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We Are Number One but no word is said or sung twice

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I think. We Are Number One instrumentals and acapella from https://soundcloud.com/user-847444 Smash that mf like and sub if Robbie Rotten is ur dad
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Text Comments (1540)
JARED-CHAN :3 (11 days ago)
2:43-3:02 uffff man,this final 👌
Toys 4 Life 42 (16 days ago)
he slip slide banana peel! (slip) *WHAT DOING*
planet TV (1 month ago)
1:24 Stingy is strange... He doesn't say "this apple is mine"!
Blastertronus (1 month ago)
Sounds like a Charmx video!
AquaWatermelons (1 month ago)
Dat ending tho
Instantaneous ASMR (3 months ago)
1:48 I died
Instantaneous ASMR (3 months ago)
1:46 I died
Instantaneous ASMR (3 months ago)
1:43 I had to get new underwear from laughing so much
Instantaneous ASMR (3 months ago)
1:09 XDDD
Shannon Brunelle (4 months ago)
Slip slide on banana peel! *they slip* "WHAT DOING?!"
Ben Baez (5 months ago)
When it gets earrape near the end I love it it's so funny
Joey ossia (6 months ago)
Fun Interesting Right type of content I like super amazing editing This video is a 11/10
Tayo Odebunmi (6 months ago)
Look at *NET*
Golden Terrabyte (7 months ago)
2:42 I should not have watched this with a headache
Juguertox (7 months ago)
1:52 *BUT DAMN*
Tabbender (7 months ago)
jaredwood111 (7 months ago)
Be careful at 2:42.
ButtKicker2008 (7 months ago)
The word "are" is said twice
Arif (8 months ago)
He literally sung “that” twice
Spac3 (8 months ago)
That ending though
1:49 What was that for?
William Smith (8 months ago)
Have ever caught good guy, like real super hero?
FlamingBlade (8 months ago)
the second half is just musical breaks and blank spots xd
B R (3 months ago)
alexnobody1 (8 months ago)
I was very surprised to hear the full phrase "Let's try something else".
no u (8 months ago)
We are censores
Maestrofeli (8 months ago)
Dat earrape at the end
ATay Gaming (8 months ago)
HAH Look Net
Hosti Tosti (8 months ago)
I like every meme video of this with sneak around, FUCK
Kaeden Ngai-Natsuhara (8 months ago)
The fucks with the intro
Deedledude asdf (8 months ago)
0:54 If you wanna kiss on the run.
Mintiz (8 months ago)
soft cal (8 months ago)
... .. .. .. .. . chase .. .. ..
2:56 RIP headphone users
josh graham (8 months ago)
1:10 FUCK
Truckenbrod Ábel (9 months ago)
Be Careful not to make a sound FUCK
Laura Ward (9 months ago)
I think I am going deaf
Jules S (9 months ago)
*L O O K AT T H A T*
DylSan 07 (9 months ago)
Am I the only one that hears earrape
DylSan 07 (9 months ago)
2:04 what doin
It'sJesh (9 months ago)
WE ARE #1.exe has stopped working. 0:00
random scrub (9 months ago)
which means this is better than gucci gang
_ HackX _ (9 months ago)
1:09 I can't stop laughing
Caesar Best (9 months ago)
Mayumi Garcia (9 months ago)
I would've gone crazy editing this 😂😂😂😂😭😭😂🤣🙏🏼 bless you OP
Cpr1234 (9 months ago)
Are you uh, a real villain? Well, technically, nah. Have ever caught good guy like superhero? Tried disguise? Alright! I can see that will have teach how be villains! *instrumental* We are number one! Now listen closely. Here's little lesson in trickery This going down history If wanna, chase, on the run! Just follow my moves and sneak around Careful not, make, sound. NO DONT TOUCH THAT Ha! Look, net, found! When say go, ready, throw. Him, me! Ugh let's try something else :/ Watch, learn, deal! Slip, slide, banana peel! What! Doing?! Now enjoy the video!
NoChillTrash (9 months ago)
We are number one but the audio is removed for copyright purposes
(9 months ago)
*what doing?*
Dave’s RuNerUp! (9 months ago)
Golden and cocked to perfection.
carefull not make sound... *FUCK*
Roblox Noob Queen (9 months ago)
Chinchillin' Time (9 months ago)
Careful...not...make...sound *FUCK*
Now do it with cutting out the footage too xD
PiRaiKaChu (9 months ago)
Are you a real villain well uh technically nah have ever caught good guy like superhero tried disguise alright I can see that will to teach how be villains hey we number one here’s little lesson in trickery this is going down history if wanna chase on the run just follow my moves and sneak around careful not make sound (branch snaps) no don’t touch ha look at net found when say go ready throw (throwing noise) it him me ugh let’s try something else watch learn deal he’ll slip slide banana peel (slipping) what doing da
Matthew Gage (9 months ago)
2:04 Jeffy "what doing?"
*Steps* *F U C K*
Putting this on loop messes with your brain.
SidejaxDJ (10 months ago)
2:03 What doing daddy?
SciBlast Official (10 months ago)
We are number one but it's every single word said in we are number one
SebAnimations (10 months ago)
*WHAT DOING* Robbie rotten -idk what date
Deadly 20 (10 months ago)
RIP HEADPHONE USERS from 2:45, especially at 2:55
Underworld Trap (10 months ago)
2:04 Hey, look it's Jeffy
SPKL Sparkle (10 months ago)
He said villian more than one time
RubyTheCupcake (10 months ago)
If you wanna kiss on the run? That’s what it sounds like at 0:55!
Kolp Lako (10 months ago)
When...say...go....ready...throw He never said go :’(
Sonic Nova (10 months ago)
xXMadRadShikonXx (10 months ago)
Slip Slide b a n a n a p e e l WHAT DOING
Xylo Piano (10 months ago)
Careful not make sound!
Smillinator Y (10 months ago)
Robbie Rotten is in german Freddie Faulig
The Late Lord Kardok (10 months ago)
That last "Hey, hey!" at the end sounded like synthesized lightning.
Izunundara Ixnuvarism (10 months ago)
Now, a version where no note is used more than five times
Konstantin Demenko (10 months ago)
Look at Net Found When say go ready throw AT HIM, ME
Debennyboy games (10 months ago)
2:03 jeffy what doin fuck u hero!
The Pika Player (10 months ago)
Look at net found
The Pika Player (10 months ago)
Careful not make sound
Kenny Havoc (10 months ago)
Alissa Smith (10 months ago)
2:49 R.I.P Headphone Users. Read More
galazyyy (11 months ago)
look at net *found* when say go ready throw. *i t h i m m e*
TheOneTrueAJ (11 months ago)
This was a big task. Lots of errors. But still funny
Jacob TheBoi (11 months ago)
2:04 sry
Jacob TheBoi (11 months ago)
2:05 he's jeffy
Greasejunky8 TV (11 months ago)
Sounds like a radio edit that cleans out curse words
Daniel Martinez J.R. (11 months ago)
Mariz Esplana (11 months ago)
0:01 dab :o
Jambo And Stuff (11 months ago)
Careful not make ssouuuund
Lani Bird218 (11 months ago)
What was that intro?! 0_0
bella conrad (11 months ago)
singingsun04 (11 months ago)
People who's first language isn't english be like...
Spock1777 (11 months ago)
Slip. Slide..... Banana Peel! What Doing!?!?
*W H A T D O I N G*
name last (11 months ago)
SupaMan (11 months ago)
2:42 *Be careful not make a sound!*
Steven Wilson (11 months ago)
Agatka Grzyb (11 months ago)
what doing
ErikIsEpic (11 months ago)
.....! -waiting intensifies-
SheepTV (11 months ago)
Imagine if real life worked this way. We'd have to come up with new sounds to communicate with on an hourly basis.
Jeremiah Williams (11 months ago)
We are number one: censored version
Skullarious (11 months ago)
Why use many word when few word do trick?
CLB (11 months ago)
So what happens if I replay the video.?The words are repeated for a second time
FoolishStrawberry (11 months ago)

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