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Minecraft Mod Wars - Cobblestone Generators

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Which mod is best at generating cobble? Time to find out in this first episode of Mod Wars! Don't forget to vote in the comments below for the Viewer's Choice trophy, in case you disagree with my decision. Intro music by TeknoAXE, used with permission. http://teknoaxe.com
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Noah Anderson (3 years ago)
In Extra Utilities you can also have World Interaction upgrades to make the TransferNode Pull out even more.
PatrickAllenNL (4 years ago)
This is a great Idea
derpy finigan (4 years ago)
i have a system for infinite ores using el nino and  thermal expansion, with the autonomous activator. i use the igneous extruder to get cobblestone, then get a autonomous activator to place the cobble down to be broken into gravel using hammers (but its worth it), with a pipe leading the gravel into another autonomous activator that sieves it, making me get about 4 to 5 diamonds a minecraft week, which i use to make more hammers
bruno borlongan (4 years ago)
What modoack did you use in your lab ???
Ramune V. (4 years ago)
you forgot TE terrain smasher
FPS God (4 years ago)
What about the terrain smasher from thermal expantion
starburst98 (4 years ago)
things get strange when you mix mods. any mod that supplies an indestructible pickaxe could be put in an autonomous activator. some can also be given silk touch, granting you a STONE generator.
Mallchad (4 years ago)
The delay for turtle aren't necessary because you can do a simple block detection while true do   if turtle.detect() == true then     turtle.dig     turtle.dropDown()   end end done
Teun van Laarhoven (4 years ago)
for thermal expansion you also have the terrain smasher....
Tulula Smith (4 years ago)
I think this series has a lot of potential especially to minecrafters new to mods who may not know what some mods are capable of. Even to crafter who are vets to mods this series can give insight to which mod is best in specific areas. I would like to see an episode on ore production based on speed to produce ore (smelt), duplication and ease of set up. ^.^ 
FunshineX (4 years ago)
Appreciate the comment.  I definitely plan to have ore processing covered in an upcoming episode
vlams redstonelab (4 years ago)
Vanilla: quadra cobble generator with a fortune pick is the best!
MangoWolf 13 (4 years ago)
More mod wars
KaosFireMaker (4 years ago)
Extra Utilteys can be even better, with a half stack of speed upgrades it manages a stack a tick
Chong Shao Hong (4 years ago)
I think you should have used a terrain smasher instead of a autonomous activator.
Daniel Bezden (4 years ago)
Although extra utilities is the fastest, I think that the Igneous Extruder method is the best for normal usage. Most people don't need a really fast cobblestone, and the Igneous Extruder is low-lag, scaleable, and compact.
dRedN (4 years ago)
Nice vid.  Extra Utilities is very good at cobble gen and can be upgraded to generate cobble much quicker with some mining upgrades.  Also to note, engineer's toolbox has another method to generate cobble that is much quicker than breaking blocks.  It involves lava intake modules and an item output module.  A quick search on YouTube yields several examples.
FunshineX (4 years ago)
I noticed that right after I'd finished and didn't want to go refilm and rescore it.  At least its here in your comments for people to read about
whyohwhy1366 (4 years ago)
Personally the igneous extruder is one of the best due to simplicity and how compact it is.
Hypfer (4 years ago)
Though this is something Minecraft related, I think I can say that this can be considered Quality Content.
FunshineX (4 years ago)
TheCenneth (4 years ago)
extra utillities coolness score is a little.... overdone as you're simply looking at a pipe with no animation
klankatar (4 years ago)
Really love the concept, cant wait until your getting into more complicated things. I feel like you should have covered the upgrades for extra utils just for the people who don't know about that method, the speed that thing can get is unreal lol 
Eugene Edmond (4 years ago)
Can you you make it into a series because it is great
FunshineX (4 years ago)
That's the plan
xTrittonStudios (4 years ago)
very awesome dude, but i think steves factory manager should have been in here too
FunshineX (4 years ago)
Will add for future episodes
ratherbbankin (4 years ago)
Nice job sir...I love the game show voice. 
FunshineX (4 years ago)
Will try and maintain that excitement throughout the series
Modding Nation (4 years ago)
You can use a piston and a red stone clock and you'll never lose any cobblestone, +for vanilla!
FunshineX (4 years ago)
Yep that would improve vanilla a bit
Trent Poulton (4 years ago)
lol, I like how you said it was in a top secret location, then said it was in the middle of the desert
FunshineX (4 years ago)
That's what I want you to think..Its actually on the moon and I just dropped thousands of sand blocks around to make it look like the desert
Matthew Bates (4 years ago)
I was expecting Arcane Impulsion for some reason :P
FunshineX (4 years ago)
If only it was ready :(
ignalb (4 years ago)
For the results you should give a winner for each category and then one for overall. Extra Utilities definitely won.
Magnus Kühn (4 years ago)
I think you were a little bit unfair to factorisation since the power is basically free (solar power). Compare that to applied energetics were you didn't even mention the power cost...
Sam Davis (4 years ago)
What Mod Pack is this? Or is it custom?
FunshineX (4 years ago)
I started with ATL's ResonantRise Experimental and added a few
MinedMaker (4 years ago)
quite enjoyed this, its an interesting consept, ill surely be watching the nest episode!
Thiago TGM (4 years ago)
Me like this :)
minecraftmods12111 (4 years ago)
Next episode most stupid block/mob/item
Nemsun (4 years ago)
A Great Format Funshine.. Watched it all, Loved it, Liked it, learnt something from it, and oh look I just shared it... 5 paws!
MineAnPlay ENTR (4 years ago)
Upgrades for extra utilities and Steve's factory manager
menderus (4 years ago)
+FunshineX u should use upgrades cause on the extra utilities u can get 1000's of cobble per sec
nimrodyahal (4 years ago)
FunshineX (4 years ago)
+nimrodyahal Hmm combine that with the old EE2 and there would finally be something to challenge the milk farm :)
nimrodyahal (4 years ago)
+FunshineX yes, but it could be MUCH faster, to levels of a stack of cobble per tick, and because it doesnt break the cobble, you could have up to 4 of them attached to 1 cobble, with full upgrades, they can do 4 stacks of cobble per tick, which gives 5120 cobble per second. thats very important to say...
FunshineX (4 years ago)
Really no need when its already faster then the rest
ganddoge (4 years ago)
Extra utilities =The best ,Factorization=The worst ! :)
Anshuman Medhi (4 years ago)
Whyd u use the autonomous activators? Terrain smashers are faster and dont use up a pick. Dont mean to be rude just surprised is all
FunshineX (4 years ago)
With the popularity of AgrarianSkies in the ftb community right now, wanted to use that block.  I only could pick 10.
TheBlueBlade97 (4 years ago)
Size needs to be a factor
David Clark (4 years ago)
Speed upgrades in the extra utilities..................
Sentinalh (4 years ago)
I hope you include Rotary Craft in future episodes. Its my favorite tech mod and its SUPER cool.
Sentinalh (4 years ago)
Yeah it isn't an easy one to wrap your head around at first
FunshineX (4 years ago)
Will do. I haven't used it much so I'll need to research a lot
Deepstream32 (4 years ago)
add a stack of mining upgrades into the transfer node from extra utilities and now you are generating stupid amounts of cobble :D
master0r0 (4 years ago)
You missed out one... Steve's Factory Manager
FunshineX (4 years ago)
Ah yes I did.  Will make sure I consider it in future builds as well

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