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Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Multiplayer Gameplay (PC HD)

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● Buy Games Cheap: http://bit.ly/voidudiscount Discount Code: DELUXE345 //- Info There is nothing fair, honorable, or just about combat. There is only winning and losing—the dead and the living. The Ghosts don't worry about even odds. They do everything in their power to overwhelm and obliterate the enemy. Future technology is the key to winning an asymmetric battle. //- Opinion Camping behind a corner and waiting for someone to come out - all day. Still had fun! //- System OS: Windows 7 Home Premium x64 MB: Asus Sabertooth Z77 Sockel 1155 CPU: Intel Core i7-3770K 4.1GHz GPU: Gainward GeForce GTX 570 Phantom RAM: Corsair Vengeance 2x4GB 1600MHz //- Software Fraps (latest version) Sony Vegas Pro (latest version) //- Presented you by: http://deluxe-tools.net/ http://twitter.com/#!/deluxe345 http://www.facebook.com/deluxe345
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Text Comments (118)
Gabriele Ciciriello (3 months ago)
Does the multiplayer still work in 2018? I Just bought the game on sale for the feels.
Palacsinta Csatornája (11 months ago)
Good old times..
Palacsinta Csatornája (5 months ago)
reefbreaksurfer (1 year ago)
Looks like DIVISION. But I don't want to play this game if it's too much like DIVISION where I have to unload an entire MAG on a guy's head for him to die. No way will I play this game.
Dimas Cholid (1 year ago)
whether the game is still a lot of players I've seen on steam difficult to play multiplayer?
Arthur (1 year ago)
his is fake!!
XxindeedmexX Gaming (1 year ago)
HE IS A PRO! He only died 3 or 4 times AMAZING
Moisescaapa caamaño (2 years ago)
tienes steam ? digo para jugar en linea je
Braian Damian (1 year ago)
todavia hay servidores online de este juego ?
makhi dutta (2 years ago)
can i run it on this spec CPU :- AMD APU A6 3500 (TRIPPLE CORE) RAM :- 4GB GPU NVDIA XFX GT 520 2gb OS WINDOWS 7 64 bit
Arthur (1 year ago)
bkel jr (1 year ago)
Karim Eid (3 years ago)
Its tps game its the same with the new ghost recon 2015 check its e3 its TPS shooter+TPS thats really weird!!!
MrSoulflyTribe (3 years ago)
Is this game still buggy as hell? Use to play it so damn much.
krytazyleta (3 years ago)
I use cheat on this game today. I walk out through textures and see everyone on the map. Gues what UBI do about this... NOTHING!!!!!!!! hahahahahahahahahaa Shity game from shity company.
Mpho Bogopa (2 years ago)
+krytazyleta u are not a true gamer if u use cheats ul neva be the best
sjmunoz (3 years ago)
I dont have GRFS because i dont have very good PC specs. but from what i've seen in the net and been playing GRphantom online, i think the GR franchise has gone a little bit to far from reality. To much futuristic, the soldiers seem to run so fast, and, i mean, that shield that makes you invisible, c'mon!  this is not harry potter, its war games. Another detail i recently learned about. the new game has become second player view, or, when you can see your player running, wich graw didnt have. Now when you are behind a wall, you can move the camera view to see the enemy, we could not do it in graw because it was first player view. it made the game realistic and intense. there is also a lot of game detail all around your screen, amo, your squad, the enmies, the objectives. Unless there is some kind of option to make it smaller or not displaying during the game. I'll be getting a new rig soon, but not sure if im going to buy GRFS, i miss graw2 like an exgirlfriend.
Ringo (Skye) (3 years ago)
is this a pay2win game like phantoms ?
krytazyleta (3 years ago)
+Ringo (Skye) sorry for that, really. ;-( I understand your loss.
Ringo (Skye) (3 years ago)
+krytazyleta ah i understand well i buyed it a half year ago xD
krytazyleta (3 years ago)
+Ringo (Skye) No,more its like Hack2Win ;-)
Murat Akdeniz (3 years ago)
güzel oyuna benziyo 
Heoung dyna (4 years ago)
icore 3 RAM 4gb and then its run smoothly in high quality
PAYDAY STORIES (4 years ago)
Woww , your a Fuckign Good Player !! Like 
Pyro Maniac (4 years ago)
Bought this, came back home and watched this. Crap, I thought it would look like Battlefield 4. But nope, almost only TPS.
Gaurang Dixit (3 years ago)
+Tico2858  ya dude ...i just wanted to say that its an old game :P
Tico2858 (3 years ago)
+PAYNEKILLER -31 almost 4
Gaurang Dixit (3 years ago)
its 3 years old what do u expect ? :3
Tico2858 (4 years ago)
yea? its ghost recon? and its almost 4 years old
Kaappimies (4 years ago)
Is this game like a Internet game?
dyerseve07 (2 years ago)
+Kaappimies No, it's a shooter game.
♛ Huffdaddy™ (4 years ago)
oh how i miss this game
SeaGL Gaming (4 years ago)
Does anyone still play this game on PC, I just want to know before I buy it so I can expect it to be hard or easy to find an online game. Use to have this for XBOX 360 and it's my favorite game along with Homefront and Medal of Honor Warfighter. :)
krytazyleta (3 years ago)
+CRAZYPHEONIX117 dot spend your mney on this shit. U will regret this. Its the worst game I ever play.
Ramiro Quevedo (4 years ago)
+CRAZYPHEONIX117 Yes, you got to look for Steam
KnightOf Onyx (4 years ago)
+CRAZYPHEONIX117 Let's play... i dare you
SeaGL Gaming (4 years ago)
Also so I know if I should spend more money on the First DLC which contained the F2000 which is my favorite gun.
Arda Suhaeb (4 years ago)
hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh it's PS3
kirre jumaa (4 years ago)
Is this game F2P like ghost recon online?
+The Physicist se
Physika (4 years ago)
Matthew9k (4 years ago)
does people still play online???
Diogen Lavrenchuk (4 years ago)
kind of old, buy a gtx560
Marik911Fox (4 years ago)
What do you think about GT 545 ?
Thresh. Leo Manfredi (4 years ago)
Thresh. Leo Manfredi (4 years ago)
no shit sherlock?
Stop blahda (5 years ago)
Spec ops the line had a good campain but the multiplayer failed to satisfie
datnodalp (5 years ago)
my shitty video card i have to play with it on low -.-
Storm Somkuwar (5 years ago)
Man you play awsome
AeroFix94 (5 years ago)
Awesome music man, if you want you can check out my YouTube :)
Elijah (5 years ago)
Dude.. i dont know why i am commenting this but i just had too... i had the same facebook pp as your youtube one a while ago!.. finnally someone who appreciates real music
baba ionut (5 years ago)
wath pc god
baba ionut (5 years ago)
and bf3 ultra settingss!!!!
Sergio Brenes Taleno (5 years ago)
you need to do to play online on PC?
Adithya Shetty (5 years ago)
anybody els on pc wanna play add me my name is addy_98
MonkeyStyle2190 (5 years ago)
Should i download something before i could play multiplayer in that game?
pinneapple69 (5 years ago)
such a good game, too bad nobody plays it on xbox no more
Brandon Martin (5 years ago)
You're awesome at this game dude!
Clank (5 years ago)
sungmachine (5 years ago)
Can you tell me your nvidia driver settings of your gtx 570 cause its surely the same for the 660 ti? thx waiting for answers
sungmachine (5 years ago)
do you think the gtx 660 ti does equal?
sungmachine (5 years ago)
tell me how do you reach this level of graphics because i have an i5 2500K with an geforce 660 ti and my graphics looks like fade. do you think you know why? thx
Leonardo Groeneveld (5 years ago)
im playing this game cover to cover and you just "meh who da hell need wall's imma son of RAMBO!"
diogo francisco (5 years ago)
hey deluxe how do i get that?
rickman1945 (5 years ago)
Can I play this a GeForce GTX 660? I seem to play most games fine.
Abschatten (5 years ago)
Is this game still worth buying? Is is still active?
Voodoo (5 years ago)
Watched this because some friends told me to get it, watched some of your other vids too. You sir have yourself a new sub.
Matthew Williams (5 years ago)
holy shit cover based combat!
123Tamnguyen (5 years ago)
what do you use to record? and what do you use to compress ur videos?
Yoni Mutonji (5 years ago)
console version of Future Soldier and the PC***
Yoni Mutonji (5 years ago)
On PC, does this game graphically looks as good as Battlefield 3? I know it's a stretch as I'm sure it doesn't but seeing as you have the game, can you comment on it? Could there be a significant different between the console version of Future Soldier and the 360? In my opinion, it didn't look that good on the 360, but I'm willing to give it another try on PC
GeGe8269 (5 years ago)
8:43 EPIC!
xboxfanandres (5 years ago)
BUYING IT !!! *Goes to Gamestop Buy a Steam Gift Code of 50$*
sicaxav (5 years ago)
the gameplay menu looks like BF3
TheMattEnri (5 years ago)
03:48 shot in the balls
mellow magic (5 years ago)
Man, I wish I could play this game, but i ran like shit on my laptop. It's actually a pretty good gaming laptop but this game ran like arse.
Yanyiel77 (6 years ago)
CPU:Intel(R) Core(TM) i5 CPU 650 @3.20GHz Ram:4gb Video Card:GTX 560 Ti (2g) Can someone tell me how well can i run this game?
Juno Kazooie (6 years ago)
If your looking for a GPU upgrade. you should buy the Nvidia GTX 670 FTW.
cybercrow (6 years ago)
Get a i3 2500k sandy bridge cpu £160, 3.3ghz can be clocked to 5ghz easy.
Crash (6 years ago)
Hell yeah im in the video :) at least i saw that i play for the objective while killing some players btw im playin wtih controller and as u can see it isnt so bad
Klar Dust (6 years ago)
you think i can max this game out as well? i run a GTX 580 but an cheap processor.. mine is a intel i5 750 @ standard 2,67 Ghz :/? new processors are so expensive -.-
TheScaretale (6 years ago)
you are planing to make comented videos??
durjoy mukherji (6 years ago)
how many total players can play at a time? 5 v 5? 6 v 6?
mrleamonruss (6 years ago)
No it wasn't. It's the recons ability. He was playing assault. But. basically, If you're playing low level recon, you cloak when you're behind cover or kneeling or lying down, Then when you get a higher level you get a piece of equipment that allows you to move around slowly whilst cloaked. =D
deluxe345 (6 years ago)
Yes maxed out. If I can't keep up to play with the best graphics I will upgrade my GPU but the GTX570 does a hell of a job!
Teodorescu Picu (6 years ago)
cracked multiplayer ? or you bought it ?
Heverton SB (6 years ago)
all games u play in ultra settings ?
mrleamonruss (6 years ago)
Yeah, What about it? What were you asking exactly?
ERAofAWESOME5 (6 years ago)
Where did he found Future Soldier Multiplayer? :)
xremdog29x (6 years ago)
bit pissed off, just bought this game, seeing all the gameplays it looks like such a solid game, played it and within the first 5 minutes i have a list longer than my monthly shopping reciept of shit that is just plain wrong. the graphics suck, the controls are shit, the UI is terrible, you cant click to zoom in on pc, you just have to hold the mouse button, and the multiplayer is boring. so i wouldnt recommend it unless your coming in with extremely low expectations.
Desmodusk (6 years ago)
you're good :)
mrleamonruss (6 years ago)
What do you mean? The cloaking device?
mrleamonruss (6 years ago)
Funny how you all find out he may download a game from time to time and that's all you've started talking about... Jeez deal with it.
2456sunny (6 years ago)
guys he buys games WHENEVER HE CAN, but he also downloads them...no one has tons of money :/
phatbaby (6 years ago)
Can you change the controls in PC version ??.. cus yopu say the controls are sluggish wich i don't know what means !.
ERAofAWESOME5 (6 years ago)
Do you downloading or buying games?
Darker Nostalgia (6 years ago)
This proves that he buys most games
SDKiller Shooter (6 years ago)
I love this game!!!
pumpkinsoul12 (6 years ago)
how the hell do you get rid of the black lines(up and down) on singleplayer
TheDestructiveGamers (6 years ago)
keep it coming! love your videos!
mofman1 (6 years ago)
What a strange HUD.
AeroFix94 (6 years ago)
good :)
deluxe345 (6 years ago)
AeroFix94 (6 years ago)
alright thanks :) there is DX11 right??
DOPEGANG TRÓG3R (6 years ago)
GamePlayzForFun (6 years ago)
Nice work :)
deluxe345 (6 years ago)
Controls are kinda sluggish, graphics are okay, the gameplay is good and the storyline is fun and thrilling! :)
MrQaz Game Arts (6 years ago)
AWESOME Work Dude :-) I Just Love Ur Videos :-)
AeroFix94 (6 years ago)
looks so damn awesome deluxe, how do you think about the game so far?? :D
avtandil kalandadze (6 years ago)
my graphic card is broken... :@ i cant play this game.. but i bought.. soon i will get a new card... and good gameplay.. deluxe ur good .. like when you play

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