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FART BATTLE (Coding with J&H) #3

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Text Comments (1109)
Noah Thompson (17 hours ago)
Jeannie Dominguez (1 day ago)
That what you tried in the fart battle #3
UnknownUnicorn (3 days ago)
Ilikeducks if you see this.
Nabhy Patel (3 days ago)
creepster95 (4 days ago)
Omg why are you doing this with the world?
KooperSpeederYT (16 days ago)
If you play on PLAY.ITSJERRYANDHARRY.COM, I will not look for you, I will not pursue you. But if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you. AND I WILL STEAL YOUR DIAMONDS.
Renald Artuz (25 days ago)
Fart hahaha
Cynder The Dragoness (28 days ago)
Farting female pink minecraft dragons coding!
IPhone GT (29 days ago)
Ah Wtf i did not get
can use at yuorr server plz build battle?
sans the overtale sans (1 month ago)
What happens when you do the kiling fart plus portal guns
JoyPitao (1 month ago)
_ _ o o --------
Rosalie Ignacio (1 month ago)
How to update a minecraft pe 1.0.0
IRZXP IVKK (1 month ago)
Your not destroying the environment poop helps soil
That Was Healerious (Sorry For The Bad Spelling😢)
#playdartitjerryandharrydartcom = play.itjerryandharry.com
elvin0407 Denis Daily (1 month ago)
R o b lo x
Radwl _ (1 month ago)
Fart rap at 2:50
TheHero0826 (1 month ago)
I hope Jerry and harry reply to this comment cuz tommorow i cant watch their videos anymore😭😭😭
MegaTH (1 month ago)
5:13 WTF POO *holly sh*
Gergő Bendegúz (1 month ago)
LiL Bear (2 months ago)
The Hole place is full with poop XD
MasonNZN (2 months ago)
*4:48** Never Code Hack And Drive At The Same Time! Cause You Will CRASH xD*
New Shu 3 (2 months ago)
Lonje Kamanga (2 months ago)
Make a face revel plz!!!
bugra Gamer (2 months ago)
6:12 😂😂😂
Aurimas Stan (2 months ago)
😂😂😂 I'm laughing fart sounds 😂😂😂
Grant Madison (2 months ago)
Please teach how to make this code
ItsRye Playz (2 months ago)
at 2:50 my fav part xD
DaGameGamer (2 months ago)
Michał Zaniuk (2 months ago)
i sharted twice and like if u sharted xD
New Shu 3 (2 months ago)
I want to fart too in your butt😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Pixel Hax Pro (2 months ago)
do you have sticky key on
LukeX333 (3 months ago)
0:01 you got -1p wtf?
Kitty Purr22 (3 months ago)
TakeMyD4GG3R (3 months ago)
6:40 nice backround :)
MaxxSamuel (3 months ago)
dawid k (3 months ago)
lol the outro
dawid k (3 months ago)
ThomasTJ (3 months ago)
I like ducks
Rune Elen (3 months ago)
love this siries sorry for bad english
Blue Lady (3 months ago)
Jvsh do poop wars
Chicken.java KoolAid.java
mike schmidt 45 (3 months ago)
Intro good outro noooo stop you nooooooob
Misti Brock (3 months ago)
That was so hilarous xD
Kumbang Gaming (3 months ago)
J&H actually has high level of coding 😣
Louie Coronica (3 months ago)
Roszana Sayadi (3 months ago)
Right now and again
Roszana Sayadi (3 months ago)
J&H IS HERE!!!!!
Mark Flores (3 months ago)
Tinchi (3 months ago)
07darkninja07 (3 months ago)
Make it into a only one command plz
Youtuber 01 (3 months ago)
LOL *toooot* at 1:08
Unified Korea Ball (3 months ago)
2:50 Cool rap...
TheFirestFox67 Fletcher (3 months ago)
Fluxstudios (4 months ago)
Can we get the plugin pls?
Gemma Lumukso (4 months ago)
did i just saw you making a wall of poop
Ultra form Actor (4 months ago)
it's really funny
z Shadow (4 months ago)
Derek Arredondo (4 months ago)
they should have done a shart battle. LENNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
z Shadow (4 months ago)
Optic Ryad (4 months ago)
Ewwwwwww..... Disgusting
Optic Ryad (4 months ago)
Anonymous Sandwich (4 months ago)
When the Playa starts sneakin
Bobbi McHale (4 months ago)
Pro rapper
DoomBoi Android (4 months ago)
Wow this is splatoon 3
Oo (4 months ago)
W9ooooh look FArts
DocCraft (4 months ago)
Hi J & H
JRJ1 (4 months ago)
I like ducks
Zmolo comop (4 months ago)
How to install minecraft server?
Super duper lucky guy (4 months ago)
Fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart fart
Sevo George (5 months ago)
Wayne Dy (5 months ago)
ew so disgusting i dont like that
Wayne Dy (5 months ago)
ew so disgusting i dont like that
Your channel art is you guys farting
me2 minecraft (5 months ago)
very shity
TheOperPL (5 months ago)
You know what fart mean in polish? Luck.
Giorgos Zapadis (5 months ago)
HẢI ANH LƯƠNG (5 months ago)
I love the fartain
HẢI ANH LƯƠNG (5 months ago)
Super poop!!!!!! Get it because they always play build battle
Garlic Shred (5 months ago)
Aeizure (6 months ago)
Hello random person scrolling down the comments! Hopefully you have a good day/night/afternoon! :D
DaMone Arnold (6 months ago)
needleg A Roblox Player (6 months ago)
Atleast you made some fertilizers for the plants.
neilvin ferry (6 months ago)
i luagh so hard because! to Many poops! 😂 😂 😂
Titanic 1912 Fan (6 months ago)
Can't stop Laughing
Trebine Biascan (6 months ago)
Do u guys somehow play league of legends or so? I heard u guys aay quadra kill and pentakill
Darth Scheme (6 months ago)
ChubbyBear MINE (6 months ago)
i cant join because i use tluancher
იაკობი Dvali (6 months ago)
Good poop
Boobaki _Troll (6 months ago)
Gh _st (6 months ago)
And kids that how notch created minecraft
MrSuga (6 months ago)
oh that's the code for super fart in cosmetics in ur server the super fart one
lee gamer (6 months ago)
Nether portal on the right at 6:27
Ghozi Azka Ghozi Azka (6 months ago)
Windra Ahmad
Danny Crafter232 (6 months ago)
Get 5M subs and face reavel
Aleks Kirov (6 months ago)
i play in your server
R41NB0W P4N (6 months ago)
2:50 nice

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