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Minecraft BLOCK HOUSES MOD! | SPAWN INSTANT BLOCK HOUSES IN SECONDS! | Modded Mini-Game with MooseMods 🚩 SUBSCRIBE and SLAP THE BELL! - http://bit.ly/MooseMods 🔥 BUY MOOSE MERCHANDISE! - ➽ http://www.itsmoosecraft.com 👏 WATCH MORE VIDEOS! (PLAYLIST) ➽ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLauG_Z_057NGLVgi7gejd_o5LqgTj6kbo 👍 FOLLOW ME HERE! ➽ Twitter - https://twitter.com/ItsMooseCraft ➽ Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/ItsMooseCraft ➽ Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/ItsMooseCraft ➽ Snapchat - https://www.snapchat.com/add/MooseCraftLife 🕹️ MY OTHER YOUTUBE CHANNELS! ► MooseCraft (Main Minecraft) - http://bit.ly/MooseCraft ► MooseBlox (Roblox) - http://bit.ly/MooseBlox ► Life of Moose (Real Life) - http://bit.ly/LifeOfMoose ► MooseMods (Minecraft Mods) - http://bit.ly/MooseMods ► MoosePlays (Minecraft Pocket Edition) - http://bit.ly/MoosePlays ► MooseRoleplays (Minecraft Roleplays) - http://bit.ly/MooseRoleplays ► Jeff The Moose (Jeff's Channel) - http://bit.ly/JeffTheMoose ► ModCentral (Minecraft Mods) - http://bit.ly/ModCentral Music: epidemicsound.com Intro Song: https://soundcloud.com/papayaofficial/sunny Music by MDK: http://youtube.com/MDKOfficialYT
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Text Comments (847)
Dexter Yap (7 hours ago)
Diamond mod
Youtube Time (1 day ago)
Any mod
Leon Chan (2 days ago)
Pokemon pls 😁😉
Leon Chan (2 days ago)
Leon Chan (2 days ago)
I like your videos, I am your BIGGEST FAN!
Sara Draganovic (4 days ago)
Hey mose what is name of this song of you're start of video
Terri Sisk (5 days ago)
Andrew Kiko (7 days ago)
Abigail Colvard (8 days ago)
do the house mod
Abigail Colvard (8 days ago)
blow up the tnt house1!!
A dog mod
Nathan Vasquez (8 days ago)
My name is Nathan and I want to see the Dragon mod
braileys 2399 (8 days ago)
Iphone de
braileys 2399 (8 days ago)
Iphone x
Jess STAZICKER (9 days ago)
Do hoses of all the animals
Daniel Powell (11 days ago)
Brandy Mcgee (12 days ago)
Hay 2018 hear
Tristan Hall (13 days ago)
mini blocks mod 8-bitninja
elisabeth tupaz (20 days ago)
Mob mod
Cindy Arter (21 days ago)
D moos MOD Bi Sophie
Cindy Arter (21 days ago)
D moos mod
Nico DiAngelo (21 days ago)
Animal mod
Ethan Nz (22 days ago)
A mirror mod
Kawaii Unicorn (23 days ago)
Can you do the creeper mod please
Benjamini Snider (24 days ago)
The wolf mod in Minecraft
human mod
Little gamer Boy (24 days ago)
Dancer_Tucor Oscar (26 days ago)
#MooseArmy #JeffTheMelon
Dancer_Tucor Oscar (26 days ago)
DO DAYCARE MOD or i dont know how to call dat
Galaxy Puppy (1 month ago)
Fortnight mod
Nisha Nisha (1 month ago)
I want to the teacher mod
Crystal Mowles (1 month ago)
Crystal Mowles (1 month ago)
Alien vs predeitors
Katelin Friend (1 month ago)
You rob mob . My name is Jason
Cheryl Moy (1 month ago)
You menn
Jeff Johnson (1 month ago)
do the moose mod
Jeff Johnson (1 month ago)
do the
Jayden Burnett (1 month ago)
robert star wars mob
Sarah Mitchell (1 month ago)
Furniture mod
Sarah Mitchell (1 month ago)
Furniture mod
Sarah Mitchell (1 month ago)
Frunitr mod
Cooper Anni (1 month ago)
Oliver Losen Rofstad (1 month ago)
Meem mod
Ronald Dennings (1 month ago)
Do the killers mod
Cortez Dudley (1 month ago)
Hide and seek mod
Chris Varnell (1 month ago)
Assasian mod if there is one
Audrey Gani (1 month ago)
Sonic mod
ECJCG (1 month ago)
Furniture mod
crazy more (1 month ago)
Securitycraft mod
Riley B-B (1 month ago)
You are the best YouTuber in the world keep up the good work
tommers gh tom (1 month ago)
Omg sparta super vide
Andy the gamer (1 month ago)
And I play Minecraft Too!
Andy the gamer (1 month ago)
And The Real Total of Views is... 100,969!
Andy the gamer (1 month ago)
And this Video has A Total over 100,000 Views!
Andy the gamer (1 month ago)
And This Has A Total of Over 700 Comments!
Andy the gamer (1 month ago)
And that's 100,954 Views!
Andy the gamer (1 month ago)
Hey this has over 100,000 Views!
Unbelievable Gaming (2 months ago)
Jennifer Crisp (2 months ago)
My name is briarhh 2010
Jennifer Crisp (2 months ago)
Miss with the armour mod
l am Sam
fnaf mod
Dairth720 FTE (2 months ago)
poop mod
Sky's Cool Tricks (2 months ago)
Trellplayz Davis (2 months ago)
Latrell and you should do a granny bald and Dame tu cosita mod
Jhannamae Delacruz (2 months ago)
cartoon character mob or hotel mob
Jhannamae Delacruz (2 months ago)
cartoon character plz
pmbjkaiser (2 months ago)
pmbjkaiser (2 months ago)
B easy
Lia Jackson (2 months ago)
Moose mod
Lyndzey Dibella (2 months ago)
Do the fortnght mod
Nehemiah Nuusolia (2 months ago)
Bird mod
Tommy Hayward (2 months ago)
Evaldas Leščinskas (2 months ago)
dirt mod name is kaj
Jamie Smith (2 months ago)
The halo mod
Austin Lonski (2 months ago)
Unspeakablegaming lucky blocks
Sabin Phelps (2 months ago)
You blew up the space time continuum
Princess lolly (2 months ago)
Harjinder Kamboj (2 months ago)
Siraj house mod
Emily Perry (2 months ago)
Dirt mod
Sarah Conatser (2 months ago)
Jeff the baby mod
fnaffan 9188 (2 months ago)
Girlfriend mod
Cuthbert Sengebwila (2 months ago)
Hurricane and tornado mod with kajiu mod
YoutubeGaming (2 months ago)
White Wall (3 months ago)
Zombie apocalyps mod
jarrod 101 (3 months ago)
Warrior mod
Nicaryha Richardson (3 months ago)
The dog mod
Colten Miller (3 months ago)
Who loves moose mods song I always sing to it
Rudi Rudi (3 months ago)
Pay day 2 mod watce dogs
Kleant Mara (3 months ago)
My minecraft IGN is Combat117 my name is Kleant and i want to see worldedit
Amber Lloyd (3 months ago)
Try out the roblox mod
Genevie Tabucal (3 months ago)
impact Cassiemu (3 months ago)
impact Cassiemu (3 months ago)
Deadpool and my name is imaad
Farouk Satvilker (3 months ago)
Farouk Satvilker (3 months ago)
#derb Jeff
Jennifer Darr (3 months ago)
Op. Mod
Lime 247 (3 months ago)
Mrcrayfish furniture mod plz I'm limegamer247
Bernice Gaming (3 months ago)
Hi moose im gload to see u Wed your vid's 🐶🐶
Dylan Hall (3 months ago)
you should stop your videos
Mohamad Waiel (4 months ago)
uhhhhhhhhhh... that ore house was in another video

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