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Giant Man Spook (Call of Cthulu) [4PP]

1966 ratings | 237274 views
The beginning to what would be a series of scares from the game Call of Cthulu for the xbox. Watch live video and more clips from 4PlayerPodcast on http://www.justin.tv/fourplayerpodcast
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Text Comments (620)
Gamer Dash (13 days ago)
10 years later and still funny.
CatfishShotgun (11 months ago)
Fucking mems, dude
Mr Snrub (11 months ago)
"He's British... he has bad teeth!" LMAO
Zero the Third (2 years ago)
Saw a trailer for a new Call of Cthulhu and came right here!
toxicitae (2 years ago)
Holy shit I remember watching this like 7 years ago.
L00Gi (1 year ago)
This is some OG internet gold tbh when streaming was still in its infancy
Sea of Arc. (4 years ago)
holy shit!!!i just woke up my roommate I screamed so loud. Jesus my face was all up in the scream too
omar mohy (5 years ago)
Ouch my heart hurts XD
connie bowen (6 years ago)
i jump a little
SickMind CWB (6 years ago)
Jesse Wiley (6 years ago)
I fell out of my bed and im not even playing the game
Tinker (6 years ago)
This game takes place in America not England.
Fadoodle Tinklebottoms (6 years ago)
That startlede, too! XD
Collector (6 years ago)
"He has bad teeth" xD
LightOfNeon (6 years ago)
Scared the crap out of me!!!!!!!!!
waffleless (6 years ago)
I seen this before yet I screamed!
BlubbaJoe (6 years ago)
He was like "Ey watcha doing !!"
TheNightshade43 (6 years ago)
Damn I jumped. Almost lost my Ipod lmao!
Henry Dillmond (7 years ago)
Tony Huynh (7 years ago)
good fking job i was in the middle of lecture
Liz Lemming (7 years ago)
WraythSkitzofrenik (7 years ago)
"HOLYSHITFUCKINBASTARD!" Said the girl who usually doesn't get spooked at these things. HOLY CRAP!
Mastermoose64 (7 years ago)
Damn this was the first time I genuinely got scared watching these videos...................bravo..........
spiceystar24 (7 years ago)
I almost had a heart attack man.
LuckierKmart (7 years ago)
I fuckin had a heart attack
jukeachuthepikachu (7 years ago)
coffeetea720 (7 years ago)
FUUUUCCCKKK 0:33 scared the shit outta me! I had a mouthful of Cheerios and now they're all over my screen!
minigunexo (7 years ago)
holy fuck im still laughing
BrUSomania (7 years ago)
This is a classic :'D
Emily DiSalvo (7 years ago)
THAT FREAKIN DUDE WITH THE KACKLE VOICE SCARED THE FREAKIN CRAP OUTTA ME!!!! CURSE THOSE PEOPLE!!!! and is it just me or does that dude look like a freakin ZOMBIE?!?!?!
Drake Silvos (7 years ago)
Dude I would so do my girl scream.
iBrowseOccasionally (7 years ago)
@momo7902 Why did you add the word "literally" if you obviously didn't actually have a heart attack?
LPxM12 (7 years ago)
can't tell if he's crying or laughing afterwards but it's hilarious either way.
Miki blah (7 years ago)
man, I literally had a heartattack!
LolWhatsAUsername (7 years ago)
He's the one pushing the shelf from the other end. :P
mZhAkE (7 years ago)
lol i watched this like a week ago and laughed my ass off. i watched it again and i still laughed my ass off.
Iscariot90 (7 years ago)
"sup bro." said the giant spook man.
Masterchief (7 years ago)
i like how the giant spook man didn't even attack you...he just kicked you out.
Leaquru (7 years ago)
I screamed with them...
Shavo (7 years ago)
rudorot65 (7 years ago)
What are you doin snooping around here. Get out. That's all he does !!! Epic fail of the week
manupee (7 years ago)
LOOL scared the shit out of me !!
Koala Bare (7 years ago)
Wow it wasn't evan a scremer and it still sceard me
CeeJei M. (7 years ago)
what the hell that guy spooked me
What the fuck masn first video from all that scary videos and this made me jump what the fuck ... nice one
DecoyJayman (7 years ago)
This actually made me jump.
yadaik (7 years ago)
So began a legend
MrEscobar192 (7 years ago)
Sychronised screaming "Holy shit! What the fuck!" "AAH Fuck! OH fuck! Holy shit!"
SUP PEOPLE (7 years ago)
that scared the living hell out of me while i was watching this live..GIANT SPOOK MAN 4 the WIN
jigglymabob (7 years ago)
" he's..h'es BriTIsH...he'sa bed teeth..." HAHAHAHAH
LoLMartSecurity (7 years ago)
What does this have to do with red/blue lavender town...
reptomicus (7 years ago)
@0R3GAN0 Actually Massachusetts not Maine.
xTheDeathSaintx (7 years ago)
@markusrule perfect teeth means that if you shinea lite uot from your mouth it wont make the bat signal, you sure your teeth are perfect??
Serimah S. (7 years ago)
@StOnion *sigh* Can you guys at least argue/insult via private message? Or hey, insult me! I'm german! I bet there are many MANY stereotypical things you can throw at me! It sure would beat this childish bickering :/
TW (7 years ago)
@markusrule Those are probably fellow bigoted asswipes like yourself.
Regan Campbell (7 years ago)
Does anybody want to point out that Innsmouth is in Maine?
Mark Hales (7 years ago)
@ObsceneAntichrist Haha yes I do smell a bit, but at least I have nice teeth :D Eat some food you skinny lil shit
Mark Hales (7 years ago)
@StOnion Your sarcasm does nothing. 22 people can't be wrong tho. Silly yanky.
Lambda217 (7 years ago)
How the fuck did we get onto Britain Versus America in a video about a game?
TW (7 years ago)
@markusrule Sorry, you seemed pretty defensive in your comment. Calling someone a fat stupid American is simply hilarious too, and original, you should write some stand-up.
Mark Hales (7 years ago)
@StOnion Yes sir that is the joke of my statement, thank you for proving the stereotype tho ;)
TW (7 years ago)
@markusrule no more of a stereotype than "fat stupid american"
darkblade8910 (7 years ago)
@coldfyre18 Yes yes I know I found that out lol. I'm not stupid but I think by that one assumption I made it look so XD
Eugene (7 years ago)
@darkblade8910 WHAT?! As an American who respects other countries, Stephen Hawking is English.
siege86 (7 years ago)
lmao ahahahaha holy shit ahahahahahaha
Weegee Archives (7 years ago)
I screamed to
Jake Rogers (7 years ago)
@irishpride664 Like hell they are, if they were physically fit they wouldn't be one of the fattest countries around and if they were smart they wouldn't have elected George Bush. They would also know that America starts with a capital a.
darkblade8910 (7 years ago)
@whaddefuxx Okay I admit it...I have been out-trolled.
whaddefuxx (7 years ago)
@darkblade8910 :P
darkblade8910 (7 years ago)
@whaddefuxx ......Damn you <_<
Mark Hales (7 years ago)
Everybody wins!
whaddefuxx (7 years ago)
@darkblade8910 but the american flag and the british flag are both red, white and blue :/
darkblade8910 (7 years ago)
@markusrule Let our tears run dry and our weather turn cold and freezing. Our spirit is at hand and so our spirit ensues, to drive the redcoats out and raise the flag of red white and blue!
Mark Hales (7 years ago)
@darkblade8910 May battle ensue, and blood soaked arms lay desperate on the ground cold. Today is a good day to die, and so the redcoats triumph once more.
darkblade8910 (7 years ago)
@markusrule Oh but I believe it is YOU who will suffer the gentleman's defeat my good sir. Rally the troops for this war does not end until you die sire!
Mark Hales (7 years ago)
@darkblade8910 Oh ma lawd! Does this mean it is on? On is it? Is it on? I have no idea. To the bluffs, a gentlemans death you will suffer.
darkblade8910 (7 years ago)
@markusrule Oh I'm sorry for a spelling error! And TROLL?! Oh I see how it is buddy O:<
Mark Hales (7 years ago)
@darkblade8910 You know that STEPHEN Hawking is English right? Trolls, y u troll me?! >:O
darkblade8910 (7 years ago)
@markusrule We're not all fat and stupid. Look at Steven Hawking :)
minieggg1 (7 years ago)
fuck i was leaning close to the screen and fuck then it appeared and i fucking nearly had a heart fucking attack arrrgh
Adomas Akutaitis (7 years ago)
ohhh shit i almost shit my pants ! :D ohh shit,,,
Mark Hales (7 years ago)
@irishpride664 Hear hear, and for now it is settled. May this argument die a quick and painful death.
DarkmimicX (7 years ago)
@markusrule Why the fuck does it matter?
Mark Hales (7 years ago)
@TheTributetolife No it doesn't, you're looking at the percentage. When you look at Britains population compared to the USA (62 million to 300 million) the percent will of course be higher. When actually looking at the number of sick fucks per million say then you will find the good ol'USA has more sister humping rednecks than us. Also, Britian includes the countries Wales and Scotland and I think you will find that most of low IQ incest folk come from Wales. Im English bro, don't tread on me.
TheTributetolife (7 years ago)
@markusrule britain has more incest and lower IQ in general than america so hop off my freedom teadrinker :)
UncleOji (7 years ago)
oh! my! gawd!! scarred the hell outa me hahaha
Mark Hales (7 years ago)
@Nuclearlion73 I'm not Australian thanks, and no one has spoken like that since the 19th century. pip pip =|:{)>
mikethe4th (7 years ago)
i showed my friend this and I seriously have never heard him laugh the way he did
Daddy Garrosh (7 years ago)
0:34 scared the shit out of me
Jacob Scheurer (7 years ago)
@markusrule Why thankyou. :P Many Americans think we live in igloos, say Eh ALL the time, And have practically no cities.
Mark Hales (7 years ago)
@bloxtoz I'v never heard of that stereotype before. I always thought Canadians were like Americans, except intelligent, healthy, don't feel the need to shoot each other... well basically the opposite of America but with slightly similar accents :D
Jacob Scheurer (7 years ago)
@markusrule And im Canadian and i dont leave in igloos thankyou. Fat Stupid American! :D Plus I like de british, LOVE you acents. :P
alex klenin (7 years ago)
TheTopMostDog (7 years ago)
Rofl I jumped so bad.
DrCorruptJimmy (7 years ago)
... Fucking... Great...
FixMyEpicToaster (7 years ago)
0:34 my heart stopped
EcoQueenMistress (7 years ago)
Britsh man watches you push shelves.
Deviicat556 (7 years ago)
DarkDax (7 years ago)
That scared me! lol ah hahaha
coolnic467 (7 years ago)

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