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1200 AP Veigar Vs. 750 AD Sion Duel 1

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Text Comments (434)
Michelle Zhao (2 years ago)
Veigar sucks, down with ben
Tsukuyomi27 (3 years ago)
Veigar should never lose a 1 v 1 with all of his stuff up, unless you're complete garbage like that guy.
Clark Vue (3 years ago)
You see that? Scrubs. Scrubs everywhere.
Chloven Tan (3 years ago)
stun and he's dead
Olass & Regr3t (3 years ago)
Annoying things in this video: 1. "Veigard" 2. That Veigar is bad That life steal was epic tho. 
Detzko GAME (3 years ago)
RIP OLD SION you'll be missed :'(
Elio Rigonat Official (3 years ago)
No he won't. 
David Taylor (4 years ago)
You kidding me? This shit veigar didnt even use his W, nor his stun. And by the way, ive gotten a pentakill with veigar, by just using my stun, and W. the W and ult is the strongest ability for him to use. This 'dual' is a joke.
doggynolikey (4 years ago)
It sucks now that Bloodthirster has Unique passive Lifesteal to ENSURE you can't stack it. So gay...
Elio Rigonat Official (3 years ago)
Cuz it was so much fun when some dicks stacks them - you hit him 10 times he hits you once and overheals himself by 2000
Alune Pepsi (4 years ago)
Veigar have no chance if he's not gonna use his stun..
This veigar is very stupid. Not only did not used the stun. But also.. Instead of buying 3 Deathcaps he could bought 1 deathcap for the passive since its a unique passive. And 2 Zhonya's (They give the same AP. But over all. He'd get 100 armor more. Which.. could help =)
David Taylor (3 years ago)
+KaszaMuna447 Holy- Just looked it up. Now if you were to get 6 of them....No wonder they took it out!
KaszaMuna447 (3 years ago)
Man, don't talk if you don't know... Zhonyas ring gave 120 ap, 25% ap bonus and zhonyas active, it was seperated to two items (somewhere in s1 or 2).
David Taylor (3 years ago)
+KaszaMuna447 Probably because there's not an item called "Zhonyas rings"
KaszaMuna447 (3 years ago)
+Kuti Szilard I played preseason 1 and zhonyas rings weren't stackable.
Skypia (3 years ago)
+Kuti Szilard If you check out he wiki you can see that it has been a unique passive since the first patch it came out
Klassey (4 years ago)
Supergram96 (4 years ago)
Forgot to count sion's 40 ap, which, while not much, could make your shield and q stronger. 
I am an AI (4 years ago)
veigar is the most powerful champ in LoL.
David Taylor (4 years ago)
No, he's not. He has the highest single target bursts, but he's not he most powerful.
Wheatspin (4 years ago)
DRgal (4 years ago)
Veigar no stun, how retarded.
Michael Horton (4 years ago)
Also he did not use deathfire grasp, it was op back then when it scaled with ap, all he would of had to do was use that and ulti and sion would of died
xUltimate77 (4 years ago)
Let me explain why this is bullshit: If Veigar would have used DFG as the first spell he could have killed Sion. If Veigar would have used his stun he could have killed Sion. And why is Sion using his Stun but Veigar isn't? 
Uchiha Madara (4 years ago)
why he got 3 rabadons? wtf :D
Fallerco (4 years ago)
How are you so tanky
chavoiia (4 years ago)
where' the stun?
TG_Esdeath_ 0_0 (4 years ago)
If u think about it if veigar used the stun , the sion would not even get close to veigar which means that sion cant even do fk about anything , lets not say about sion outplaying veigar when stunned , if only sion got cleanse
Baf (4 years ago)
745 ad??? I made 600 in season 2 with sion...not that high ...but good as well <3
Tabiatbaba (4 years ago)
628 minion op
Johnny Loving (4 years ago)
i lol at this 
mehmed yordanov (4 years ago)
this is 745 ad not 750
Hache Julien (4 years ago)
Veigar why you dont stunt ?
Zeylan Ateş CAN (4 years ago)
oooohaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannanıamııııı :PP:P:frv62c3g62r55cre
Bob Hesselmann (4 years ago)
"veegard" -retgamingTV
jan10916f (4 years ago)
Da Veigar were stunned he had to use his e and w not fast enough^^
RecK1312 (4 years ago)
Coulda used it at the begging... instead of q
Maros Kozej (4 years ago)
veigar no stun vs Sion ... xD
Maros Kozej (4 years ago)
you can solo dragon with 250 ad 2 BT and some attack speed ....
Rob D View N (4 years ago)
Veigar, Nasus, Sion, Thresh all dat perma scaling on one team I WANNA C IT!!!!!
Kai Dinh (4 years ago)
veigar : ada euho solow
Brad Mitton (4 years ago)
of course he can lol ...
Elsuri313 (4 years ago)
Veigar with star fall?
MrAsheBird (4 years ago)
veigar would win this easy if he would use somthing more than q +r
Shahir Salama (4 years ago)
With Sion, yes, because he has a strong shield. Veigar, however, I don't think so. Because you can't stun Baron. Unless he can one combo shot Baron (Q -> W -> R) just once, because he has long cooldowns.
asdasd123384 (4 years ago)
ofc you can lol, didn't you see he like 3 hitter the dragon
Sasatern (4 years ago)
Veigar is a bigger noob, 3x deathcap^^
TheBasti1410 (4 years ago)
you know that the stun is stacking at ap and this video is about the dmg mainly?
Linus Qvarnström (4 years ago)
Sion did stun, you idiot
brandanle99 (4 years ago)
bac nguyen (4 years ago)
veigar nguu vcc
veigar is unskilled he didnt stun or w ...
Eowendak (4 years ago)
Ofc he can, his life steal was like 80% or something, and with 2000 crit.. EASY
iLoveDubstep (4 years ago)
iLoveDubstep (4 years ago)
he did that how he engaged veigar.
pepe viyuela (4 years ago)
Veigar didnt use w? WTF?!
Wermslof (4 years ago)
i think the rules said this because sion didnt stun, too...
merjasec (4 years ago)
Arbiter (4 years ago)
Sion used stun as 1st (or 2nd) attack.
itsovernin000 (4 years ago)
can u solo baron like with this much ad?
WarrenFreind (4 years ago)
Ehm sir,I am not a keyboard warrior however that seriously SERIOUSLY offended me.
Eyal (4 years ago)
But wait, Veigar didn't finish his build O_O Nevermind that he failed :D
nathan n (4 years ago)
Well Don't we have a Keyboard Crusader here.
Martin234 (4 years ago)
Always Plan Ahea (4 years ago)
Muhamed Cicak (4 years ago)
Idiot VEIGAR dont used STUN
ElBryanSpace (4 years ago)
No sabe usar a veigar
ElBryanSpace (4 years ago)
No sabe usar a veigar
Ben Corbett (4 years ago)
Dat life steal
Efe Onac (4 years ago)
I think before this Sion said stun is forbidden i hope
Justair (4 years ago)
no stun? seriously????
Tran Tan (4 years ago)
Du ma may
binh vo trong (4 years ago)
con me chung mayyyy
Kyrenia TK (4 years ago)
get a death fire grasp veigar wtf
Feuhorbe (4 years ago)
1200 ap? There's been records of over 10k ap with Veigar.
WarrenFreind (4 years ago)
Nooblike?Come say that to my face you pathetic moron.Just because he is easy to play doesn't MEAN SHIT!
ClickbaitFgt (4 years ago)
Veigar a fucking nooblike champ :3
Kristoffer Wallenberg (4 years ago)
He, uhm, sort of didnt have time for that if you watched the video... He sort of got stunned and the kille in like 2 hits...
Edvin E2 (4 years ago)
dude ignite, W, E, Q, R = DIE SION
Simon (4 years ago)
sion 0% life steal :D
Alberto Zanjas (4 years ago)
i thought it was veigay
RohaanZGaming (4 years ago)
If veigar stunned him followed by a w it would be gg
Jack Thomas (4 years ago)
no its not its a welsh originated name im from wales and my friend is called sion its pronounced Sean as others say it not cyan
DaiMonAlex (4 years ago)
and now a decent veigar.... veigar use e... sion died
Kian Shamsk (4 years ago)
farm all the lanes
Linus Qvarnström (4 years ago)
It's pronounced exactly as it is in this video.
Jack Thomas (4 years ago)
and sion is pronounced sean not cean
Simen Dymbe (4 years ago)
If Veigar had just used Deathfire....
Fliptaz92 (4 years ago)
if veigar would stun you you would be dead
veigar didnt stun :(
LobeSmash (4 years ago)
There is no d after Veigar.
Samuele Valente (4 years ago)
you mad gowrl
VoiD1x (5 years ago)
glitch from old league
Dilemshin (5 years ago)
That would be a problem for Veigar hmmm.
Bruno Marin (5 years ago)
damn u need help lol
abdo yousry (5 years ago)
LOL viager ult ~.~ and that sions damege + items of the both wtf was that !!
Rager Ikke Dig (5 years ago)
You make it sound like it's alot..
GOLDsken GOLDsken (5 years ago)
do u really think its hard??? they didnt do anything to each other .... just farming
Kyle Roberts (5 years ago)
The dude who played veigar is an IDIOT.. used only 50% of his skills.. so yea.. no stun no star fall = FAIL
TheBebsiBoys (5 years ago)
whats up?
blendera a (5 years ago)
sion i mean
blendera a (5 years ago)
proxy singed op xD
Bebopity (5 years ago)
veigar didnt even stun or w you, or dfg... :l
ron4nSTAR (5 years ago)
Veigar isn't full fuild besides he didn't even use his DFG and he had a random cdr boots wtf
Lord Emilous (5 years ago)
no stun? sigh*
James Mac (5 years ago)
also this veigar didnt use his stun, wouldve been gg
James Mac (5 years ago)
fucking say "veigard" again
I Love Everything (5 years ago)
OLD RABADON : -140 ap needless to say sth else
Julian Müller (5 years ago)
dfg for onehit op

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