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Tyrants and Plebeians - Server Event

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A server "event" has begun! Head to the designated area and complete the required custom npc quests as much as possible to increase your event score. The players with the highest scores by the end of the event will be rewarded. Server Website: http://monorisu.enjin.com/ Modernized Technic Pack: https://www.technicpack.net/modpack/tyrants-plebeians-mk-2.998921/permissions Conversion Kit: https://yadi.sk/d/ZrihYBmU3GZDRW To modernize your old mod pack, open the mod pack folder and delete the "mods" folder, replace it with the new version from the conversion kit.
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Text Comments (33)
Are you sk?
neither of the servers work only single player ugh >: (
Dominator Gaming (1 year ago)
What is the server ip? I deleted the custom main menu file because it was gliched, and now it just opens up with the normal minecraft start menu :(
Dominator Gaming (1 year ago)
Monorisu (1 year ago)
go to config folder and find the custom main menu . json file. the ips should be within those files
TheSpartanboy10 (1 year ago)
I need help urgent for some apparent reason when I click on the armor crafting box it instantly crashes. This thing is pissing me off because now I can't obtain my beautiful armors please HELP ME!!!!!
Clockerine fasanating (1 year ago)
which forge you used for your unified pack
Nether Army (1 year ago)
Monorisu please make it so that you can walk inside vehicles and that living entity's can't go like inside the tank from outside an that you can walk on top of including big planes,cars,trucks,submarines and cannons the bye
Meister Proper (1 year ago)
Killian Kaiser he can't do that
Homiesrock12 (1 year ago)
Hey lab I found agent 0 and got the quest.
VartaxYT (1 year ago)
eqwdasd wqexadsdf (1 year ago)
VartaxYT (1 year ago)
not speak english h
Amin Alsous (1 year ago)
add archameds mod please so we can move air carriers
Meister Proper (1 year ago)
Amin Alsous air carriers are to big to be moved by Archimedes
rayo kill (1 year ago)
just take out the aa guns and Bomb that base to death
Apollo1641 (1 year ago)
"Werhaboo gun" So true.
Zombaldag (1 year ago)
Thanks for jailing me 12 days for nothing.
Golden HQ (1 year ago)
Phoenixcraft rip
Nep Nep (1 year ago)
on minecraft
Nep Nep (1 year ago)
how i can get 1.7.10
Alkis Demirtiou (1 year ago)
Tesla Volt (1 year ago)
Admiral_ Walter YT (1 year ago)
isisisisisisisisisisisisisisisis car
Monorisu (1 year ago)
Hussein alaa XD (11 months ago)
Monorisu can arabs join the server
Prototype Theta (1 year ago)
autism speaks.
NickGotGame (1 year ago)
MonorisuFilms do more vids of over viewing the fighting
shawn camero (1 year ago)
MonorisuFilms make the ship a lot more big
yo its me.

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