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Today we see how high Minecraft really goes! » Experiments Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLR50dP3MW9ZW8FdncbqReMHbWgVPmUHF4 » Subscribe - http://bit.ly/AntVenomSubscribe SPECIAL THANKS Thanks to zBubbles for the Firework / Minecart trick! SOCIAL MEDIA » Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/AntVenom » Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/AntVenomPage » Instagram - http://instagram.com/TheAntVenom » TwitchTV - http://twitch.tv/AntVenom PLACES I GET MUSIC » http://c418.bandcamp.com/ » YouTube Audio Library Divider by Chris Zabriskie is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://chriszabriskie.com/divider/ Artist: http://chriszabriskie.com/
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Text Comments (1343)
SUPA BROS (1 day ago)
I teleported to 1000000 50 1000000
its me (2 days ago)
In MCPE, the height limit for players is 30,000,000 in y coordinates.
Liudas Steponavičius (2 days ago)
i like people that dont strecch out the content to 10 minutes
Coolcreeper195 /// (21 days ago)
I bet ant won't reply (mostly because no YouTubers do to me) 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Let's go beyond the void *Game Breaks* Me:Crap
UTGeek2004 (27 days ago)
you can also use the new levitation potion and set its power to 255 in a command you Fly up Fast AF
Imee Castillejos (1 month ago)
Why when he's commenting it is always spooky
Phelan (1 month ago)
Try this in bedrock edition as it isn't written in java and you might not reach the integer limit. (I don't know if this is true I'm just guessing.)
beno thepro (1 month ago)
I was above that number without any coding just effected myself with levitation 127 for infinity and I was above 15 thousand blocks
err0r (1 month ago)
So, what's the actual number for the limit?
Redswap (1 month ago)
What if you run Minecraft on a quantum computer that isn't cooled ? Will it crash, or glitch or do something else ? (quantum computers are very unstable if they are not cold enough and well isolated)
Draganasa (1 month ago)
Have you ever considered that the reason you can't move that high up is because you're in "space"?
Random Stuffs (1 month ago)
you should try to read the actual highest number
Mr.Handsome (1 month ago)
The More You Know
Wolf Raptor (1 month ago)
Binge watch time! Got my snacks, and my pillow, ready to go!
jonathan rand (1 month ago)
it /tp d to 1 billion in 1.7.10
Adamoto G. (1 month ago)
*game sees insanely high number* I quit. Just slap infinity there. He doesn't deserve a NaN.
New Haslo (1 month ago)
What happens with cubic chunks!? Other then the farlands ofc
Dragon Gaming HD (1 month ago)
How about bedrock
PatrykIE (1 month ago)
Quick thing: me and my friend were playing minecraft I teleported my friend a lot of blocks up while it was raining and I saw snow on my friends screen I decided to do it but way higher and what I saw was the world but it was very dark I was creeped out so i teleported back to my friend so the moral of the story is: never teleport yourself up too much edit: it wasn't night time in the game
Miles Flaherty (1 month ago)
Theoretically, It Could Be Possible To Use That E308 Number, Constantly Read It's Exact Value, And Use It To Make A Giant Minecraft World. Although, Such Thing Would Require Tremendous Tweaking To The Game's Code.
SteveCraft29 (2 months ago)
Now let's try to go to the sun.
Alex Leo-wolf (2 months ago)
Thirty million, as far as I've dared to go... I think there's a way to go higher, but I don't know.
Hai Linh (2 months ago)
The reason why infinity occur is that the Y axis (or any axis in general) is a floating point number. Floating point numbers don't overflow. Theres 2 special values: -Infinity and +Infinity beyond the highest/lowest number possible. Any basic maths operation on ±Infinity will return ±Infinity.
NJD Productions (2 months ago)
When it’s raining in Minecraft go up up up up it looks like snow
Ozan Erdogan (2 months ago)
My brain hurts..
Can someone write down the number?
eric Svensson (2 months ago)
From the pinnacle... To the pit
Windows 95 (2 months ago)
I used golden apples to go -100,000 blocks
Tronsnake (2 months ago)
*starts dancing* How low can ya go? How low can ya go?
Omar Alshara (2 months ago)
what about how many times can you shoot a bow and arrow with the infinity enchantment
Darren Voong (2 months ago)
I remember this one glitch in pe where if you fly up to a certain point and tried to fall, you could walk in the sky. I do t know what version though.
SquarePanda15 (2 months ago)
You must be amazing at Limbo.
NathanSGBrazil (2 months ago)
The universe is 8.80×10^26 metres across, so minecraft is basically 12x larger than the entire visible universe. Thats kinda cool, and its not even counting the minimum height you could go. So should be at least 20x larger than the universe
CorporalPig22 (2 months ago)
In the Legacy Console version, I discovered that you can go up to 511 blocks high on the Y-axis
MinecraftSurvivalGaming (2 months ago)
At that point you need to use levitation to move
Edvinas Sungur (2 months ago)
2^1024 or 179769313486231590772930519078902473361797697894230657273430081157732675805500963132708477322407536021120113879871393357658789768814416622492847430639474124377767893424865485276302219601246094119453082952085005768838150682342462881473913110540827237163350510684586298239947245938479716304835356329624224137216
Edvinas Sungur (2 months ago)
What if you teleport to infinity?
Troy Muehlhausen (2 months ago)
How long would it take for you to fall from the height that you specified here?
Jj Mn (2 months ago)
Get to 25000 from levitation or 900+ from jump boost 255
Mirru 154392 (2 months ago)
One time i placed like 100 tnt minecarts and it knocked me up so high that i couldn’t move anymore. There were literally barrier blocks around me.
BlueFireJack (2 months ago)
You could've just given yourself levitation 255. I always troll my friends with that
Kyle Higgins (2 months ago)
the reason for the vertical immobility is probably because dem floats are becoming course and thats why you can fall but not fly you fall faster then you fly so you can get the the next float when you fall until you cant because the floats are too course
mina0102 (2 months ago)
What would happen if you’ll load world with an infinity height?
Persandi (2 months ago)
hey rain and snow looks really weird at certain millions of blocks in the sky, it would be cool to show off the different patterns they make
I Hate my son (2 months ago)
My mind is blown
Podaj747 (2 months ago)
when i do 2 to the power 1024 and then do the sane but with a ~ at start, the Y says Infinity and the entire game crashes.
Gamer Hurley (2 months ago)
now we must find another game do this this on
Rojo Do (3 months ago)
i levitated 800 thousand blocks overnight for nothing then
3picool (3 months ago)
I once got so high in minecraft that it "disconected" me from the world saying "illegal stance" I was in singleplayer
Zarok The Necromancer (3 months ago)
How do you not take damage when u get all the way down? You shoyld start taking damage immediately right? Since at y level -60 something is where u start taking damage, shouldnt u be dead instantly?
Zarok The Necromancer (3 months ago)
To go WAY HIGH with out tp: /effect DespicableRamen levitation 100000 112 DespicableRamen is my username. If u do this, Antvenom, and wait over night, i got over 1,000,000 (is that million?) Blocks high. This is faster than a minecart on a rocket ( i think) Can u investigate
Gnate (3 months ago)
1.7976931348623159×10^308 blocks And -1.7976931348623159x10^308 blocks
MinecraftSurvivalGaming (3 months ago)
now it's infinity lol
BlindVision (3 months ago)
so basically.. there is a space in minecraft? where you can actually float
Karma Vex (3 months ago)
So, is there a falling height that'll reset to take no fall damage?
Effrum Hodwaler (3 months ago)
Do you have a G-Mail that I can use send mail?
MaddsCraft (3 months ago)
But what happens if you use "/tp @p ~ ~1 ~" when at the true height limit?
Wolfs here (3 months ago)
Can i do this minecart firework sideways too?
Thinking Rabbid (4 months ago)
I was gonna play a game but nvm i’m gonna watch this instead
chit cheung (4 months ago)
I to so high that I got overflow
Erikoisjii (4 months ago)
Once upon a time in Minecraft 1.8 I spawned into a world not being able to interact with anything. No, seriously, not kidding. I couldn't break blocks or put them. First thing I tought in my mind then, was where the hell was I in the x and z axis. They were normal. Never happened again and the world is gone as I reinstalled minecraft.
Hey how did you get past 30 mil? I tried but it doesn’t work...is it because I am on pe?
Leon's Tech n Gaming (4 months ago)
Double max value xD
xXx_MlgTr1kSh00ter _Xx (4 months ago)
wait if the high limit is 4096 then why i can flew beyond 4096 blocks using AntVenom's biggest tnt cannon? somewhere around 4100 to 4500 blocks
bigcheese 212 (4 months ago)
On Xbox it's 511
xXx_MlgTr1kSh00ter _Xx (4 months ago)
2^1024 Well $H!T
Mad Gaming YT (4 months ago)
Math master... KEEP THE EFFORT UP! Too advanced good job!!!
Drake Pommet (4 months ago)
Antvenom how do i summon a minecart that rides on a firework that lasts forever can you make that tutorial video about that please
DAN B (4 months ago)
OMG dude 308 zeros? That's 10 trigencentillion lol
EBKM- Efe (4 months ago)
One time i died in a server in end realm i somehow respawned over 10000 blocks high from my spawnpoint lol
Edvinas Sungur (4 months ago)
That number is over a thousand centillion
OpiatedBliss (5 months ago)
did you try falling from that infinity height?
Commander Smilee (5 months ago)
In pocket edition you can teleport high in 3million if you make it more it will tp you in 3m In New Ver
aasd 24 (5 months ago)
*almost infinite*
SUPA BROS (5 months ago)
Java is similar to JavaScript but java is games and JavaScript and HTML is web
Edrian Jose Cielo (5 months ago)
Make MCPE vid AntVenom
Teizer GD (5 months ago)
There are also 2 suns in the height limit.
O Programador Astuto (5 months ago)
Simple. They use double precision floating point to set the position. Moving on...
x Rutiggboss x (5 months ago)
But how low can you go?
*insert void farlands*
EdinPlayZ (5 months ago)
so why didnt you try infinity?
Joaquin Alexander Carlos (5 months ago)
I found out what happens
Wachininko (5 months ago)
basically a googol googol googols.
Cat Jacks (5 months ago)
how do you edit source code?
Zeno Z (5 months ago)
actually.. that meant 230000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000
Zeno Z (5 months ago)
hey.. i made it to space in my game of Minecraft...
M-Try Gaming (5 months ago)
So when I teleported WAY down into the void, some random growing rectangles appeared ? ._.
Faaz Noushad (6 months ago)
great . now try the bedrock edition
Peter Dodosh (6 months ago)
Awesome content Subscribed!
Le Codex (6 months ago)
Floating point variables don't overflow. They set to Infinity once they go past their limit
Oh my God that number is huge
Nora (6 months ago)
Your videos keep on blowing my mind.
TAILORF0X (6 months ago)
welp. there goes my child hood dream of flying to the moon in Minecraft
Darth Vader (6 months ago)
You can get even higher if you use the right drug, if you know what I mean
mountvol C: /d (6 months ago)
The world border not working up that high reminds me of the 1.7 solid air wall where it extends up that high, very interesting :)
IndigoGollum Love (6 months ago)
I got 2 min into the video and knew the answer. Go to the limit then use commands to get levitation lvl. 120+
Samuel Dunford (6 months ago)
How long would it take to fall from that height?
Gamer 335 (6 months ago)
this is super video you are the best youtuber
Cyberlol Lord (6 months ago)
I was sneaking into void and i just got 3634664644646446546884574 blocks down on hour.

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