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Let's Play - 500 000 dollar raid!!! So many spawners! Rich raids! Ep. 14 ( Minecraft Faction )

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Let's Play - 500 000 dollar raid!!! So many spawners! Rich raids! Ep. 14 ( Minecraft Faction ) Minecraft Factions is a gamemode where you must learn how to team up with friends and create your very own group or " Faction " and as a team, you attempt to raid and take down other faction groups on your quest to becoming the strongest and richest players on the server. Join mob_exterminator, Trevthekiller12, Hudson245, DavidSalerFC and kungfujesus18 on the SaicoPvP Server as we learn how to raid, kill, and be successful in this gamemode! ►Join The Exterminators by Subscribing: https://goo.gl/CG92Di ► Twitter: http://twitter.com/TheMobFTW ► Twitch: http://twitch.tv/TheMobExterminator ► Facebook: Still Being Made :D ► Google+: https://plus.google.com/+DerekMobExte... ► Instagram: http://instagram.com/TheMobExterminator ▼ Intro & Outro Made By https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1Bc... ▼ Thumbnail Made By https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6VY... ▼ DavidSalerFC's Channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCnYpYJaKyX6gbmh2TEpB80w ► Server IP: Play.SaicoPvP.com Blaze Realm
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Text Comments (15)
Sacred (2 years ago)
do /eec not /echest
TheMobExterminator (2 years ago)
Ok, I will next time :)
dang, i miss that server. Have not played minecraft in so long, that even mob could maybe beat me at pvp now. ;) <3
idk man im just taking a break. Gunna  come back strong ;)
TheMobExterminator (2 years ago)
M9, we both know I have always been better than you in pvp? JK xD Why don't you play anymore?
SwimOG _ (2 years ago)
Rekt by a silver fish lol
TheMobExterminator (2 years ago)
+SwimOG _ lol, ikr xD
GrizzlyBear OG (2 years ago)
btw if you place a block on your sv that could mean an xrayer can find it cause its a full block if you want to set home jump and sethome and it will work just helping you out <3 :D
GrizzlyBear OG (2 years ago)
thats how it is its weird mc glitch
TheMobExterminator (2 years ago)
+GrizzlyBear OG yeah i know, but for some reason my optifine wont see the sv if i dont have a full block, the chests go invis for some reason
GrizzlyBear OG (2 years ago)
1st Sweet raid
TheMobExterminator (2 years ago)
+GrizzlyBear OG Thanks! GG on first!
Destroyer PT (2 years ago)
GG! Liked and subbed <3 how many factions vídeos per week?
Destroyer PT (2 years ago)
+TheMobExterminator kk
TheMobExterminator (2 years ago)
+DestroyerPT - Factions & More Thanks! I try posting 3 faction videos a week, but tbh it depends.

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