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Nightmare Baldi Exists!!

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Text Comments (10059)
crystal Cg (10 minutes ago)
Hi Dantdm
Andrew Xx (44 minutes ago)
We should use the safety scissors to *snip* playtimes hair
Cat Lover (1 hour ago)
Playtime is annoying nightmare version or not
Swat Gaming (1 hour ago)
I hate your videos
Jesus Hernandez (1 hour ago)
I HATE you😠😡😈👿
Not fun
mikheili popiashvili (2 hours ago)
28:52 Rlly dan? You said FARTS AND CRAFTS!!!!!!!!!!!
Jake (20 hours ago)
I am watching this at night and I’m a 9 year old pls help!!!
Paul Ehm (21 hours ago)
Nightmare Baldi is kinda scary after 300 seconds
Patricia Perkins (23 hours ago)
Skeeby Zeeby (23 hours ago)
It aint scary ta me lol
Leighton Simi (1 day ago)
Brandon Snediker (1 day ago)
I love you turkey Boy 55!!!!
Brandon Snediker (1 day ago)
Beverly Thompson (1 day ago)
Nightmare baldi is creepy ain,t he
Osei Rolston (1 day ago)
Dan you are a daring person know that?
Varnix 183 (1 day ago)
Nightmare baldi reminds me of nightmare chica
maryam maqudas (1 day ago)
can you didn't got the secret cause you have to finish both gamemodes twice to get four star
Frankie and Fiori (1 day ago)
How much times do you beat this game cuz you're a good player
LividHadock1 (1 day ago)
He is really scary😨😨
Dan: 100 seconds and I almost pooped myself Me: XD
Dax Larson (1 day ago)
Summer Gamer (1 day ago)
27:02 about filename2
norhaida mohdrashid (1 day ago)
Where the sock?
Cloudy Cxndy (1 day ago)
Logan Findlay (1 day ago)
I love Dantdm
Mitra Barin (1 day ago)
Dan Raged at 18:15
Finally Fallout (1 day ago)
This sucks
Noah Packer (2 days ago)
Did you know you have a book
ANDY CLOWN (2 days ago)
Marcello hates u
Aiden Stromberg (2 days ago)
Tadeo Mendoza (2 days ago)
Mom Get the camera (2 days ago)
Duh,not being mean
Dimond Gamer31 (2 days ago)
this is all the FNAFS
ksuperb81 (2 days ago)
Jdhehehehdhddd heeded was the night you want to be the one in the United I was a man was a dream last week and then it was o the best game y i yeah I have a Twitter right off to a umy chest and I’m a little sore today I have some good sleep I’ll be good for you tomorrow’s a and will was my birthday today
Melony Henze (2 days ago)
What😱😱😱😱😱😱😵😵😵😵😵😵😵😨I died
Melony Henze (2 days ago)
My Birthday I On Thursday
Warin Sangworachat (2 days ago)
Warin Sangworachat (2 days ago)
Its my birthday!!!
Plane game (2 days ago)
I love sweep
Pastel Colors (2 days ago)
Dan play some more baldi games
I Alsaati (2 days ago)
Baldi and play time abd principal are the most freakyset they are scray,
Amanda Daron (2 days ago)
bobby jeffy pupper
Brenda Soto (2 days ago)
Mykaela Niemand (2 days ago)
That's great Turkey boy 55
Mykaela Niemand (2 days ago)
U are scary so as Boldi
Mykaela Niemand (2 days ago)
Who that's great
Sysy W (2 days ago)
Were have you been turky boy55
Georgio Douaihy (2 days ago)
its not scary at all
Alpha Wolf (2 days ago)
"100 seconds to go That's one minuet" facepalms
Mashood Khan (2 days ago)
tnt 498 (2 days ago)
it should be called baldis nightmares
steve the smart (2 days ago)
its some kind of five night at freddy game who is agree?
Shelbie Perkins (2 days ago)
You had to flicker the flashlight to get rid or arts and crafters
Super Bash Games (2 days ago)
Turkey boy your BACK😃😃😃😃😃😗😗😃😃😃😃😗😗😃LOVE YOU MAN
Trung Luu (2 days ago)
This gives me five nights at freddys vibes
Sara Short (2 days ago)
Lol i 💗you😄😄😄
Dandre Witengier (2 days ago)
Who is scariest Baldl or bendy
Naluboy808sx Loading (2 days ago)
Creator: Let's make fun of Baldi's Basics and Fnaf at the same exact time!!! Me: How are you supposed to make fun of Fnaf, it's a pretty cool game!!! I can see how you can make fun of Baldi's Basics though °-° I never thought ahead again... Creator: stop talking smart Naluboy!!! Me: I just said I didn't plan ahead!!!!!!!!! And that's what happens when you don't think ahead... Boo!!!
Lelin Chao (2 days ago)
I missed Holoween because of an overnight field trip...
Isabelle Lilly (2 days ago)
Dan when are u going to stream and happy birthday!!
Ryry Brown (2 days ago)
You should play the 1.5 version of Baldi’s Basic’s In Nightmares
Gonway Raymond (2 days ago)
Zachary Gleason (2 days ago)
Who remembers turkey boy from hello neighbor shout out to him lol
Tracy Chernak (3 days ago)
Where’s the old you
Matt Somerville (3 days ago)
Turkey boy u back
hi all (3 days ago)
Oh god that thumbnail
oof meem Oof (3 days ago)
This really prepares you for Halloween
oof meem Oof (3 days ago)
We all love your vids
Charles Sharp (3 days ago)
Hahaha it isn't scary it is just funny to watch his reaction 😂
Charles Sharp (3 days ago)
Emma and stuff2 (3 days ago)
That’s creepy
I'm wearing headphones too...
Antonio Bautista (3 days ago)
I liked every one of your vids
Galya Khamidova (3 days ago)
Well happy birthday
Antonio Bautista (3 days ago)
Hi dan
Lil Ninja (3 days ago)
Luckily farts and crafts didn’t come up yet Me: OmG LOL
Te Watea Olsen (3 days ago)
Are sure nightmare baldi exists?
Jessica Jeffy (3 days ago)
This is a scary vid… Dan: HEY GUYSSSSSS!!!!!!!!
Desmond Sibble (3 days ago)
Play roblox flood escape 2 its so fun I’m not lieing
Jane Skivington (3 days ago)
Whos looking at comments to avoid jumpscares and creepyness..
Monica Borges (3 days ago)
I'm watching this close to tanks giving so ummm yeah bad time eh ......I'm goin to watch total dramma,theodd1sout ,or somethingelseyt after I'm done with this ep also anyone know total dramma
Roy Pope (3 days ago)
I have to agree Dan I also almost peeded my pants.😔😔I'm also terrified😰😱😳
Haseeb Ahmed (3 days ago)
ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i don wanna watch this
Moon Star (3 days ago)
Who else jumped when sweep came on screen?
Sarah Koso (3 days ago)
Dan is a beast he finished the game
Jillian Blair (3 days ago)
hey dan can you make a link to that soundtrack that joint was lit
Alexis Munroe (3 days ago)
Dan!Your going to be hacked!Gamemaster is trying to hack EVERY YouTuber on 🌏!
Tyler Ross (3 days ago)
HEY DAN! I've been watching your vids for a long time but...IS YOUR BROTHER BIJUU MIKE!Reply if true or false
YouTube Channel (3 days ago)
LittlesackboyYT (3 days ago)
Markiplier: IM THE KING OF FREEDY GAMES dantdm: *beats nightmare baldi* Markiplier: THATS EASY * dies 10 times* Dantdm I DIED 4 TIMES mark:heres the crown
LittlesackboyYT (3 days ago)
Ross Freak (3 days ago)
jeez ...ima (not) get nightmares
Desirae Flett (3 days ago)
DanTDM are you sraey
Dino Gaming (3 days ago)
I haven’t even watched this video but will probably be great!
Colin P. (3 days ago)
Dan play more gta 5 Please do it
Just Olivia (3 days ago)
*DAN LOVE MY COMMENT PLS* *im begging you* *pls*
boi boi (3 days ago)
Welcome to baldis basics in fast reactions, loud screams and scary monsters!
Meriam & Mazen's TV (3 days ago)
Nightmare Baldi: щёlCоиё то иу ₴Cнооlноц₴ё! DanTDM: SHUSH I don’t wanna visit your schoolhouse it sucks! Me: OH MAH GOH DANTDM WHY YOU SAY THAT? YOUR MEAN TO BALDI HE JUST WANTS YOU TO VISIT HIS SCHOOLHOUSE!!!!!!!
Talkycatosaur Lol (3 days ago)
All the characters look so messed up

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