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MTG - Is it worth it to buy Masters 25 for Magic: The Gathering?

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The greatest, best magic: The Gathering Booster Box Game I ever played was this Masters set here: https://youtu.be/BOXFJELzYVo See Top 4 Best Deck Boxes For Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon, and Standard Sized Trading Card Games Here: https://youtu.be/O4w0gi1h2xo Pick up a Battle Deck of your choice for only $9.99 by going to http://www.cardkingdom.com/TCC and see my review on them here: Check out BATTLE Decks and my review here: https://youtu.be/8vYRylzo5gM Tolarian Community College is brought to you by Card Kingdom! You can support The Professor just by checking out their store through this link: http://www.cardkingdom.com/TCC TCC Shirts! Playmats! - http://www.tolariancommunitycollege.com/ Or you can support me directly over at Patreon -https://www.patreon.com/tolariancommunitycollege Twitter: https://twitter.com/TolarianCollege FaceBook: https://www.facebook.com/TolarianCommunityCollege Come hang out and play Magic with me on Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/tolariancommunitycollege Music Courtesy Of: "Vintage Education" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ "Jellyfish In Space" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ "The Builder" Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ Many Magic The Gathering players ask the question, Is it worth it to buy Masters 25? Masters 25 is the latest Masters set, coinciding with Magic’s 25th Anniversary, it seeks to contain cards from across Magic’s 25 year history, including cards from every set, with an emphasis on nostalgia as well as the usual Masters aims of providing needed reprints, all while maintaining an enjoyable draft environment. But like all Masters sets, it still carries with it the higher than usual MSRP of 9.99, and with a higher price come higher customer expectations. Masters 25 boasts big, but does the end product swing in for a critical hit, or fizzle out when opened? Let’s take a look. Masters sets have always been designed with two primary goals: a great draft experience, and providing needed reprints for formats like Modern, and to a lesser extend Legacy and Commander. These goals however have often been competing with one another, with the requirements of a balanced draft environment often being the reason that unneeded reprints have made up the bulk of the cards in these sets. With Masters 25, the added goal of a nostalgia set puts even more strain on this product, and this review with examine each of these elements to see how well they have been accomplished.
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Michael Terrasas (4 days ago)
I'm new to magic, thank you for this video. I live in fort drum so its hard to find magic on base or cards at the commissary so i went on amazon.com to buy them instead. there is a local card store here but it doesn't have that great of a collection. Question: I started collecting cards from Ixalan, rivals, domnaria and core 19. is there a booster pack what is more for building deck support. like manna reeling, and cards that focus on the mechanics of the theme of your deck?
Harrison Wilcox (6 days ago)
I pulled both Tree of Redemption and Jace. So I'm pretty happy with it.
Deágol Schmiggins (13 days ago)
Local walmart had M25 listed under the Unstable price tag. Talk about buying $90 worth for $30.
InfernoBoy8 (21 days ago)
Wow... Am I the only one who thinks Tree Of Redemption is a decent card?
Chris Campbell (25 days ago)
My dad got a random 25 pack and we got chalice of the void
Flickstro (29 days ago)
I played a M25 league at my LGS, which was incredibly fun! Aside from that, with Core 19 in standard right now, a good section of the cards there are now Standard legal! I'd be down for some more box sealed just for that! If you have the means to buy a box and do a draft or sealed match against friends, go for it! Even if you come out disappointed, you'll still have some standard staples to move forward with!
baerleon (1 month ago)
I’m seeing boxes selling for about $200, and I can’t rationalize paying almost three times what some other boxes cost me for 24 instead of 36 packs and a bunch of cards I have no use for. I still can’t understand the point of this set.
Thomas Bisson (1 month ago)
Want to buy a box of Magic The Gathering 25 Anniversary.Go to Ebay Item number 192594260055
Tamashī (1 month ago)
Obliterater is in this set. That is all I needed. Heh...
Leaf (2 months ago)
where are the cards that should actually be reprinted like Power 9 and dual lands, can't even play the game without spending like $50,000.
matt thomas (2 months ago)
hi im new to your channel but i must say you make liking magic better imo.
Thunderbolt Gamer (2 months ago)
I'm lucky then I pulled 7 Mythics
Gregoryegory20 (3 months ago)
Honestly I’m upset that ugin wasn’t reprinted I wanted him in iconic masters where he would have fit in perfectly with draft and added enough value to make the set worth it and I figured he hadn’t been put in there so he could be in m25 but now I expect him to be wasted on a bad set to promote it like how they wouldn’t reprint doubling season so they could promote a set nobody really cares too much about like battlebond
carlos silva (3 months ago)
For me it is an A, because I pulled a Jace from 1 :)
Marc Klein (4 months ago)
Even factoring in the fact that I only needed like 10% - 15% of the cards in this set and a majority of them are the upper cost tier, this set is worthless to me. I refuse to spend more than the cost of 2 packs on one, where I will likely get little to nothing I actually need, can't afford to draft nor find people to draft with, and the singles I DO need are still overpriced due to the cost of the packs in general and demand. I will never own a Jace, the Mind Sculptor I suppose.
Sean Chandler (4 months ago)
Worst set ever I even refused to buy and or draft it was so bad
8000 army 248 (4 months ago)
Robert Lynn (4 months ago)
First time viewing your channel. What a great review! You're well spoken and this was very informative...and I feel a little crappy after just picking up my case of masters (I buy a case of every set) from my local shop. With that said, I have only one gripe about your video. The advertisement in the middle was annoying. But, otherwise, video is a 10/10. Really enjoyed it.
Glad you liked the video, and welcome to the channel! :)
Stephen Konefal (4 months ago)
This is one of my favorite draft formats in a long while. That is the most positive thing I can say about Masters 25.
Daniel Druziki (4 months ago)
I'm so happy to get this knowledge, thanks ; )
Grich L (5 months ago)
I don't know why, but I feel like packs were almost always $9.99 in the 90s.
SH18 (5 months ago)
Packs at even $4 dollars are hard to afford, kids 11-15 hell no they probably would only be able to get 5-10 packs a month or young adults 15-18 working minimum wage even would have a hard time buying even a box per month, so $10 dollars a pack ???? yeah leave that to the people who own shops or the guys who play in magic tournaments. The average consumer who makes less than 35k a year also views $4 dollars a pack incredibly high and won't buy cards, we livin in hard times, and that's where I think a lot of people quit playing magic because the price is just not worth it and lol $10 bucks a pack nobody gonna be buying at those prices.
Luke T (5 months ago)
Nice meme, WOTC, I'll just stick with my singles
Strato Incendus (5 months ago)
Thanks, finally! I hope now more players will wake up to this scam.
Max Gray (5 months ago)
I wish they would stop spoiling cards before they come out.
Nicholas Simonin (5 months ago)
Is give it a c- Tree of redemption was a horrible choice, ask for snapcaster mage or know someone who works for Wizard and it's because snapcaster was just released in one of the previous Masters watching other videos of this box opening cracking a Jace is a lot harder than cracking another expensive Mythic you're most likely going to crack one of the other mythics than Jace ,one out every four boxes of Jace is in
Peyton Swartzell (5 months ago)
its pretty sad the details of the watermark and such would have been so nice on cards that actually warranted a $10 booster price
Diego Weikum (5 months ago)
lol i told my brother this and then he pulled a foil chalice of the void
KarlRoloff69 (5 months ago)
Agree with everything he said except I would give it an F, mainly because how WotC hyped it to be something people would love. If this was 4 bucks a pack it'd be great. If they had more staples, I would not feel bad paying $10.00 per pack. WotC missed on both counts. I won't buy 1 pack.
Ben Hoogendyk (5 months ago)
Can you make a vid on if it’s worth it to buy the second sun UW control challenger deck
GreywolfStudios74 (5 months ago)
Fuck $10 a pack....period
C4pt4in myst1c (5 months ago)
I like masters 25 because I think that the cards are good to play with. My grade is B+ or A-
Kinuhbud (5 months ago)
The hell... I understand they care about drafting, but how about they concern themselves with print quality and just give us our damn reprints!
Dave Martin (5 months ago)
I played a draft ($35 USD, with moderate prize support) on a Friday night. A pleasant enough draft experience. Too bad the prizes were more M25 boosters.
keaton256 (5 months ago)
It's all about financial worthwhile for me so all masters sets get an auto F until they price them normally at $4 a pack. Masters sets have always been a wasted release for me when they could be spent on something fun or interesting like un or making a pve product similar to the world of Warcraft tcg raid decks but with rules to govern autopilot so we can sit down, draft some decks then throw them against a mutual threat. I'm aware of horde magic but would like something with a bit more depth... Like a magic dungeon crawler.
Cameron Wise-Maas (5 months ago)
Sure, don't buy it if you just want value. Duh. Anyone that just buys and cracks boosters trying to put together a deck (outside of limited ofc) is a fool. Don't see why the sky is falling for some people. WotC didn't even DO masters sets a few years ago and everything went just fine. the core product has always been the quarterly expansions, everything else is just assuagement of the price of competitive play. Masters sets in no way make competitive play worse, at worst they just fail to improve it as much as some people want. If you don't like them don't buy them. Simple.
ericcornish1983 (5 months ago)
It's all just greed my friend, WOTC and hasbro are insanely greedy and only care about the money, they don't give a shit about the community and the players they just want their money when it comes down to it, they also sell packs of masters and boxes of masters to keep the buy in or entry price of the game high, this way wizards gets their money either eay it's a win win for them and as well they sell it to some elitist pricks in retail stores who blow a shit ton of money ahem.. Starcity games and crack the packs for their singles cases in store which then they go an jack the price up and sell the card for double of what it's going for.. God i miss price guide magazine's like scrye or inquest, magic needs a definitive printed source once again which will help to dictate the value of the rare cards just to keep everything at fair prices and not some shop owner's gouging the player's, example of this is there are two game stores nearby where i live, one will sell a newer card from a set that was just released for a relatively decent and affordable price and the other store sells the same friggin card for double sometimes even triple of what they're actually going for. What the hell is wrong with this picture. People should demand wizards or a third party company create a printed medium with all the card prices, this way no get ripped off or gouged.
M4GNUMOPUS (5 months ago)
hi starving art student here, would love to crack a booster pack from masters 25 but i cant afford the price so no dice
LaBass666 (5 months ago)
For me this set is a big huge F, I have drafted it thrice so far, there are no archetypes, no themes for draft, nothing, just pick 2 colours and play random creatures, its boring as hell I would recommend just drafting rivals instead of this garbage fire
Roy Simmons (5 months ago)
I give masters 25 a 5 out of 10. It's a pleasurable drafting experience and welcome the lack of certain ways to construct a deck. I mean there's the rat deck if you're lucky enough to catch a rat catcher. I would never buy loose packs of this set. I would only ever draft so I agree with the professor on many things. This set is a disapointment overall.
Zeviander (5 months ago)
They could have gone all out for such an important anniversary in Magic's history, and created a monster of a draft set with all the greatest cards ever printed... but they decided that another whimper of a set was a better decision financially for them.
Jake Thompson (5 months ago)
I drafted the set on release day and loved it, being able to draft a Jund living death deck with a bunch of landcycling creatures, strong removal, protean hulk and Prossh. Super fun draft, and it really did feel like I opened and built an archetype. My opponents did not seem to enjoy their decks as much, though, as their outward expression exuded "meh." I bought a box (at 180, not 240) to draft with my friends so while my single draft experience was great, I will have to wait and see (later this week, which is when we are actually all able to get together) if a whole box will be able to satisfy a full draft pod in the same way. Hopefully it does, but I am worried that it will not. Hopefully I don't get hosed on the box, too, though that is very likely, as the only reason I wasn't hosed in my draft value-wise was because I opened the value in my prize packs. I feel bad for anyone who went 0-3.
PsychicDragon (5 months ago)
I think that the draft format is very versatile within this set. Having a card from each set melds together every draft ever in a small way. Yes, the price may not be worth it, but doesn’t it only matter if you enjoy the experience? If you do pull a JTMS, then that’s great! But don’t just buy the box in hopes of getting the card. Buy the set to have fun and fulfill your happiness. If it were me, I would buy the box and hold a draft in a cube-esque manner. So you get the draft experience but you still get to enjoy the draft. Well that’s just my opinion.
Matt S (5 months ago)
Alan Donoho (6 months ago)
Bought a box of this and pulled both a Jace and an Imperial Recruiter, but I realize that was very lucky. Liked the video
Divock (6 months ago)
I'm glad you're so harsh on this product because I too am sick of masters sets costing 10 dollars a pack
Brandon Crosby (6 months ago)
Decisions like what Wizards has with Masters 25 is the reason i won't buy packs anymore. Only buy singles, at least you get the card you want. I bought six Masters 25 packs knowing I had a very small chance to break even but I didn't realize i would only get 5% of what I paid for the packs at best. DO NOT BUY THESE PACKS!!!!
Joshua S. (6 months ago)
This is the only video from this lovely channel that I don't want to watch ‘cause I know the fxxking answer without looking at the content of the video!!!
Roman Warrior (6 months ago)
What is better, iconic masters or master 25?
Tupiaz (6 months ago)
I only want to buy this product in a draft (and it should be a discounted version) so since I won't buy the product the product has failed it purpose which is first and foremost to be sold. Today I'm in a good mode so I will give this box a D. A C is way to generous especially with the comments including here. I can only speculate as to way it is grated so high but it doesn't make a lot of sense to me.
Joe Long (6 months ago)
My brother bought a box, and we hope to draft with some people, but when we went to pick it up at our store, the store opened a few minutes before, and they already had sold 6 boxes in minutes.
Kien Truong (6 months ago)
I have givin up on regular magic I made an unstable cube and I've had the most fun playing magic I've ever had after five+ years
Pablo Fallas (6 months ago)
I want a booster box game ! :)
Pablo Fallas (6 months ago)
I agree with you, this set sucks!
Everythang Bytes (6 months ago)
xmage recks magic
Despite the fact that I agree what the Professor said about the MTG Masters 25, It's expensive but it worth to buy one and to save for... idk 20 years, it would increase the value (like investment) because I don't have plans to open/crack the Box, so... any opinions ??
Sven Bardos (6 months ago)
Proxy is your friend. What's the point of $1000 decks? As long as I can't order any card from WotC for let's say $0.30 I play proxies. F**** secondary market, f*** tournaments for rich people only.
Manoel Afonso (6 months ago)
I'm a Brazilian teenager and I confess that here is even more expensive than in U.S. and I agree with every single word that you said...
Jon Doe (6 months ago)
For 25 years of being around what a massive disappointment from WoTC.
U.Men (6 months ago)
haha,just 3 valuable myhics,and 6 rares and 7 uncommons dont let me buy this box for this insane price. Very good Video.I wait for Dominaria.
Sheriff K (6 months ago)
Why do they focus on Draft for Masters Sets though? While cool, I don't think most of the consumers want to Draft it, but rather get needed reprints instead. Maybe if they didn't have Mythics, and value was more guaranteed, or if they didn't price what's basically a Supplemental Product as a "Premium" one (spoiler: it isn't anymore, not with THOSE printruns..,) then maybe players would be inclined TO draft it..
Bill Jensen (6 months ago)
The C rating seems a little generous to me actually.
Edward Aaron (6 months ago)
it can't be because of the value of cards surely . wotc have promised they don't pay attention to the secondary market.
Edward Aaron (6 months ago)
are you very rich? do you already own a yatch? if yet, please buy these £10 core set packs.
Adam Wallis (6 months ago)
This product is god awful. I decided to rather play phantom drafts on mtgo than pay the additional money to keep the cards. Even then I only did it once because the set felt awful to play
Erik Wright (6 months ago)
Me and my friends draft every set when it comes out and have for a while, masters sets included. We drafted masters 25 this past sunday and it was a pretty good draft. The masters sets tend to be decent draft experiences all the time. I agree 100% that unless you are drafting don't buy this set though. I find a lot of people hate sets that people have criticisms about first off especially on the internet. I would draft this set again and be happy with pulling mediocre cards as long as the drafting doesn't drop. Depends what you are looking for i guess.
JohnSmithKing (6 months ago)
I love cracking packs and I see all the 15 cards to be somewhat useful in a way. I know I’ll lose money but well it’s part of the fun as long if you only risk what you can afford to lose I think it’s OK.
Chris (6 months ago)
Teifling (6 months ago)
Too bad a draft would cost me $45. On that budget I can build 2-3 budget Commander decks, 3-4 budget pauper decks, 1-2 budget Modern decks or buy 2 prerelease kits from the block of my choice sans Return to Ravnica. I wouldn't mind drafting this and I get the feeling the psuedodraft archetypes is supposed to bring back feels of the eary days when sets had loads of "do these even work together?" Cards. That price tag keepa me away and just proves that WotC does have a hand in driving the secondary market despite what they say about it.
Jean-François Normand (6 months ago)
I stop playing Magic 4 months ago, when the spoiler of Iconic Master was out, I just think It was the good moment to stop playing. Master 25 look very much the same of Iconic Master, and I think those 2 sets would have been great for 3,99 a pack, I mean, why bother to buy packs if most of the cards worth nothing.
roguedeath98 (6 months ago)
Last MTG product i bought was planechase anthology, because it was like buying a board game. The hobby has priced me out. I hardly pay attention to it and am back playing DnD
david Arbour (6 months ago)
i draft at my lgs with 2 friends i got cascade bluff - rugged prairie - reef worm but yeah the play and making a deck was terrible nobody seems to have good cards...
VSVadeSatana (6 months ago)
Master Boxes need to be 36 packs and $6-8 per pack and keep the extra foil in every pack. It would save the vaule and since they don't supposedly care about secondary market, then it shouldn't hurt the bottom line that wizards makes on them. Also fix the damn card quality.
Jay Jarrett (6 months ago)
Great research and presentation. Thanks as always for your thoughtful presentation of these points.
samsong555 (6 months ago)
I agree with you, great video :)
Jack Myers-Lowe (6 months ago)
You've hit the nail right on the head! They need to choose between the secondary market and draft. These packs aren't even close to memorable or worth the $10 price tag and lets not forget this was supposed to celebrate 25 years of glorious Magic! Their choices for some of Magics most iconic sets, such as Innistrad, were weak. Snapcaster, Karn, Bloom tender, land tax, cavern of souls, doubling season, Exquisite blood and many other over priced, under printed card could have went into making a more memorable reminder of Magic's history.
Flaming0 (6 months ago)
I'm young, and I have to say that $10 a pack is crazy. $10 a pack will empty my pocket in 2 seconds. I want to get into MTG but I'm definetley not playing standard.
Spartacus547 (6 months ago)
No one is going to play in a 35$ FNM draft, other than the pros and some Richie's out there, it's going to be very light in the card shops on Friday
Ace n (6 months ago)
Hi I really enjoy your videos. Are you planning to do a masters25 booster box game?
Amlorian Dee (6 months ago)
This has to be the worst yet and that's saying a lot. This is not even worth the regular price of a booster/booster box. Wait, what? Grade C? Come on, if this garbage gets a C what product gets a D or even an E?
masterdmcx (6 months ago)
While I agree with most of your points, I disagree with your grade for "nostalgia". This set is a clear and heavy "F" in all aspects but for drafting! The EV alone shows that this release was a failure, the reprint selection only confirms how disconnected Wizards has become with its community. The card inclusions, while arguably "acceptable" to some, are completely unacceptable to me, because potential inclusions from all of Magics' sets were screened for a draft environment, and while a large number of Magics' nostalgia cards have little to no synergy or use in a draft environment, I would rather see value and 'actual' nostalgia rather than pander to a premium draft environment that obviously fails as this one has. And even though I can't just grab a pitchfork and start witch-hunting as many have already come to do, I will say that someone(s) out there "evaluated" this set for release, and whether it be one or many, they have mostly definitely failed at their job. The set is a disaster as you have said; the MSRP is too high, the reprint selection has been questionable, the draft environment is subpar, the reprints are mostly for scare cards that will hold little to no value, and worst of all, the release of Masters 25 just goes to show the dire situation Wizards has going on internally at the moment. This is purely my opinion, but SOMETHING needs to change INTERNALLY for Wizards, because Mark R. even mentioned that having the tree be put as mythic AND representing Innistrad was a last minute inclusion. Like, what the fuck? I appreciate the transparency, but this is something I can't even comprehend. At this point, its so hard not to witch hunt, and worst of all, Wizards probably won't even fire or change anything or anyone unless it realizes that this is a problem with itself, rather than simply just a 'set' full of mistakes.
bruisermoore (6 months ago)
I opened one of the best boxes I could’ve hoped for and barely broke even on value with the $180 I paid. Jace Ensnaring Bridge V. Clique Fetid Heath Flooded Grove Twilight Mire Foil Summoner’s Pact Foil Ash Barrens That’s pretty much it. If I had gotten any other mythic besides Jace it would’ve been a disaster. Imagine if WOTC hadn’t unbanned him, this set would be an even bigger dumpster fire, and that’s exactly why they did.
Colossus Co. (6 months ago)
absolutely agree, theres no reason that this should be 10 bucks a pack. and theres no reason not to reprint staples more often, i haven't bought sealed product in a long time and this is a reason why.
john doe (6 months ago)
Nope ^^
Evan W. (6 months ago)
Hey everyone Immortals Inc. in Rocky River Ohio is trying to start out pauper on Thursday 7-9. Check them out on Facebook.
MadMage86 (6 months ago)
I really wish Wizards would get off the draft bullshit. I HATE draft, and I despise that draft is the focus of any new set, rather than constructed play.
Eric Payne (6 months ago)
I seen someone pull both a foil Asuza and a jace out of the same pack, had to take a picture lol. I ended up pulling a blood moon and a chalice of the void out of the 5 packs ive bought so far
Géraud Broussaud (6 months ago)
I totally agree with you, especially regarding the price ! I think the choice of the cards included would have been totally acceptable and even enjoyable in a conspiracy set fox example, and at e regular price. (I personnaly love that they reprinted living wish ;-) because I really enjoyed playing that card back in the day, I would like to use it again ). acutally a see anumber of cards that did need a reprint : it's good to crack open a dark ritual again or a pernicious deed or a vindicate, but not at that price. I totally agree that it sends a very bad message to the people as Magic being an elite game targeted at those who have a wallet fat enough to afford such prices. it seems like the people who design these sets and set the price live in a parrallel world.
Michael Lapalme (6 months ago)
Street WRAITH, english professor, not Wrath....
kyle anon (6 months ago)
The only thing good about this set is the potential to get foils on cards that have never been foiled before, these are mostly commons and uncommons, which is mehhh....Just buy them afterwards I suppose, save yourself hundreds...
MrNavvy69 (6 months ago)
you ask a question when you know the answer. The price tag is so high because of the secondary market. I hope that they abandon masters sets when the core set comes back and just use that for reprints.
Brendon Smith (6 months ago)
As a player and store owner I can only agree with you, WoC has shown yet again that they lean towards filling their own pockets rather than designing sets and promo cards for the players. It is hard enough to convince players to play and buy at the local game shops competing against online suppliers without having to deal with these recent sets of overly week sets.
William Cricket (6 months ago)
Greed of the Coast
Gta 500 (6 months ago)
it looks like Masters 25 is pretty crappy and if the cards still curl there's no reason anyone should be buying any new sets until they fix the problem
Anthony Garcia (6 months ago)
Right on! I hit subscribe. You really hit the nail on the head here. A25 and too many previous Masters sets do not justify their premium price.
Remote Control (6 months ago)
hi professor im 11 and i would like to tell you a story i live in a christian house hold one day i went to school and meet my freinds they had these amazing cards with monsters and swamps as soon as i saw them i new i wanted them they showed me how to play this game after school i went to the mall and baught a angrath planeswalker deck i took them home my parents were horrefid when they saw these cards with graphic images they told me they dont want me playing this game i said so you dont want me using my brain they said no we dont want you to play because there graghic i said im not you i like what i like you like what you like the just gave me back the cards and said fine.
Brooks Northcutt (6 months ago)
Makes me glad I nabbed a box for $172 on TCGPlayer. Comes out to about $4.78 a pack, I believe.
Ian Darmetko (6 months ago)
Eh it's like a C- for me. Might even be a D+. Very disappointing set imo.
Kr4th (6 months ago)
Can we get another "IN RESPONSE" episode where one of the topics is the state of modern before and after masters25? i think it would be a good debate topic.
Orohu (6 months ago)
Do you have any particular thoughts on Pro Fit Edge inner sleeves? I saw them at my LGS, but want to see how much they cover of a card (mostly White-bordered cards of various sets, Silver-bordered cards, Amonkhet Invocations, and Unstable lands) before I commit.

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