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Kids' Toy Channel: Toy Train! Little Tikes Waffle Blocks Steam Engine Train Unboxing and Playtime!

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https://www.youtube.com/user/iloveMayThing Click the link to see more videos like this one. Thanks!!
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Text Comments (24)
Henry Alarcón (3 months ago)
Benedict Lalu (4 months ago)
I hate the video you did not make the set
Tobot Cool Kayla (11 months ago)
At 11:18 it so funny
Scott Hartzler (11 months ago)
My. Little Pony
That girls looks like 5 years old.. is it normal in your culture for such an old child to wear a diaper? Seems very odd to a westerner.
yung clap (11 months ago)
Take this discard off my tablet The fact is that you are not the same
derbessere (1 year ago)
well.., remember honey boo boo? ;)
Kids Crazy Show (1 year ago)
So big train! Well done!
montoyaholly (1 year ago)
Kids Crazy Show i
HoYoung Lee (1 year ago)
What grade is Hulyan in.
Mahilig TV (1 year ago)
Intuitive Girlboss (11 months ago)
Mahilig Project py
derbessere (1 year ago)
Which diaper brands do the kids use?
Kids Show (1 year ago)
Great )) like
TheDinoSean Show (1 year ago)
awesome toy😊👍
Great video !
It jumps over the train not car
RSG Ethan (1 year ago)
Cool video guys😊. I hope we can be friends Hulyan Maya😊.
Jai Bista Show (1 year ago)
just stopping by to say hello to everyone! Love you all
Mythical Spirit Aj (1 year ago)
the ELECTRIC Gamin (1 year ago)
Gurjeet Saini (10 months ago)
Njjjkjkkkl ,jab-`-`-&-&&-
Whitney Norris (11 months ago)
the ELECTRIC Gamin 9 Power 3ggggghghhhhvbbnhcffcccfcbn nniii h tffhyku ur fgygffftrer4tr55rrtrry55tttt5ttttttt665t5tttt. 💩
Nany Albertim (1 year ago)

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