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X-MEN #1 - JOINING THE XMEN SCHOOL! (Custom Mod Adventure)

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X-MEN #1 - JOINING THE XMEN SCHOOL! (Custom Mod Adventure) Little Lizard - http://bit.ly/LittleLizardG Tiny Turtle - http://bit.ly/2g6AbNH Little Kelly - http://bit.ly/LittleKellyMc Little Carly - http://bit.ly/LittleCarly Little Donny - http://bit.ly/LittlePrinceDonny The Minevengers - http://bit.ly/TheMineVengers Sharky Adventures - http://bit.ly/SharkyChannel Donut The Dog - http://bit.ly/DonutTheDog Baby Duck - http://bit.ly/BabyDuckYT Baby Leah - http://bit.ly/BabyLeah Baby Max - http://bit.ly/BabyMaxYT The Little Club Adventures - http://bit.ly/TheLittleClub
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Text Comments (287)
Avengerzz 10 (4 hours ago)
The students names were to basic
Maxim Gosselin (10 hours ago)
This is how you know you’ve hit rock bottom
James Knight (17 hours ago)
You are the best in the world and you have cool vidios
Salvador Garcjia (1 day ago)
Bruno is cool
Doris Brownfield (1 day ago)
I like Bruno he's cute😊🐶
Bronagh Cunningham (1 day ago)
Why where the students jumping up and down
Half_Mexican Boy!! (1 day ago)
Glich e gaming
Battlex Flame (2 days ago)
I remember this place before
Zayne Mitchell (2 days ago)
Haven’t seen you for a month.
Sam Mitchell (3 days ago)
Yes I really like Xmen my favourite is x men apocalypse
i love x men
j legend23145 (3 days ago)
This boy said fortnite in a an xmen series
juicy kid (3 days ago)
:O what if there was a fight in the school? That would cost sooooo much money! ._.
Max Lopez (5 days ago)
Tiny Turtle is s Vlogger in his world 😁
mcboss 5314 (5 days ago)
17:34 this is a marvel based superhero video and then u see a Batman on the shelf
Little Miku plays (5 days ago)
I dunno what i'm doin' xD
Rory Redmond (6 days ago)
I have watched every episode of him
Rory Redmond (6 days ago)
WoooooowwI am Oliver
Joseph Browny (6 days ago)
The xmen school
Wouldn't tiny turtle have the power to shrink, and also Bruno should have to power to control sense he is a living teddy bear.
Roberlox908 Plays (6 days ago)
you should tell them that you can have powers
Pumpkinkiller Playz (6 days ago)
Ok this stopped a while ago but do more crazycraft and Pokémon plz
Night Wolf (6 days ago)
i like the vid
Liana Nguyen (7 days ago)
Why is it alway Fortnite Fortnite Fortnite I literally hate it
Korey Wentz (7 days ago)
nice video :-) :-) :-) :-)
Cp Marx (7 days ago)
make more x-men videos tomorow pls
Tamara Štembal (7 days ago)
speed is the BEST!!!!!!!! :)
Luis Gomez (8 days ago)
I like the teddy bear dude
Bruh beast boy is DC I'm ashamed
Kim Rogers (8 days ago)
Hi nice vid
'multiply' is meant to be multiple man and marvel are gonna make a movie bout him but I understand if this is earlier times when he was a boy
Tiny turtle Cyclops's one eye is a scarlet visor that stops his lasers from destroying everything
marco mancia (8 days ago)
Brito shod meet little lizard 😃
Aaron Dyer (8 days ago)
Do PUBG (playerunknownsbattlesgrounds)
Cody Trengove (8 days ago)
You play fittings
Damien Ooi (8 days ago)
Can you make a Harry Potter pls
Hanshuo Zhang (8 days ago)
Tiny Turtle is “TURTLE” and Bruno Bear is “ BEAR”
Shadow The Headchog (8 days ago)
I like turtles
Chester Luya (8 days ago)
Try to play rules of survival
FBSR Playz (9 days ago)
where was the toilet? there was toilet paper
Ari Frye (9 days ago)
I really like this series
Austin Whitfield (9 days ago)
I love it so much don't stop please
Ivy Chen (9 days ago)
AJ Shoults (9 days ago)
Today tiny turtle sounded so much like little lizard at first I thought it was but then the color of his skin through me off and then he said he was gonna call scuba Steve and little lizard and that’s how I knew it was tiny turtle
Itz SkullGamez (9 days ago)
I💗 the ep can you make a season
Wind Power (9 days ago)
My name is xavier
MX_Cozmic (9 days ago)
What shaders do u use?
Ahmad Hamad (9 days ago)
Ya ya fam always eat doritos it will make you MLG homie
Yolanda Worth (9 days ago)
No fortnite it's taking over
Dorito Chip Gamer (9 days ago)
Really nice video! Thanks for making it. Yours and the little club's videos make my day every day.
Alyssa Grace (9 days ago)
I know that school, that school was from Little Ropo's adventures and it was called the superhero school
Monica Taylor (9 days ago)
Yes my fav super hero team
Speedy Adventures (9 days ago)
Speed should have been named bolt
Hortencia Zuno Gazcon (9 days ago)
Do more
Ryan Lucas (9 days ago)
wild s (9 days ago)
I hate u joke i love u
Dylan Hagensee (9 days ago)
New series nice
[DabPolice] CHITDMMOs (9 days ago)
More please
LandonOfFire 1 (10 days ago)
Please do more
Roja TheBong Macalalad (10 days ago)
That's ropo's old School like if you Know
Bobby Bruce (10 days ago)
do more X-men please Scott
Abbie Robertson (10 days ago)
hi ; )
Sketz anne Benjamin (10 days ago)
I won't How to Tran your dragon
Sohhaiqal Soh (10 days ago)
please do minecraft school series again please
Sketz anne Benjamin (10 days ago)
Do more How to Tran your dragon I miss it so so much do more now
Sketz anne Benjamin (10 days ago)
Wow I like it little lizard
Little Purple (10 days ago)
Make more of x men videos
GreenCamoflame (10 days ago)
Make another one
ShadowPikachu XX (10 days ago)
Pikachu says DO MORE
Anushan Gaming (10 days ago)
Nice vids guys nice
GamerGuy28 (10 days ago)
Can you please make a new video with Jean Gray, Wolverine ,and Beast.
Bennette Thuo (10 days ago)
You are my favorite youtuber littel lizard
Carl Gaming (10 days ago)
Do more plz uts so cool
madman21015 madman (10 days ago)
I want to see more pls pls pls pls
Minecraft in Nerf West (10 days ago)
Make a second video pls
This was really good (BUT DO MORE DRAGONS!)
Yolande Boatwright (10 days ago)
U are a talking turtle so u do have powers
shahzad awan (10 days ago)
And professor x and quick silver
shahzad awan (10 days ago)
These are the x men Wolverine Cyclops Night crawler Storm Sunfire Colossus Marvel girl aka Jean grey
shahzad awan (10 days ago)
The guy with the yellow and red thing on his eyes is Scott summers aka cyclops
silverio moreno (10 days ago)
More dragons plz
Dagon saint (10 days ago)
Looking forward for more videos
jorge garcia (10 days ago)
When are you going to make a Crazy Craft video
Alisha Levon (10 days ago)
This is cool can you make more videos
Puggy Puggy (10 days ago)
Minecraft !!!!!!! Yay
Hilary Copeland (10 days ago)
Who is Bruno
Pierre Atef (10 days ago)
Please applod more
Zodiacc (10 days ago)
Who doesn’t,t like xmen I love the vids but I hate xmen
Pamela Wallace (10 days ago)
Where is dragons
MARGO Wilson (10 days ago)
Do more pls
Nadav Flores (10 days ago)
Do more dragon pleas tt
Lightning master (10 days ago)
Wow was that king gorge the third on England in the photo
Bobby Signorelli (10 days ago)
Where is How To Train Your Dragon LITTLE LIZARD
xiao qing sun (10 days ago)
Rodney Skaggs (10 days ago)
Tiny turtle I love this so much you need to make like 2000 more
Dehacks OnPubgdoe (10 days ago)
Wtf hve u ended minecraft school and dragons
Colleen Galy (10 days ago)
Do more X-Men school videos and dragons videos

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