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How to Upload a Custom Minecraft World

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This tutorial will show you how to upload a custom Minecraft World to your SMpicnic server. This allows you to use any map compatible with the version of Minecraft that you are running. Get a super fast Minecraft server instantly delivered to you here: https://serverminer.com If you have any questions submit a ticket: https://serverminer.com/support
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Text Comments (10)
Bastian Carlsson (9 months ago)
how do i connect to the map itself if i have multiple worlds
Legocon04 (1 year ago)
it wont let me connect to my server
Hugo Larsson (1 year ago)
Lol finnaly it worked
Oreoo_ X_Gaming (1 year ago)
don't work
Giorgi Giorgi (1 year ago)
friend, i want to make free server and it says that i am at position 10 and i must wait 9 hours... may i close that window and go to sleep? :D and will it be created if i join in this website tommorow? I am creating and using serverminer hosting first and please help me friend.
Pepsus Personal (2 years ago)
Hey, i'm using a custom jar and it works and the plugins too, when joining it has to load some maps and it doesn't
Vade eSports (2 years ago)
is there any other way to do that without FileZilla program??
Vade eSports (2 years ago)
any unzip options on the upload system? because my file is a .zip file like most of the minecraft custom world maps
ServerMiner (2 years ago)
Yes, at your SMpicnic file manager, just simply click upload and upload your map through that.
CPT PLAYZ (2 years ago)

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