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Minecraft Fortnite in Minecraft+Download

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Download https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jTM9h9edqIw Hey guys and today we will be playing some fortnite in Minecraft. This is an exact replica of Fortnite. This map has various places that are in Fortnite in Minecraft. This maps contains areas such as Loot Lake ,Titled Towers, and more. In this video I play Fortnite in Minecraft for the first time. This Fornite in Minecraft map was Made by Havoc Ins4nity and I am proud to be playing this Fortnite in Minecraft map by Clicking on the link above and it will take you to his Fortnite in Minecraft video and the Download will be in the description of His Fortnite in Minecraft video. If you want to come and check out the Fortnite in Minecraft map and can't download it I will be hosting this Fortnite in Minecraft map on my Fortnite in Minecraft Realm so make sure to come and check out the Fortnite in Minecraft map on my Realm. Buy Realms/Servers https://supershiftery.weebly.com/buy-exclusive-maps.html Order Modded Accounts http://supershiftery.weebly.com/ WHATS DOWN THERE? ;) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LINKS: Discord https://discord.gg/MnqG5Z3 Twitter: https://twitter.com/supershiftery Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/supershiftery/ Soundcloud https://soundcloud.com/camerons-walkthroughs Xbox 360/One GT: Supershiftery1 Map Download: (Link) -Optional based on video. (Thanks for Watching and keep gaming.) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- My Graphic Designer Twitter https://twitter.com/ParallexFx?s=09 YouTube https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCSONdP-hrgXMEm8nnYwUjBA ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Text Comments (70)
Supershiftery (7 months ago)
Here is My Discord If you Want To Talk To Me I always Respond https://discordapp.com/invite/MnqG5Z3
Chelle L. (5 months ago)
Supershifte good job on making this fortnite place
Cosmicstar 101 (7 months ago)
Supershiftery I've asked but people keep giving me the wrong realm code
Cosmicstar 101 (7 months ago)
Supershiftery How do I join the realm
Kay Jansen (2 months ago)
This is a very shit map
Songboy50/ Roblox (3 months ago)
wtf is this shit?
Orlando Evans (4 months ago)
its sad that u play minecraft still
Cane Caldo (4 months ago)
Hey bro. Try to use Flans mod to play this map
SШIҒT_ҜILLΣR-HD (4 months ago)
Ouuu the skin textures are dope asff niceee
Oscarin El Hypster (5 months ago)
Kendry _Jose (5 months ago)
what's the skin pack
Supershiftery (5 months ago)
my skin is in battle and the beast 2
playergamer10 & knuckles (6 months ago)
It doesn't work i cant play it
DaDo (6 months ago)
Why is soo small? I want a BIG map T_T
AlexPlayz06 (7 months ago)
hey, i tryed you fortnite map on windows 10, but it wont let me invite people, is there a fix for that?
Yep this map is dope
ItsJustGaming (7 months ago)
hold on.... moisty falls????
Supershiftery (7 months ago)
You haven’t heard of that new area in fortnite my guy just released in the new update lol
CamKap (7 months ago)
Whats the Realm server IP?
CamKap (7 months ago)
I know thats dope that you built this but Trying to play it I cant wait till someone build the whole map! :D
HAVOC INS4NITY (7 months ago)
It's a map up for download on my channel ;)
Tricky thats my boi! (7 months ago)
U get ad revenue now......cool
Homermine 2.0 (7 months ago)
How to convert map mcpe for xbox
jacob Patterson (7 months ago)
Hey can u make a gta for bedrock edition
Technozeros (7 months ago)
jacob Patterson we might ;)
KritiqX (7 months ago)
What potion is the boogie bomb plz I wanna know
FortNite With EExtra (7 months ago)
U should Make a save the world fortnite game and v bucks should be donar
HAVOC INS4NITY (7 months ago)
I bet you will lmao
Supershiftery (7 months ago)
TheWeirdOne1SOu1 that sounds cool I might take you up on that offer
HAVOC INS4NITY (7 months ago)
Good idea
SUNNY STUDIOS FAN 1 (7 months ago)
I was in this match!!!!
CamKap (7 months ago)
Can you send me link to that vid or just tell me the IP or Code to get in? lol
CamKap (7 months ago)
Thanks man!
SUNNY STUDIOS FAN 1 (7 months ago)
CamKap it’s in the description of the Olympic factions vid
CamKap (7 months ago)
Whats the IP to join his realm?
xxXaviXGamerxx (7 months ago)
OMG this map is amazing but i Dont have the Xbox one
xxXaviXGamerxx (7 months ago)
HAVOC INS4NITY i really wa y to play it bu ti Dont know if i van play your map in my Xbox 360, i can???
xxXaviXGamerxx (7 months ago)
but i dont have cellphone too
Supershiftery (7 months ago)
Lobo Gaming :v it works for pe also
HAVOC INS4NITY (7 months ago)
You can play it on any bedrock edition game, on pc or mobile
Voltage XG (7 months ago)
Just like real fortnite it even has the lag! lol
Brooke Wilson (3 months ago)
how do we do it
Supershiftery (7 months ago)
Mr FreezeFlame lol
Parallex Fx (7 months ago)
Dope vid my man, keep it up.
xxMINIZULAxxx (7 months ago)
xxMINIZULAxxx (7 months ago)
KritiqX (7 months ago)
- Emerealm - (7 months ago)
I dont have minecraft windows 10 -_-. If only you didnt need to buy another edition of the game just to mod a version YOU ALREADY HAVE.
HAVOC INS4NITY (7 months ago)
Good point
neon pvp (7 months ago)
Yo super umm maybe we can team like duos and new gamemodes
neon pvp (7 months ago)
HAVOC INS4NITY (7 months ago)
Yeah I'll get started on it
Supershiftery (7 months ago)
we have to make some
A Storm Rising (7 months ago)
this is a nice practice start to people who don't play fortnite or not good at it. Nice work
- Emerealm - (7 months ago)
A Storm Rising the map is similar? That's about the only similarity i see. How could you not be able to get fortnite? Its literally free
A Storm Rising (7 months ago)
I know that, but this is just a realm where people who don't have the game or need practice this is just something to help them. I understand the combat is different but I don't know how the combat is cause i'm a PubG player but it doesn't hurt to let people get to experience of what the game is like.
- Emerealm - (7 months ago)
A Storm Rising this isnt even close to an actual simulation to fortnite. The weapons act like bows and the combat is completely different.
HAVOC INS4NITY (7 months ago)
lmao yeah
Supershiftery (7 months ago)
xxMINIZULAxxx (7 months ago)
bests video yet nice map HAVOC
xxMINIZULAxxx (7 months ago)
i dont know (mini wolfs) club or join my discord https://discord.gg/jsJb7US and change gt on new or old acc ????
HAVOC INS4NITY (7 months ago)
Where do I apply for mini clan ;)
HAVOC INS4NITY (7 months ago)
The diamond armor glitch was a glitch with the resource pack, I'll fix it right away
Jacob Martinez (2 months ago)
why does it have to be only bedrock do you have java edition for it
Seargent - cookies (7 months ago)
You should do a live stream
Useless Dumby (7 months ago)
10th like super you never play with me on Xbox but we talk a lot
Mason Hoffman (7 months ago)
softtrack (7 months ago)
nice 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍💚💚💜💜💛❤💛❤💚💙💛
Bat0wl (7 months ago)
HAVOC INS4NITY (7 months ago)

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