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Bukkit Coding - Commands - Episode 11

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*ATTENTION* For any videos older than Jan 8, 2018 the link in the intro will not work. Please use the one below! ♥ http://discord.tscforum.com In this episode we look at using commands and permissions in Spigot 1.11.2! Creating a custom economy plugin in spigot 1.12 _________________________________ Thank you for tuning in to this episode of TheSourceCode! If you enjoyed this video make sure to show your support by liking, commenting your thoughts, and sharing for all your friends to see and learn! If you learned something new, if this video helped you, or if you want to share you work Tweet to #TSCCoding. Become a Patreon TODAY! https://www.patreon.com/TheSourceCode _________________________________ Referral Links: Signup with our Digital Ocean link and get a free $10 to use! https://m.do.co/c/27bb04d37606 Create your own Patreon: https://patreon.com/invite/znzoqq Join us on Discord: https://discord.gg/w24CQMR _________________________________ Github: https://github.com/The-SourceCode Forums: https://tscforum.com Twitter: https://twitter.com/The_Source_Code _________________________________ Intro Music: https://soundcloud.com/digital-math/digital-math-joystick
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Text Comments (43)
Miki (2 months ago)
[IMPORTANT] Do not use *extends CommandExecute* in the newer versions. It will just throw an error.
Jordan BASSET (19 days ago)
*Yes, the example on **https://www.spigotmc.org/wiki/create-a-simple-command/** doesn't extend **_ComnandExecute_*
{TheSourceCode} (1 month ago)
Yes this video is outdated
yeah, it gave me "Implicit super constructor CommandExecute() is undefined for default constructor. Must define an explicit constructor" how do i fix this?
The Slime Buddy (3 months ago)
i'm trying the same thing u showed in the video in 1.13 and it's not working... Implicit super constructor CommandExecute() is undefined for default constructor. Must define an explicit constructor. pls help? (btw the error is on the name of the class, Commands)
The Slime Buddy (2 months ago)
Miki, no I haven’t, but if you do please notify me . I’ll do the same if I’ll find a solution :C
Miki (2 months ago)
I have exactly the same problem. Have you found a solution yet? :C
Mikle Allard (3 months ago)
Something to note: there should be a space in "usage: /<command>". "usage:/<command>" would cause an error. also, if your IDE is telling you that "Commands" has an issue in the class decloration ("public class Commands extends..."), try removing the "extends CommandExecute". Doing these things helped me, I just wanted to share this info encase someone else is having the same issue. :D
Schiller Tanki (1 month ago)
Thanks.. lol
xCabrio (3 months ago)
ya dun fuked up kiddo
Morgan Smith (3 months ago)
Do you still make plugins? If so, I have a Spigot server that is in need of a [few] custom plugin(s). If you don't anymore, that's completely fine. I'll of course pay, but nothing over $100. Thank you!
Labbehanz Cappelen (3 months ago)
Not so smart to use ChatColor in the console. :/
Lucas Smith (4 months ago)
This video could use a bit more explaining
Critical user (8 months ago)
Episode 1 leads to 11 ^^
S0L4RE (10 months ago)
How do you make it so like, For example... I have a plugin named Blocksanity I want to make the command like: /blocksanity <command>
Swag Luke23 (5 months ago)
you would get an arg and see if that arg is a command and then determine which one it is and then do whatever with it
Seth (1 year ago)
Eclipse theme please?
Ricky Chon (9 months ago)
Preference is Obsidian, UI is MoonRise
{TheSourceCode} (1 year ago)
+Sprinting obsidian
joeleoli (1 year ago)
Terrible tutorial with bad practices...
GD Matthew (3 months ago)
Yeah, he does teach some bad coding practices in here.
Normalnobu (4 months ago)
What? This is best tutorial.
billy persistent (6 months ago)
badglass (6 months ago)
Bloody (8 months ago)
To an extent, but his program isn't bad. Everyone has their own way of doing things and if his way works for him and he wants to help people that don't understand other ways but might understand his, let him. If the tutorial doesn't work for you, there is no point in commenting because I see many people in this comments section that have been helped by him. Go find another tutorial that you can understand. There are thousands of them on here. Good luck to you and your pitiful negativity. :)
YuvTheGamer (1 year ago)
Hey I tried everuthing but it gives me an error and [14:26:35 INFO]: [Test] Enabling Test v1.0 [14:26:35 ERROR]: Error occurred while enabling Test v1.0 (Is it up to date?) java.lang.NullPointerException at me.yuvzz.test.Test.onEnable(Test.java:17) ~[?:?] at org.bukkit.plugin.java.JavaPlugin.setEnabled(JavaPlugin.java:271) ~[spigot.jar:git-Spigot-d276ab1-1f6c04c] at org.bukkit.plugin.java.JavaPluginLoader.enablePlugin(JavaPluginLoader.java:337) [spigot.jar:git-Spigot-d276ab1-1f6c04c] at org.bukkit.plugin.SimplePluginManager.enablePlugin(SimplePluginManager.java:405) [spigot.jar:git-Spigot-d276ab1-1f6c04c] at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.v1_11_R1.CraftServer.enablePlugin(CraftServer.java:376) [spigot.jar:git-Spigot-d276ab1-1f6c04c] at org.bukkit.craftbukkit.v1_11_R1.CraftServer.enablePlugins(CraftServer.java:326) [spigot.jar:git-Spigot-d276ab1-1f6c04c] at net.minecraft.server.v1_11_R1.MinecraftServer.t(MinecraftServer.java:421) [spigot.jar:git-Spigot-d276ab1-1f6c04c] at net.minecraft.server.v1_11_R1.MinecraftServer.l(MinecraftServer.java:382) [spigot.jar:git-Spigot-d276ab1-1f6c04c] at net.minecraft.server.v1_11_R1.MinecraftServer.a(MinecraftServer.java:337) [spigot.jar:git-Spigot-d276ab1-1f6c04c] at net.minecraft.server.v1_11_R1.DedicatedServer.init(DedicatedServer.java:272) [spigot.jar:git-Spigot-d276ab1-1f6c04c] at net.minecraft.server.v1_11_R1.MinecraftServer.run(MinecraftServer.java:544) [spigot.jar:git-Spigot-d276ab1-1f6c04c] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:745) [?:1.8.0_111] help please I updated it to the latest spigot but still it gives me an error
{TheSourceCode} (1 year ago)
+they call me thederp27 head over yo our discord where or devs can help you out :)
aGuy (1 year ago)
I had this error while I tried making Custom Recipes. And the error was because of the line r.shape("#% ","#$ "," $ "); All I did was remove the '("#% ","#$ "," $ ");', then re-code it.. aka retyping it. Can't really explain why, it's hard to explain xd
{TheSourceCode} (1 year ago)
+Yuvzz join our discord we have advanced devs which can help you out!
NyhmsQuest (1 year ago)
For some reason I can't extend CommandExecute and I just get this errror: CommandExecute cannot be resolved to a type. also you didn't cover permissions and how to set them up at all in this video.
Bloody (8 months ago)
You don't, I'm not sure why he said you should. Don't worry about the extends CommandExecute, just do the implements CommandExecutor thing.
Ricky Chon (9 months ago)
You need to use the craftbukkit api to access the net.minecraft.server api. To be honest, it is not necessary to extend CommandExecute as the plugin will work fine without it. so if you are developing spigot plugins, you don't need it.
{TheSourceCode} (1 year ago)
+Astraliq just hop on our discord! 😊
Manaea (1 year ago)
Import this >> import net.minecraft.server.v1_11_R1.CommandExecute; That's what i had to extent to get it to work, can depend on what build you are using to develop your plugin

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