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Hot Plays #2 | (Fortnite Montage)

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My best Fortnite plays or higlights, put into a compilation. SO much more to come! Submit some of YOUR clips to @[email protected] Follow me on TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ImNumeroUnoBaby
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Text Comments (15)
RedstoneCubestツ (14 days ago)
U should not upload fortnite
D1m1TrYs (14 days ago)
Are bro
YourGamerGalaxy (14 days ago)
Do minecraft again!
Crispy DZN (15 days ago)
You said to submit clips and I did but these are all yours. .
Crispy DZN (14 days ago)
Numero Uno all good man, didn't mean to seem aggressive or anything, I was just confused. Btw do you use discord, and if so whats your name and tag so I can add you
Numero Uno (14 days ago)
This was compiled before your clip, I promise yours will be in the next bro
Viral Videos (15 days ago)
No respect for people who double pump. Just play the game like a normal person. Great video anyways
Numero Uno (15 days ago)
It sucks on PC that this is the normal way to play it seems. It's hard to be good without it when everyone else does it ya know. Thanks bro!
InstaAfterEffects (15 days ago)
Like flume remix’s by the way 🙂 tennis court good song
InstaAfterEffects (15 days ago)
Are you going to do minecraft ever again? And add me in fortnite “instaafterfx”
InstaAfterEffects (15 days ago)
Numero Uno sent a request.
InstaAfterEffects (15 days ago)
Numero Uno Fair. Add me?
Numero Uno (15 days ago)
Unfortunately, I'm just going to be sticking to Fortnite for now
GhostlyMC (15 days ago)
WOW nice video I love your plugins and fortnite vids Numero Uno
Random PlaysMC (15 days ago)
Make More voice trolling #1st

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