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Minecraft Mods | "Transformers Robots In Disguise Mod" Transformer Robots (Transform) Mod Showcase

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Can we aim for 500+ likes for this cool Minecraft mod? .Follow Me On Twitter:https://twitter.com/Jared_Alec .Like Me On Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Jaredalecrealm _____________________________________________ Minecraft Mods Transformers Robots Minecraft Mod Showcase!This Minecraft mod showcase is on The Transformers mod in Minecraft! This Minecraft mod adds in Transformer robots you can morph into with the Transformers armour! It adds in amazing player models and a really great animation when you morph into a Transformer. This mod allows you to be three different Transformer robots one being a plane which you can fly around and will have missles and other crazy weapons in the future as well as a tank and the new transformers mod update "VRUM" Which is a new transformer you can morph into who transforms into a speed car! _____________________________________________ Become A Youtube Partner: VISO: http://bbtv.go2cloud.org/aff_c?offer_id=24&aff_id=1649 TGN: http://bbtv.go2cloud.org/aff_c?offer_id=26&aff_id=1649 Music By Monstercat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OVMuwa-HRCQ
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Text Comments (161)
Deedee Julien (2 years ago)
IamZulk (2 years ago)
There is another update
Fericous Gamming bros (2 years ago)
IT'S Been updated NOT Ha Ha
Marlinda Khumaeroh (3 years ago)
masa masa bodo
Joanna Avila (3 years ago)
xXTheLastRideXx (3 years ago)
Name of the intro plz? :3 Is not tristam - flight :c
Mona Branch (3 years ago)
Ver is my fav.
IrishFistOf Fury (3 years ago)
All and awesome
Samuel Falch (3 years ago)
It is updated!
The Fast Pro Channel (3 years ago)
hi there
Ck Agaser (3 years ago)
haha.. dat lady is herobrine haha..that video entrance never gets any older
Sab0r7 G (3 years ago)
My favorite is skystrike
JustBlurr (3 years ago)
Purge is Generations Bludgeon with a different color pallet.
lego lord (3 years ago)
Gg se mod existe sur mcpe?
Zachary Clement (3 years ago)
vurp is lockdown
DatOneIntrovert (3 years ago)
Kim Anderson (3 years ago)
You're theme is so stupid
Pineapple plays (3 years ago)
weres the link to download it 
isabel bullock (3 years ago)
i thot transformers are to hevy to swim
Turbo V8 (3 years ago)
the jumps old
Marty Brenner (3 years ago)
They all are cool and my favorite too because I used to collect the orginals when I was younger.
Marty Brenner (3 years ago)
very small car have to enlarge to size of the other vehicles in program 
Marty Brenner (3 years ago)
love your program cant wait if you put it on the ps3 version.
Sur Ville (3 years ago)
If you guys are in contact, I have a question/suggestion. Since he is adding small transformers could he add a dinobot such as a raptor or a small flying dinobot? That would be cool :) and is he going to add actual sized to minecraft vehicles such as ones that don't look like toy or RC Vehicles?
Sur Ville (3 years ago)
Turbo V8 (3 years ago)
+Permian Sentient McKinley if it isnt u can make another account on the launcher or user i should say and what version it is use that
Sur Ville (3 years ago)
Also is this mod updated to 1.8? I am currently in 1.8
zipperchannel22 (3 years ago)
I like thuis mod but i like the mod better when de tank and car are bagger
Erick Najera (3 years ago)
Do it in mincraft comes alive
Domanic Levy (3 years ago)
Vurp is my favorite
Kimmwi .K (3 years ago)
EDSBREAD (3 years ago)
Purge looks like bludgeon
EDSBREAD (3 years ago)
I like burp cause he looks like lockdown
Fancy Wolfie (3 years ago)
I love this MOD!!! If they added in guns.I would be able to shoot my DAD!!! XD
KidozyGAME (3 years ago)
the vurp robot looks like Lock Down from the new Transformers movie
TFGaming Tr (3 years ago)
mod link?
Cman 2106 (3 years ago)
Hmmmm... Hard to say Ether skystrike or verp.
Bhavna Vaidya-Tank (3 years ago)
You have no mouth
Tobias Göpel (3 years ago)
SS2point0 (3 years ago)
wheres the download?
sonic tdm (3 years ago)
vurp + nitro + carpenter's blocks slope = AWESOMELY long jump!
Enzomus Prime (3 years ago)
My Skin is that Kind Of Optimus Prime In The Picture!!!
Hedisa Rocha (3 years ago)
I ment to say vurp is the size of a toy car
Hedisa Rocha (3 years ago)
Purge is like the size of a toy car
Bumble Wave (3 years ago)
wheres the link..
Saber Thor (3 years ago)
The tank and vurp should be bigger
paul bob (3 years ago)
Put the armor on an armor stand please
где ссылка на мод?
j4rg3rt3g (3 years ago)
vbEAS. (3 years ago)
Verp looks like Lockdown with pickaxe
Turbo V8 (3 years ago)
hehad a pickaxe
ThermiteKnight (3 years ago)
I think vurp reminds me of blurr from the origanal transformers
Eimantas Dalguzas (3 years ago)
where is the download
X the Human (3 years ago)
Awesome keep doing the good work minecraft hippie
JayKitsu (3 years ago)
The car/plane and tank models should be bigger and the tank should be worked on more it looks to plain
DOOM STORM (3 years ago)
this is awsome ive been waiting for mods like this :D
TheBest Friend88 (3 years ago)
link del mod?
TheBest Friend88 (3 years ago)
no soy ingles no hablo ingles pero nonde puedo descargar el mod? que algun ingles o alguien me ayude porfavor :(
GojiraGuy (3 years ago)
In the intro did he use Crack to kill the creeper, if so get me same crack bro! (But really do not give me crack)
Shane Connor (3 years ago)
is the mod out yet?....
Stacy Delacruz (3 years ago)
i love transformers!
Paulin Pagulayan (3 years ago)
I love skystrike do
Ann Chapman (3 years ago)
Omg the ad was about transformers lol
Dwayne Armstrong (3 years ago)
Its toatlely lockdown
TopHatProductions115 (3 years ago)
Can't wait for the final release; lools like the mod I've been waiting for!
phillip wallace (3 years ago)
Victor Ruiz (3 years ago)
Vurp looks like lockdown
BudderWarrior300 (3 years ago)
Reminds me of Anki Drive
Connor Taylor (3 years ago)
I like your videos 😀
Connor Taylor (3 years ago)
I like vurp, because he's just a little car😀 and he moves fast.😃😃😃
seth abram (3 years ago)
You dont show purges crafting recipe for pants and boot
Day Wants Sunshine (3 years ago)
Minecraft comes alive. Name: Regina and Simen.
Alexis Nicole (4 years ago)
Cpt Obvious (4 years ago)
Awesome mod! BTW love your intro :D
arif aziz (4 years ago)
Skystryker he can fly
amiho 2v (4 years ago)
Can I please play with you
DekuDaBoss (4 years ago)
Add it in mca
TheMokokolo (4 years ago)
Did you make your intro because I love the song in it
Samurai. (4 years ago)
Hey my friend made this!
An MLG Quickscoper m8 (3 years ago)
Jay MC (3 years ago)
+Sean Smith Fisk is making the mod check his channel and minecraft forums
Lark Angel (3 years ago)
+Sean Smith ther is only one word that explains u ur jealous
Rob The Blocky Fox (3 years ago)
+FiskFille I believe you. I been to your channel and seen the mod. It's looking awesome so far. By the latest images on twitter, it'll be out soon. ;) I can't wait to see what you add to next. Keep up the great work! :D
Sean Smith (3 years ago)
+FlamePrime Productions THANK YOU!!!!!
Tyler Myran (4 years ago)
Really?Dan Lags intro song
HubblePie (4 years ago)
I hate mods that have release dates.... It ends up taking years Cough*Doctor Who Mod*Cough, and after they release they never add anything new...
HubblePie (4 years ago)
+FiskFille But still...
FiskFille (4 years ago)
This mod doesn't have a release date. It just isn't finished enough yet.
AdamThePenguin :D (4 years ago)
Poo poo hahaha
Tanfa (4 years ago)
wheres the download?
225RockStar (4 years ago)
this video just popped up
mont 56 (4 years ago)
Mac  add it thanks a some .
Dilzon The Great (4 years ago)
What would it look like if you had the animated players
Mom Vlogs (4 years ago)
Hailey love
HTB100 (4 years ago)
Yo hippies I have channel to plz sub I'm only at 4 subs
JerryTheGamer (4 years ago)
Where can I get this mod?
SabreSugari (4 years ago)
JJ Flip (4 years ago)
I'm landin' my cockpit on his nose. - Jared 2014
Sliver Fire (4 years ago)
any idea when it might be released for us to get? (honestly i don't care if it isn't finished i want it now :D  )
Turbo V8 (3 years ago)
+FiskFille add all the autobots and desepdecons dino bots and aliens
Sliver Fire (4 years ago)
+FiskFille Alright then but i really want this mod i have been looking for a transformers mod since i first learned of mods
Sarah Mohammed (4 years ago)
+FiskFille can u add bumblbee
Sarah Mohammed (4 years ago)
+FiskFille can u add bumblbee
FiskFille (4 years ago)
I have absolutely no idea. Nonetheless I would need to make it multiplayer compatible before release.
XximaginepowerxX Smith (4 years ago)
Nice mod review
marcelo vazquez (4 years ago)
8th comment
Master Hand (4 years ago)
I love this series!!
Juan Delgado (4 years ago)
4th comment and 7th like
Juan Delgado (4 years ago)
4th comment and 7th like
Beast Titan (4 years ago)
Second View and Like
AsYouShouldMyGuy (4 years ago)
Here it is guys the update to the Transformers Robots mod. We got a brand new transformer, crafting recopies, new animations, and more. For more updates on the Transformer mod be sure to leave a like on the video. Enjoy :)
emil wótkowski (2 years ago)
+JaredAlecRealm Minecraft Mods & More! payday2oliwier
Club minecraft (3 years ago)
+David Patchin He did not say bad words
David Patchin (3 years ago)
Hey don't say bad words
SuperUncommon Kitty (3 years ago)
Just so that you know I really like the beginning of your bids😉😆😉😆😉😉😆😆
ilovecake (3 years ago)
Just wanna say, do you know vurp in car form can also jump, or was that not in there yet?,if not then nvm
andres nolasco (4 years ago)
First view and first like lol babyyyyyy cool vid bro
andres nolasco (3 years ago)
Me to
iRekz • FabianGarcia (3 years ago)
+That Dude on the Fucking interNet is spanish :v
Master Hand (4 years ago)
+iRekz Wut
iRekz • FabianGarcia (4 years ago)
aaa -_- pobres que se emocionan solo por que son la primera visita y en realidad el primero que vio el video fue el que lo grabo que seria TheMinecraftHippie
Captain Waddles (4 years ago)
+That Dude on the Fucking interNet u mad bro

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