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SimCity Let's Play Episode 1

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New game new region new city!!!
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SoulSam2817 (5 years ago)
I subbed
Striker (5 years ago)
why is there drm its retarded give me 1 game that hasnt been pirated or jailbroken
Santa22 (5 years ago)
hey dude welcome to the 90's, i too played the first sim city :)
Oliver Townshend (5 years ago)
yeah 10 years from now... I don't see myself playing this game in 10 months let alone 10 years.
J (5 years ago)
I'd love to join the region once they fix the servers!
FunshineX (5 years ago)
Not this first one as I want to play all 3 to get the hang of the game. After I will start a public region that you all can join
Rays (5 years ago)
can i join your region ;P
Rays (5 years ago)
guys this game is great and i'm addicted but i would recomend not buying it yet because you wont be able to play they have BIG server problmes that makes it allmost impossiple to get in a game
MinedMaker (5 years ago)
This is awsome! I like this cind of thing, all about building and being creative, the same reason I love minecraft. Keep going with this!
Maurice Aarts (5 years ago)
Cool!!! ... downloading simcity =)
TRexAteMyGirlfriend (5 years ago)
Wow someone who could ACTUALLY play D:!
KappaChino (5 years ago)
realy awsome looking forward to more
Raphael Lambert (5 years ago)
O.C.D. The reason you need to take loans.
Charlie Frank (5 years ago)
Great episode cant wait for more
Spacedoutserver (5 years ago)
this is good footage id like to see another episode so i can consider buying the game
weckar (5 years ago)
I did not see this coming.

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