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I FINALLY UNLOCKED IT! Fortnite Battle Royale Season 4

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Today with the help of week 2’s challenges I finally unlocked the Omega Helmet In Fortnite! ❱ Subscribe & never miss a Video - http://bit.ly/LachlanSubscribe ❱ Second Channel - https://www.youtube.com/LachlanPlayz ❱ Follow me on: Twitter! https://twitter.com/LachlanYT Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/LachlanTV Instagram: http://instagram.com/Lachlan ❱ Friends in this video: ----- Music Supplied by MonsterCatMedia - https://www.youtube.com/user/monstercatmedia Incompetech - http://www.incompetech.com/
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Text Comments (3541)
HALO WARRIOR (1 day ago)
It's the skin I got omega yesterday
Gabrielle Rivera (1 day ago)
bruh i want you to play jake paul
Gabrielle Rivera (1 day ago)
bro your soo good
Cayden Doll (2 days ago)
owen Pettitt (2 days ago)
Lachlan is the best YouTube ever keep up the good work
NoobLings (4 days ago)
How do you get fortnite on pc?
*100* *100 (4 days ago)
Iron Man vibe? Omega is the villain of Season 4 Edit: His army is full of Diecast and Chromium soldiers
GD Floop (4 days ago)
Pin this Or I will unsub
Jack Bannon (5 days ago)
I did no shield challenge
Venomando (5 days ago)
How are you on level 55 and the helmet is 65
Aaron Norton (5 days ago)
Ur dank
abhi arora (5 days ago)
Great job
Inv1ctus (6 days ago)
You’re so good dude
Mando Gucci (6 days ago)
How did you know you get the helmed at 55 if it said 65 in challenges lol
jpeg . exe (6 days ago)
double pump in 2018???
Kath Amis (6 days ago)
omega giving me black panther vibes
Kath Amis (6 days ago)
why did he buy all the tears
DBSModz (7 days ago)
cjshaw1152 (7 days ago)
You can play very well Lachlan i love you
Pixel Games (7 days ago)
Headshot hacks 🖥🖥💻💻
La Grande shupitas (7 days ago)
You're better than that
Jackson Rosales (7 days ago)
Love it best fortnite player
Shauna Pendleton (7 days ago)
Hi I just subscribe
Jennie pritchard (7 days ago)
Filthy gameplay sir 😉
SHALAMI (8 days ago)
You used to be cool now u just care about the views
Sebastian Espina (8 days ago)
you ninja alia are pros it goes ninja alia lachlan myth and muselk
Riptik spider 444 (8 days ago)
25dam for a epic scar did they nerf it
Oh My Ordinary! (8 days ago)
Jonathan Randall (8 days ago)
another pussy exploiting the double pump
Deacon Endicott (8 days ago)
U mist a heavey
SIDEMEN LIFE (8 days ago)
Yo Fortnite gotta fix these 6’s and 9’s cause I’m pretty sure Lachlan hit so many headshots.
Benja vlogs (9 days ago)
Nice hair. 👌👍
Andrew Gossett (9 days ago)
do you want to know how many times the game has screwed me out of life due to not building? alot.
Fire Plane (9 days ago)
YES IM TIER 47 AND LEVEL 33 SOOO IM CLOSE EDIT: I will be near the end of battle pass
Jhonny Ramires (9 days ago)
u were u doing good tho
Jhonny Ramires (9 days ago)
think before u die
Taii Hilfiger (9 days ago)
Hey bro you should make a vid of all your wildest kills
Deity Bikes (9 days ago)
You mean you finally bought it..
Jeremiah Jones (9 days ago)
I think ur better then ninja
Old Man Jenkins (9 days ago)
I got a fortnite idea can you survive a launch pad from max hight
Nathan Angle (9 days ago)
if you want to be risky land risky reels
Austin Byers (9 days ago)
what is your kill record
aldogg21 (9 days ago)
Wait why do you upload the same video twice
SWIRLYYY-_ (9 days ago)
You were playing good but not smart( no hate ) You had 46 shield and there was a mini plus a big shield : p
Carson Poe (9 days ago)
You swapped a med kit
Rosie1020Rks (9 days ago)
I love your videos Lachy!! You and lots of other YouTubers have inspired me to make YouTube videos. I'm currently working so I can save up to get a $200 camcorder. Don't ever stop making YouTube videos I've been around since How To Minecraft season 1 and you have evolved so much.
Jordon Williams (9 days ago)
What a noob
Arvid Landholm (9 days ago)
Play random duos and troll little kids
Arvid Landholm (9 days ago)
Lachlan please do the no meds and shields challenge
The Multi Legends (9 days ago)
This is genji from overwatch
Jacek Ptasznik (9 days ago)
Great l
Victor Daicic walderyd (10 days ago)
Do fortnite on mobile challenge
Natan Progamer PL (10 days ago)
I have 20fps ):
Flashrad (10 days ago)
Yo how many shots tho nice win lachy next time make a video of you doing a challenge the one place challenge where you can only get loot at one house im sorry if you've already done this if yo have send link plz and yeah keep doing banger vids
Fruit Rybak (10 days ago)
Are you Australian?
spaceshipdallas xx (10 days ago)
Despacito Burrito (10 days ago)
Ion understand the trap with the chug jug bc if someone gets hit and survives it they have a chug jug to get to full health and shield🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️
spaceshipdallas xx (10 days ago)
Amber Potbury (10 days ago)
Here is a fact keep pressing r2 on chug and it will be done love u
John Nelson (10 days ago)
i got kills in tamatoe town in 3 rounds
Tobey Suter (10 days ago)
Can you play more with muselk
DLovett Gaming (10 days ago)
Lachlan I got a challenge self Rocket ride your self with crack crystals .Hope u see this @lachlan
Brisa Vlogs (10 days ago)
Nathan Lewis (10 days ago)
Younger Sweet (10 days ago)
Lachlan is a beast if you can try and do a calab with TSM myth
anayia cornileus (10 days ago)
the thanos will get you tons of views and subs
FLETCHER GAMING (10 days ago)
Your so good I just started watching you
Generallee 69dodge 01 (10 days ago)
LMG’S are overpowered
callumash price (10 days ago)
I love u Lachlan
Doge for life ? (10 days ago)
Play on Mobil
FORTNITE GOD (10 days ago)
Get the heavy u dummy faget
Awesomemaster 05 (10 days ago)
14.25 voice crack
Brave Cb (10 days ago)
5M congrats brother
Conner Clasper (10 days ago)
bro nice job man
Furious Ultra (10 days ago)
Can u make a video how to not make fortnite lag on pc
KingofxFire (10 days ago)
Squid Shit (10 days ago)
damn that hunting rifle kill did more dmg than a headshot with a pump 😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥😥
Nijale (10 days ago)
U finally bought it*
Rfftbh Fffftg (10 days ago)
Kalpana Choudhary (10 days ago)
Show blue omega complete outfit set
Gem Evelyn (10 days ago)
GJ for the 5 mil
Joey Bologna2008 (10 days ago)
The raven that you killed with your rpg was me!!!!!!
mull ei tõõta e (10 days ago)
U was so bad and now u are god
SCORCHEDFLIPS (11 days ago)
Yo Lachlan I’ve been watching you since forever congrats on 5mill I have supported you since the start Keep up the good work
ItzYaBoi Hooraz (11 days ago)
Get used to man it sucks.
Gustavo Paiva (11 days ago)
My birthday
Eli Steigenga (11 days ago)
Can’t get a rip in the chat
RaidGD Mr (11 days ago)
this happens to me to everytime
dark Ash Ketchum (11 days ago)
My boy Lachlan don't be triggered cause I will tell you this you are better at fortnite than I am
AntGaming (11 days ago)
Skin = skill
Jack (11 days ago)
You are my favroite you tuber ever
JustViggo NL (11 days ago)
Hmm I have a VERY NEW joke for you... PUBG
Emoji Gaming (11 days ago)
WheeledMule414 sent you a friend request
Bro Nex (11 days ago)
Do the no meds challenge u can’t use any meds the whole game u can get to to a 100 shield the no more
Ryan Little (11 days ago)
Do a port of fort only challenge
madden games and more (11 days ago)
Did anyone see him at the end hit him for nines and 8s with the pump
L7_BROKEN (11 days ago)
How do u get that emblem
ItzYaBoi Hooraz (11 days ago)
Matthew Blackham (11 days ago)
your hair is fresh
Spider Mc (11 days ago)
I miss the How to Minecraft series, still remember Lachlan used to be have the most deaths in the game

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