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Zara Larsson - Uncover

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iTunes: http://smarturl.it/Uncvr Spotify: http://smarturl.it/ZL_Uncvr Google Play: http://smarturl.it/Uncver http://zaralarsson.se http://www.zaralarssonofficial.com/ https://www.facebook.com/ZaraLarssonOfficial https://twitter.com/zaralarsson http://ten.se http://www.facebook.com/TENmusicgroup Director: A.V. Rockwell Producer: Ryan Biazon Prod Company: Three 21 Films Music video by Zara Larsson performing Uncover. (C) 2015 Record Company TEN AB, Under exclusive license to Universal Music AB
Category: Музыка
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Text Comments (60792)
Wan Syakila (55 minutes ago)
I like this song 😘😘😘 and fir me i give 10 star
rihan chettou (1 hour ago)
This love love love song in 2018
Ronny Campuzano (1 hour ago)
Your fav song shirley!
Alaa Ayfaan (3 hours ago)
My beautiful world 😙😙
Diego Sousa (6 hours ago)
amo amo amo essa música me lembro de quem eu mais gosto que sdds dela 😭
auuur (8 hours ago)
Esses anúncio até corta a minha brisa de chorar 🙄
Cookie#Love 008 (11 hours ago)
Tanja Bahramzadeh (12 hours ago)
SO CUTE (12 hours ago)
bella (12 hours ago)
law rence (13 hours ago)
it's hilarious ironic how the lyrics are so relatable to closested lbtq person
fofa Marins (15 hours ago)
Patricia Fidelis (15 hours ago)
Fodaaa ❤️
Ana Paula (16 hours ago)
2018 quem e brasileiro curt
Bindi Blom (16 hours ago)
echt goed
Taehyung ah purple (16 hours ago)
I come bc BTS, bc fmv jikook analysis
Sadik Anees Sadik Anees (17 hours ago)
miss chika (17 hours ago)
Hữu Lợi Nguyễn (18 hours ago)
Vietnam - 2018 <3 ^^
Thang Vipboy (18 hours ago)
Thang Vipboy (18 hours ago)
Sooy neve Cody tresy warte year Woo Rapp New York NY year Woo Rapp New York city tour ALL star Trek force rely coody😍😍😍
miss chika (18 hours ago)
- 😊💔
Farima Naibkhil (18 hours ago)
Giovanna silva (18 hours ago)
Brasil??♥ I love zara♥
cristinasferreira ccris (19 hours ago)
Rxian jayant (19 hours ago)
What a songggg✌✌✌✌✌✌✌✌ so Tough.....
Muhammad Syukur (20 hours ago)
i love this song...
Maria C (20 hours ago)
2019 ????😁
Thailand 2018 ❤
ป้าเอง คับ555
ป้าเอง (20 hours ago)
แตก' สวยพี่สวย คนไทยเว้ยเห้ยย
Zahi Peroumal (23 hours ago)
J'adore cette chanson
Sophia Fei (23 hours ago)
So Cute Song <3
Unikorn Team (23 hours ago)
2018 ❤️
Zubair Khan (1 day ago)
i love her voice so sweet zara larsson is a nice singer love from Pakistan.
BUTTERTE (1 day ago)
_มาจาก_ tiktok😜😜
Kh Jg (1 day ago)
Coralie Roihau (1 day ago)
Les Miserables (1 day ago)
Grant (1 day ago)
Val Robinson (1 day ago)
My son got me into her music. I LOVE this song. It's on my replay list. Very beautiful voice & she's very pretty too....July 2018. Will be listening to this for many years to come.
Berfin Polat (1 day ago)
Yeni keşfetmenin verdiği üzüntü
mark bains (1 day ago)
Cover the covered pacts and parts
Annaliza Flores (1 day ago)
Her face same adele,her voice same Rhianna😊😊
Zey Nep (1 day ago)
Ken jij boo
We like music and video very much. Russian.
Geydy Olivares (1 day ago)
Boubou D'msp (1 day ago)
Odile Leblais (1 day ago)
J'adore tes chanson!😘😘😘😘😘
Ghish-e-maan Ali (1 day ago)
juan José Pérez (1 day ago)
Larry Stylinson reast in peace in my head and my heart, forever..<3
DIEGO DI (1 day ago)
Tu a raison sa me fait pleurer
Alexandra Alexandru (1 day ago)
My favourite song😘😘😍😍😍
How to Android:: (1 day ago)
2018?i lisent to this song in my trip what a beautiful memories.. 😢
NN NATTHAPONG (1 day ago)
คนไทยคราบบบ from Thailand
MeeR Maruf (1 day ago)
Nahian Tabassum, NT
หนูอยากสีหนูบ่ได้โง่ ความรักกะรักไปกะบ่ได่มีไผ่ ไปมีไผกะมีใคร มีเจ้านั้นละ ยู มา มิ ซ. นิละ
anjing #gomat (1 day ago)
i like is song.... 😍😍 good...
TheDarkTriHard (1 day ago)
2018 July
Lost Light (1 day ago)
Love it 🙌
vamyness (1 day ago)
J savait pas que c'était elle qui chanter sa 😂😂
Um Maravilhoso vídeo Amei super like já escrita Pode se escrever no meu Canal 😗❤
sayyam nasir (1 day ago)
2018. Now at 4.15 PM
Bubby (1 day ago)
Read all about it?
Apinya Kamlrakonr (1 day ago)
Agnieszka Grabowska (1 day ago)
To ja znowu umiem śpiewać tom piosenkę i Bender na mali giganci 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Trollutena (1 day ago)
With these lyrics, this song could be an anthem for closeted gays <3
louna charron (1 day ago)
Magnifique et ça tu vois je t'adore tu es la meilleure
RominaFTW (1 day ago)
Who 2666??
Veronika _ Cat (1 day ago)
why the boy looks like anakin skywalker
Cr7 fansclub (2 days ago)
1.25x speed nice
Bianca The unicorn (2 days ago)
I start to sing this at school in class the techer was like ,,who is the singger in here" then i stoped😂
Rebel Style (2 days ago)
Beauty music
just know in 2018 so sweet voice
Alaa. (2 days ago)
Still listen , 20 July
Thương Đàm (2 days ago)
20-07-2018 ae VN đâu cả rồi
Rafaella Gomes (2 days ago)
Pilar Cofré (2 days ago)
¿ 2018 july ?
Pilar Cofré (2 days ago)
O Channel (2 days ago)
ชอบฟังอ่า คนร้องก็สวย55
Blackberrys (2 days ago)
Lori Davis (2 days ago)
Like this song
Lara leininger (2 days ago)
Só aqui com Alex (2 days ago)
2018 🇧🇷
mundibetoPaulo (2 days ago)
she's beautiful more
Sinda Jaghmoum (2 days ago)
Zilan Bam (2 days ago)
It is realy so ,nobody sees nobody knows😖
Cirlene Vieira (2 days ago)
abdallah taouss (2 days ago)
i could stear at her charming blue eyes aaaaaaaaaaaaall day !!!!
Redhouane Kheloufi (2 days ago)
15 juillet
Redhouane Kheloufi (2 days ago)
Pyoyo thantaweoo (2 days ago)
The black Dragon (2 days ago)
Wow, i love this Song ❤❤❤❤❤❤
Saiqa Naeem (2 days ago)
Love it epic song
shaidée hildevert (2 days ago)
The song is beautiful
Marco Passaro (2 days ago)
canti benisimo😇
Savu Ionela (2 days ago)
Saffron Bennett (2 days ago)
This reminds me of my boy I love him so much ly baby 💋💖❤

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