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Mlp:Fluttershy Plays Games #1

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Niya Cvetanova (3 months ago)
So cute 😊
Lexi Smith (6 months ago)
its TO soft dont mean to be rude
Um ok so she has cameras in her eyes and could lure u and you need a high and soft voice for fluttershy
Kit Kat Productions (8 months ago)
bad flutter shy voice and never play that they have camera s in her eyes
Precious Orleans (3 months ago)
Precious Orleans (3 months ago)
Kit Kat Productions no
VectorOmega (9 months ago)
A kind of kitty who can be trained like a human and wears human clothes. Pity the character doesn't come in Siamese.
Valith YT (1 year ago)
Not trying to be rude but you don't sound like Fluttershy I think all you did is put your voice high or soft.
azwar rahman (11 months ago)
Person ROBLOX player and Minecraft Midnight.shinigami try to hack fluttershy

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