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HbM's Nuker Mod Nuclear Tech Showcase

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Fallout Fat Man in Minecraft Mini nuke Launcher. Tactical Ballistic Missile Atom Warhead Rocket bomb + Rival Rebels. ► Previous Video: https://youtu.be/N0S9HvXSZrI ► Previous tutorial: https://youtu.be/miLtkff17_Y HbM Nuclear Tech Mod aka Nuker's mod: https://github.com/HbmMods/Hbm-s-Nuclear-Tech-GIT/releases HbM's Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UClUXtFBUGRDMZSrLxOAjmOg Rival Rebels mod for Minecraft http://rivalrebels.com/ (Rodol Phito's mod official) \\ Subscribe to RR to stay informed // For Help, tutorials, wiki, and mod discussion: http://rivalrebels.com/RRgame/forum/ For Rival Rebels Servers IP go: http://rivalrebels.blogspot.com/p/gameplay.html For Rival Rebels Game project : http://rivalrebels.com/ Music Intro by Votrox Minecraft is a game made by Mojang and is available here: http://minecraft.net/ To get Forge got to http://files.minecraftforge.net/ Rival Rebels Mod additions to the game: Rhodes 3 Robot, Force Fields, Ein-Sten Laser, Plasma, Tesla, Rocket, Rod Disk, LTD-RR Laser, B-2 Spirit Stealth, Shovel, Omega, Sigma, Smart Camo, Steel Block, Quick Sand, Force Field, Laptop, Reactor, Loader, Team Objectives, Team Classes, Rebel and Intel. For Minecraft 1.7.10, 1.6.4, 1.6.2, 1.5.2, 1.5.1, 1.4.7 & 1.4.6. Minecraft Nuclear Adventures featuring Rodol Phito (me, the mod creator), Roda (my sister) and the RR crew (my friends) fighting all types of mobs and having fun. Please give me feedback and ideas so we keep making more episodes! ~Rodol
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Text Comments (122)
Wheatley CorePG3D (22 days ago)
I think Rodol phito Tsar bomb look better
Elvis Tek (1 month ago)
MEN! do you now how to protect yourself from nukes im scared my friends nuke my house !!!
fakhrul islam (1 month ago)
HBM Nukes + Rival Rebels = Minecraft Nuke Program
doge fofinhu (1 month ago)
North korea mod
Mauritz strand (2 months ago)
Mauritz strand (2 months ago)
HbmMods (2 months ago)
Try this link instead: https://github.com/HbmMods/Hbm-s-Nuclear-Tech-GIT/releases this one always has the newest version, some of the files there aren't even avalible on the regular download page yet.
f simmons (2 months ago)
i like rival rebels
BuffJokester2448 (3 months ago)
Tsar Bomba and Anti-Matter Bomb is Best Nuke in the world.
Elias Pedersen (5 months ago)
rr is best
Drift (5 months ago)
Alex Ramos (5 months ago)
Nuclear diarrhea 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Tractors! (5 months ago)
Hbm mod is better than rival rebels
Military Bricks (5 months ago)
Is it possible to turn off the fall of meteorites from this mod?
Polandia '-' (6 months ago)
666 links 0_0
Pedrinhos Games (6 months ago)
ILoveStorms :D (7 months ago)
Also, how ironic that FATBOY was made by AMERICA... .-.
ILoveStorms :D (7 months ago)
Nuclear *B O I*
Nivada Stars (8 months ago)
I'm afraid to say Ladies and Gentlemen but once ICBM V2 get's an officially stable release this mod is going to get completley overshadowed.
Pupper God Of Chaos (2 months ago)
Nivada Stars honestly as much as I love ICBM it's really dated like HBM is the new ICBM for all intents and purposes Not saying that ICBM is bad though was really good for it's time
CMB (8 months ago)
well then you probably haven't seen the newest NTM beta with the reworked missiles, radar and the new textures
EDWARD CABRAL (9 months ago)
You know about the new rival Rebels game you should put it on the mold on mobile games or whatever that's called
HyperdoriteRex (9 months ago)
tsar bomba vs Godzilla..
DAMN LEMON! (9 months ago)
The tsar bombs explosion was so big it circle the earth 3 times
Rudstarvids 226 (10 months ago)
I’ve been wondering how to use the zomg. Cannon
Johncrazy YT (1 year ago)
Sanja Križanec (1 year ago)
what cell or power goes in nuclear rocket?
Dandy Feishal (1 year ago)
Omg I'mma download BOTH of the MODS! Rival Rebels & Hbm's Nuclear tech mod
Anastasiya Orhan (27 days ago)
+Fang yep,they have different styles
Fang (7 months ago)
lucky you when i try to use them both they dont seem to want to "play" well with one another
Kawior Mapper (1 year ago)
Dandy Feishal i have both :)
Rodol Phito (1 year ago)
Khai Odie (1 year ago)
fleija as in code geass?
More nukes... Perfect...Just perfect...
Pigio (1 year ago)
billy bob (1 year ago)
is the hq in the rr map
billy bob (1 year ago)
can u reply coordinates
Rodol Phito (1 year ago)
Yes :)
billy bob (1 year ago)
ahhh how to verify zomg pls pls help me
Yakna (1 year ago)
Depends on the version. I used (TOP SECRET) and it worked. Tip: its not on the creative inventory. Think a bit PIGGY. See ya'!
Fredradk DK (1 year ago)
How do i use the missles
chayut triam (1 year ago)
JakePostonJake1 (1 year ago)
Hey how did yall get the T 45 armor yellow ?
JakePostonJake1 (1 year ago)
Rodol Phito Ok I will.
Rodol Phito (1 year ago)
Well, you should ask HbM to do it. Tell him you have my vote.
JakePostonJake1 (1 year ago)
Rodol Phito It does but I wish u dye it ingame.
Rodol Phito (1 year ago)
I photoshopped the thumbnail (yellow looks better, doesn't it?)
Nivada Stars (1 year ago)
ICBM isn't dead don't pretend it is.
Nivada Stars (1 year ago)
It's in good hands.
D4WN COBRA (1 year ago)
Nivada Star Yes it is.
Randy Cunningham (1 year ago)
Where did you download that map
Michelle Williams (1 year ago)
Randy Cunningham find don't
YİĞİT YOKUŞ (1 year ago)
Randy Cunningham L
Rodol Phito (1 year ago)
Download The Illuminati Series Map here: https://rivalrebels.com/RRgame/forum/t/download-rr-video-city-map/
dragomira naneva (1 year ago)
Can you make HBM's Nuclear tech mod for Minecraft 1.11
Dub (1 year ago)
HbM actually commented on one of my vids XD
wait how he do have that nuclear logo cape? is that included if u install the mod? or else?
Dub (5 months ago)
It's the mod.
is there any radiation suit??
Microsoft PowerPoint l (2 years ago)
map download?
Rodol Phito (2 years ago)
it's in the description of this vid https://youtu.be/HaiDygVExL4
Rodolphito,why didnt you tell him to make his mod have compability with Rival Rebels? such as with some things from his mod and your mod you can craft nukes and etc. it would be MASSIVE.
UVL 705 (2 years ago)
This mod is so amazing as well as your Rival Rebels Mod! Keep up the good work! Also I subscribed.
Chris Gaming (2 years ago)
The Kays (2 years ago)
-_- Somebody must Subscribe rodol Much much more.
Destruc The Box (2 years ago)
rodel. about the space sips that you are going to add. can be piloted?
is that fron fallout 4 ? Gun ia calling Fatman
Mr.GrimReaper (2 years ago)
no problem bro
Joseph Tucker (2 years ago)
Fallout 4 Fat Man!
Mr.GrimReaper (2 years ago)
due you make amazing videos also the rival rebels mod is my favorite
Rodol Phito (2 years ago)
Doreen W. (2 years ago)
Doreen W. (2 years ago)
lidel gei
unga bunga (2 years ago)
Why that voice changer..?
Noah Checkman (2 years ago)
Rodol, why didn't you eat the stew or the cake at any point in this video? I never get to see someone eat the nuclear food.
Noah Checkman (2 years ago)
"You made me glowing stew? I hate glowing stew!" "Don't eat it Rodol, it'll give you nuclear diarrhea!" Way to stop him toyguy.
CMB (2 years ago)
That's no cake, it's a waffle of mass destruction.
Trapper Kidd (2 years ago)
Rodol, how did you get the Yellow exo suit? i thought it was only in gray.
Trapper Kidd (2 years ago)
Thanks rodol! Ive taken up the color yellow so i was hoping there was a why to dye exso suits.
Rodol Phito (2 years ago)
photoshopped the thumbnail to make it stand out. (but HbM should make it yellow)
Loren Meehan (2 years ago)
2 of my favorite exposives mod creators together
Luke P (2 years ago)
You know that HBM is a rr admin and rodol helped HbM with starting out moding
Cannon Mackle (2 years ago)
Misc. Titancon (2 years ago)
Experimental MIRV time??? I'll wait.
William_BroBrine (2 years ago)
hbm nice work on the mini nuke
corgidog (2 years ago)
wait I thought you made the tsar bomb?
Zod 99 (2 years ago)
+Rodol Phito ok sorry rodol for all this😉
Dub (2 years ago)
I remember when i saw Rodol Phito in an RR server, my name tag used to be CraftZane6233, Did you remember that Phito?
Rodol Phito (2 years ago)
Yes, but that is HbM's version of the Tsar bomba
Nolan Windholtz (2 years ago)
Can you aim the missile with cords? Anyways, Good Job HB
Nolan Windholtz (2 years ago)
+Luke P Niccceee
Luke P (2 years ago)
Corgilover (2 years ago)
could you please stop the "tags" in the titles and description? they dont really tell what is happening in the vid
corgidog (2 years ago)
yes they do ._.
Destructus (2 years ago)
cool, HB made a mod?
Destructus (2 years ago)
I saw it, just didn't know where the extra bombs came from
Rodol Phito (2 years ago)
Yep, didn't you watch the first Illuminati episode? https://youtu.be/5cFkLxePmTo
OnlyMorris123 (2 years ago)
im still waiting for rival Rebels 1.8
/StickGaming\ (2 years ago)
They look awesome
I want both these mods in 1.10 and in realms. :D
+Batman Mojang promises it.
Batman (2 years ago)
Can you even use mods in realms?
L.T. Music (2 years ago)
I got this mod in my ModPack
Y30 Ei0N (2 years ago)
you included fat man fallout 4 i respect you
Zod 99 (2 years ago)
only RR on this channel
Zod 99 (2 years ago)
+Rodol Phito Sorry for my bad english but,I'm italian😅
Zod 99 (2 years ago)
+Rodol Phito I know u alreasy used hbM mod in the illuminati series
Пшел Ты (2 years ago)
РПГ/RPG - Ручной(Hand) противотанковый(antitank) Гранатомёт(grenade/rocket launcher)
Volt Prime (2 years ago)
Nuclear diarrhea XD
Christian Chechi (2 years ago)
Miro _ (2 years ago)
make more weapons
Christian Chechi (2 years ago)
The mod is really cool, but the mushroom cloud is a bit buggy. Awesome.
Micha Grill (2 years ago)
+HbmMods Hi 👋😀 Ja, Ich bin auch hier :P
Christian Chechi (2 years ago)
+HbmMods LoL
HbmMods (2 years ago)
+Christian Chechi ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
Christian Chechi (2 years ago)
+HbmMods Subbed
Christian Chechi (2 years ago)
+HbmMods Btw, You create a great mod ! :)
gameridiotNOT (2 years ago)
Kewl... kewl... kew- *passes out of exhaustion*

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