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How to fix Counter Strike Source graphics problem

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Tutorial on how to fix graphics glitch on Counter Strike Source. When I first got this game I had big graphics problems. Then I done the steps in my video and I completely fixed it. WINDOWS 7 USERS: Control Panel then Appearance and Personalisation then Display then Screen Resolution then Advanced Settings then Properties then Driver then last thing is Update Driver. Please comment and rate.
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Timetonut (8 days ago)
Why is your semen have a blue tint to it? Or is that from my driver not being updated also?
MARC DON (1 year ago)
Useless, resolution is so poor And this isn't a "fix counter strike graphics" solution. This is a "fix ANY graphics problem" solution.
Alex Fackler (2 years ago)
Didnt work still flashes and colors
Emanuel Kovac (2 years ago)
Does this works on Windows 7
Shawn Wang (3 years ago)
Victoria Turcanu (3 years ago)
it doesn't work :(( I think it's another problem
scumfvk (3 years ago)
I have the same problem but its all calurful and it flasahes somethimes 
Sammy Loco (4 years ago)
Thx dude it's really work
Blan_K (1 year ago)
Sammy Loco i have got some issues with source while playing on intel integrated graphics cuz it seems foggy and distant objects are hard to see...for example the t spawn is too damn hard to see through the mid door in dust2. but i have'nt seen this issue in radeon graphics. need help ASAP
Anonymous Hcker (2 years ago)
can you reply me please.I cant watch the video its so blard sorry if my spelling is wrong i' m a filipino please reply me.
shin ferolin (4 years ago)
does this works on window 8
LowEndPCGamer100 (4 years ago)
I put my video settings on high, and now the game window just flashes on then off and dosent stay open, I tried forcing 600x800 resolution but it didn't work, btw im on windows 8 please help
Tijs Strymes (4 years ago)
Followed the instructions but it said i allready had the best programs he could find, so the problem persists.. any suggestions on what to try now?
thien le (5 years ago)
What window do you use?
* 123slasher * (5 years ago)
i hate you intel chipset
Kęppo (5 years ago)
do you help me ?? i start CS and cs down
BlastoffTutorials (5 years ago)
is this for like pink checkerboard maps??
Blan_K (1 year ago)
BlastoffTutorials i dont think it'll fix tht..
NoTalker Pranks (5 years ago)
Im here for help add fallen123775
NoTalker Pranks (5 years ago)
i can help you add fallen123775
NoTalker Pranks (5 years ago)
Add me i will fix it for you!:: fallen123775 Sabataon <3
Thebeanster99 (5 years ago)
dude! It didn't work. Do you know any other ways??? :(
Ebenezer Mensah (6 years ago)
HAHAHAHA !!!!!!!!!
StudMuffin (6 years ago)
thank you so much, i dont know what i would do with out you
revoartz (6 years ago)
Thanx man Good Job, this helped a lot ;))))
Nikolai Stefanov (7 years ago)
i have a problem i paly cs and it disconekts only me not my friends and i says to me disconectet reason time out WHY HELP PLEASE ?????????
kogiak1 (7 years ago)
funny noob haha
omg u the shit cus this shit worked soooo thnax man :)
No pe (7 years ago)
my problem is that i go on create server and then when it is almost completly loaded it says counter strike source: hl2.exe application error any 1 helpme i rely like this game and wanna play i just installed it and i have a windows xp and thr is 4cd 1 counter strike 2 halfi life 3 day of deafet 4 alien swarm and i hav gamebooster 2 help me and i hav steam
Mak Parkour (7 years ago)
i've got problem on the css with my numbers down it' very bigger please help me .
Internets SWAT (7 years ago)
i got a odd bug on gmod and css where some of the weapons/health and surt chargers have white lines all through them. in css its almost all of them. plz help.
xᴇʟᴍ (7 years ago)
it didnt work.. What do i do?
limegreeen1 (7 years ago)
my games all fucked up... all i can see are lines, and blurs, no lag whatsoever though, it didnt start doing this till recently.
Timmy P (7 years ago)
i have windows 7 it didnt work
DjBumbelebee (7 years ago)
can somone help me.. I have 2.80 speed,256 graphic card,504 ram and installed the Service pack 3 and css still lags me and on low graphic lag like shiit..Pls pls pls pls psl help
ratiMCflati (7 years ago)
hey i have one problem i have xp and I dont know where that is with control panel , dsplay, advanced etc pls help
Marin Gužvić (8 years ago)
plsssss man i install the windows xp i download the drivers for my graphich and try to install but screen go black!....do you know how to fix it?
BIGAIRLIKE23 (8 years ago)
I have a 1680x1050 resolution display but when I play Counterstrike Source it downgrades me to 1020x720. It gives me other resolution options that my display cant run. When I used to run Vista, I had 1680x1050 running great but after installing Windows 7 I have this problem. I already updated my drivers but nothing. Any help please?
alexstore1 (8 years ago)
Skyler Burnett (8 years ago)
@henitex I know, but this will not work for everyone.
Skyler Burnett (8 years ago)
@henitex That meas you have the latest driver. this isn't a fix, this just so happend to work for this guy because he hadn't updated his drivers lately.
Chloe Cuff (8 years ago)
thanks for the waste of time, it didnt help.
Nijul Rivas-Hefner (8 years ago)
haha whats the link to that wallpaper my friends would laugh
Richard Palmer (8 years ago)
when I try and play counter strike on my new HP Presario with Windows 7, the picture is almost square (4:3) on a wide screen. I cannot get the picture to fill the screen with any resolution.
Jérôme Lemieux (8 years ago)
I have a Other Problem when i play server i play 5 min and they say clien timed out how i can fixed it
Achos (9 years ago)
help dude please! i got vista like u but i cant find display help me! please
CCIM (9 years ago)

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