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Minecraft Tsar Mod Rival Rebels vs Illuminati #3

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Nuclear war adventure. Tsar Bomba battle. Minecraft Robot mod. ATAQUE DO ROBÔ GIGANTE!. Robot Pilot Mission. Царь-бомба ICBM. Giant Robot. ► All Illuminati Series videos in Order: https://goo.gl/iQSk6r ► Previous Episode: https://youtu.be/7WzcDULvBvA Rival Rebels mod for Minecraft http://rivalrebels.com/ (Rodol Phito's mod official) \\ Subscribe to RR to stay informed // HBm Nukers mod: http://goo.gl/Ly8x4N ^^Modded Adventures videos:^^ Robot Pilot mission: https://youtu.be/7Xluy4ZIMNE Illuminati mission - part #1: https://youtu.be/5cFkLxePmTo Illuminati mission - part #2: https://youtu.be/7WzcDULvBvA For Help, tutorials, wiki, and mod discussion: http://rivalrebels.com/RRgame/comment/ For Rival Rebels Servers IP go: http://rivalrebels.blogspot.com/p/gameplay.html For Rival Rebels Game project : http://rivalrebels.com/ Music Intro by Votrox Minecraft is a game made by Mojang and is available here: http://minecraft.net/ To get Forge got to http://files.minecraftforge.net/ The Illuminati mission #3 credits Cast in no particular order: GTenMillion, Lukep11804, Alexbugs, ElWitherMx12, codered_/sysie, woods, games4maurice, Omega_Devil, HbMinecraft, autogolazzo, LPkukin, Catking/EnderKitty, kjack1111, Endrik, homeworkman229, MVP0909, basile, Ninja, Mission briefing speech by Rodophita. Thanks to all Rival Rebels Server Admins Rival Rebels Mod additions to the game: Rhodes 3 Robot, Force Fields, Ein-Sten Laser, Plasma, Tesla, Rocket, Rod Disk, LTD-RR Laser, B-2 Spirit Stealth, Shovel, Omega, Sigma, Smart Camo, Steel Block, Quick Sand, Force Field, Laptop, Reactor, Loader, Team Objectives, Team Classes, Rebel and Intel. For Minecraft 1.7.10, 1.6.4, 1.6.2, 1.5.2, 1.5.1, 1.4.7 & 1.4.6. Minecraft Nuclear Adventures featuring Rodol Phito (me, the mod creator), Roda (my sister) and the RR crew (my friends) fighting all types of mobs and having fun. Please give me feedback and ideas so we keep making more episodes! ~Rodol
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Text Comments (129)
Erica Nombrana (2 months ago)
Can you do that
Erica Nombrana (2 months ago)
Drop the nuclear bomb
Rodol Phito (2 months ago)
here, https://youtu.be/it_0I6KUeHI
Drift (3 months ago)
I’m so rich... I’m very very very wealthy!
Jared Larlham (3 months ago)
4:47: Robot 1: are we there yet? Robot 2: are we there yet? Love it
Purja PB (5 months ago)
Im very rich
Nathan Nolan (7 months ago)
The robot were lagging
Liguel Labs (1 year ago)
0:02 Lord Vertice
Nicholas Crawford (1 year ago)
the US Marines will team up with rival ribels to defeat the Illuminati once and for all
Nicholas Crawford (1 year ago)
RR and USMC vs the illuminati
Nicholas Crawford (1 year ago)
Make rival rebels and the Marines vs the illuminati
I tried to join the server but the game keeps crashing
Rodol Phito I wonder If I can join your crew in the series
Rodol Phito (1 year ago)
Cool! If you crash again, paste the report in the RR forums so we can help you https://rivalrebels.com/RRgame/forum/
I got it to finally work, but my mc character was made in 1.9 so I have nothing but underwear... XD
Rodol Phito So, I tried putting it at 3g, then 5 and 7. But the game keeps crashing and the crash report says, "The game crashed whilist ticking screen." is there a way to fix that?
Rodol Phito how much ram is required
hey you should make more nukes like the fat man like if you agree :3
Priscilla Garcia (1 year ago)
how many people did you use in this video
Rodol Phito (1 year ago)
Idk, here is the full cast of the series https://youtu.be/LMKLBxzzGHc
h2serin (1 year ago)
rr nasıl ilüminati roeds yaptın
Rodol Phito (1 year ago)
Öğreticiye bak https://rivalrebels.com/RRgame/robot-logos/
arda (2 years ago)
your very good
andrea kuqani (2 years ago)
Witch vertion is
andrea kuqani (2 years ago)
+Rodol Phito thank you
Rodol Phito (2 years ago)
1.7.10 here: http://rivalrebels.blogspot.com/
mehico stevens (2 years ago)
game crashes on opening new world
Rodol Phito (2 years ago)
paste the crash report on the RR forums http://rivalrebels.com/RRgame/forum/f/mod-discussion/
fly ufos
Soilder Soviet (2 years ago)
how i play this server guy
Soilder Soviet (2 years ago)
what version
Rodol Phito (2 years ago)
Here is the list. http://rivalrebels.blogspot.com/p/gameplay.html
KidFuryGaming RR (2 years ago)
Umm Rodol How do You make those ein sten laser tesla ray shine
Rodol Phito (2 years ago)
it's a post production effect.
FNAF SONIC gamer (2 years ago)
i knew it was going to be cool when i first saw it and i know it will be epic
Kingofgoldness R (2 years ago)
10/10 voice acting
Rodol Phito (2 years ago)
Thanks! ^^
Monotonal (2 years ago)
Commander, we have a problem, it's a nuke thingy
xIronSightzx (2 years ago)
i bet at the beggining is a foreshadow
Rodol Phito (2 years ago)
Is it??
SaucyxGabe 420 (2 years ago)
i like this series 😎😎😎😎👍👍👍👍
Kakalotto201 (2 years ago)
Xbomber is Huge egg (2 years ago)
Why are you hating on the illuminati?!
Want to use my Battleship (C.J. Manticore) as a battleground?
+Rodol Phito I could Email you the file or invite you to my realm so you can see it for yourself if the download doesn't work.
Sure, go ahead. I have no Idea why the download doesn't work. Perhaps I can Email you the file?
Rodol Phito (2 years ago)
I can't make your link work. Can we use the RR forums? http://rivalrebels.com/RRgame/forum/
Oh, FYI: You need to be using 1.10 or the exterior railguns won't work. Also: If you're using MCEdit to copy it and paste it in another world, the Manticore cannon has to face north or the furniture will be distorted.
+Rodol Phito It is finished. See for yourself. (/gamemode 3)
Megafro (2 years ago)
*someone shoots you with thesla: careful. dont get into the *yawl* tesla
Kerlous Abdelmalak (2 years ago)
Nice movie
minecraft pe türkiye (2 years ago)
abi omuzdaki ilimünatiyi görmedik sanma
Rodol Phito (2 years ago)
şanslısın :D
Ahmetismail yarım (2 years ago)
What's happening?! :/
Simon Roos (2 years ago)
Those voices
Tazzaka (2 years ago)
Rodol pithol please added mods rival rebels in minecraft pe in mods for minecraft iam not have pc please
Rodol Phito (2 years ago)
+The Team Extreme Fire Warriors Hi, I have no time, I'm currently working on Rival Rebels full Game :)
luizgames jta (2 years ago)
munto dimas manero!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:D
Jaqueline Gomes (2 years ago)
100000000000000000000000000000000000000.000000000000000TSAR BOMBE
aljon cortez (2 years ago)
+nikolay vasilev i was speaking the LAHL idiom dude... an idiom u dont know
if im correct you are Russian right?
i am very rich :D
Ket 2005 (2 years ago)
Luke P (2 years ago)
Great vid Rodol. I think the pigman is extremely handsome. ;)
Rodol Phito (2 years ago)
+Luke P I'll let him know *)
Gama (2 years ago)
excelente mod uso sempre desde quando lançou pra 1.5.2 abraços do brasil
Rodol Phito (2 years ago)
+Geleia TV obrigado! ^^
Tou mauch naukkkkkkssss it hurrs my eyes
Nikolay Vasilev (2 years ago)
+TheMinecraftCreeperGamerYT You cant even speak english.
AlexZip (2 years ago)
i really like this mod!I got an idea for a new weapon:"Lava Rifle(shogun)"!Its proectile is a lava sphere that is doing splash damage and set up everything on fire.
Sebastián Rimbaud (2 years ago)
+Alex zipOMEGA203 no
AlexZip (2 years ago)
+Alex zipOMEGA203 also sry for my bad english
Logan Machnowski (2 years ago)
Happy New Year!
Rodol Phito (2 years ago)
+Logan Machnowski Happy New Year Logan! XD
Vad1m (2 years ago)
Ну изволь сделай когда пора будет
Vad1m (2 years ago)
А когда на версию 1.8?
Rodol Phito (2 years ago)
+Вадим Зырянов Я не уверен. Я развиваю собственный целый игры. :)
Zane Goen (2 years ago)
well... i have a use for the teslas, you can collab with the Flans Mod to make the Type 90 Maser Cannon from the Godzilla franchise
Rodol Phito (2 years ago)
+MinecraftGuy Goen2001 A Tesla ADS cannon is planned, but will match the tesla emitter cell design (the T90 looks like a lamp :)
thx for the tsar scene ;)
NinjaVI (2 years ago)
I can't tell if I was in this, I must have forgot somethin
NinjaVI (2 years ago)
hey I'm in the next part :D
Hurley (2 years ago)
best mod on minecraft
Alex (2 years ago)
Rodol, when you look at the comments of your videos you realize ow big the RR community is. ;D
Alex (2 years ago)
+General Boomer You can :P
General Boomer (2 years ago)
+Rodol Phito There needs to be a RR adventure map Who's making it? :P And if you need more people, I'm happy to join
Rodol Phito (2 years ago)
+Alex Bugs Yeah, not only big, it is made of really smart and cool people. Thanks, Happy New Year Alex!!
Rodol how do you do your Radio sound effects?
Rodol Phito (2 years ago)
+DexterSanchezProductions I use the sound effects from Final Cut. And I play with the EQ values.
LPkukin (2 years ago)
Good job, Rodol! I am looking forward to the next recording ^^ Do you the date already?
Rodol Phito (2 years ago)
+LPkukin I'll let you know. Thanks for your help! Great acting.
CMB (2 years ago)
0:17 Nuclear MIRV in a nutshell.
CMB omg combine soldier!
kartals gaming (1 year ago)
CMB yes
CMB omg its you!? the combine
CMB (2 years ago)
+Rodol Phito :]
Rodol Phito (2 years ago)
+Michael Schmid Happy Nuke Year Michael! ^^
EXCALIBUR TEAM (2 years ago)
Rodol, u have translate mistake in end of the video) funny mistake. We can't say "ожидайте новых видео бот"))))
Rodol Phito (2 years ago)
EXCALIBUR TEAM (2 years ago)
+Rodol Phito like this :" больше видео с роботами"
Rodol Phito (2 years ago)
+EXCALIBUR TEAM Oh, thanks! :) I wanted to write "More robot videos". How can I fix it for the next time?
Adam little (2 years ago)
how did you get the tesla to become invisable
Christian Chechi (2 years ago)
+Rodol Phito Ehy Rodol, maybe you can add a new mob: the soldier. One tipe per gun. This mob only attacks an enemy (mob/player of another team). Your mod is Amazing.
Adam little (2 years ago)
thank you
Rodol Phito (2 years ago)
+Adam little Enchant the Tesla =^.^=
Rodol Phito (2 years ago)
Guys tell me if I forgot anyone on the credits list. Thank you all! :)
veverly roque (1 year ago)
Devon Linden bg
TheJohka (1 year ago)
Rodol Phito how did you placed all the nukes in the beginn
Devon Linden (2 years ago)
+Rodol Phito thanks dude!
Rodol Phito (2 years ago)
Enchant the Tesla
Devon Linden (2 years ago)
how do you get the electric arm?
William_BroBrine (2 years ago)
awesome I like where this is going
Crazykiddgamer (2 years ago)

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