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WELCOME TO EPISODE 2 OF THE FARTLANDS! Enjoyed the video? Support us by leaving a LIKE and consider SUBSCRIBING! Previous video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pwctW_xVAsg ►SERVER IP: play.itsjerryandharry.com ►Main channel: http://youtube.com/itsjerryandharry ►Facebook: http://facebook.com/ItsJerryAndHarry ►Twitter: http://twitter.com/JerryAndHarry Other channels in this video: -Saul: http://youtube.com/saul1337ftw -Potato: http://youtube.com/thepwnagepotato ===CREDITS=== ►Music and sound effects from: Monstercat: Rogue - Adventure Time http://incompetech.com/ http://audiomicro.com/ Neil Cicierga - Brodyquest Intro animation made by Sinabixx
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Text Comments (1475)
Amethyst Gamer (2 days ago)
My face is better *cause it’s a poop face*
Globbin Boopin (1 month ago)
Potato are too many potatos
The P!nkDuck (2 months ago)
i wonder what the censored thing wus
Arceus Man (2 months ago)
5:45 who made that someone kick him I am a kid!!!!!!
Chaos Chicken - fur (2 months ago)
Q: Why do you like farts?
Skillx17YT (3 months ago)
If I had to eat at one restaurant it would be the Cheesecake Factory (yes, this is a restaurant.)
Lucas Gabriel (3 months ago)
I got MCPE and i should try building your original self statues
Adam Daniel09 (3 months ago)
hey jerry what is you hobby????
Amile Turner (4 months ago)
this is a question for Harry and Jerry can you please do more fart lands videos I'm a big fan PS this my mom's profile
Dovis Wazzup (5 months ago)
Omg didn't needed to say bb because if you say it, it means like this in our country byby and this means dick :D
CHAMPION Ryan (6 months ago)
is it weird I can't smell my or anyone else's farts?
clash royale games (6 months ago)
i live in the netherlands
HowYaDoin GUYS (6 months ago)
I'm dutch🇳🇱
Joela Catahan (6 months ago)
Build a john cena pleeese?!?!!!!!!?
Error Sans404 (6 months ago)
I I I Hackerz I I I (6 months ago)
kivz espi (6 months ago)
Can you make your favor block PLS DO IT PLS PLS PLS
Saul endless laugh
Kentzo Ar (7 months ago)
Build a alphabet OK :-)
Kentzo Ar (7 months ago)
Adam Jeremie (7 months ago)
i play 2 games Warface and TeamFortress2
Dave De Castro (7 months ago)
Do you poop on your pants
Skullbones 98 (7 months ago)
Omg I watched this 3 years ago the memories I love you guys thank you for helping me to be confident with myself ❤️👍🏻
Rong Yu (7 months ago)
Is a girl or a boy
Nicolas the ps100 (8 months ago)
Build a big poop and a big noob head in episode 300
Sun Shine (8 months ago)
Question: imagine if you fly with farting...
Sun Shine (8 months ago)
If you could poop WIN 1M DOLLARS :DD Give a like my comment
SAUL 1337
SAUL 1237
SO FUNNY 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
SAUL 1237
Grace å Freja (9 months ago)
can u PLEASE try to speak swedish in a video? it should be sooo funny hahsha😂
joendhyka ichsan (9 months ago)
Do you like a
The LastMan (9 months ago)
pwnage potato is funny
Emmanuel Lapiz (10 months ago)
When you die do you come back
Mirosław Dawid (10 months ago)
minecraft is perfect game
Jose Marie Bernabe (10 months ago)
Build a statue of yourselfs farting and pooping
Dragon Monster666 (10 months ago)
Mr Ray (10 months ago)
Build a pooping bus
Marshall Corgard (10 months ago)
At 8:03 look at potatoes build
Blackhole S5 001481 (11 months ago)
8:56 i would fart and get up back xd
the console thing at 11:06 was also my first game i ever played!
Ainsley Nguyễn (11 months ago)
Jerry and Harry can you build your favorite things or food or someone?
Silvia Morales (11 months ago)
or ugly
Lord Sauron (11 months ago)
I like turtles.
CF Taco (11 months ago)
I Can Danish, try to read ok, haj alle sammen mit navn er CFTaco og jeg er fra Danmark
Vision 63AMG (11 months ago)
pls make a comeback to fartlandssss
Yeti Rochayati (11 months ago)
Hassle more like a**hole. JerryVsHarry
Marvine Kimberly (11 months ago)
how old are you??
Te Boaza (11 months ago)
if you are a dog what would you do....
SilentWolf (11 months ago)
8:19 funniest part
SilentWolf (11 months ago)
along with 0:00
SilentWolf (11 months ago)
CHALLENGE MAN (11 months ago)
Fogo De Choa has healthy stuff and good meat
Joan Luna (11 months ago)
Joan Luna (11 months ago)
You're fart is Green
Enderman (11 months ago)
did you play clash royale and why you don't show you real face
Peaches111908 (11 months ago)
Q:can u fart in fartLands?
Reymond Mendoza (11 months ago)
build a anoyingcat
faris channel (11 months ago)
@jerryvsharry face reveal plz
Maui Tecson (11 months ago)
its art to fart
Lucas Zillig (1 year ago)
You Are not so good danish
Aaron Brusas (1 year ago)
David Brown (1 year ago)
Dicks are good
Fling Gonza (1 year ago)
anyone who unsubscribed jerryAndHarry (their main channel)becuse of mc vs rl then look back at how many episodes their are
Richie Ccl (1 year ago)
i do sniff my fart
Ree Reimers (1 year ago)
where I live there is a Walmart with Macdonald's inside of it
Ree Reimers (1 year ago)
where I live there is a Walmart with Macdonald's inside of it
Jeffrey Abarcar (1 year ago)
Harry is so nice to you Jerry :)
Q.Can u make mah statue
Gien Gaspar (1 year ago)
haha so funny
Im A Potato (1 year ago)
Do you know that BB or BIBI kinda means dick in my language?
AmadGamer HD (11 months ago)
AmadGamer HD (11 months ago)
Mustache Boy no. What count ry r u in
Make JerryBrine!!!
Tepacety (1 year ago)
8:03 potato = illuminati confirmed!!!
anime maker (1 year ago)
that bunny ears are soooooo cute😊😊😊😊
anime maker (1 year ago)
that bunny ears are sooooo cute😊😊😊😊
Ana Helena Tongol (1 year ago)
I died when Saul laughed
Gray DrawTube (1 year ago)
corret or worng
Gray DrawTube (1 year ago)
Minion KevinYT (1 year ago)
My favourites: 1. Potato. 2. Harry 3. Jerry 4. Saul BTW lol u said beer
I am from danmark. God work!
Cy gaming wong (1 year ago)
8:03 potato's head
farex (1 year ago)
Q : if do you have a pet, what that could be??
it's your homie Roku (1 year ago)
fartlands is funny
Daniel Bianzon (1 year ago)
Build Dr. Bob too!! Dr. Bob: BOK BOK BOK #### BOK BOK #### ### ######### BOK BOK!!! 🐓🐓🐓🐓🐔🐔🐔
joshhancely me (1 year ago)
Kaizo Mario maker (1 year ago)
Le premier jeu auquel j'ai joué s'appelle "SSX" (Je parle du premier SSX qui est sortit en 2000 sur la PS2).
jery (1 year ago)
If you look at 8:03 you can see that PwnagePotato's character looks like an alien
IceMasterYT _197 (1 year ago)
Q. Who has the biggest ass
YT server Yes No ?
Skillx17YT (1 year ago)
5:45 rip headphone users
LPS - Hevostyttö (1 year ago)
Skillx17YT 5:44
Joakim Hansen (1 year ago)
Hej Danmark jeg kan tale dansk ahhhahah
Folkert Veenstra (1 year ago)
mr.creeper mante (1 year ago)
do you play minecraft pocket edition ever scines
maria Mandujano (1 year ago)
Do star wars what you will look like
whatthehai is busy
Christina Scruggs (1 year ago)
build a fucker

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