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Game Theory: Walking Dead, Killing Zombies

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The Walking Dead, Dead Rising, and Left for Dead--all games about killing zombies. But what about a real-world zombie apocalypse? We play by Walking Dead rules to find out which household weapon is going to protect you the best during a zombie uprising.
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Text Comments (19826)
Kai Magallanes (41 minutes ago)
the whole time I was watching this, I was like, Matpat, you ok buddy?
Ree Ree (3 days ago)
Ultra Genesect (4 days ago)
Zombies won’t happen
A Random Commenter _ (4 days ago)
I feel so frikken bad for the melons... ;~;
N.A.NE _ (4 days ago)
Alternative title: matpat having a mental breakdown for 12 minuets straight
Kolyer Abaa-Ogley (6 days ago)
One of my favourite old videos
Wolfpix J (6 days ago)
You know looking back at the MatPat of then from naw it makes me think he was of his meds at the time
Leonie Schnieders (7 days ago)
"ONLY 47% of Americans owns a gun"
Tara Dillow (7 days ago)
5:07 lol 😂
RockinRabbit37 (7 days ago)
Watermelon murderer MattPat is pretty cool
YTgamerfun1YT (9 days ago)
Just buy a gun MatPat, this is America
Alden Baggett (12 days ago)
I think Mat Pat is a serial Killer
FooFug Vlogs (14 days ago)
Matpat is so dirty minded
Elias Hansen (16 days ago)
monika is best girl (16 days ago)
Me: *watches video* Me: *buys axe*
I am not You (17 days ago)
Human Heads are Herder then Melone you can cut it with cardbord not Relay realistic
EldenTenner (22 days ago)
Matpat to be the new Joker
Tijn Kraus (24 days ago)
Watermelon is better because the bones become brittle, because they don't get enough nutrients
Kuro Karasu (25 days ago)
This. Is. So. CRINGE.
Dem Wafflezzz (26 days ago)
Pure Dexterity (27 days ago)
number 15 2:47 lets get two things straight
J J Russ (29 days ago)
ugh cringe
Mary Paul (29 days ago)
When you first said deep penetration I thought. Of a Spear but you said drill
Good Boy (30 days ago)
Ooooooooooooo no
Dante k-po monzani (1 month ago)
CUTTING WATERMELON WITH AN AXE 😱😱😱😱 * you will not believe what happens *
Dick Kickem (1 month ago)
Matpat you forget that zombies a slightly decayed so weaker than a watermelon
Thetreeboy (1 month ago)
5:52 is that mat pat foreshadowing those 1000 degree knife challenge?
Thetreeboy (1 month ago)
Man 2012 mat pat is so perverted
Thetreeboy (1 month ago)
No one cares what year your watching this video in boi just stop please it’s annoying
Emily McKinnon (1 month ago)
0:20 imagine if you got pulled over by a cop on the way to film this
CanonJace TV (1 month ago)
Highest budget Game theory episode yet.
stacuu2222 (1 month ago)
respect for dexter style in the beggining
Ligma Balls (1 month ago)
So dam cringey
JK Gaming (1 month ago)
Watermelons look away at 6:35
polygone two (1 month ago)
Zombie melon should guest star on GTLive.
Mister Lonely (1 month ago)
Oh boy the better matpat (the one that actually uses science)
Spamham (1 month ago)
Cringe is real
Its_NP (1 month ago)
It’s Disco Time (1 month ago)
Can I get that loyal therioust number
IDontCare (1 month ago)
2018 dudes
lotrdude13 (1 month ago)
Old MatPat is adorable lol
Nevan Leong (1 month ago)
Yeaaaaaahhh........hsledge hammers are heavy.....like a gigantic boards,machine guns and axes aren't heavy
Nevan Leong (1 month ago)
Board with nails Me:iiiiittttzzzz staaaaaacckk
Nevan Leong (1 month ago)
Nevan Leong (1 month ago)
Even If u use an axe it's really not that long
Nevan Leong (1 month ago)
Matpat:maybe a bit of gasoline Me:no no no no no not da gasoline in da bottal with cloth Oooooh now I remember what it's called molotove cocktail
terenuku tofaeono (1 month ago)
Is it just me or does matpat remind anyone of Cody from suite life
thegamingpigie banana (1 month ago)
R.IP Water Mellon
Link Is A Savage (1 month ago)
4:32 That's not what the rest of us think of.
Link Is A Savage (1 month ago)
Anyone else came from the Venom video?
Darcie Roscoe (1 month ago)
umm, the beginning song wasn't walking dead, at least I don't think, I sounds a lot like another show I watch, not the walking dead
Ink Warrior (1 month ago)
Very cringy
Drew Oda (1 month ago)
Aubrey Nall (1 month ago)
I’m guessing he had so much fun filming this.
H Studios (1 month ago)
Who's here from the venom episode?
Lantern 501 (1 month ago)
Zombie Melon: Don't kill me! Pfft, Matpat you cinnamon roll.
saHAVANA (1 month ago)
Is it bad I think he’s cute?
saHAVANA (1 month ago)
Loll yaaaayyyy
Link Is A Savage (1 month ago)
Tom Heraud (1 month ago)
yeah, why. Who are you? suspicious face. Still don't have any emojis
Link Is A Savage (1 month ago)
Swanbeck Family?
Sasuke Uchiha (1 month ago)
I came here because of venom video
Tom Heraud (1 month ago)
The cringe
Tom Heraud (1 month ago)
Swanbeck Family (1 month ago)
Just curious
Tom Heraud (1 month ago)
yeah, why. Who are you? suspicious face. Still don't have any emojis
Swanbeck Family (1 month ago)
Did you come from the Venom video
Chunky Animations (1 month ago)
gotta love watching mat pat having way to much fun killing watermelons.
Giraffes are awsome (1 month ago)
"did you see that?" not mat i had my eyes closed
That one Saucey kid (1 month ago)
5:02 is HILARIOUS!!!!!
NinthBayEmu (1 month ago)
Who's here from the Venom video?
Kiol-Mein Fiev (1 month ago)
GM Pineapple (1 month ago)
Professor Mudkip (1 month ago)
Swanbeck Family (1 month ago)
Fred Gomez (1 month ago)
Who's here from the venom episode
Swanbeck Family (1 month ago)
GigaMarc 2 (1 month ago)
Or just when we bury bodies we tie their shoelaces together
The Great L ayne (1 month ago)
I own 6 guns:-)
Jincy Montgomery (1 month ago)
I own two Scythes, a Legend Of Zelda sword that is sharpened,and a staff *BRING IT ON XD*
Jincy Montgomery (1 month ago)
Plus I know self-defense via Taekwondo and Karate *I THINK IM READY ;)*
Fab. Kitter. (1 month ago)
Dude my grandma watches bones YEET
RavenClaw Gabriel (1 month ago)
Watermelons were harmed in the making of this film and We need to survive so don’t get bitten
Alice Angel (1 month ago)
Pheonix Flame (1 month ago)
ok most people are its not braggin :/
Flashdog (1 month ago)
"only 47% of the americans own a gun" ... european countries have like <1%
Monster Hunter5000 (1 month ago)
Actually not really toxoplasmosis is proven not to have effect on people or even cats and if it did the infected would seek out cats probably lions so yeah i like your channel but do your research
Pheonix Flame (1 month ago)
those are recent studies this episode was released 5 years ago :/
Daniel Bickford (1 month ago)
You look like you were having entirely too much fun
Santah_novah butterz (1 month ago)
Graet im scard for life a zobie rat vires 😡thanks mat pat
SOUPP (1 month ago)
*deranged man smashes watermelon and maniacally laughs*
Boi Got Hacked (2 months ago)
dont own a angry cat
will2003michael2003 (2 months ago)
Barbed wire is all you need. Zombies cannot get past a good fence. Razer wire would remove feet and limbs without a problem.
gil (2 months ago)
Watermelons are way to weaker then a human head The fact that its the same dencity is bullshit Human skull is a realy strong thing, it take a realy good strike with a knife to even deal some kind of dmg
MR. GOONCH (2 months ago)
3:50 nice one Michael
Jason Baber (2 months ago)
Look i know a fare bit about firearms and melee weaponry and there are two guns in my dads room as in a bolt-action rifle and a pump-action shotgun and an axe in the garage a claw hammer in the closet a base ball bat in my room esc
James Matthews Jr (2 months ago)
johnny townsend (2 months ago)
The "creative weapon" will get stuck in the head of the zombie that will make it easier for other zombie's to eat your brains😱😱😱😵😵💀💀💀
Mangle girl (2 months ago)
Just watching MatPat murder melons to Ave Maria
Kommandant Wulf (2 months ago)
I can see him going too the store and buying 20 watermelons.
Kommandant Wulf (2 months ago)
I have a sharp katana in my basement, will that work?
Nathanimations _ (2 months ago)
Should have predrilled my holes....
Lydia Decelle (2 months ago)
5:35 not manical at all
Rory O'Brien (2 months ago)
you could use a hammer as a throwing tool
Studio Dogy (2 months ago)
I know this vid is REALLY old but i thing the best weapon would be (As shown in The walking dead: Final season by Telltale games) A spiked (nails hammered into it) table/chair leg A chair leg and some nails are easy to come by, easily replaceable and the chair leg is just long enough to pretty safely kill a zombie. if zombies start killing everyone then a spiked chair leg is as a weapon is safe bet for me.
The Flaming Phoenix! (2 months ago)
Wheres my 2018 squad
Monkeymc05 Playz (2 months ago)
Im watching a serious video and when the censored part came...i laughed😂😂😂
FaRo (2 months ago)
Axes always were my favourite weapon, in medieval LARP and in Minecraft. So I guess I'll just continue that trend if the zombie apocalypse happens.
Hello Peeps (2 months ago)
the real problem here is Mat Pat wasting melons😔
Gift Giver (2 months ago)
RIP all those watermelons 😭
Ali-A (2 months ago)
47 percent 5 years ago 1000% today
Master bait 2 death (2 months ago)
I assume that 75% of the 47% are people in Florida Texas and Alabama
Dennis Rinck (2 months ago)
Dear Mat pat did you know the human skull is in fact harder then the skin of a watermelon ? The bone density of a human skull is more like a coconut than a watermelon it is hard to pierce a coconut with a knife you can but the chance of sliding along the skull is more likely.
Polaris Ursula (2 months ago)
Ave Maria was in the wrong key... supposed to be f major.

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