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Cub's Guide to Industrial Craft 2 (Basics)

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Today we take a look at Industrial Craft 2 (Experimental) and go over the basics for getting started. For Industrial Craft Classic, check out this video! ➢ https://youtu.be/mvNgtTnx7QY ❖ LINKS ❖ Become an Executive Producer! ➢ http://www.cubsplace.net/donate Subscribe to the #CubsCrew Newsletter! ➢ http://bit.ly/CubsCrew2 Want to know more? Read my FAQ! ➢ http://www.cubsplace.net/faq ❖ MUSIC ❖ ♪ "Life of Riley" Artist: Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) License: Creative Commons Attribution 3.0. ➢ http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ ➢ http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/licenses/
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Text Comments (111)
Timothy Salazar (13 days ago)
this was posted on my 13th birthday :D
Ian moseley (1 month ago)
Do you not have to leave one block of leaves on the rubber tree to get more rubber? Does the extractor still give you one rubber from a rubber wood block?
Bob Pickleson (1 month ago)
Speaking as a 19-year-old...Minecraft YouTubers always sound so internally fed up lmao I feel so bad for you guys. Lots of passive aggressiveness in this video
Howdy Folks! Gaming (1 month ago)
I’d have to disagree. I really enjoyed this recording this one 😊
Daniel Jannusch (1 month ago)
feelsbad there was never an advanced video made ;[
Doie Fuzzball (1 month ago)
la la la la la
Heya! how up-to-date is this tutorial?
Howdy Folks! Gaming oh, ok
Howdy Folks! Gaming (1 month ago)
Well, it was published in Jul 14, 2016, so...that up-to-date ;)
mai leskovar (2 months ago)
i hope u can use forestry bronze...
mai leskovar (1 month ago)
thanks for reply appreciate it :D, i didnt have much time... and it works, i had A LOT of forestry copper* cuz i installed IC2 later on and didnt feel like searching for that
Howdy Folks! Gaming (2 months ago)
Depending on the modpack, it _SHOULD_ work!
James Stinnette (2 months ago)
It's perfectly natural for people to macerate.
Its Cthulhu (1 month ago)
Howdy Folks! Gaming fukn lol
Howdy Folks! Gaming (2 months ago)
Totally. If you have a bunch of resources packed into your chest, you need to get them out! Macerating is the best way to do that.
KATRINA BRINKMANN (2 months ago)
thx this was so helpful also i got 5 saplings from a rubber tree once :)
Howdy Folks! Gaming (2 months ago)
Dang! That's a lot of saplings... Certainly more than average! Congrats ;)
Swampz (3 months ago)
What's the ore Dictionary mod he used?
Swampz (3 months ago)
Yeah! The mod you used in the video, explaining that If it's the same ore name from one mod, then it'd work with other mods.
Howdy Folks! Gaming (3 months ago)
- Rachel (3 months ago)
Wow it helped me alot thanks!
KATRINA BRINKMANN (3 months ago)
I have a question If you have tinkers construct on if you put the crushed iron in the smeltey will it work or do you need to put it in a furnace?
Howdy Folks! Gaming (3 months ago)
It will work, yes. But _usually_ you'll only get a single ingot from it. Some packs have altered that so crushed ores double in the smeltery, so you can essentially get quadruple ingots for every ore. But that is usually not enabled.
ArcticFox210 (4 months ago)
what kind of crafting tables are those? what mod?
Danielius Z (4 months ago)
make a version WITHOUT the recipes cuz creative
Howdy Folks! Gaming (4 months ago)
Nahhh I'm good ;)
Danilo González (6 months ago)
Thank you a LOT
reactin6 (6 months ago)
everythings perfect but, how do i craft glass fiber cable? cant find the recipe anywhere
AyZix (3 months ago)
reactin6 With diamonds, red stone and glass. Like this G. G. G R. D. R G. G. G If i remember well. If it doesn’t work, try glass panes.
Stannis Bannerlord (6 months ago)
Thanks for remember me the lossless mode of the electric wrench.
Tobias Jordbrekk (6 months ago)
Tobias Jordbrekk (6 months ago)
Tobias Jordbrekk (6 months ago)
can u make a video off all recepies xd and how to make simple machines im new to the chabbel
Tobias Jordbrekk (6 months ago)
im good and you?
Howdy Folks! Gaming (6 months ago)
Howdy! How are you, Tobias?
wasillashorty (8 months ago)
Bro, great video, super helpful!
KichiroJR (8 months ago)
ItzYoBoiSatan (9 months ago)
whens the episode 2 ???????????????
PopDeCorns (9 months ago)
Can you put fuel in the iron generator.
Howdy Folks! Gaming (9 months ago)
I believe it will only accept solids.
David Pike (9 months ago)
What mod is your indicator with the harvest lvl and ore and mod?
Amber Jha Jha (9 months ago)
David Pike Waila( what am i looking at) and it's addon Wawla ( what are we looking at)
CraftTheMinor (10 months ago)
Thank you for this great vid! Helped me out a bunch so i subbed!
Mr Tuxedo (10 months ago)
All I did with this is make a diamond factory...
Danielius Z (4 months ago)
the bling machine - sethbling
Spacecoreflake (10 months ago)
Why did I have to think of Overwatch when you talked about the hammer xD
Harambae (3 months ago)
Spacecoreflake actually kill yourself
Juan'sTheName! (11 months ago)
Hey It's a cub video! I just stopped by because i have no clue what to do with the experimental build since im most comfortable with the classic version.
Howdy Folks! Gaming (11 months ago)
Well hopefully this'll get you started :)
Itamar Klartag (1 year ago)
wait you can x32 your ores with this going into a pulvarizer from thermal expansions and then smelt in a tconstruct smeltry.
Howdy Folks! Gaming (1 year ago)
+itamar klartag Eh, I don't think that'll work. Unless you've done it and it worked, in which case, yes!
Brandon Duren (1 year ago)
Could I get a link to get IC2?? All mine seem to have problems..
RageFurious (10 months ago)
RageFurious (10 months ago)
I wont send you a link, but try curse mods. It worked for me.
Animeshnick #1 (1 year ago)
чё ха хрень
LordDesAbsterdens (11 months ago)
Ну кому будто. Я вот столкнулся с неувязкой, что рядовая медь, считается не взаимозаменяемой с медью из модов. Он здесь упомянул о моде "ore dictionary" какой делает все однообразные руды равнозначными.
Harishankar Nair (1 year ago)
Antal Németh (1 year ago)
part 2? :(
Gd Playurr (1 year ago)
Can you do Better Than wolves or better than mods?
Enin (1 year ago)
episode 2?
Nyx_Playz_ YT (1 year ago)
would more furnaces help with the smelting??
Yuo (1 year ago)
what do you use to see all the items like that?
Howdy Folks! Gaming (1 year ago)
Evoin (1 year ago)
Great help! Thanks so much. I'm going to be looking for some more IC2 tutorials from ya. If you don't have one you should make it!
Wout Verscheure (1 year ago)
You just got an extra sub :) This helped me a lot!
Fick Dich (1 year ago)
is there an more advanced tutorial of industrialcraft2 from you?
Howdy Folks! Gaming (1 year ago)
Hey awesome! Welcome to the channel :D
Leo Sun (1 year ago)
Is there any other way to store energy other than a small battery?
monkey athletics (1 year ago)
Great video helped me a lot.
Taseric (1 year ago)
this was really helpfull since i just got a modpack with this in and the furthest ive got in this modpack is using the nukes
Howdy Folks! Gaming (1 year ago)
Hope you enjoy playing with the mod! :)
Peter Diamond (1 year ago)
Ya 1,000,000 diamonds to 200,000,000.
Angelo Mendoza (1 year ago)
thank you so much
Curt Is Chillin (1 year ago)
Came here looking for info on the blast furnace. Great tutorial either way though
BoggyBolt (1 year ago)
You can either go to the industrial craft forum(forum.industrial-craft.net i think) or look up on their wiki. The wiki can be quite useful.
Curt Is Chillin (1 year ago)
I ended up figuring it out. Thanks though man =)
BoggyBolt (1 year ago)
From what i recall you needed compressed air cells and a heat source.
laurie atkinson (1 year ago)
thx u do u do vids on tinders constrution
laurie atkinson (1 year ago)
Howdy Folks! Gaming (1 year ago)
I've got a short series in Tinker's, though it might be a bit out dated: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mLFuztF02PQ
Dzari (1 year ago)
cant tell you how many times i broke my machines cause i didnt know about the wrench...i was not going to use this mod cause of it. thank goodness i can. its the only quarry in my mod pack xD
Government Shill (1 year ago)
So why would I want to use a macerator to grind up an ore, just for me to smelt it into an ingot? Couldn't I just skip that step and smelt in directly? Is the dust used for something?
Ian moseley (1 month ago)
Zemekoulak but this video is specifically about IC2
Zemekoulak (11 months ago)
actually Mekanism alows you to split 1 ore into 5 ingots although its incredibly hard, but worth it
Anonymous One (1 year ago)
You can make two ingots, then using some other mod (don't remember), turn it into ores, and repeat to convert energy into iron.
Government Shill (1 year ago)
+Cub Games Thanks for replying though.
Government Shill (1 year ago)
+Cub Games I was trolling, didn't mean to waste your time. I guess I should have been more obvious.
BlitzKrieg*SS* (1 year ago)
whats the download link? :)
Joe Ogrodnik (1 year ago)
very clear and informative video . earned a sub.👍
supersabreturbo (1 year ago)
Another nice tutorial :D part 2 soon?
trye11 (1 year ago)
Great tut! Subbed
Howdy Folks! Gaming (1 year ago)
Thank you very much! Welcome to the channel :D
Potato (1 year ago)
hay could you do a let's play on that pack? (direwolf20 1.7.10)
MineManu (1 year ago)
bravissimo continua cosi. video molto utile per chi è agli inizi della tekkit =)
Howdy Folks! Gaming (1 year ago)
Faccio quello che posso :)
The Minor Miner (1 year ago)
Super useful cub! Thank you!
Hector Sanchez (1 year ago)
thx for this cub I really needed this for my tekkit legends world
Doie Fuzzball (1 month ago)
ma to
Hector Sanchez (1 year ago)
Cub Games lol
Howdy Folks! Gaming (1 year ago)
D. M. Burt (1 year ago)
So, the macerator doubles the ingots? ...... ;)
Flying Cow (1 year ago)
+Cub Games don't we have nuclear energy in tekket legends
Haacer (1 year ago)
Is this the mod they use in normal Tekkit?
Howdy Folks! Gaming (1 year ago)
Depends on what you mean by "Normal" Tekkit. Tekkit Legends and Tekkit Classic will use IC Classic (https://youtu.be/mvNgtTnx7QY) and Tekkit _Main_ doesn't have Industrial Craft at all, but instead uses Thermal Expansion. I can't say for sure concerning Tekkit Lite, as I've never played it.
Haacer (1 year ago)
Slacks (1 year ago)
I believe so
Slacks (1 year ago)
I was watching season 5 of tekkit until i saw this video come up lol, still a very good tutorial gave me so tips lol

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