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It took me 1 HOUR to build this in Fortnite Battle Royale..

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Text Comments (12044)
JerryVital YT (5 hours ago)
13:03 da n sweared oopsie
Carlos Martinez (13 hours ago)
Its drift
Sayan Irwin Brown (1 day ago)
Project lol goes watching
Luyanda Ehigiator (2 days ago)
Dan don’t worry I missed the cube appearing and the cube melting it’s so sad I missed both events
Gaming Time real (3 days ago)
Dan Dan Dan I knowe how the rocket is launching join my account in Fortnite it’s Azez1000
Ashton Chua (4 days ago)
Its launches from the mountain just *below* snobby shores *DAN mountains are on top not on the bottom
Drift-Fortnite (4 days ago)
perfect dan is the visitor and the visitor made the rocket
Paul Junior (4 days ago)
I did the same thing:D
Friend Films (5 days ago)
I was in the launch zone when it launched
Friend Films (5 days ago)
I’ve seen the rocket launch
Cole Peacher (8 days ago)
I was thaer
jeff Maldonado (9 days ago)
its hists tilltied towers becasuse thats were the next metear is going to hit in sesoin 6
Wengie lover (9 days ago)
Ethan Playzz (10 days ago)
I missed it as well
HyperPug83 (10 days ago)
I totally missed it
Sahaj Pal (10 days ago)
Dont worry i missed the rocket is well
Adam Detwiler (10 days ago)
Don’t feel bad I missed it to
Sloothy Sloth (11 days ago)
Dan you are amazing
mr sifted (11 days ago)
Frist it was the eclipse and then the rocket lunch
Galina (12 days ago)
You’ll need to translate it
Galina (12 days ago)
Did u not hear the voice?!?!?!
Mini Professor (13 days ago)
Dan are you british??
JeremyDaGamer (13 days ago)
Me too I missed it
The PowerPoint Pal (13 days ago)
Dan: Man I Sound So British!!! Me: Uhhh... Because You Are Birtish....
Joseph Marquez Jr. (14 days ago)
For you montage music you shoulda done the "strauss zarathustra" (Ric Flair's intro) ((DUUUUN DUUUUN DUUUUN DUN DUN))
RYRY WORLDWIDE (14 days ago)
I thought he said punk party
YT_lilbacon Army (14 days ago)
I wonder so much how the durr burger got into real life ITS A GAME AND THAT HAPPENDS and then drift was born
GD Greek Mapper (14 days ago)
Эбөаимть Өөахнгшзкүъё Йөахтьюв
JoshyPower (15 days ago)
I missed the rocket launch too but my cousin saw it!
Athonliu Gonmei (15 days ago)
I hacker will try to destroy your Minecraft map
Manuel Almanza (15 days ago)
I missed it to
Lps Magic moon (15 days ago)
‘Man I sound so b....’ Me: stop rigth now I wish I live in the UK
Carl Milem (15 days ago)
Carl Milem (15 days ago)
my sister is build ing a new rocket ps my sis was in on it the whle time
Jace _Puppy (16 days ago)
Hey Dan I might be able to play fortnite with yoy
ninjanik 123 (16 days ago)
HaVoc Omega (16 days ago)
Is anyone watching in 2018
THE BEAST BOMBERS (16 days ago)
Play bedwors
ProgrammingIsAmazing! (17 days ago)
The difference between Ali A and DanTDMs Thumbnails There isn't one well done DanTDM >:(
endy gaming (17 days ago)
It,s between our world and the game
HB gaming (17 days ago)
terky boy 55 tell him som tips and tricks
K&R GAMING (17 days ago)
I saw it
Jason Michael (17 days ago)
Epomis domis poop
Jason Michael (17 days ago)
Jason Michael (17 days ago)
Jason Michael (17 days ago)
ME GO REK THOANS be cause youp aret a funky pos
Conor Lackner (17 days ago)
0:50 perfect time to pause
Fortnitejacob (17 days ago)
Dan did not know about villain base this whole time 😯😯😯😯😯
ScarceTv57 (17 days ago)
You can build a LOT on your home base
ScarceTv57 (17 days ago)
Try Save The World
just2 great47 (18 days ago)
Pugs are better than fortnite, so don’t be mad
Stefenie Jacks (18 days ago)
i missed it too
STOP PROGECT ZORGO! 4 (18 days ago)
Dantdm! Youtube is being deleted by hackers
katie connor (18 days ago)
Ismail Lewis (18 days ago)
Maybe cuse u are British! Lol
Evan Campbell (19 days ago)
i missed it to
erin hope (20 days ago)
There is a secret room under 2 brick tiles around a garden in tilted
Keenan Gamer83 (21 days ago)
I really want to play fortnite but I don't have a device that run fortnite
Zman Like Turtles (21 days ago)
i swear your slowly turning into Ali-A.
Alejandro Martinez (22 days ago)
Mysterio x (22 days ago)
I saw the rocket make the crack live
Gerald Gutierrez (22 days ago)
Don't worry I missed it to
M4 Life (22 days ago)
V K the same time as well
Portal of time
Hons TGM (23 days ago)
Whoa, YOU WITNESSED THE START OF SEASON 5 (sort of) No, srsly just watch the season 5 trailer
Lesterq36435 (23 days ago)
Jonathan Gocke (23 days ago)
That thing is called a rift
Holly Gilbert (23 days ago)
there might be a boss called anchint tomotoe
Trenserplage (24 days ago)
Season 5
YTMS epic dude (24 days ago)
I missed it too me now sad 😢
Aquaboy507 (24 days ago)
I missed for a pool party...
Sprinkle Gamer (24 days ago)
Drift Trooper (25 days ago)
I missed it too
John McEwan (25 days ago)
Hi dantdm
steve act (25 days ago)
Actully the mask is drift
Michael M (25 days ago)
I missed it to dan
Robloxonliner (26 days ago)
I missed it too
otman seffar (26 days ago)
I landed then the second part landed right on me and I died lol
Sheenabunny1 (26 days ago)
Dan TDM make a new video about four name is inch and friend me OK interview
fantastic box (26 days ago)
Isla Halbert (27 days ago)
My dad said I could get fortnight on my phone with a update
Wargamer 2096 (27 days ago)
Don’t worry Dan me and my brother missed it to
Rykercraft PlayZ (27 days ago)
Dan work on saying shopping cart😂 also do more of read your comments do this one😂😂 I’m American and Ethan gamer was trying to say gas station
Douglas Webster (27 days ago)
roblbx frtnie
Ivey Malleck (28 days ago)
I love you and how do you fortnite?
Daniel Superhero (28 days ago)
You missed it was so cool I went on it I died but it was funny!🤣
Ruby Yates (29 days ago)
Lol i love Martyn "In the Littlewood" Pretty sure it's just Martyn Littlewood.
AldenPlayz (29 days ago)
Wow fortnite is a strange place
Christian Marchal (29 days ago)
hi dantdm I love your videos you should make more of who's your daddy
Jordanushawgames (29 days ago)
Quote of dantdm I just wasted 1 hour of your life and 10 minutes of yours
Fnaf Pro (29 days ago)
You should play minecraft better together
LightingPurpleDragon (30 days ago)
Dan is British YouTuber
Alexandra Battaglia (30 days ago)
Turkey boy 55!!
More Gaming with shawn (30 days ago)
Poor dan he build this stuff for hiis fans to be happy and shouldnt he be tired?
kj lord (30 days ago)
Missed it
the penguin king (1 month ago)
British boi
aarnav Kumar (1 month ago)
And I was so surprised to see season 4 again
aarnav Kumar (1 month ago)
I missed it too :(

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