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Simple Kit Pvp Plugin | Minecraft

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►Hey DiamondRushXD here, today i have this amazing plugin that is simple for your pvp arena ;) ►Hey you amazing person! Thanks watching and if you could smack that like button that helps me out a ton and if you could subscribe, so you can stay in touch and watch more videos. ►Simple Kit Pvp http://dev.bukkit.org/bukkit-plugins/simplekitpvp/ ►Join Group Chat https://discord.gg/SprXC5c ►Second Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCC_lTpBCFFA8q747kZv3e4w ►Follow Me ~Twitter~ @Antonio_Rush ►Subscribe http://www.youtube.com/c/DiamondRushXD ►Download Wallpaper Here https://www.mediafire.com/?wu7d64a4gqd8dfg ►More Videos! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBW5MN-VFgw ►Music Found In Video Intro ~ Steerner - Warfare https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6Gg6RlbMn0 https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsuJBbO1F-5_2Ybh03wTzQw Outro ~ Young Squage - Transformer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w5IfUiJ8Vvw https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsuJBbO1F-5_2Ybh03wTzQw BackGround Music Incompetech http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?feels%5B%5D=Bright Ncs https://www.youtube.com/user/NoCopyrightSounds I don't own any rights to the game as shown on screen. ◆DiamondRushXD
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Text Comments (64)
Hypov (2 months ago)
fix ur english XD
LRS_Mixalis lol (5 months ago)
Can you create kits?
NiNvers (7 months ago)
fuck you
Jakub Ludwig (8 months ago)
You are BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Neon Fox (1 year ago)
I dare you to comment to this comment
Lego1 Lol (1 year ago)
not work
DerpOcelot (1 year ago)
"Abortion" - DiamondRushXD 2016
Stewart_MFC (1 year ago)
Is there a 'Block Hunt' plugin that you could go over?
BassChip (1 year ago)
perm ex what is that and if it is a plugin how do i use it for this plugin
ShricZ (1 year ago)
Hey there. Thanks for the tutorial, but I have a problem. Only Opped players get the kit selectors, how can I edit that?
Blaze (6 months ago)
perms with groups u need a perms plugin like pex, i can suggest power ranks tho: https://dev.bukkit.org/projects/powerranks
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
perm ex
Cronix ϟ (1 year ago)
Where I downloaded the map please
Cronix ϟ (1 year ago)
I am sorry. What I wanted to put is where I can download the map please (Google translator)
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
there is no way to download the map
حقائق الربح (1 year ago)
plugin kit pvp how pvp plugin pvp plugin soup pvp plugin timeofpvp PLuin Vault plugin essentials la meilleur chaine des plugins :D comme ca je te give des vues xD
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
yuto /Kqwqii (1 year ago)
Not Op'ers can't pen that!
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
Calvin TMG (1 year ago)
so what is the permissions
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
its on the page
sised (1 year ago)
i can't kill myself! and now?! i will have this kit forever??!!!
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
lol ;p
sised (1 year ago)
+DiamondRushXD it's not working.... but! o have find the way to remove the kit from me it's so simple /clear /effect sised clear with this commands :D
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
sised (1 year ago)
(kidding americans) this... this... click here...... control panel..... and CHECK THIS OUT GUYS!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE A DIRT BLOCK!!!!!!!!!! - playng pvp: oh no....... oh no...... oh no!..... oh no guys it's oh! oh no! oh no!!!! (50000 oh no leater..) OH N.... [you died] ok... - i am american bitch i have money...... i know all...... i an amazing...... oh yea....... [you died] FUCK YOU!!!!!!! - thank's for learning :D
KraziRox (1 year ago)
sised top of Donald trumps hit list
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
._. ??
mine pvp101 (1 year ago)
so i made a server and only opped players can use it... that does not make any sense to me. please get back to me.
DiamondRushXD (1 year ago)
ypu need a permssions plugin example pex
Lucas (2 years ago)
Not Op'ers can't pen that!
DiamondRushXD (2 years ago)
um what?
GeT_LeFt (2 years ago)
boring plugin young so you can mehmen a new kit must only times / resetkit Enter name then you can be from another player kit reseten
DiamondRushXD (2 years ago)
um thank you
GeT_LeFt (2 years ago)
but are a real good Yter
GeT_LeFt (2 years ago)
DiamondRushXD (2 years ago)
i did not understand a single sentence you said mate
TotallyToastt (2 years ago)
Hey Bro!! I LOVE YOUR VIDEOS!!!! Mind checking my channel? i've been subbed
DiamondRushXD (2 years ago)
TotallyToastt (2 years ago)
ok :D
DiamondRushXD (2 years ago)
thanks mate love the support and btw i already did ;)
QuFox (2 years ago)
can you make a vid hiw you make your vids
DiamondRushXD (2 years ago)
yeah but lets leave that for a speacial* sub number ;)
Top Games (2 years ago)
Hey Friend me Daniel, uhuul your channel only growing # 1000Subs will sign on my TBM channel pdc ?
DiamondRushXD (2 years ago)
kkk entendi nada mano XD
finntroll 1984 (2 years ago)
Awesome vid & nice channel.. you could gain lots of subs! If you subscribe to my channel (over 2K SUBS) you automatically qualify for a shot in the shoutout specials (about 30 winners)! If you have any doubts pls check out my shoutouts! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=18wnnU7emRk
DiamondRushXD (2 years ago)
hey thanks man but no thanks, good luck either way and congrats with the 2k
creater end (2 years ago)
awesome :D
DiamondRushXD (2 years ago)
DogPlayzMC - Minecraft (2 years ago)
cmon man!! you desirve the 1k subs!! :D
DiamondRushXD (2 years ago)
cheers thanks a ton just wait we will get there XD
DiamondRushXD (2 years ago)
what would you like to see next? leave your idea down below!
Coaly HERO (10 months ago)
Can you create your own kits with the plugin?
Eagle (1 year ago)
I'll look into it, however the issue is sometimes it clashes with other plugins which I will try to find a fix for. However, when I coded it, I made sure that I used pretty generic java. The only way that it would not work is if mojang drastically changed their multiplayer code. I have not played MC in a while so I'm not sure but it theoretically should work
DiamondRushXD (2 years ago)
i looked that plugin up and tested it it dosent work anymore
Theo69gr (2 years ago)
bending...... xDDDDD
five (2 years ago)
Amazing love the insta sup
DiamondRushXD (2 years ago)
hahaha XD
Theo69gr (2 years ago)
DiamondRushXD (2 years ago)
tthanks <3
Ringwrather (2 years ago)
Thxs for doing a kitpvp plugin
DiamondRushXD (2 years ago)
Ringwrather (2 years ago)
DiamondRushXD (2 years ago)
thank you for watching <3

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