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Ghost Recon Phantoms - Future Sniper

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################################################################### Ghost Recon Phantoms - Future Sniper by Martole The story continues. Here is my second GRP montage with #hacking,#scanning,#searching & #eliminating! Thanks the many supports for my first video & hoping youre enjoying this new one as well! See ya in-game! You also can find this vid on steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=330208817 Part 1: Ghost Recon Phantoms - Silence is Golden by Martole https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LvWW0dB_mVQ Part 3: Ghost Recon Phantoms - Infected Enemies https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uhHdG1b3G4k Part 4: Ghost Recon Phantoms - Mission is Possible https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=czoYQkwgiLY soundtracks: 0:24 Brian Reitzell-Ghost of the Past Watch Dogs (Original Soundtrack) 1:49 Hybrid-Air Ride (Original Ghost Recon Future Soldier Soundtrack) 4:50 Hybrid-Noble Tempest (Original Ghost Recon Future Soldier Soundtrack) 5:40 Brian Reitzell-DedSec (Original Watch Dogs Soundtrack) Free to play! offical website: www.ghostreconphantoms.com on steam (EU): http://store.steampowered.com/agecheck/app/272350/ Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Phantoms by UBISOFT® ###################################################################
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Text Comments (220)
Leona Hacke (6 months ago)
Goooood laik👍👍👍🎄🎊🎉👸🎆
leonard lawrence (10 months ago)
Thevivek Sharma (1 year ago)
mortole now which game you are playing?
Thevivek Sharma (1 year ago)
Martole dude thanks for the reply, but i would suggest you to play battlefield 4.
Martole (1 year ago)
Thevivek Sharma atm sometimes Im in heroes and generals but thats all. There is no similar game :/
Machoulst morgan (1 year ago)
kto oglądał w 2017?
Tanvir Nafis (1 year ago)
but i really miss this game
Tanvir Nafis (1 year ago)
bro u talked about 2040 but now in 2016 it is over lol 😂😂
Muhammad Farel (1 year ago)
yep just hit dat subs button
adib iqmal (2 years ago)
wow ..i wish you teach me one day .. :D
Fan Youtuberów (2 years ago)
You re fantastic sniper cortulasions
Yusuf D.Kutni Zahri (2 years ago)
I hope you are not using Aimbot there hahaha...
Martole (1 year ago)
hah no way,im here since closed beta and still playing utnil dec 1
Bryan Rosal (2 years ago)
Endoplazmik Retikulum (2 years ago)
You are very good. which one is the scope you use and will it work good with sentinel ac sniper rifle
Martole (2 years ago)
+SALİH BEDİRHANBEYOĞLU hay,first of all,thx so much! so scope is usually 9x,faster to get the target closely
AtomicWaffle (2 years ago)
Dominic Foltin (2 years ago)
is that the M-200?
Martole (1 year ago)
sry for late ,m200,nemesis sd,srs
Dominic Foltin (2 years ago)
+Martole ty :-)
Martole (2 years ago)
+Lelouch Zero it was m200 sd!
Dominic Foltin (2 years ago)
damm that was Sick!
HalfHexed (2 years ago)
Man, this is awesome! I added you on Steam. You're super talented and one of the best players I've ever seen!
Martole (2 years ago)
read about AC members: Criteria: -clean record (no bans,infractions) You can find some trick shots by me.
Leona Hacke (2 years ago)
+Martole АС member: How does this affect aimbot? ) And that means: a member of the AU? Teach me to play so well?
Martole (2 years ago)
aimbot? I dont use any & I'm AC member.
Leona Hacke (2 years ago)
+Martole so is impossible to play it, Aimbot ? )
HalfHexed (2 years ago)
I'm not on a high rank anyhow! But still, it's nice to know. See ya!
Nuno Barros (2 years ago)
Martole...you again! Another nice video but i gotta disaproof the lack of banana casks, bloopers and fails at the end. hehehehehehehe. Neves the less....you are an awesome player. gratz and greetings from Brasil.
Martole (2 years ago)
+Sidney Barros Olá! Thanky that feedback! I've seperate my vids so story,funny,tricks,style movies. I want to keep working on my storyline to make more interesting vids. ^^
tohronto (2 years ago)
dammmmm does snipes
Louis Antos (3 years ago)
how do you get your shots so smooth?!?!?!
Louis Antos (2 years ago)
That probably helps.
Martole (2 years ago)
+KC Paintball well,I spend/spent so much time in the firing range and trying to figure out some new way of shooting for example
PlayCartoon Club (3 years ago)
omg this man is AMAZINGGGGGG !!!!
Martole (2 years ago)
+PlayCartoon Club Grazie! : )
Justin Luong (3 years ago)
shout out to fellow low-spec PC gamers XD
The Doctor (3 years ago)
and also which sniper is this
The Doctor (3 years ago)
what misson u r playing???? turning off the light???? how???? pls tell me deeply about this game...
Martole (3 years ago)
I havent tried Far cry,I dont like the fps games so Im just playing with GRP,every effects/abilities what you see in my vids created by myself with after effects & added some sounds to them,my ingame story contiues soon with my new vid.
The Doctor (3 years ago)
i m also playing ghost recon phantom....... but i dont have the ability to turn of the light.... i never seen my team mates doing that also (turning off the light) how u do that? and that weapon is in ghost recon phantom EU?? ANS ALL PLEASE. AND U R A VERY GOOD SNIPER...... have u ever play far cry 2??? online??? ans all please......
Martole (3 years ago)
+The Doctor that mission is in europe where we fight for peace and trying to liquidate the black market,lights off->ability of the future sniper "soldier" (one of the many) ..weapons:ksvk-srs-h
seal77 (3 years ago)
top work congratulation
Leandro Oliveira (3 years ago)
meteorblack (3 years ago)
men..you is me herooooooo hahahaha
Mohamed Amine B. (3 years ago)
Were u using MSR in some of the scenes? and what r the other weapons? :D great vid BTW (y)
Mohamed Amine B. (3 years ago)
Martole (3 years ago)
+Mohamed Amine B. nope I havent used any MSR,they"re Srs and Ksvk mainly :) btw thanky for supporting ^^
Feras Alhendy (3 years ago)
Hello man can u make  tutorial videos about sniping  u know like tips,tricks,and spread and stuff cuz alotta people dont know about these stuff and i think it would be a great series to watch for snipers
Feras Alhendy (3 years ago)
oh great will watch and give my feedback thanks mate stay awesome 
Martole (3 years ago)
+Feras Alhendy Hey there! Many people have asked tips so I just made my first one & you can find it here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDSCM6p00wo Send a feedback how was that!
Ankur Raikwar (3 years ago)
perfect aimbot.
Audriana B (3 years ago)
DDODJO (3 years ago)
Gentleman (3 years ago)
this is amazing  
Aldrin Santos (3 years ago)
you use sweetFX?
Martole (3 years ago)
I dont know exactly whats that.
Tildeath Gaming (3 years ago)
You are truly future Sniper in GRP!! =D Good Job!! its me TilDeath05
jonathan rodr (3 years ago)
Good video }:D
SUPRES GRP (3 years ago)
that guy from 5:10 pol003 is cheating i have video with him teleporting (switch lag )!
MeProYouNoob Official (3 years ago)
I Really Enjoyed this Video ! Thumbs UP (y) , But You are Really Lucky ;)
Martole (3 years ago)
+PRN MeProYouNoob Thanky but ye Get lucky +timing :)
Vazul Jumps (3 years ago)
szia a video nagy reszeben srs-h n kivul milyen fegyvert hasznalsz? ( pl. 4:10 -nél :) )
Vazul Jumps (3 years ago)
köszi :)
Martole (3 years ago)
Hali 4:10-nél az egyik kedvencem nemesis sd látható ^^
DiabolicaL DawG (3 years ago)
you got some nice aiming bredah.
Jimmy Acosta (3 years ago)
what gun is the best for you??
anon cker (3 years ago)
+Jimmy Acosta There is nothing I hate more in this game than that wdg srs-h, I fucking hate it so much, the settle time is shit and you can't even switch to grip it has locked bipod, the ksvk jgl is good for a weapon with silencer and bipod so go with it.
Jimmy Acosta (3 years ago)
I mean grip lmao
Jimmy Acosta (3 years ago)
+Martole yeah u have a point monopod for all purpose..
Martole (3 years ago)
nope,I dont like the bipod and the jgl one is pretty good-its settle time etc-
Jimmy Acosta (3 years ago)
+Martole so you would pick srs-h wdg over ksgv jngl...
tee jun fong (3 years ago)
This is pro and luck,or else hacking,wish i could do that that the right way,clumsy sniper.
ZEDING k (3 years ago)
very awesome skills you are very good if you get this skills with a sniper what will happen if you get SMG? :D well done 
this was cool man, awsome stuff.
o0 Ghost 0o (3 years ago)
ernestjohn18 (3 years ago)
Nice sniper montage! Do you think you can beat Kylar? Cause I think you are more faster than him.
Naim MERTERİ (3 years ago)
You are amazing men :-)
Christian Buenaflor (3 years ago)
you're Amazing bro! *double thumbs up*
Renê Garcia (3 years ago)
hacker AIM BOT. move and precision ends. the gun was not even on target !
anon cker (3 years ago)
+grosous You were stating the obvious, I think the 3 classes are balanced (well i'm still not sure about support) but it's how it is, so deal with it, cloak is a powerful technology, I've seen good cloakers sneaking, killing everyone and allowing their team to capture the point. My point is : Cloak is a part of the game, you need to deal with it. If you don't like it then use scan.
MC Warriors (3 years ago)
Smartass? lol don't need to be intelligent to know how classes must be played."recons have no pushing technology" i thought you said this because it was unfair that's why I explain the role of recons. "Recon has 100hp" I didn't understand why ubisoft didn't put the same life for every classes. I didn't know why there is cloack for recons, it don't help teamate and killing gameplay , an other technology can be more usefull than this... In my opinion, cloack is only usefull to back enemy but it's not recon's role. There are other things I want to debate on this game but you seems closed to discussion so i'm gone stop here.
anon cker (3 years ago)
+grosous Exactly what I meant smartass, so don't tell me cloak makes recons are overrated.
MC Warriors (3 years ago)
Normally a recon don't need to push, it's not his role, it's assault's role (that's why he has shotgun, you gone tell me recons have judge lol wtf...),the role of recons is to cover at long distance and help team to know where ennemies are... If recons want to push, they should take assault or support...
anon cker (3 years ago)
+grosous I used to hate cloak too (I'm a recon who always uses scan) but at the end it's a part of the game. Cloaking is difficult, you need to know where and when to cloak or you're fucked and your device needs to recharge and i takes time. I think recon is not overrated and cloak is not OP, I mean the recon has 100 hp, while assault and support hs 140 -- 120 (without any health inserts) So it's like a needle compared to the 2 other classes. Also recons have no pushing technology.
Irekos Games (3 years ago)
You are from NA serwer ?You have the same skills like Kylar.Very good sniper : )
Martole (3 years ago)
Im on EU since closed beta ^^
minibikecbr600 (3 years ago)
im calling hacks  aim bot 
Martole (3 years ago)
haha that was fun :D
anon cker (3 years ago)
"ok kid noob whatever you say kid" : Says the guy with Minecraft profile picture. You're a joke dude, you'll never reach Martole's level.
minibikecbr600 (3 years ago)
ok kid noob what ever you say kid
Martole (3 years ago)
mad? you cant make me mad,especially with meaningless sentences ^^
minibikecbr600 (3 years ago)
ok hacker u mad hacker 
Hydrollix (3 years ago)
does anybodey have any idea how to install and add the grp fankit into the game??
Martole (3 years ago)
thanky! next episode is nearly here : )
Hydrollix (3 years ago)
ok ty,awesome sniping skills doe
Martole (3 years ago)
sadly you cant add anything into this game,its an online game based on ubisoft"s servers
Mex (3 years ago)
Which sniper you use generraly ??
Krishna Raghu (3 years ago)
awesome video!!loved every part!!! martole #genryasai (in-game name)
Zein18 (3 years ago)
wat sinper
Martole (3 years ago)
A sniper is a highly trained marksman who operates alone, in a pair, or with a sniper team to maintain close visual contact with the enemy and engage targets from concealed positions or distances exceeding the detection capabilities of enemy personnel. "Wikipedia"
Zein18 (3 years ago)
What is Sniper
Martole (3 years ago)
+linkganod02 what do you mean exactly?
Darek Bonisławski (3 years ago)
Machoulst morgan (3 years ago)
nice nice
Way shuffler (3 years ago)
Ember én félek tőled:o hogy lehet igy jatszani???????
Vignesh Sahoo (3 years ago)
Before your sniper laser point towards the enemy team, you get the 100% accurate head shot which is quite impeccable. Either you must have played against all noobs or used 200% good hacking skills.   
anon cker (3 years ago)
+OperationJunglefury TV You just download the EU launcher. http://ghost-recon.ubi.com/ghost-recon-phantoms/en-gb/home/ On the top right side of the website you'll see "Server" tab, click on it and change it to Europe then download the launcher.
OperationJunglefury TV (3 years ago)
+anon cker how do u start playing EU
Martole (3 years ago)
+Vignesh Sahoo stop spamming here! its not a forum or something!
anon cker (3 years ago)
+Vignesh Sahoo Very mature reply from your part mister; you said yourself you paid too, so your whole argument collapses on itself, stop being a hypocrite you immature piece of shit.
Vignesh Sahoo (3 years ago)
+Mekdade Khaled if they have families, ask ur mom to feed them with her breast milk. Sons of bitches. GET LOST PAY2WIN NOOBS. 
Pierre F (3 years ago)
T'es sérieux la ?? Soit tu hack soit t'es pas humain ?!?! 😱😄
tabi beng (3 years ago)
Nice aimbot
Apfelessen LP (3 years ago)
Really awesome 
Mustafa Wahab (3 years ago)
The Best Sniping Ever & Waiting For Next Video . I Hope You Will Not Take A Long To Upload Next Video?
Mustafa Wahab (3 years ago)
Oh Wow ! Make Longer Videos Bro Cuz They're Worth Watching !
Martole (3 years ago)
Thanky,yes Im planning to make more shorter vids,already working on the next part!
zulkarnaenAk (3 years ago)
Fast fox911 (3 years ago)
well Ur realy good but i think that U got lucky in a lot of times (no offonse) for me the best sniper in this game still kylar7 +Kylar GRO he is the best in evrything he does with sniper rifles enyway good game buddy U just won the 3rd place in my best snipers in GRP
TaxusQc (3 years ago)
04:21 to 04:30 , watch it in slow.... Cross-hair, laser... nothing is on the target, still kill. wtf
Markus Kuusing (3 years ago)
thats called quickscoping
kamal patel (3 years ago)
+nightgardheal dude its kind a like drag scope. After shooting if u drag it, it will move little bit from your aim is.
TaxusQc (3 years ago)
+Martole I know there's a spread, still seems pretty far for it. And the chances to land on that small corner of the spread are very low too. but ok.
Martole (3 years ago)
Did you even realize instantly shooting after aiming isnt 100% accurate? Just like the" no zoom". Thats is the "spread". Try it in firing range If you didnt.
Mecrendow (3 years ago)
love it!!! :D
uberdude957 (3 years ago)
Awesome video dude. Great editing and effects, and made it alot more interesting by adding a story to it. Some constructive feedback, because I'd love to see another video, I wouldn't have so many body shot kills. While most of them were pretty awesome, some of them didn't require as much skill as your other shots. I would only use the very best kills in future videos, which obviously isn't very hard for you :D
Martole (3 years ago)
yes first thanks! I appreciate both feedbacks,sadly I always liked the "longer" vids with a full music,but ye these need lot of time to done,thats why i put some for "filling" :),following vids gonna be shorter and pick up end of the storyline
stealedmango (3 years ago)
Aaaand this is exactly why I quit Ghost Recon.
Gurudatta Praharaj (3 years ago)
how you sniping so quickly
Gurudatta Praharaj (3 years ago)
nice. but it seems that quick scope is very difficult to apply
Martole (3 years ago)
+Gurudatta Praharaj I"ve trained myself in the firing range,quickscope,etc
aquell19 (3 years ago)
Naprawdę ?? To jest według was zajebisty snajper??? Przecież większość zabijanych przez niego graczy nie ma więcej niż 300 medali za osiągnięcia !!  W.T.F!? To nie jest nic trudnego zabić kogoś kto ma 5 osiągnięć  Mam nadzieje że się spotkamy kiedyś w meczu i wtedy zobaczymy kto jest lepszy. 
Martole (3 years ago)
First of all eng pls,nobody said Im the best one,I just wanted to show some cqc attack with SRs and many people just bought stuffs with low medal...
Daniel Martinez (3 years ago)
Snipers are way too powerful in this game. That is a problem.
Yvamat Gunno (3 years ago)
GOOD!!!  :,D
Rudolf Nečas (3 years ago)
Sniper voice from Command & Conquer: Generals :D
Geej1138 (3 years ago)
+Martole  Awesome! I thought I recognized those audio cues.
Martole (3 years ago)
haha glad to see who knows that epic game as well :)
Nyxeriz (3 years ago)
Amazing, Bowing down to you
alex11stefan (3 years ago)
EU or NA?
Martole (3 years ago)
+alex11stefan EU buddy
A. K. (3 years ago)
lol,looks like like u was playing in beginers rank.
alex11stefan (3 years ago)
2:16 crazy skill there,real nice
Aduś3D (3 years ago)
amazing movie, wonder how long you have to practice to be able to do so. :)
Martole (3 years ago)
Im in fiirng range while :finding match,waiting for buddy,eating,listening music :)
Sanji (3 years ago)
I subbed to you man Amazing sniping skills
caponederIII (3 years ago)
nice hacker
MrScientist90 (3 years ago)
Son of a .... !
SENIZALEM (3 years ago)
Respect! Btw Fuck cloak noobs!
Karptroter (3 years ago)
OmG! Nice skill bro!
Jurak50x (3 years ago)
Amazing video !! :)))
Jin Thokchom (3 years ago)
Dominic. (3 years ago)
watch dogs :D
anon cker (3 years ago)
Fucking epic man, I'm glad you're playing again, looking forward to more videos :D
Carlos Muniz (3 years ago)
Keep up the good work..one word (SAVAGE) by the way what's your gamertag?
Martole (3 years ago)
Its Martole ofc
Carlos Muniz (3 years ago)
I meant in game name
Martole (3 years ago)
thx,I try to make more short vids..,now  I got athena council icon but in the game "veteran players" icon is shown (registered more than 2 years ago) if that what you asked.
Exoviv (3 years ago)
you're like kylar's twin :D
Rakesh Heera (3 years ago)
i agree with you bro :-D
RbL IndepenDentt (3 years ago)
awesome video way better than the first one :)
Master Fowllem (3 years ago)
Joga nuito!!!!
Zaryab 30 (3 years ago)
Awesome video!!! U have put really great effort on this video and as UseScan said super great sniping skills :D I am surprised that u r the only sniper that i have seen who uses scope to kill nearby enemies.  Great job
Mabchour Ayman (3 years ago)
no comment,keep doing better   EU : mabchour
Rakesh Heera (3 years ago)
GREAT work bro can you put me in your next video pls?
Martole (3 years ago)
hehe.. hm interesting idea,who knows whats gonna be the next :)
Wow this is awesome bro very nice work.
TheHayduken1 (3 years ago)
awesome work!  - BR4SIL
Clan MRN-Marine (3 years ago)
amazing work ! great storytelling, great use of Huds Voice and not to mention your sniping skills . That head shot to bltizting assault was great. I can imagine how much hard work you put into in editing of the video :)
anon cker (3 years ago)
+Martole Totally worth it!
Martole (3 years ago)
yes well 2 months :/ but I hope worth it :)

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