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Minecraft Xbox - Ocean Den - Astronaut Training (39)

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Next episode - https://youtu.be/K7mKy2QzJbI Welcome to Ocean Den. In this series Sqaishey and I survive, explore and build in our ocean home. I hope you enjoy. Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEZiAg2bYC7mT_3kwdiy279lfvBn0sZSd Sqaishey's channel - https://www.youtube.com/sqaishey Twitter - @stampylongnose Facebook - www.facebook.com/stampylongnose
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Text Comments (1268)
Jake Ward (7 days ago)
Rachel Blakely (12 days ago)
#team stampy for life
Raisa Suprunchik (23 days ago)
Kira MacMillan (2 months ago)
The day you posted this was on my birthday🤗
Lolcraft281 (2 months ago)
Ahh the sea of cookies!
Lamborghini Steve XcX113 (3 months ago)
Thing I love about Stampy and Squaishey: 1 funny 2 exciting 3 fun 4 both animals 5 the best I love you Stampy and Squaishy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sophia Acord (3 months ago)
There's coca beans in the shop in the dyes chest
Katy Sumpter (3 months ago)
Please can you do space den!?(pleeeeaaaaase)
Animal Princess (3 months ago)
Roger Patrick (4 months ago)
# team stampy
Ava Moore (4 months ago)
The next den should be a Gar-den and you are trying to grow grass for the grass race
Bombboy3 (4 months ago)
Take me to your feeder!
birbs are cool (5 months ago)
"Wel done sr u done gud now u go" 😂
Super Seth 24 (5 months ago)
Omg I'm dead.. turned on subtitles and in the intro it said" Hello this is some guy!" Lol 😂
xxlemonjucxx the best (5 months ago)
Zoo den Bowling alley den Shark den
Steven Weldon (5 months ago)
gooo sqaishy
Steven Weldon (5 months ago)
omg sqaishy is wining
Corporeal Theatre (6 months ago)
CreativeGamer8 (6 months ago)
That's very astroNAUGHTY of you Stampy AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHA funny right? heh heh heh heh......... no? ok..... D:
Martha Marsden (6 months ago)
#team sqaishey
precious Nwaogu (6 months ago)
6:00 dat voice crack tho
Dr. Spider (7 months ago)
squishy cheated by bone ml her grass
How are you today? (7 months ago)
Oml its race to the moon all over again (only real fans know what I'm talking about)
Isabel Tesch (7 months ago)
Pilbara Wanderer (7 months ago)
Stampy could you do Space Den after Ocean Den
A guy on earth (7 months ago)
I'm Italian and I'm affended!!!
LuckyBlockYoshiYT (8 months ago)
Masihi Rain (8 months ago)
It's kinda funny when he says ;"I was in the room with u when you did it" in the one minute section
MoonshineO9 (8 months ago)
Go team sqaishey
Gillian Stevens (8 months ago)
Can u do more than one video a week
Camilla Correa (8 months ago)
did anyone notice that all the villagers are gone/despawned lol
Russ Orler (8 months ago)
@stampylonghead she is winning the race because her grass is being loaded and your side is not. You hung out at the space station all day and her grass took off. Minecraft doesnt load the entire world. Not even the entire render distance is loaded. You need to hang out on your half of the grass race to even have a hope of catching up this year. My suggestion, do something behind the windy dandylion and it will load your end of the race
Sad Adiwaskita (8 months ago)
Super cat! And Super duck
Sad Adiwaskita (8 months ago)
Your power
Beth Grbavac (8 months ago)
Grace Britten (8 months ago)
Who won the grass race in cave den
Nadine Caligagan (8 months ago)
John Doe (9 months ago)
squishy is a dumbass!! haha what a failure.. so stupid
Little Alex Mac (9 months ago)
Cam.-. Moore (9 months ago)
Team sqashiey and there should be SOMTHING called space den so you could launch ur rocket on the last episode to space den
Kathy Hatter (9 months ago)
Sqaishey at 3:10 your voice started to eco
Anniecat13 (9 months ago)
You unlocked the wool chest and got dye and for brown dye its cocoa beans so you could just use those :-)
maimaikoa (9 months ago)
Stampy is mario whoo hoo i likea fish
Mario Swapcade (9 months ago)
I want to be an astronaut so I LOVED this episode!
Lilelreido (9 months ago)
Do a space den
CheetoFilms (9 months ago)
1:09 the horse is eating the cake
i love london (9 months ago)
#teamsqaishey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! grass race 2017!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
KrEaToR SLS (9 months ago)
Sky PowerGirl (9 months ago)
i love that part 8:38 when squashey nod with head😂
Rosey crystal (9 months ago)
this channel never gets boring! keep up the amazing work!
Arfas Ashraf (9 months ago)
captions "hello this is some bee and welcome ........"
Paige Andrus (9 months ago)
The Pillow Palace (9 months ago)
#TeamStampy always :)
code cracker (9 months ago)
#team squishy
Lana Ibrahim (9 months ago)
Am i the only one who can't use the new boats? 😂😂😂
Cynthia Lemus (9 months ago)
Stampy that second one you build was to hard and you knew it
Djwaffles 1000 (9 months ago)
IsabellaTunes (9 months ago)
Probably they ran out of ideas on dens, and maybe since they are a lot of people saying we all want space den maybe stamps and squishy will do it. I really don't want the space dens to end! ;(
Jaydoes gaming (9 months ago)
Did anyone else see the horse eat the cake? 🐴🍰
Eduardo The31 (9 months ago)
Did you noticed he didn't collect the fish
Alex zander (9 months ago)
Andrew Sage (9 months ago)
remember to go bak to beatroot cave!!!!! episode 4 of ocunden.
Carl Person (9 months ago)
Isabella Gülen (9 months ago)
Stampy i just rileist that your tests have nuthing to do wiv space and bieing a astronot
9960761bedfordnhk12 (9 months ago)
stampy ive been watching u since i was 5! u get me through the tough times so thank you oh and ur also the first ever youtuber ive found
I love ocean sen
maru elizondo (9 months ago)
At 3:10 Sqiashy had a echo
Jen Labbe (9 months ago)
Lovebacon56 (9 months ago)
Everything in life is either a potato or isn't a potato. Just Stampy makes them into French fries. Thanks for making my sad life better. <3
Terri (9 months ago)
stampy when are you gonna fly the rocket?
SuperEddie Gaming (9 months ago)
I haven't watched your videos in ages because I haven't been into Minecraft for a while. I forgot now funny you 2 are.
SuperEddie Gaming (9 months ago)
You 2 are very astroNAUTY
Dora Ni (9 months ago)
Rainbow den should be next!
southlondonshrimper (9 months ago)
R2D2_oo2 (9 months ago)
if you are reading this have a great day!
King Kraft (9 months ago)
I GOT THE 1,000TH COMENT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jeana Doan (9 months ago)
.______________________________________. 🔫 Killer whale
Chris Coffield (9 months ago)
stampy is in frist place
Benjamin Piotrowki (9 months ago)
Stampy 10 of 10 Squish 6.5 of 10
Rosie Wamba (9 months ago)
I thought it was called Ocean den not space den
Suzy Applegate (9 months ago)
the mistile createive pixy is bigbstats
Suzy Applegate (9 months ago)
stampy at the end of ocean den you go in the roket to get to moon den
Ender Girl (9 months ago)
Today this happened 1. I woke up 2. Went outside 3. Saw Stampy 4. Hugged him 5. Then cried I'm joking this is the real order 2 3 4 1 5
AngryMonkey5000 :D (9 months ago)
adventure day plz😢😢😢 plz plz plz pls
Suzy Applegate (9 months ago)
stampy I said a week ago that your vids are boring and I thing they are getting better so I thing its the start to beat 50 million veiws
Alex Alez (9 months ago)
Why am i so happy right now?
Some Guy (9 months ago)
I am waiting on Ep. 40 :( It's Monday at 7:23 PM CST
JMD Films (9 months ago)
Your Commentary is very very amusing 😂
Pegasus Wings (9 months ago)
I see a space den in the future...
Eridris cheetah (9 months ago)
Stampy will win!!!!!!! #Stampyforthewin
stephen curry (9 months ago)
cyborgcabbage 1.0 (9 months ago)
how are there no negative comments? I don't understand this.
Hadassa M (9 months ago)
Make more roblox videos
Sqq da dude (9 months ago)
Play Minecraft Nintendo switch into a series on it
cookie playz (9 months ago)
it's a repeater not a comparator
Sandy xx (9 months ago)
"I was in the room when you were doing it..." That sounded.....not even gonna say....just a bit creepy if you know what I mean XD XD XD
Ainsley Kaigan (9 months ago)
Are yall dating
Arianna Alexander (9 months ago)
life is a pen stampys hilighter life drew the world but stampy made it brighter#stampy #cool

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