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[MT-Gaming] SA:MP House Party

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Just a small, funny video I thought I'd upload while I'm waiting for the better editing software, Enjoy! (Check out the tags ;) )
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Cian O'Donnell (5 years ago)
lol the house is a fellas i seen on youtube
PrepareToKawaii (5 years ago)
Thanks man, hopefully it will continue in this quality once I get the new editing software :D
Joe Robinson (5 years ago)
the quality in the videos is so much better. good vid :D
PrepareToKawaii (5 years ago)
Are the videos better quality you's think?
PrepareToKawaii (5 years ago)
Yeah, everyone came and watched you take a shit xD
PrepareToKawaii (5 years ago)
Lol, oh well. I had to go half way through.
PrepareToKawaii (5 years ago)
Yesh :(
ekuL (5 years ago)
Aww! I JUST logged out when i saw the ad
MrGrubby (5 years ago)
DAMN is this the party i missed? Barry B

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