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Tyrants and Plebeians - Unified Mod pack development 29

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Right now I am working on a glorious unified mod pack that will consume and improve upon both the TDM and Survival Tyrants and Plebeians mod packs. In this episode, I reveal the fact that I have finished configuring almost every single vehicle in the mod pack. Video Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PdIt-MxHVkg Music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eHJu-Ud5l9w Forum thread about this project: (post maps/models/missions/etc you want to submit here) http://monorisu.enjin.com/forum/m/21720506/viewthread/25254322-unified-mod-pack-thread/post/last#last
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Text Comments (101)
Sadiction (2 years ago)
Is there a player transport truck?
TSM_Rexm (2 years ago)
im on windows and server dont work
arda aydınlar (2 years ago)
And make all wehicles solid
arda aydınlar (2 years ago)
Make ottoman emperator
AlexTheGunner (2 years ago)
Name for the epic song at the end please
AlexTheGunner (2 years ago)
+MonorisuFilms thanks
Monorisu (2 years ago)
Dvorak New World Symphony, 4th movement Allegro con fuoco
Geoffman (2 years ago)
my game crashes when ever I try to place your fleet pack stuff. why isn't it on the flans mod website either?
Zawlry (2 years ago)
Geoffman Got java 64bit?
Noah Kolnik (2 years ago)
with the world war 1 stuff I might be able to make a trench warfare server
Jackson B (2 years ago)
Can i have link to the most recent beta?
Jackson B (2 years ago)
Everyone i saying that i cant get it :/
Communist Doge (2 years ago)
Hi Monorisu the pack will be downloadableor we must use the tecnich launcher?
Miroslav Kocic (2 years ago)
Hey put some sport cars in the modpack
Musanix (2 years ago)
HMS Prince Of Wales Incoming !!!! Can't wait for start a Let's Play on this modpack X_X
Just LMAO (2 years ago)
Are you going to report the guy who stealing your thumbnail for his video?
Димон Лимон (2 years ago)
can you create a Ukrainian army please
One Danger (2 years ago)
slava Russia
ddr ee (2 years ago)
Dot limit Machine Gun on chopper speed ,there is no reason for it jest make it useless
鼻和弘朗 (2 years ago)
Yasseiir Go (2 years ago)
Dislike what the mod name -_-
Yasseiir Go (2 years ago)
+ian darius gunminecraft thanks man
Et OnFyre (2 years ago)
labjac are all the veachles solid and is it still effective when flying?
Et OnFyre (2 years ago)
+Prototype Theta so you couldn't walk inside a Chinook while flying ?
Prototype Theta (2 years ago)
Unlikely and no. At least properly (aircraft don't carry momentum).
Marko Janjos (2 years ago)
hey why you dont make the ratte 1000 and 1500 monster
ThatRedGuy On Steam (2 years ago)
+White house gaming idk, idc.
Apollo1641 (2 years ago)
+RedRifleman studios the ratte and the gustav is there, so why not a p1500 monster?
ThatRedGuy On Steam (2 years ago)
The monster is not included, i think it might be in the future for admin abuse
Ghost112 (2 years ago)
Its already an existing model, I think its in the pack
Potatomeister 45 (2 years ago)
Because he already has?
craft gaming (2 years ago)
Do it soon come out
Touhou Love (2 years ago)
Finally! HOORAY! Now we can fight on the ocean! But the problem is that my turrets are still spinning too slow. I need more than 20 seconds to turn it 180 degree. What should I do?
Geoffman (2 years ago)
so is this gonna be like a factions server where u can raid other like towns or empires with other people on the server or like what can u explain it to me
Geoffman (2 years ago)
+RedRifleman studios thats all i wanted to know...
ThatRedGuy On Steam (2 years ago)
+Geoffman Proper Grammar please. Not grammar nazi though. You ARE able to damage blocks in enemy territory, not IN SPAWN though.
Geoffman (2 years ago)
+RedRifleman studios u have fucking autism kid read what i wrote
ThatRedGuy On Steam (2 years ago)
Geoffman (2 years ago)
+RedRifleman studios so the owner lied?
HP TheDallasPayday (2 years ago)
how I'm use the bipod?
MJ George Productions (2 years ago)
That ending was utter gold. Question though; will the last-minute ship models be updated at all?
Monorisu (2 years ago)
Maybe, maybe not
The Enclave (2 years ago)
Is that youtuber retarded can't he see that everything is from the cold war not from the 40s
tiger tank 2000 (2 years ago)
lol I saw that ending thumbnail, I knew it looks familiar
Guakstick (2 years ago)
"Jesus Christ it's LabJac" Pure gold. XD But a serious question, what will the team sizes be for the TDM server? Because I really wish you could get 32 v 32 or even larger onto that Fjords map.
Guakstick (2 years ago)
+MonorisuFilms Thanks for the info.
Monorisu (2 years ago)
It depends on how many blokes are online at once
antonovbane (2 years ago)
what's the song name?
Monorisu (2 years ago)
Dvorak new world symphony 4th movement, allegro con fucuo
Emanuele Rombi (2 years ago)
hey labjack! do you need a fancy tdm map? i've made one so big. it is a city in ww2 made for sniper tank and Aircraft. of you want I can give you it.
Emanuele Rombi (2 years ago)
+MonorisuFilms ok. you have done a great job.
Monorisu (2 years ago)
I have enough maps. Maybe in the far future when I add updates for the mod pack
Dylansgames (2 years ago)
are there any ships big enough to have several people walking around on it without it feeling cramped? like with walkways and such.
Prototype Theta (2 years ago)
I'm working on a system so that the collision mesh can be made perfect to the model of the deck. Might not see this release though.
Dylansgames (2 years ago)
ah ok, i understand it just looks a bit wonky running around ontop of turrets and such =P
Monorisu (2 years ago)
I could do that but minecraft render distance is less than 300 meters so it will be impossible to spot enemy ships without ramming into them.
Taz Studioz (2 years ago)
Do u need permission to use someone's content pack in your own modpack
Cow West (2 years ago)
Yeah, all packs made by other people need permission.
Taz Studioz (2 years ago)
+Izack “thetrueyou” I know that you can use the packs created by the person who made the flans mod such as the simple parts pack but I mean like the manus civil pack I need permission to add them in i think
Izack (2 years ago)
+Memetastic Games "any bodies"
Taz Studioz (2 years ago)
+Cow West k thank just making sure Incase I add any bodies content pack with out permissions into a modpack I'm thinking of making
Cow West (2 years ago)
Jackson B (2 years ago)
EpicShermanTank (2 years ago)
Soon, possibly in a week or two
Dylansgames (2 years ago)
He said that it wasnt going to be done today.....
Bold Eagle (2 years ago)
I love your videos and this future modpack
Mr.Wave (2 years ago)
WW2 Memories (2 years ago)
wow i can't wait for the release and nice work monorisu
Felix Anglhuber (2 years ago)
A few questions: Did you think of adding Horten 229? Sometimes while playing Flan's Mod I can see all the parts of a vehicle in big ugly red cubes, how do I deactivate it?
wyvernfall gaming (2 years ago)
+MonorisuFilms awesome mod btw
wyvernfall gaming (2 years ago)
+MonorisuFilms did you include The aurora from task force 51
Monorisu (2 years ago)
press f10
кек российские кушать
Crystal Womack (2 years ago)
noah4mc (2 years ago)
has proto released his code?
noah4mc (2 years ago)
+Prototype Theta For those who have the mod pack? That would make sense.
Prototype Theta (2 years ago)
Think of it as a public beta.
noah4mc (2 years ago)
+Kikkoceccato I was asking because lab was talking about releasing the mod pack already, but the mod pack contains the new features. So is he going to release it even though proto has not released the new code as an updated version of flans mod plus?
noah4mc (2 years ago)
+Kikkoceccato yeah I noticed it before, however nobody answered my question previously.
There IS new code, if you didn't notice it in previous videos. Like solid vehicles, working tracks animation, smoke grenades, etc. But for now, it's going to be only in the Modpack. Maybe it will be featured in future official releases.
MasterGaming z (2 years ago)
DaSpineLessFish (2 years ago)
But does the lawn mower pick up the grass?
EpicShermanTank (2 years ago)
+MonorisuFilms Not the majority; at least here...
Monorisu (2 years ago)
I'm pretty sure most lawn mowers have grass bags strapped to them
EpicShermanTank (2 years ago)
Do you pick up the sliced grass after you mow your lawn?
Monorisu (2 years ago)
Cracno112 (2 years ago)
are you planning on making more WW1 vehicles?
golden eyed world (2 years ago)
Kevin Yang (2 years ago)
It is already there, Lab doesnt accept model requests
Monorisu (2 years ago)
that's been in for over a year
MasterGaming z (2 years ago)
Try to model the Sr 71 blackbird

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