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How To Make Money From Game Development - 5 Ways

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How to make money from game development is a core part of making games. Everyone supports their development somehow. So I share with you 5 ways that you can make money by making games, some of which are not so traditional. 67 Tips for Game Developers: http://gdu.io/insiders?ref=yt Serious about success in game development? Wanna make indie games that ROCK?! Join Underground ELITE: https://www.patreon.com/GameDevUnderground *** FOLLOW ME: *** Twitter: http://twitter.com/timruswick *** FOLLOW GDU: *** Blog: http://gdu.io/blog/ Twitter: http://twitter.com/gamedevudg Facebook: http://facebook.com/gamedevudg Discord: https://discord.gg/cYMGA77 If you are an indie developer and you are looking for a fantastic community and help to refine, manage, and market your game, join us! http://gdu.io
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Ricardo Amado (18 days ago)
man. I have so many ideas about different types of games that I wanna make but I just don't know where to start. I wanna make games cause I love gaming but also I wanna get money cause I'm getting tired of keep getting money from my mother. I wanna start getting my own money and get my own experience.
Adeel Khilji (20 days ago)
Have you made any games at all? Or could you please provide a link of the projects that you have worked on? We did a fair amount of finding and we're unable to find any of the games that you made or the projects that you have worked on. Which lead us to believe that you do not have any experience in game development and you have continuously failed to prove it, we were expecting a demo of your games or tutorials of a game or something to know that you know this field but you didn't upload anything. Which leaves us with one and only conclusion, that you are just another Youtuber who is trying to make a buck by pretending that he have experience in game development field. Which you don't, the experience isn't just there. Look sir, I am going to unsubscribe and stop supporting your...whatever you're doing, certainly it isn't the wisdom of someone who have been there and either have worked in the field or created a game and placed it out there, possibly had a publisher. Channels like yours should be thoroughly checked by YouTube admins to see what you sell is legit So videos like your channel offers won't waste our time. I warn everyone who reads this message to stay away from this channel. With kind regards.
Game Dev Underground (20 days ago)
You must not have looked very hard. When you Google my name literally the top result is http://timruswick.com ...where you can see the 22 games I've made over the last 2 years. On top of that, the front page of my channel has countless videos and streams of me making games.
Spectre (20 days ago)
activate your windows bro dafuq
Mark Emerson (22 days ago)
Nice. Who do you know in the industry (indie) who is making a good living?
missphysics (1 month ago)
I'm 60000th viewer :D
Owen Belfield (2 months ago)
As a game developer WIP, I find it hard to justify in-app purchases for video games when considering implementing them. Especially when I am a cheap-skate myself and consider spending my own money on 'extras' in games, basically the same as throwing money away.
Ziro (2 months ago)
Flash game sponsorship was all the rave back in the 2000s. I was able to build two games and get them sponsored. I used a service called "FlashGameLicense dot com" (they're now called fgl.com). It was _very_ difficult, as I ended up contacting lots of different websites for sponsorships. Most I didn't get a replay, and the few that did reply declined. Making money this way is unlikely to be sustainable unless you (1) already have a stable day job; or (2) get lucky and get a lot of money from the sponsorships. So that didn't pan out too well for me to say the least, haha. So, I've been freelancing as a game programmer on Upwork for several years now, and the next step for me is to move off Upwork and establish my own authority on the web. So I recently started a blog, inspired by John Sonmez. We'll see how this goes in a few years. - Ziro out.
Video Game Reviews (3 months ago)
Thank you. That was concise and helpful.
CrazyGamer (3 months ago)
thanks for the info love your videos
RPG Completionist (3 months ago)
You're an excellent speaker dude
Lionel Quiambao (4 months ago)
@1:24 "The games industry is bigger than movies and music combined." Is this common knowledge? I know the games industry is big, but that seems like a very bold statement, so is he stating here an actual fact, or just a highly opinionated claim? Because both movies and music have been industries waaaaay longer than video games have, so I'm honestly just curious because he sounded so confident when he said it.
Lionel Quiambao (4 months ago)
Tim Ruswick Ok, I get it now, thanks!
Game Dev Underground (4 months ago)
Its a fact. A quick google serach will get you the exact numbers. Although i don't know if its common knowledge.
Nation wide (4 months ago)
Instead of ads, why not item shop? Ads are the most annoying thing in a game. Maybe I am thinking of PC games rather than android. But god damn if I get 30 ads in a day, i'd uninstall.
Shattered DnB (4 months ago)
Making a free-to-play pay-to-win game seem to be the way to go if you want to maximize your profit in the game world. It´s also whats ruining online gaming, so please don´t do that guys!
memes4life (4 months ago)
im am making a game
Corpsecrank (4 months ago)
I think getting sponsored is way overlooked by a lot of indie guys. It takes quite a bit of effort on your part to get the sponsorship but it can make all the difference if you do get one. If you plan to seek a sponsor just make sure you have done a whole lot of preparing so you can pitch the idea to the company properly. I suggest researching how to pitch the idea beforehand so you have an idea how that process works.
NO MERCΥ (4 months ago)
How do you put your game on plsystores such as steam,playstore, appstore or what ever the apple one is idk
Mayur Dhole (5 months ago)
please don't demotivate people
Doug Ruswick (5 months ago)
I like this is one of my favorites!
MAZESSIN Gamers (6 months ago)
very boring
Silæx (6 months ago)
GREAT GALE (6 months ago)
Great info, loved it. However what about merchandising, I know AAA game companies use it. At what point should an indie use merchandising?
TheNewRaven2702 (1 month ago)
when fans ask for it.
United Federation of KFC (6 months ago)
Simple make a game character that will cause a fandom.
Ian Young (7 months ago)
Hi, really good information. I'm new to game dev and was wondering if I make a game and just post it on play store without anything like ads or in app purchases and it becomes popular, would I make anything from it?
Timonster007 (7 months ago)
Well, Just get your game on steam and let steam put the game on the front page.
Crowd funding and Patreon... Nuff said. No, seriously, just look at dwarf fortress. People will pay you to make the games you love, because that's what they love.
Richard Wellman (8 months ago)
I intend to implement free to play and IAP with ads with option to turn them off
Richard Matey (8 months ago)
I call bullshit on making more money selling on your own site vs. steam. Unless you are targeting hundreds of copies sold vs thousands of steam users, this theory doesn't float. Also your last point is the same as your first point, you are talking about work for hire.
Doki Doki Hamburger Club (6 months ago)
Richard Matey it's not bullshit, he never said you would make more money selling exclusively on your site. He said you would make more money selling on your site AND steam, and he was mainly talking about the benefits of using your own site like being able to track your traffic to know where your users are coming from, conversion, etc. you don't get that from Steam.
PugmaPug (8 months ago)
fail. no talk about selling game percentage to publishers. Only self publishing
Doki Doki Hamburger Club (6 months ago)
Slastraf there is no fail, this video isn't aimed at people that want to go through a publisher.
Om Ganesh Dahale (8 months ago)
which font you use in your thumbnails?kindly please answer
Istratail (8 months ago)
Thanx a lot ! :)
John's World YT (9 months ago)
I've already made my game but I don't know how to upload it
FUTURE VEVO (3 months ago)
whats the site for game making
Osaid (3 months ago)
i am late but, you better upload the game on your website, if you don't have website upload it on facebook its a great place, for android google play
Arnas Simaskevicius (4 months ago)
Itch.io or gamejolt
William // Devil Minty (4 months ago)
Itch (itch.io), Gamejolt, or Steam
Halvard Samdal (8 months ago)
Nightcore Man steam greenligth?
Adam Kadiri (9 months ago)
Hey I live in Montreal I have a great game idea and I would like if someone helps me realizing it that’s my email [email protected]
Marioara Molnar (9 months ago)
Crowd funding
John Cena (9 months ago)
Give me money
Osaid (3 months ago)
Mr. Mast NO I WONT i am saving it to make a cake
Allan Daemon (9 months ago)
Great video. And I like the intro / outro.
Michael Yount (9 months ago)
skip the intro all together and jump right in. you are really inspiring me, and giving great advice
Tony D (9 months ago)
Hey man! Good information! Thanks for sharing your experience and expertise!
Game Dev Underground (9 months ago)
Thanks Tony!
Jason Lawson (10 months ago)
Making games for money is a waste of time .
Pepenic (9 months ago)
Its not about making games for money, but making money from making games
Jason Lawson (9 months ago)
AAA .. Makes all the money and the companies will steal your customers . dont make games ..work for a big company and make alot of money . or even selling software is pretty lucrative . making games is tough and the market is shredded to bits .
Jason Glass (9 months ago)
Jason Lawson why u say that?
Andrzej Kułakowski (10 months ago)
That's "sponsoring" approach just opened my eyes for me, thanx man! Keep it coming!
so nerdalot (10 months ago)
i think the best way to make money is by adds on a free fun game. But dont get to many just get 1 in the menus or the loading scenes n stuff (:
so nerdalot (10 months ago)
LB3D (10 months ago)
I'm no pro but in-game advertising ruins immersion (which is important in most games). Its like being in a movie theatre then someone opens a door leading to the parking lot, you are blinded for a moment from the light, and that feeling of immersion has to be built up again. Just my two cents. Great video though.
Dark. Duke (6 months ago)
I liked what Shenmue did with sodas tho, it was a nice touch of realism to have main character drinking Coca Cola, with Ryo being this "Modern West Japanese" theme. I guess You can work with it if You know what are You doing. But then You should ask Yourself is it worth Your time trying to work it out in the game?
Game Dev Underground (10 months ago)
I agree! I talk about this in my "Why I dont monetize my mobile games" video. It is however a great way to make some cash at a higher volume.
aka sun (10 months ago)
summarize: 1. freelance; 2. sell; 3. in-app purchase; 4. ads; 5. sponsorship
Lyubomir Lalov (1 month ago)
I can across this video on Gamer Roadmap Rundown - there's many great videos there that should help you
Real Bonanza (3 months ago)
haha thank you so much!! God bless you.
Nikolay Kandalintsev (5 months ago)
6. Slice your game to parts and sell it on asset stores
the video is much more deep and that summary lacks much
team 89er (9 months ago)
haha thanks, You can have my kiss
Iko Artiaga (10 months ago)
thanks for sharing your video sir .. I was about feeling down right now and confuse because I don't know what to do if I finish my game and I'm just depending on tutorial as a beginner to create game. after that I was thinking what now .. but this video give me some in sight how business work. but one question can I use this method as a beginner level to publish my game ?
Concreter (10 months ago)
Please delete intro and burn harddrive where its stored. Just say hi guys and continue with topic
MrHatoi (6 months ago)
I don't think it's really that bad, it only lasts a few seconds and it's not loud or obnoxious.
so nerdalot (10 months ago)
Concreter i think he should replace it so it still looks lile hes putting more effort in instead of talking to a camera. It adds more of an identity to him.
Salman Khan (10 months ago)
What about sending games to publishers?
Caleb Wright (10 months ago)
Great video defiantly appreciate it, bout to be making my first game my goal is to make it only in app pirchases mostly becuase I do have a main job. Whats a good scale of pricing when it comes to extra content you can pay for.
LimpLungs (9 months ago)
.99 4.99 9.99 19.99 49.99 and of course the big old 99.99
Game Dev Underground (10 months ago)
I think it really depends on the game and your fanbase dude. Theres no perfect number. Take a look at what similar games are doing as a starting point.
CyanideSauce (10 months ago)
That intro is terrible, please change it
PIKDOX (11 months ago)
omg your voice is clear and makes me focus, subbed!
Game Dev Underground (10 months ago)
This is my favorite comment ever.
Kuldeep Singh (11 months ago)
Is there any site where i can find Sponsors for the game?
Funny and cute. Like :)
Shaquielle Emptage (11 months ago)
this helped a lot.. feel more motivated to go through with my game
Game Dev Underground (11 months ago)
Awesome! Make sure you finish!
Deft3 Studio. (11 months ago)
Hey m8! Thank you for your videos! Is there a chance you will make subtitles?
Siva Prakash (11 months ago)
Hai can you plz tell! , 1.How much a crowded android game can earn just from ads ???...2.Also is it good to take game developin as career choice by just targeting android platform??......any tips welcome
darksteelyurius (11 months ago)
2nd video I've watched and you have me as a subscriber lol
vvlmm (1 year ago)
Do you think ads are going down? That is concerning...
insanity82007 (11 months ago)
Reward vids are the way to go ;)
A Gamer Aaron (11 months ago)
What's concerning is how many people relied on them. How about making a good game and selling for a base price, hm?
AHATCHO (1 year ago)
It's almost impossible to earn money as the indie game developer and even if you earn it will be hard for you to survive. WASTE OF TIME!
directormikkell (1 year ago)
I'd say have sponsors pay for levels or events in your game. Especially if the game has a large user base and like you said, falls in line with their brand. Eg. Soccer based companies investing in a branded tournament/collectors item in Rocket League.
shivam chaudhary (1 year ago)
i usually don't subscribe a channel which has 4K subs,,, but your content made me do it!!
Tanay Prasad (1 year ago)
Bro. your video are so helpful i cant tell you. Keep up the good work :D Please make a video regarding the role of Modelling in Game Dev. i know its a bit stupid question but if u put a lot of information on it , if would be helpful to a lot of people :)
Anim8tor (1 year ago)
good vids. I like the advice you're giving. keep it up.
Game Dev Underground (1 year ago)
Thanks man!
Marian Witek (1 year ago)
Bro, great videos! I use your advices a lot know because I want to make games that be good and I will want to play so I have to present my gameplay and sell it but I'm programmer, not marketer. You do great job. Last, maybe someone check out my arcade game with 15 levels to play so try it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tdDGn2oKZsw. Share your opinions and ideas.
Game Dev Underground (1 year ago)
Hey dude! That game looks HARD lol. Looks good though! Youre on the right track, just keep executing.
Risto Paasivirta (1 year ago)
With certain engines you can also sell components. Like in Unity Store you could put up your GUI system for sale that has been separated from the game you made. This can be good way to make money from a game project before the actual game is finished, or retroactively allows you to squeeze out some extra cash from a project that's main selling power is already waning.
Game Dev Underground (1 year ago)
I forgot about this one but its a great one. Assets sales are HUGE these days.
raventhorX (1 year ago)
Since when do I need protein powder? Think you used the wrong example dude lol.
Chris Faulkner (7 months ago)
raventhorX not really, there are people that do need protein powder, just like there are people that need cigarettes, beer, gum, coffee, etc. He was just making that point that something like protein powder had a built in customer base, people need it, want it, and actively seek it out. A game is a luxury item, nobody needs it, you have to convince them they want it, so each new game has to create its own customer base. That can get easier if you make good games, and make a reputation for yourself, but in the beginning you have nothing
Game Dev Underground (1 year ago)
My brother would give you a huge lecture on protein powder! But he's a personal trainer soooo. yeah.
Alex Lushiku (1 year ago)
You're underrated
Talent flame (11 months ago)
Game Dev Underground I want to make a mortal combat game like thing gamr but I don't know how to doi it . I have finished my story plan plz help . your video are best
Game Dev Underground (1 year ago)
Thank you, I appreciate that.
Rahul Verma (1 year ago)
Loved your video Dude. Where you been before?
Game Dev Underground (1 year ago)
Thanks! Before?
david kessler (1 year ago)
is social media a good place to advertise games? i've seen some basic games that had a very unique theme popping up on some pages that have hundreds of thousands of members.
Hubert Jasieniecki (5 months ago)
I it's definetely a good place to "seed" your game when you have it uploaded somewhere. Posting it on your wall and in some groups you belong to, if they permit that, can get you some random people actually checking it out. I think making a promotional video/trailer is the best idea. It's like making a fire, you put in wood, then some smaller kindling, then some straws or birch bark and you fire it up. The game is your hardwood, the trailer vid is your kindling and the post on social media is the fire starter. A post just asking to download and play your game might not be as effective, as you ask for quite a lot of effort up front, before the potential player is convinced they want to play it.
Game Dev Underground (1 year ago)
Social media is a tool like many other things. It can be great for games, especially games that are easily accessible, or or fun to share. Generally any way you can get in front of your target audience is a good idea.
Lannister (1 year ago)
I like the intro, it's just a bit too loud. :)
Game Dev Underground (1 year ago)
THanks for the feedback!
Carlgamer Z (1 year ago)
Hi there. Do you have an email so i can send private messages or questions regarding game development? That would be a great help thanks.
TheCivildecay (1 year ago)
wow did you buy a catherdral with all the YouTube monies? ;)
Game Dev Underground (1 year ago)
Ahhh ok. lol I didnt know how to respond to that because YouTube hasnt yet delivered my millions! They need to hurry up.
TheCivildecay (1 year ago)
I was aiming at the reverb on your voice, but I later found out it was caused by the latest android update :)
Game Dev Underground (1 year ago)
Its gonna be a while before I get my cathedral. Need to make my first penny first!
Marcos Mena (1 year ago)
Awesome, nice video man. I watched them all everyday, keep it going
Marcos Mena (1 year ago)
lol, I mistyped "I watched me all everyday" just fixed it
Game Dev Underground (1 year ago)
Thanks dude! Appreciate the comment.
Pijush Sarkar (1 year ago)
Getting brand sponsor for game is very hard for startup company. What you think?
Game Dev Underground (1 year ago)
It depends. If you are a people person in a big city and you go the right places, its not hard at all. It just takes a little bit of elbow grease. If you are not good at talking to people and you live in a secluded area, it can be a little more complicated.
mordi (1 year ago)
hey man your videos are really good but i feel like you should change your intro/outro theme, it's kinda too loud and intense also it scares my cats. everything else is quality shit tho dude keep it up.
johnfl46 (6 months ago)
It makes my cats evolve into sentient beings so.. I think it’s okay
Colonel Gayfur (6 months ago)
MisterTtocS eh it seem unoriginal too to me. Most biginner youtubers use a premade logo with some dubstep...
LB3D (10 months ago)
With some of the intros I've seen on youtube I can easily tolerate this :D
Alvaro U. Luna (1 year ago)
Well, I think the intro is good, just too loud.
MisterTtocS (1 year ago)
It help builds hype.
Bradley Harvie (1 year ago)
Great video dude!
Game Dev Underground (1 year ago)
Deepankar singh (1 year ago)
Can you make a detail video about sponsorship strategy for PC Games
Game Dev Underground (1 year ago)
I think I just might, its been asked a few times.
Wil T (1 year ago)
Great advice again.
Game Dev Underground (1 year ago)
Thanks Wil!

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