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Minecraft: Hunger Games - Game 34

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A Minecraft Server: http://www.Uberminecraft.com This is a series of us playing on survival games which is based off the book and movie "Hunger Games". Hope you guys enjoy and if so please leave a LIKE :) *If you want to join, try to join any of these servers at http://www.minecraftsurvivalgames.com/pages/servers/ and click where you are (your location) and try joining any of the servers.*
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Text Comments (345)
Claytonism (4 years ago)
hertis dilley (4 years ago)
Dodocraft9723 (4 years ago)
It's their connection that makes them not able to hit them not the server.
like a thief (4 years ago)
EPIK OL (5 years ago)
Crap and no one can say different because of the video quality
Sean Harris Bautista (5 years ago)
Nicole Sivori (5 years ago)
ٌّ (5 years ago)
Rolled oats.:P YOLO
TrollerGam3r (5 years ago)
isaac chang (5 years ago)
Vented Thrower (5 years ago)
if yaw lov minecraftfinest post YOLO!
Tara Gomez (5 years ago)
i blame the lag i did this to make it like i got top coments
GhOsT x SnIpE2 (5 years ago)
dragteify (5 years ago)
i just skiped the video
GhostlyDiver (5 years ago)
can i play a round with you guys
Fernando Barrientos (5 years ago)
Keep Calm And Blame It On The Lag
Jaden michael Hites (5 years ago)
well vy max is lazy on adventure with the finest when there organizing the chest and max just places everything in the chest
Judas (5 years ago)
You guys should try super craft bros!
Vy Nguyen (5 years ago)
Jordan you are a bitch and annoying
theparttime1 (5 years ago)
max is the shit,danny is just a fat little bitch
Grief uiwill (5 years ago)
Mike C (5 years ago)
that was a dick move they should not have teamed on max
Audrey Montas (5 years ago)
sly u r stupid
JBR24Chevy (5 years ago)
max is so gay
The Wet Lord (5 years ago)
i'm like your bigest norwegian fan :D
hunter carpenter (5 years ago)
hell yeah amen
Sly rawr (5 years ago)
how do you play hunger games
Jmart99 (5 years ago)
I hate this map
Gaige Cervantes (5 years ago)
and jordan
Gaige Cervantes (5 years ago)
go max
Sinder Daniels (5 years ago)
danny is asome
GoldenFireBlast (5 years ago)
J mark is the best in hunger games
GoldenFireBlast (5 years ago)
Danny is a fat cahoots
max is best
danny is not a fag max is
guapi (5 years ago)
Your fucking awesome
Jacob Notz (5 years ago)
hey dood
Sharne hyde (5 years ago)
Whats the ip to this server? Or the ip to the server you FIne guys play on
MrPotatoRainbow (5 years ago)
Victor Crouse (5 years ago)
Just use your damn sword
Felipe Acuna Jr (5 years ago)
i would like to but i dont have gold but wen i do ill send u a message
mooseUmp45 (5 years ago)
IceCreamFrost (5 years ago)
check my youtbe channel out
jacob sullivan (5 years ago)
That server sucks
sahib nijjar (5 years ago)
The Messenger (5 years ago)
Max isa freaking homo!
pj hernandez (5 years ago)
you know, i host maps for the xbox 360 version the thing is no one wants to play, my gamertag is DEADMAUSE12 send me a message if you want to play its up to 12 players and theres sponsors and everything so yeah if you want to play just send me a message and enjoy the games
Miguel Mayers (5 years ago)
Good game
sampokerus (5 years ago)
they dont like noobs
I'm Hyperrr (5 years ago)
Spookie vdb (5 years ago)
can i join your team
Spookie vdb (5 years ago)
i make your skin in green
nick dillon (5 years ago)
max is gay
anna young (5 years ago)
I love your videos and i want to know were you go for them.
muata cato (5 years ago)
once again i beat jordan beacuase hes a little GIRL
billminable (5 years ago)
Hey man.. I like soccer so don't be dissin
Jay L (5 years ago)
they said he was at some soccer practice..
Jacob Webb (5 years ago)
dont hate the game hate the sever
Noun LazR (5 years ago)
Jmart is awsome.
Zack_Block (5 years ago)
What where was Danny
So-Cal player Vega (5 years ago)
what server are you guys playing on?
ExodusLady (5 years ago)
Go max!
pablo garcia (5 years ago)
Go team max
Destiny Morgan (5 years ago)
Woops I accidentally hit inappropriate sorry about that go max you are the MAN!!!!!! You rock at hunger games Max. I will always love you max
alex postma (5 years ago)
go max...ur beast
TheWhax89 (5 years ago)
Didar Deler (5 years ago)
max is boss of hunger gane ggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg
Starbreaker1215 (5 years ago)
max is boss
Bunneh (5 years ago)
I <3 Max is a fagat
DanteMartinezTV (5 years ago)
Nghtmare (5 years ago)
they go on the eu servers
Zachary crespo (5 years ago)
danny is a fagat
Madison Love (5 years ago)
I <3 these axes
SaNe AiiRs (5 years ago)
camzilla2002 (5 years ago)
does anyone one know the server they go on?
camzilla2002 (5 years ago)
how do u get stuff into your inventory from a chest immediately
Vora Z (5 years ago)
GTFO= Get the F*ck Out GG= Good game
Metery (5 years ago)
Fuck not funk
Metery (5 years ago)
Get the funk off and good game
blake weiss (5 years ago)
whats max is skype?
blake weiss (5 years ago)
cool win like 2 in a ro
RandomDude1244 (5 years ago)
Tyler if MinecraftFinest sucks..then why are you watching?
66kajan66 (5 years ago)
Use optifine it works on hg servers
Ryan Barak (5 years ago)
yay matters what map but if it was even fight it would be bajan canadian
OneTakeReviews (5 years ago)
Y don't u play some fyregames
Pap Papydog (5 years ago)
I beat Jordan because his a little GIRL
Ro0b0 (5 years ago)
so what?
Jorge Jones (5 years ago)
omg im in this video. im jotornado
koas bladers (5 years ago)
max id du'h best
rimthecat (5 years ago)
rimthecat (5 years ago)
Mitch is a batch he he fag
eli brandon (5 years ago)
Danny plays soccer? so do i...:)
Russel Jones (5 years ago)
Jmart is a fag
noah flores (5 years ago)
I want Danny :'-(
Skinny Animus (5 years ago)
Other guy is a pussy
chandler sparkman (5 years ago)
swag sucks the definition of it is stolen goods idiots u guys r fucken stupid
Tyler Mckenna (5 years ago)
bajan canadian rocks minecraft finest sucks
Bballfanatic35 (5 years ago)
how do you get this hunger games mod. PLZ answer quickly!
hannah vegaa🌹🕊 (5 years ago)
Jeez that's nice hystericalling

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