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Project Happiness HAWAII

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Check out Hurricane: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LBlSnslHTmM NetNobody and friends take an adventure in Hawaii to produce music, create some videos, eat good food and create fun memories. This is the second of many more in the Project Happiness series. Be sure to stay tuned for more vlogs and videos! Everyone Involved MUSIC PRODUCTION NetNobody http://www.soundcloud.com/netnobody http://www.twitter.com/netnobody Idan https://twitter.com/Cashio65 FEATURING Gooby https://www.twitter.com/thaidyedfalicia Quentin https://www.twitter.com/doq Kevin Pollari https://twitter.com/KEVINPOLLARI VIDEO PRODUCTION Directed by Adam Dahlberg (NetNobody) Camera Work Philip Engle https://twitter.com/PhilTheFilmer Editing Foxy https://twitter.com/foxycomedy Additional Camera: Julio Gonzalez https://twitter.com/ThatOneTomahawk
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Text Comments (1774)
Adam (16 days ago)
Toss a like for more.
Alethea Alegre (5 days ago)
Adam still crying that you quit Minecraft I see the Minecraft logo that is blocking your naked body and you broke my childhood
Kehhnnononnuwn (6 days ago)
Are we gonna stop slapping the like button with our heads anymore?
Billy Chambers (6 days ago)
Adam ok y not
Connor Larsen (8 days ago)
gamer life (10 hours ago)
Awww you two are soooo CUTE I hope you guy stay together and be happy special you Adam I always loved you always will you did so much for me I want to be like you and help people too just like you ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😝💕😊😊😊😊😊
wages toip (19 hours ago)
I'm a oahu
Andreajulienne Azuelo (20 hours ago)
I cant belive adam is hairy and fat lol sorry
Andreajulienne Azuelo (20 hours ago)
TyLikesStuff (23 hours ago)
Adam's hairy chest and nipples haunt my dreams.
Mr . Xii (1 day ago)
R.I.P Team Crafted The Memories will be in my heart
DelsinGaming (1 day ago)
Project Hapiness:Meet other YouTuber????
Lizzie lue (1 day ago)
we have a lot of [Jeff] im going to start using that
Budderfox Gaming (1 day ago)
I'm so sad that you were in Maui without me knowing because no one goes to Maui anymore. I hope you come again. 😊👍
A. Carlos (1 day ago)
Did the food taste like iron
Destruction Army (1 day ago)
Wow 24:37 roast😂
emily kimball (1 day ago)
Poor spiders, I absolutely love them
Amy Mclane (2 days ago)
I am so happy that your happy Adam! Love watching your travel vlogs!
Rasd Gaming (3 days ago)
He’s back folks! idc if it’s sky or Adam... upload more it’s entertaining to watch! 👊😉 Haha Adam! Ur laugh i love it 👏🏻
Trinity Tronos (3 days ago)
Your nipples are on the screen
Deirdre Brennan (4 days ago)
Can this be a tv shoe
Stingy (5 days ago)
now here's the real question: *_D O Y O U E A T F O O D ?_*
Darkstar 315 (5 days ago)
Adam, your awesome and should feel awesome and have a nice life. Note: that I will keep watching your videos.
Zack TV (5 days ago)
He is Roy YamaGUCCI
Null&Void TheNoobLord (5 days ago)
Alexander Hamilton (5 days ago)
It said " #logang"
I like this better then your old videos
Jello Jelfonzo (5 days ago)
7:43 Little sneak peak for Adam's new song coming soon, the hype is real!
Callum Dowson (6 days ago)
Good vid
psychotic _Bear (6 days ago)
I'm glad to see Adam happy again. He totally deserves it after all that stuff happened, best wishes to you man.🤘🖖👏
zombiepwner124 (6 days ago)
I just wanna let you know. I watched all of your videos. I’ve known about you since you have 75k subscribers and I kinda stopped watching for a year or so and cleared my YT. But when I saw you were quitting MC it put me in tears. Sadness came over me. You were my childhood and honestly when I wasn’t feel good, I was tired, I was depressed, I was angry. I came to you. You are so funny and amazing and I just cried. But I realized. It’s been forever. It’s been so many years and you just needed to move on. So then I got happy again like you made me a long time ago. And I can’t wait to see what time has in store for you. Thank you Adam. Live wildly and fully. ❤️
blackgundog123 (6 days ago)
LOOL WHAT I JUST CAME UP WITH they are going to have a ROY-al time
XN I MAVA (7 days ago)
Glad to see youre enjoying yourself! Keep up the good work!
Kid Reject (7 days ago)
Project Happiness: Great Britain
Floyd Vicente (7 days ago)
:O adams new girlfriend :OOOOO
NatterBatter (7 days ago)
Keisha Reed (7 days ago)
petparty146 (7 days ago)
This is funnier then I thought it'd be. Ha.
Bubble Wrap (7 days ago)
decresso colers (7 days ago)
Its hard to see if u just spam like comments or read them. Either way its cool that u interact with ur audience
These Biscuits (7 days ago)
:( sky dose Minecraft
Cosmo The Cunt (8 days ago)
13:35 I was thinking two things, one, that noise isn't even fucking human. 2, so thats where the meme came from.
Gashyn (8 days ago)
I absolutely love his new content!!!!
CHANCE KRAFT (8 days ago)
Adam would u ever let mason call u dadam
iiTigerKing YT (8 days ago)
Lol you can tell hes happier than when he was a minecraft youtuber :P
DeepFreeze - Official (8 days ago)
Roy Yamaguchi🤓
boomshock (8 days ago)
those tit tho ;))
Logan Scheider (8 days ago)
Adam may be done with Minecraft but he’s still the same goofy dude we all love Edit:loved shine can’t wait for more
river elliott (8 days ago)
WarriorCallum (8 days ago)
AdamBuysShirts. The new SkyDidThatGameThatAdamDoesn'tPlayAnyMore.
Sleepy Shumin (8 days ago)
Don't let things get the best of you Sky... Do your best
Where do you get your merch??
A Soviet Communist (8 days ago)
Wow I live in Maui
Fuzzy (8 days ago)
"i fit in tighter places"
ganzlove (8 days ago)
Wow I felt like I was watching a movie in the begining
ImaginaryBoy (9 days ago)
My god I want to watching AGAIN.
Stanleyforlife (9 days ago)
Adam play Bendy and the Ink Machine Chapter 3
stick it with aeron (9 days ago)
Damn boi first Norway now Hawaii, great, next time take me
MissBlue _ (9 days ago)
This video honestly made me so happy
Toby Reible (9 days ago)
I know this might be a dumb question but is he still friends with ross and everyone else
MiREK (9 days ago)
I'm excited to see where you'll land next time. Maybe Japan?
I thought he was going to post gameing?
Captain Biscuit (9 days ago)
Top Ten Greatest Anime Arcs
Bovix (9 days ago)
Bovix (9 days ago)
XxSWAGGERxX (9 days ago)
Hey Adam have you ever been so salty that you turned a freshwater lake into the ocean?
TheDominator01OG (9 days ago)
Hey Adam could you please come to Singapore, even there isn't much but it is quite a nice place for an island that has small area and see the area and also cuz i wanna meet you
SCOOBY213BOY channel (9 days ago)
Did you see what jess did to cops and robbers
Daniel Chun (9 days ago)
which island you on though?
marcijip (9 days ago)
Yeet? Yeet.
Levi McCoy (9 days ago)
I hate you😂jk
ShadowKnight506 Gamez (9 days ago)
Beautiful editing
LpsWolfGirl (9 days ago)
JASON!! I'm startled Someone had to say it..
flame of the gods (9 days ago)
I live in hawaii
MatrixLover (9 days ago)
Change is good :)
Austin Denton (9 days ago)
Dude your videos actually suck you used to make gaming videos and i loved them when i was 8 but can you do something else just other than vlogging and all your other subs are old before you changed the name from skydoesminecraft to adam only a few people like your crappy videos
Austin Denton (9 days ago)
You are corn asf i would rather watch jake paul and logan paul they game and vlog and they are like 5x better than you
Austin Denton (9 days ago)
I mean do you even notice how you have literally no ads on your vids they suck balls
the awesome brothers (9 days ago)
Wizzard (9 days ago)
kids, this is where minecraft takes you..
PJ Poopkins (9 days ago)
Sky......... Adam please be happy that is my request. I don’t want to get depressing, but my uncle was once on his death bed. A car part got shot out of a car, went into his body, stoped inches from his heart. I was torn, my family thought he was gonna die. During that time I watched you and you only. You mad me happy, you made me forget about all that was happening and I want YOU to be happy cause you made me happy. You out of all people deserve it. Edit: My uncle lived
Zodice (9 days ago)
Oldies would understand this.. "I'm gonna pause the video, until I find a pumpkin". It's been five years Adam.. Minecraftconfirmed.
Madi Brown (9 days ago)
i love this, its so fucking amazing. Is it possible you could come too my hometown and make all of the fans here happy for this project? it would be cool if you could do that for my birthday since its coming up soon. I would literally cry if you could, your my hero man
CHRISTY LEFFEW (9 days ago)
Noah G161 (10 days ago)
oh god what have u become
S.S FATBOI (10 days ago)
Sky DID Minecraft 😭😭😭😭
Skeets YT (10 days ago)
Dude you’re a natural! You can make any video great love this version of you! It’s just so.... YOU! Keep it up!
Lincoln Hall (10 days ago)
Why is she driving 9 and 3
Grimylicous (10 days ago)
Wait adam has a relationship again? Gratz or im just sitting under a rock and don't know what happened lately
xXThatGuy LoganXx (10 days ago)
Nice I'm loving it
DΞSIRE (10 days ago)
HELL WAR (10 days ago)
Adam always were clean shit😎 I may miss the old adam but I like this adam more
Marleyson Games (10 days ago)
So good to see you happy Adam/NetNobody
Tony Aquino (10 days ago)
" i like how he is twerking" wow adam is right there chill dawm ok
My Chemical Unicorn (10 days ago)
I love this ! You changed into something BETTER AND AMAZING OMG #Evolve 😂😂😂😂
OMG_Its_Widow (10 days ago)
So happy to see you've moved on from Minecraft, idk it just got stale and I could tell you weren't having fun making them anymore, glad to see you havin fun 🤗
Charlie Herrington (10 days ago)
Play fortnite
dragontear13 · (10 days ago)
The future awaits us all
Jerry Ramirez (10 days ago)
bootleg post malone
Spidereast218 1 (10 days ago)
Ugandan nuckles in April 2018 😩😩😩👌👌👌👌👌
Your Mom (10 days ago)
You and ghooby bangin?
CowGaming (10 days ago)
Hello Hi (10 days ago)
I was born in hawaii
Ace _Angel (10 days ago)
1 million dollars Adam won't pin this

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