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Minecraft Mini-Game: TEACHER MASSACRE! w/ AntVenom & Friends!

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Mini-Game Playlist: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLR50dP3MW9ZUbr5nOVt0gfD66AuFvRI3X Download: http://bit.ly/16AQFDv Players: http://youtube.com/NoahCraftFTW http://youtube.com/JeromeASF http://youtube.com/TheCampingRusher http://youtube.com/TheBajanCanadian AntVenom Browser Add-on: http://bit.ly/W6F6j6 Website: http://www.AntVenom.com Merchandise Store: http://antvenom.spreadshirt.com Twitter: http://twitter.com/AntVenom Facebook: http://tinyurl.com/AntVenomFB Twitch.TV: http://twitch.tv/AntVenom The music comes from the in-game Minecraft soundtrack. If you would like to listen without having Minecraft playing, you can download it here: http://c418.bandcamp.com/album/minecraft-volume-alpha Outro Track by Approaching Nirvana Evolve Album - Death of a King Download the Album: http://bit.ly/T7lIiH
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Text Comments (1456)
Orion Cook (3 years ago)
His name is t a lor?
Penny Brake (3 years ago)
this vid is awesome
BuildMaster888 (3 years ago)
Zack Mehajer (3 years ago)
Someone tell me what FTW means?
SuperMCMinecraftable (8 months ago)
for the win
Rylie McPherson (4 years ago)
It's hilarious how everyone has optifine capes EXCEPT for ant! LOL! >:D
Jonathan Coombes (4 years ago)
No he has one
ThatOneGamingGirl (4 years ago)
i love your videos
Hahodi d (4 years ago)
TrueSSL (4 years ago)
Mitch: Ten points to Gryffindor! Later Mitch: Hufflepuff loses ten points because no one likes Hufflepuff. Somebody read their Harry Potter books xD
Jack Clark (4 years ago)
Hahodi d (4 years ago)
Aaron McCarthy (4 years ago)
Faizan (4 years ago)
is there any ip?
Gabriel Quinn (4 years ago)
have 2 teachers :P
TAZMO (4 years ago)
d nice a aron blakee timothy
15sprinkles (4 years ago)
make more teacher
MysticMismagius (4 years ago)
Step one: Find the materials to craft the sword and enchant it, making sure to gain levs. Step two: pull out your sword in the middle of a class and convince the teacher to take off his/her armor and have a fair fight with you. Step three: IT'S ON LIKE DONKEY KONG! Step four: Beat him and escape from the school with your classmates.
Kay Brown (4 years ago)
That's so adorable! He looks like the little stick figures from Howl's Moving Castle
bocaj rellim (4 years ago)
where is A-Aron right now... no A-Aron huh?
evilangel lord (4 years ago)
ant has 1000 vidoes
Rafael Morse (4 years ago)
lol so funny
X-man (4 years ago)
But if you add harry potter to minecraft you get extremely awesome stuff!
Griselda Rodriguez (4 years ago)
You are cool
Suzzet Rea (5 years ago)
A pink room really
crystel jones (5 years ago)
10 points to gryffendor? This is minecraft not harry potter.
Maksim Demikh (5 years ago)
what the heck
Maksim Demikh (5 years ago)
freaking commercials at the begining and end of the video really tick me off
Seth Lumley (5 years ago)
that stupid ur next commercial is all over!!!
Ethan Gaming657 (5 years ago)
what the fuck
REGRET. REGRET. (5 years ago)
zowie sandoval (5 years ago)
what do you get if your teacher
Juke Shrug (5 years ago)
wow i was just going to say it was like cops and robbers but a little diffent
Gurgen Sahakyan (5 years ago)
awesome map and awesome mine crafter
0verKill (5 years ago)
SamBowden080 (5 years ago)
Hi ant i just wanna say you should make more of these there good fun for you and the VIEWERS
Sopnie Cook (5 years ago)
Some people belivie in god others dont so talk about the video in the comments not god even if u belivie in him cause i do
Bruce Wayne (5 years ago)
lol 1:07 "mitch blows cock" xD
Rebekah Smith (5 years ago)
i thought the goal was to escape school like cops and robbers ur in kinder garrden becase u dont know how to stop,drop and roll
Caroline Dawsey (5 years ago)
You should do one of these with Skydoesminecraft
Matthew Lloyd (5 years ago)
antvenom you are the best ive wachted all of your videos im you number#1 fan honest
Syahmi Samri (5 years ago)
Are you retarded? I know it's a chicken. But i'm saying the definition of what the guy in the video meant.
zappqwerty (5 years ago)
Caroline Dawsey (5 years ago)
Caroline Dawsey (5 years ago)
I saw that Key and Peele video it is an LOL video !
Kenny Le (5 years ago)
Caroline Dawsey (5 years ago)
Bend over...... and scrub the floors LOL!
Taylor Clark (5 years ago)
7:11 really insult all the Taylor's out there why don't cha
MHEAHWCvocaloid (5 years ago)
why did Venom sound like the annoying unicorns from Charlie the Unicorn? GOD I REMEMBER WATCHING THAT ALLLLL THE TIME
Caroline Dawsey (5 years ago)
LOL! Also pls check out my channel!
Dimitri Liske (5 years ago)
Please play on I'm cid663 the owner
VastnessTheEpic (5 years ago)
Dang it I hate that game
Reyhan Pradipta (5 years ago)
@xdgevqd yeah thats what everyones been saying also... if your bored check this good time waster! -> bit.ly/11VaKOX?=cncdc
LilacLexanoelle LuvYa (5 years ago)
he can if he wants to
Snipermaster436 6 (5 years ago)
You sung herobrine cast a spell
HiVe DeN (5 years ago)
your my insparation
fungolious (5 years ago)
you just HOT schooled?!
Syahmi Samri (5 years ago)
A cock is a penis. Penis (plural penises or penes) is a general term for the organs with which male and hermaphrodite animals introduce sperm into receptive females during copulation
Desmond Castillo (5 years ago)
smartloom (5 years ago)
Dude you should do you just hot schooled
alessandro Del Piero (5 years ago)
All praize the lord
alessandro Del Piero (5 years ago)
Mitch blows WHAT?!
Hayden Fenley (5 years ago)
Ryan Edge (5 years ago)
noahcraft noah is my name
Kirstin Taylor (5 years ago)
can you put the server in the discription
M-16 MITCHELL Games (5 years ago)
me 2
Jay'sWingGaming5618 (5 years ago)
well, someone hates religion. go fuck yourself.
Axceal Hd (5 years ago)
Join this amazing server! mc.heyaapl.com
alexthepanda (5 years ago)
Woo hoo!
WordiestTree3 (5 years ago)
u are Christian I am a Christian also
Noah Alvarenga (5 years ago)
AYO!!! Don't use my Lords name in vain! :«
MelodySpirit (5 years ago)
Cloie Cruz (5 years ago)
Antvenom's screams when he fought Mitch was quite out of character
Ezypzy (5 years ago)
You mean FaithfulVenom 32x?
Joseph Morrison (5 years ago)
The Faith Full x32
Sonny (5 years ago)
best mini game
Sonny (5 years ago)
beat mini game
Hypocrite in a bush (5 years ago)
what texture pack do you use?
iaminyoursway (5 years ago)
I mean part :)
iaminyoursway (5 years ago)
Can I go out and plaaaaaay awesome pardon dude love it hahahaha
Aldair Bonilla (5 years ago)
RemKnot (5 years ago)
I love this video! If you like minecraft, check out my channel for new tutorials and content everyday!
Lord of empire (5 years ago)
I know becomes Mwht play it
MinewhatupnowCraft (5 years ago)
Ive been making videos since March and I only have about 5 subs.
TheLapisLord (5 years ago)
I figured it out myself before they explained it due to the halo version
Heavyman Hedge (5 years ago)
no It not :DDDDDDDD
fahad khan (5 years ago)
probably last comment :) hehehehe
MrDoctorBlaze (5 years ago)
Us tone because it would burn the floor
Dante Tatem (5 years ago)
O i love that us there any aaron its pernuosed arion son of a b***h
onewikedfaery (5 years ago)
Antvenom... I like you :)
Raymart M (5 years ago)
eat at the cafe 09:28
Dante Tatem (5 years ago)
Shut up dude no one likez u
SpadeAyer1299 (5 years ago)
Suck on that while you sit in the corner and think about your life
SpadeAyer1299 (5 years ago)
Actually, over 1.5 million people like him.
Meredith Browning (5 years ago)
that was epic
Unknown (5 years ago)
Ant is poop
Christopher Filips (5 years ago)
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Unknown (5 years ago)
He like to sex with caveman
Unknown (5 years ago)
Ant is gay
Wong Julian (5 years ago)
Jrome is drunk
ADITYA CHOUDHARY (5 years ago)
@bendoxo yeah i totally agree! also! man this game is tight been playing all day => bit.ly/11FpuQg?=gdoek
cornish beans (5 years ago)
more more more

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