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Spawn fail (Minecraft animation)

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Really short and little stupid Minecraft animation! Enjoy! Also thank you for 20 000 subscribers! :) Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/forcestudiosatb Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/forcestudiosatb Animation Google+ : http://plus.google.com/+ANIMAForce Game Google+: http://plus.google.com/+TheForcestudiosATB Web: http://www.forcestudiosatb.com Our game channel: http://www.youtube.com/TheForcestudiosATB Our animation channel: http://www.youtube.com/ANIMAForce Music: http://www.audiomicro.com - Cartoon Creep Around - Dubstep Trap Intro (short version)
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Text Comments (107)
Waymon Nicolitz (2 years ago)
goes in impossible mode: *me*: hey, this isn't so bad after all! spawns on one block of obsidian surrounded by lava *me*: i stand corrected.
Tay Nichlas Nicholas (3 years ago)
OMG!!!XD!!!!HA HA HA HA!!!!😄😄😄😄😄😄😆😆😆😆
Nadege jeanfils (3 years ago)
End? xD
Steven199912 (4 years ago)
Imagine you spawn one block of the sea!!! oh heck no XD
Senhara (4 years ago)
that happened to me too when i started a creative world, i went in the nether, traveled a bit, then made a new portal and pop! i was on large land
Hunter Drake (4 years ago)
TheDesertEagle (4 years ago)
it happend to me 2
Abisai Luna (4 years ago)
Cleppers Herobrine
Flare (4 years ago)
I remember when I spawned in a cave with lava flowing next to me...:I lived with 1 heart and I got a comp and I forget seed name
I remember my spawn in a middle of an ocean ._. I deleted that world and started a new one
Gokuthekiller (4 years ago)
lol epic fail
matcha bean (4 years ago)
i wouldnt be surprised if you did actually!!!! :D
matcha bean (4 years ago)
you totally deserve 1,000000000000 subs
matcha bean (4 years ago)
Herobrine failing!!! I am a huge fan of herobrine plz do it!!!!
matcha bean (4 years ago)
Amaze (4 years ago)
In the nether I spawned in lava
Flare (4 years ago)
I remember when I spawned in a mineshaft well i got wood at least XD
dworthydoesminecraft (4 years ago)
I remember when I spawned in a ravine.
Alessandra Martins (4 years ago)
livetheender (5 years ago)
Ender Slayer (5 years ago)
I remember my spawn I was in a lava pit
Sahamara Salinas (5 years ago)
what the hell the creeper just spawn at a little grass ground with only one tree
rey mysterio619sjr (5 years ago)
My spawn was lava pit
Blade Cioppi (5 years ago)
I rember my spawn point was in a lava pool
Doc. Atbash (5 years ago)
haw haw!
JXYTC (5 years ago)
i wish that would happen with the creepers in minecraft PE. the mob spawning sucks on that game, i accidently built my house on an aea
Jequita Mej (5 years ago)
Oh god XDDD
SarothCyngus (5 years ago)
mcpe_playa13 (5 years ago)
Is my screen broken???
Peyton Thompson (5 years ago)
Noooo long ones please
Christopher Alyadumi (5 years ago)
I like how the intro counts for almost half the video xD
Kenny Boy (5 years ago)
Lol wat a fail
JAJAJAJAJA that was to funny!!!!! XD
Scrillrock TDC (5 years ago)
Mob stories - spiders or iron golems
daniel marinici (5 years ago)
History of Spiders
Perla Esquivel (5 years ago)
kevyn medez (5 years ago)
con q programa haces esas animacioones?
Rico C (5 years ago)
Mineblockolis (5 years ago)
its time TO DESTROY! <---- yay
CanadianSwag (5 years ago)
Te he
Umut Ege Yıldırım (5 years ago)
isaiah reib (5 years ago)
the horse story
azng4 (5 years ago)
Creeper not gonna creep anymore not in the house or your garden
Milo Smith (5 years ago)
Lol lol
IceKid800 (5 years ago)
something about steve traving
Derziss Builder (5 years ago)
You can make a video with wither where you can say that a skeleton died because of a jerk's sword and then spwning into the nether fortress. That jerk will enter the fortress and the Wither skeleton (which is the normal skeleton )surprised him by pushing him into the lava and getting revenge. If you have more ideas, the rest is up to you. I hope you enjoyed this! :)
Bryan Moody (5 years ago)
how about a pigmen party and steve goes to the neather, then see them then start atacking them and then starts a fight
thole (5 years ago)
Silver fish!
ANIMAForce (5 years ago)
Hey Friends!! I want to make a short animation (until the next Mob story) and I need your advices and ideas, please tell me a short funny story which I can animate :) Thanks :)
IceKid800 (5 years ago)
make that 20,001
theheathbo (5 years ago)
What's your animator
Epic Plays (5 years ago)
Really funny
Pebbles 3000 (5 years ago)
thanks :)
ANIMAForce (5 years ago)
I usually use 23,95 or something like that..in lego stop motion I use it too but sometimes I use only 15 (For example if I need to do a slow walking) :)
Pebbles 3000 (5 years ago)
a.k.a fps
Pebbles 3000 (5 years ago)
I have a question, what framerate do you use?
jon hancock (5 years ago)
Nhan Le (5 years ago)
WTF waste of time jk lol
Tarinare Windstalker (5 years ago)
Stupid? lol, he isn't the one who's watching his own videos to have some views...And it's really ironic from you, because he isn't the one, who can't get the profile photo to YouTube.... (my english sucks)
Tarinare Windstalker (5 years ago)
You're stupid...
Tarinare Windstalker (5 years ago)
This one's great..It would be funny to see this in the game... xD
Yung Nytro (5 years ago)
Ha ha funny
Joao Victor (5 years ago)
legends in portuguese plz (legendaqs em portugues)
Smits Craft (5 years ago)
he only wanted to thank for the 20.000 subscribers :D my english is bad
Smits Craft (5 years ago)
the only thing i love in all of your videos is nothing i only care for your work ITS TOTALLY AWESOME i have been enjoyed every second of your videos i didnt dislike any liked all subscribed you are awesome good work :D awesome
Zach Fasolo (5 years ago)
Lol 15 dislikes just like how long it is and video is funny!
Blu (5 years ago)
Zestined (5 years ago)
Do Lego sky block
TheTrueLilmorgs (5 years ago)
Hetero Sapiens (5 years ago)
I like your Minecraft animations and your profile picture. XD
Saad Ishak (5 years ago)
:( :D
LocalDerpFace (5 years ago)
Pibigod (5 years ago)
Im aa abonnent
djkj (5 years ago)
Make Lego black opsII zombies mob of the dead
ANIMAForce (5 years ago)
Yea I know ;)
Helen B (5 years ago)
That one was kinda stupid
Seishin (5 years ago)
zombie mob stories PLS in the next video PLS :)
Noah Townsend (5 years ago)
Haha kool, I just subed
That happened to me TOO........DAM YOU CREEPER 
Laurids Juhl (5 years ago)
Funny but.. Was that it 20.000 subs and so is that all?
Hahshdhdjd Djduxjdb (5 years ago)
Ha Ha
jack kirtley (5 years ago)
Ha lol
ANIMAForce (5 years ago)
I have been interested in animating since I was a child..Ive been doing these flash animations for year, maybe year and half :)
FelizStro (5 years ago)
How long have you been animating for? (:
Mafwi (5 years ago)
It cutten be awesome )
Mafwi (5 years ago)
Create a video with name : Far cry 3 blood dragon lego :3
Mirco van Duykeren (5 years ago)
Kirsty Pickering (5 years ago)
Lololololol fail
PixelmonAvenue (5 years ago)
I subbed to you today and then you made a video :)
Alex M. (5 years ago)
There's already a Minecraft animation called Spawn fail
Carlos Gutierrez (5 years ago)
Creepy creeper
- Mongera - (5 years ago)
Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Creeper Fail! Hahahahahahahahah...
ANIMAForce (5 years ago)
If this video will have more than 200 likes, I will do this short animations often :)
ANIMAForce (5 years ago)
Thanks! :)
reymysteriodd (5 years ago)
This doesn't desrve dislike :-)
ClarkusMarkus (5 years ago)
It was just uploaded...
Gnome Walls (5 years ago)

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