)
Maestah (6 years ago)
I love the m249SaW and all his variants , but ill go recon i thnk
jordan marc (6 years ago)
what about the ak47?
Jamin Contreras (6 years ago)
.....why are you moving around so much when you shoot it looks like your guy has to piss
Andrew Zinner (6 years ago)
12:46 that Russian helmet looks freaking beast.

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