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Text Comments (2585)
*Am I the only one who can't tell the difference between Jerry and and Harries voices?*
Are you twins
RG1235 Plays (4 days ago)
Guys stop saying you didn't know about their voices but btw see their heads? You can see is jerry and harry
Floo - (5 days ago)
Harry and jerry is the same people as roze and rozzy from 2Rgames
Kristin Hansen (5 days ago)
I'd always struggle with that, btw, are u guys twins
Jace brayden (6 days ago)
I could tell they were trying to talk like each other
The GamerGirl200 (6 days ago)
FINALLY! NOW I KNOW! (But pls place that on every video you upload.... XD)
Davz Gomez (7 days ago)
littleninjapro idiot ii jerry and harry
Davz Gomez (7 days ago)
i know the diffrence between jerry and harry ii
I cqnt tell the differences between yohr voices
Savage_Khalil (8 days ago)
I can't tell your voices apart after watching this video 2 years ago
Ron Lai (8 days ago)
your voice sounds apart
Jerry always scream and Harry rarely screams
Imzuleikhariviera 2018 (11 days ago)
Once I already know the difference and now I already forget it -_-
GAMING YT FANPAGE (12 days ago)
R u both borthers ? Or friend?
Paradox (12 days ago)
Jerry Has the Deep voice Harry has the cute voice xD
catalina palacio (12 days ago)
so harry has lower pitch voice by a bit like a deeper voice now i can tell
ii_ssas_ii Neako (14 days ago)
I can tell and I’ve only been watching for a month
Maria Resaba (14 days ago)
R u guys Twin??I think u guys r???hmmmmm..u guys have a same voice but not..the names..Jerry and harry..??hmmmm
I think Jerrys voice is a little higher pitched than Harry's voice
Fired Dude (15 days ago)
Who is Jerry?
Jadine Abasta (15 days ago)
Can u do a face reveal
Emil (15 days ago)
I can't tell your voices apart
Tippin n Drippit (15 days ago)
I want to let you know that I can tell your voice apart and know who is talk .
Loralie Weeden (15 days ago)
I still can't tell the difference
Neo Sverige (16 days ago)
Pls do face reveal PLSSSS!
Mx Million (17 days ago)
Why dose this guy keep talking to himself?
CLS Roblox_ (17 days ago)
Its logic.. Think! Harry is the first who says Welcome\ And Jerry is the second (This is an example you can make more differences like how they laugh etc.)
KeVenom (18 days ago)
I think that most of the time Jerry talks louder
Kawaii Neko (19 days ago)
How can I know your voices
K.K. Gaming (20 days ago)
I still can't see the difference jerry and harry sounds
Tong Sub Fan (20 days ago)
I think you both are twins so your sound are similar (etc😎😎)
Emsunii And Cab Playz (22 days ago)
I can't tell the difference between your voices.. 😂😂😂😂 just kidding
Gogu Tibi (23 days ago)
dude you dont even sound like harry i know there is 2 poople playing minecraft in your office jerry and harry
Myika (25 days ago)
Harry's voice is a little bit deeper than Jerry Jerry's voice is a little bit louder than Harry. Simplified.
ZapyZoGaming (26 days ago)
well put it in all videos
Helen Navarro (26 days ago)
For the people who still don’t know you guys should have that thing again on the top of the screen
BrownyBear (26 days ago)
This helped wow
lumen tabiano (27 days ago)
I still cant tell guys
owenvcenteno (28 days ago)
What is their accent?
Mr Oofio (28 days ago)
(spoiler warning) pure netherlanders
CarlGaming (1 month ago)
Who is talking
Purple Panda (1 month ago)
are you two brothers or in another way related?? cause you two seem related
ThatJGamerTV (1 month ago)
stop talking to yourself
Mus- Ic (1 month ago)
You two are twins
ColinNH (1 month ago)
If ya guys don't like 4 block jumps then why are all the jumps so hard on ur hard maps on ur server... *cough cough BIOMEQUEST*
JaNathMendoza (1 month ago)
Jude Ghassan (1 month ago)
Still can't tell the difference....😑
Cia Niemi (1 month ago)
Can u do that allways and can u like tell us how old are u and thinks u like and dont like
JellyJackJam99 Gaming (1 month ago)
Lol the pics at the top are lol
RotyKoln (1 month ago)
Jerry = higher than Harry’s voice Harry = Deeper than Jerry’s voice
Xeno Sub (1 month ago)
still cant find the difference :)
Ohh Chigeh (1 month ago)
I think they are adorable twins
iiAteCake (1 month ago)
Challenge: count jerry's moans in this video
Noobi (1 month ago)
I cant see the difference between your voices
Falen (1 month ago)
Please tell me is jerry the guy that is the Steve or the one with no eyes??
littleres (1 month ago)
WHOES JERRY AND WHOES IS HARRY I can't tell you apart their voices
Marit van den Hoek (1 month ago)
Hahaha I had the same because I don't watch your videos for that long😅😂
Hailey P (1 month ago)
"Why does he keep talking to himself?" HAHAHAHA THATS HILARIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Razia Ghazizada (1 month ago)
what do you guys look like in real live tall us plz plz and you guys are sooooo funny love you vodies
Klyne de ocampo (1 month ago)
Its Because Your Voices Are The Same That's Why People Say That Yourself Duh :) Edit:No Hate to Jerry & Harry :D
KittyPlays Gaming (1 month ago)
harry has a deeper voice than jerry, and i like harry more than jarry
This is y u need a facereveal
helis decker (1 month ago)
Show us your real faces
Jerry's scream is more blood curdling and Herry's is alittle loud. There's a difference. And one more is Jerry's voice is a little deeper then Herry's even though their twin brothers.
Kyl Green (1 month ago)
Who is watching this at 2018
Covrigel 123 (2 months ago)
I can't tell the differents in your voice
Covrigel 123 (2 months ago)
Keep ittt
Adonis Deolay (2 months ago)
Nope they're not the same voice after all
Jcv 3900 (2 months ago)
Jerry has a little darker voice and Harry has a higher voice
Probably _Satan (2 months ago)
I don't think you know what to say during parkour vids. The whole thing is basically just grunts.
LoQ Po (2 months ago)
JessieCrafter (2 months ago)
I still don't get it just do a facecam to see who's speaking
Rehandi Gaming (2 months ago)
jerry end harry 1million sub face came
Nathan W. (2 months ago)
I'm pretty sure it's Harry's voice that's deeper than Jerry's.
Queen Rafael (2 months ago)
I wan't you show your face no clickbait please -_-
ϗιχσκ ϗوσκ (2 months ago)
I hate the grammar in this "technically" infinite comments
ϗιχσκ ϗوσκ (2 months ago)
I've never seen them ever NOT cheat at parkours
Evy Fabel (2 months ago)
I still can't differ between your voices tbh
Satura Nugroho (2 months ago)
WHO talk
The Life of Anna (2 months ago)
Heres the difference Jerrys voice is less higher and harrys is less lower thats the difference But theyre real voice i really thes same if you hear it closey youll find the difference :)
Robert Joyce (2 months ago)
But what if harry is talking when Jerry’s picture flashes and jerry talks when Harry’s flashes
hannah galabo (2 months ago)
faaaacceeee revealllll
hannah galabo (2 months ago)
face reveal
hannah galabo (2 months ago)
faccceeeee revealll
hannah galabo (2 months ago)
face reveal please....😘
hannah galabo (2 months ago)
faceeeee reveallllllllllll
Ethanos The Rad Titan (2 months ago)
Jerry's voice tone is a tad deeper than Harry's
YAH! JIMIN! ARMY BOI!!! (2 months ago)
Jerry Has Deeper Voice Than Harry, Done
GDMC MLBB (2 months ago)
What if you say something at the same time?
TheOrange Planet (2 months ago)
Harry’s Voice is deeper
EtharViolo 21 (2 months ago)
Wait i can hear your keyboard who is the Jerry keyboard sound?
Iszen Sangcap (2 months ago)
Oh yeah!!!!! Jerry and harry show your faces or unsubscribe
Myztik (2 months ago)
Well I know I’m late but to me Jerry’s voice is deeper
mac&lance movie (2 months ago)
Why are you two guys ALWAYS wear hats
Person with a Channel (2 months ago)
I still don't know the difference,
Monina Villarama (2 months ago)
The way I could tell the two different voices is that one is talking near the camera and the other is always from the camera
Akhcgamerz 401 (2 months ago)
i started watching your videos a while ago and could i pretty much knew your voices apart
Ametira Amy (2 months ago)
Im Still Not Getting over the fact that Its not different
Yunalee Gean (2 months ago)
WOW . hahahahahahahhahahhahahaahahhahahahahaah

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