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Minecraft Angels And Demons Mod! PLAY AS A DEMON OR ANGEL!

2353 ratings | 182659 views
Hey guys can we reach 150+ Likes? Angels & Demons Mod:http://www.planetminecraft.com/mod/forge-angels-amp-demons/ Minecraft Angels & Demons Mod Showcase. This new epic mod allows you to play minecraft as an Angel or as a Demon. Which will you choose to play as a good Angel or an evil Demon? All music used with permission from its creator. Music Used: http://www.youtube.com/user/d74g0n My Twitter: https://twitter.com/Jared_Alec My Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Jaredalecrealm
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Text Comments (468)
Dooda Lam (1 day ago)
0 O (3 months ago)
Nice demon creation and I would be an angle because I'm to good to be bad.
I like to be a Angle
I love it so much I want it
Keamya Wheeler (5 months ago)
i love god
hassan kamel (9 months ago)
mod is dead now ...
Kanna (9 months ago)
I'm not a angel or a demon I'm a human being LOGIC
Michelle Geesin (11 months ago)
The Mod won't show up
Israel Espinoza (11 months ago)
20andigandi00 G (1 year ago)
nice mod i always play 1v1v1v1 pvp with my friends and make a modpack for this but pvp gets boring after someone has creative flight.
Dorthengzc Ciareenb (1 year ago)
what is the name of mod?
Kevin Green (1 year ago)
Go Angles
Alaina Reed (1 year ago)
Omg lazy your evil you are the devil
Alaina Reed (1 year ago)
I like god
Geiy (1 year ago)
my mom says im atistic :D
Gonzalo Quan (1 year ago)
I want to be a angel but why tons of poeple think that the demon is the best i mean i know that ita fire resistance but being a angel is better its not about the power its about the beaveor!
ShakeJuntGTWYC (1 year ago)
this is cool and also bad because there's a dark side in the back but on the good side and also I like the good side and also I like God
Lazy_ Neko (1 year ago)
i choose demon yes
Javier Correa (1 year ago)
Hail Satan
Dingelfrog (1 year ago)
hail atheism
Kevin Green (1 year ago)
Javier Correa Hail Jesus
Altin Rexhepi (1 year ago)
im muslim angel is so good thanks god for birh musliman
shadow knight360 (1 year ago)
Cutie_ Mimi (1 year ago)
Demons are stupid angels are my favret thank you God
ღ Skies ღ (2 years ago)
What is the Ip
Qia Hannah Bernardo (2 years ago)
what do you want to be a angel😇 or a demon👿i choose Angel😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇😇
Kevin Green (1 year ago)
Qia Hannah Bernardo I'm With you all hail Jesus
Yoshi MCPE Tricks (2 years ago)
I'm muslim
Yoshi MCPE Tricks (2 years ago)
fuck you devils I love angel
Melany Aparicio (2 years ago)
I'll be a ángel so i dont be with the mean devil god did every thing for us not satan 😡
The_King_Of_Games (2 years ago)
I be a demon to because they are the best
Javier Correa (1 year ago)
Hail satan
Geraldine Nash (1 year ago)
TheTwoFlamingSkulls (2 years ago)
Alex, your are right
Universe Ball (2 years ago)
Man Chopper (2 years ago)
Why would you pick Selena Gomez?
Tiffany Butler (2 years ago)
that was amazing
sam Wut (2 years ago)
yeah demon will push you on fire you doing wrong angel is good girl or boy wanna be angel or demon
Neutra Aki (2 years ago)
Dang it I need it 1.8 -_-
Yuuma’s Animations (2 years ago)
the angel wings look cute on you
synRdave (2 years ago)
But you go to hell
the parodying fangirl (2 years ago)
The angel part will look good with my nazi skin cause the nazis were so angelic! No jokes intended I'm serious I love the nazis they were innocent it was all the alies fault
star phoenix gameing (2 years ago)
id be like half and half maybe angle wings and demon horns i think there is a term for that but i dunno
SharkAttack (2 years ago)
Wowowowow... Glowstone is from Nether and Nether is Hell sooo... You need to go to Hell to get Glowstone.... Seems Legit :D
Antonio Mendiola III (2 years ago)
Guys how do I install this mod? I tried to install it but it says there is duplicates of some files.
Tino Vasquez (2 years ago)
Actually demons suffer in lava and fire. Hell is meant for demons to suffer so they aren't used to fire. And angels have six wings not two.
Komlavi Doussey (2 years ago)
I would be a angel I'm much of a god lover and to be honest I am a prince of god!
Stargaze FlashAJ (3 years ago)
Never do favours for a demand its just horrible! Demands laugh when people get it trouble its just mean!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Very! Angels are very kind. Like comment if agree.
Rony Martinez (2 years ago)
+Stargaze FlashAJ yeah demons are mean they want to kill
Terry Ward (3 years ago)
i love angels i want to be a angel
Blocky Orbits (3 years ago)
So many brainwashed kids in the comments.
Official REKT (3 years ago)
demon is more usefull than the angel the horns the boost and fire resistanc
Jovana Caamal (3 years ago)
Viok (3 years ago)
lol why would you even go in there?
Warrior (3 years ago)
so boring!
PeteSlayz (3 years ago)
I'd be a demon, demons are best.
TheTwoFlamingSkulls (2 years ago)
+Alex Wei Bravo, Alex, honest, BRAVO
TheTwoFlamingSkulls (2 years ago)
+Alex Wei Bravo, Alex, honest, BRAVO
TheTwoFlamingSkulls (2 years ago)
+Troll Police id be an angel!
TheTwoFlamingSkulls (2 years ago)
+Samuel Garcia ikr
Godly True Excalibur (3 years ago)
who likes demon when they will die they will burn in flames of hell. God gave people life and demon wants to take life from you. Demon wants to destroy humanity remember this.
Scrawny C. Bones (2 years ago)
+Troll Police Just because there's writing telling us things from 1200 BC doesn't make it true... Did we see it with our own eyes? No. Did we have contact with the ones who did? No. Because there dead
Scrawny C. Bones (2 years ago)
+TheHallowedMinecart// Giorgi we lose all memory in the ones we once would spill blood for .-.
Scrawny C. Bones (2 years ago)
+TheHallowedMinecart// Giorgi I'm gay and Christians say I'm going to hell so I technically have no choice to be in touch with demons =)
Universe Ball (2 years ago)
sorry im tagalong
Universe Ball (2 years ago)
+Man Chopper heaven is on up heaven is cloud a d hell is on under of earth
ElwakilZ TechGaming (3 years ago)
I like this mod but I want it for mobile please minecraft hippie and I will like the video.
Lorenzo Barz (3 years ago)
glitchsonic794 k (3 years ago)
how do you install this
Juzstyce Peed (3 years ago)
it is but for what cause u can get a fire potion and the gods are good and good always win demons are hateful and bad I do not like them gods are kind and helpful so yeah
Best intro u ever did
Shadow Reaper (3 years ago)
i wont to go to haven do you? X3
Squiwi (3 years ago)
Justinhulk (3 years ago)
i wish this mod made u if u killed monsters heaven villagers  hell
Alex Turrieta (3 years ago)
I hate demons too I want to be a angel 👼
Randi Nicole (3 years ago)
Demons are not cool god is the best
Randi Nicole (3 years ago)
Demon wings aren't more useful than angel wings gosh what the heck u like demons
Razzi Syabama (3 years ago)
The angel is really cool you can fLy
Rebecca Bishop (3 years ago)
Booo demons and yay Angeles
Rony Martinez (2 years ago)
+Rebecca Bishop ya booooooo!!!!!!!!! demons yay angels
Daphne Mansourian (3 years ago)
I hate demons im on the angels side im with god
Nora laxamana (3 years ago)
You are to funny hahahahahah you make me laugh
ItzRebo !!!!!!!! (3 years ago)
Demons are good
glitchsonic794 k (3 years ago)
Good mod
Maddie Talley (3 years ago)
Jarred I think they are great
Mike Collette (3 years ago)
kysha woods (3 years ago)
I will be a demon
The Unknown (3 years ago)
Ok ok ok guys guys guys guss what i dont think youve been told have you(and insult my grammar makes you look worse then my grammar haha XD) ITS A GAME(WOAH MONTY YOUR SO SMART TO KNOW ITS A GAME) (HOLY SH*T MAN WOW I DIDNT KNOW ) AND hell i say if u belive or deont belive your fine perosnelly i belive but still ITS A GAME DONT CALL someone DIPSHIT for a lemme think what wa minecraft once more A GAME OH YEAH and furthermore have a nice day your all cool :D
Rony Martinez (2 years ago)
+The Unknown we are not even calling people d****** ok you glad we are just saying hell is bad and demons suffer so ya no one wants to be a demon
Tina Dark (3 years ago)
I bet many of the people (or at least a few of them) who are bitchin' about people playing as Demons watch Kuroshitsuji -_-
Flamingjazkinz (3 years ago)
That anime is awesome XD and that IS a relevant point.
Cindy Thompson (3 years ago)
no god is bad the devil is good or is god
Rony Martinez (2 years ago)
+Cindy Thompson :o omg cant you tell by the names jesus satan god=jesus booooo devil =satan god gave us life so why you talking that god is bad
glitchsonic794 k (3 years ago)
You got it all wrong the devil is evil. God and jesus are good.Get it right
Gyukou Cyukou (3 years ago)
This would work so well with a Pit/Dark Pit skin.
icy_dew (3 years ago)
Trend Bleach (10 months ago)
Rony Martinez but God isn't real
Cohen Marlow (2 years ago)
+amalgam8 No need to worry your cool skeleton self. A pascal's wager is basically saying "but what if you're wrong and God is real? You'll burn in hell, do you want that?" It's basically one of the worst arguments you can ever make.
icy_dew (2 years ago)
+Cohen Marlow wat
Cohen Marlow (2 years ago)
+Rony Martinez 10/10 Pascal's wager right there. What if you go to hell for not being Muslim?
Rony Martinez (2 years ago)
+amalgam8 >:-( dude your saying crap that god is not real theirs no proof so it sounds like it
demon boy (3 years ago)
I would be a demon lol
Dooda Lam (1 day ago)
Of cost
demon boy (3 years ago)
oh... :P
demon boy (3 years ago)
+Samuel Garcia ? :P
Stacy Delacruz (3 years ago)
angels...... thay are awsome wink :)
Timbro (3 years ago)
Also the mod needs like legendary swords for the angel and demon stuff and I was thinking if y'all craft angel or demon wings and if they added angel and demon armor if you craft the chest plates for the angel and the demons you can add the wings  on the angel or demon chest plate
Timbro (3 years ago)
Guy well the demons have fire resistance and angels look sexy with the angel wings so I would do the demons first then save the best for last the angels if I'm done downloading the mod I would say DAAAAAAAAM THIS IS BOES
Craig Story (3 years ago)
Helen Mccoy (3 years ago)
Daemon stuff I mean deamon stuff
Ithaca (3 years ago)
Betty Blu Steelman (3 years ago)
Demons r pretty sexy❤
Cam of the Chinoike. (3 years ago)
another thing people thatj believe in god i do to but get the fuck over it ITS A GAME WITH A MOD in it meaning just cause i play as a deamon I DONT FUCKING INFLUENCE SATAN god people are to fucking serious and to the people that dont believe in god :l good for u noone fucking cares so shut up and let it go :l
Cohen Marlow (3 years ago)
People do seem to care whether a person believes or not, otherwise they wouldn't be do hated. Even in the bible they are hated.
Cam of the Chinoike. (3 years ago)
I dont like this mod for one reason people get to religious over it angels with god / jesus demons with satan :l and people make a big deal out of it like its real i dnt care i like the fact u can fly thats all i care about ex: creeper cant sneek behind u ex enderman cant teleport behind u etc
Lalita Vaughan (3 years ago)
Andrea Jones (3 years ago)
demons are SOOOOOOOO AWESOME!!!!!
Rony Martinez (2 years ago)
+Andrea Jones are you a goth teen or kid huh
Ima kmslmao (3 years ago)
no there not so shut up
Andrea Jones (3 years ago)
god SUCKS! satan ROCKS!
Rony Martinez (2 years ago)
+Andrea Jones satan worshiper
Andrea Jones (3 years ago)
join the demon club
Kingcrafterhah (3 years ago)
The way demons and angels are classified is racist white is angel black is demon
Reich Comedy Network (3 years ago)
it's not racist. Demons are dark, Angels are bright. your logic?
Donte Miller (3 years ago)
hb23100 (3 years ago)
What is this mod plz tell me at 7:09
Yuji Tsubasa (3 years ago)
And they should also add angel magic and demon magic and half-angel-demon can use both :P. How about instead of halo or horns for the half-angel-demon they add a white-black hair mixed together
Yuji Tsubasa (3 years ago)
I want them to add the half-angel-demon wings and no need for halo or horn and the crafting recipe is a angel wings and a demon wings
Mallard Bird (3 years ago)
Okay just because they say demons are bad doesn't mean they all are. Right? I may be wrong but i mean..you never know.
expert squad (3 years ago)
Tim Collie (3 years ago)
demons would be more useful
Andrea Adkins (3 years ago)
the angel stuff is better

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