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Super Secret Levels in Video Games!

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A Link To Subscribe! Join The Hunt https://bit.ly/easteregghunter Featuring: Top secret levels hidden in video games - The Easter Egg Hunter The Easter Egg Hunter A series covering the best video game Easter eggs, secrets and facts. LINKS to more videos Zelda Breath of the Wild Easter Eggs and Secrets https://youtu.be/S0t_DhtY218 Zelda Breath of the Wild Easter Egg It's Dangerous to go Alone! https://youtu.be/uyUTQB4k5_E Messing Up Mario Kart 64 with Cheat Codes https://youtu.be/ELhzspHo7vY Top 10 Video Game Cheat Codes https://youtu.be/uWBi_LEjOFk Super Mario 64 L is Real Mystery Solved https://youtu.be/bX-YMaN5RWA 16 Amusing Video Game Mistranslations and Spelling Mistakes https://youtu.be/EwIzIGFjTKU Best Nintendo Wii U Easter Eggs https://youtu.be/jto91dXrBq4 Best Watch Dogs 2 Easter Eggs https://youtu.be/J_rlCyVn784 12 Video Games Punishments For Cheating https://youtu.be/DORr-8SqtiM Nintendo Mini Classic Review https://youtu.be/FVK0AQvBzM8 Top 10 Video Game Easter Eggs Animal Edition https://youtu.be/KQBOWsD_PT0 Top 10 Jump Scares in Video Games https://youtu.be/cLsSMijMIvs Top 10 Creepiest Easter Eggs https://youtu.be/WLHVdjfHtH0 Games Featured Dying Light Super Mario Secret Level Slender The Arrival Secret Level Prince of Persia Sands of Time Secret Level Serious Sam The First Encounter Secret Level Sonic Adventure 2 Secret Level Star Fox F Zero Secret Level Shining Force 2 Secret Level Super Mario World Secret Levels Star Fox Out of this Dimension Secret Level Instagram http://instagram.com/theeasteregghunter/ Twitter https://twitter.com/EasterEggHuntr Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/theeasteregghunter Facebook http://www.facebook.com/chipsturs Music From Pond5.com 1.chillstep
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Text Comments (542)
Melody Butler (1 day ago)
The dying light Easter egg in the level the river is not blood it’s lava
dubzmc grubz (1 day ago)
On the dying light one there is a nother secret keep.jumping and a purple block will appear but you have to keep going to find it on that one go on top of the blocks then jump then you get the piza suit
Justin Shepherd (2 days ago)
Sega made the best music
Dave Carsley (2 days ago)
0:49 I don't know everything, but one thing I do know is that is *not* _"the very first stage from the original title"_ . If you'd played the original, you'd know it's a hell of a lot worse looking than that.
GendoUltra (6 days ago)
What about the super secrets in Blood (PC 1997)? https://blood-wiki.org/index.php/Super_Secret
ุ ุ (8 days ago)
Bruh 180 emblems in Sonic Adventure 2 takes like a week at most, not that hard.
Dink Dank (8 days ago)
No Halo Reach room? wow
MobileMastr GuyDude (9 days ago)
Shining force is such a rip off of Fire Emblem
Dragon Claw (10 days ago)
Music at 2:35 ?
Steve Sanders (14 days ago)
The Easter Egg Hunter (12 days ago)
No idea why I said that HAHA :D
Cyberon (14 days ago)
i have 3 minute unskippable ad
Cyberon (11 days ago)
Nah yesterday i got 17 minute ad and i could not do it anymore i installed adblock an that crap anyways thanks for replying <3!
The Easter Egg Hunter (12 days ago)
3 Minutes ? wow I thought YouTube were only rolling out 30 seconds Max now ?
The Electric Star (15 days ago)
9:27 the last jedi
Christian Turner (18 days ago)
Where's the Plants vs Zombies secret level from Dying Light???
Kris Frederick (19 days ago)
DOOM 2 the Wolfenstein levels are classic
yungboi_42 (23 days ago)
How do people find these levels?
J C (24 days ago)
I remember unlocking the Super Secret Level on Super Mario World. After I was done with the incredible difficult play through,I was than rewarded with the message "Congratulations You Are Now A Super Player!" And The Sonic Adventure 2 I actually got the Super Secret Stage but it was for the Dreamcast.Hardest difficult challange in a Sonic Video Game History! I remember you had to put your A game and get all the A ranks with each character. Would've been good if I could've turned into Super Sonic back like back in the day to unlock the Super Secret Stage. Good times
Sofia Alvarez (26 days ago)
You should play Max Payne. Easter egg central.
ultimate pro gamer (1 month ago)
It's ok for the spoiler alert. Hardly anyone plays those games anyway nowadays XD. ( Except Dying Light :) )
Raihanimnations (1 month ago)
oo B soft
Crano789 (1 month ago)
Espacaly tubular
Lenellest (1 month ago)
4:20 I thought you said super nentendome
EyelessWorld (1 month ago)
It's "TEEM" to tip the scales!!
Emma Matheson (1 month ago)
Dude I have to say that the Slender game was both funny and creepy to me because: 1) My last name is Matheson 2) I have a little brother named Charlie PRETTY SPOOPY HUH
PSI Pup Nibbles (1 month ago)
One Of My Fav Easter Eggs Is The Sonic Shapped Map And Other Ones I Know That Are Like Games
Nutrio6 (1 month ago)
I'm really sad he missed the wing suit on the secret level in Dying light. *smh*
Skellykenz (1 month ago)
Sir_Tactical_Slime (1 month ago)
the slender one is creepy af
Dominic A Channel (1 month ago)
Well there not secrets now
Marcos Zayden (1 month ago)
That dying light one I will try that one out
cringy buster bunny (1 month ago)
*B A R R E L R O L L*
worthlessfools1 (1 month ago)
Was hoping to see the Secret Cow Level from Diablo 2
Does the kirby HAL Easter eggs count?
Mr Wolf (1 month ago)
Mike Remuzzi (1 month ago)
In dying light the instructions to make a wingsuit are on the top of one of those blocks.
Justin M (1 month ago)
Super Sayian Vegeta extra Boss in Supa Sayia Densetsu for Super Famicom (Japan Only)
Justin M (1 month ago)
That was a secret level in Serious Sam?!?! I just went thru it....barely making it.
Tray Ritchie (1 month ago)
I stopped this at 0:13 and if negative world from Mario shows up we're gonna have a problem...
Alex the wolf (2 months ago)
the slender one gave me chills when i played it
SeboTrzyDe3D (2 months ago)
It's sad that so little developers are willing to go out of their way and include actual secrets like these in their games these days. Nowadays the most we can expect is bunch of never ending fetch quests and exploration of a oversized and full of nothing open worlds.
Marcos Zayden (2 months ago)
Do a barrel roll
Enrique Fuentebella (2 months ago)
longest 10 video ever
TechKnow (2 months ago)
Behind the second wall of the easter egg in Serious Sam is a way larger easter egg, a enormous pyramid with strange beings with the faces of the developers: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K-JQaAmDNsQ
Renaldo Goosen (2 months ago)
Brilliant videos dude!
A Beast (3 months ago)
What about Julius from Saints Row 2
ThugShooter Gameplay! (3 months ago)
Lol to be continued slender come at the end of the episode 😂
Inventor Luis (3 months ago)
obisoft, translate through my mind = boobiesoft
Peggy Nelson (3 months ago)
i beat smw special world and got like a 90 something percent in the game acualty I BEAT every level all secret lvls! castles got to the back door in bosweer world and beat special world I got like 95 I think
Michael Rushing (3 months ago)
On the dieing light you forgotten the pink block
Otakumaru-Senpai (3 months ago)
Amazing video bro i truly respect your efforts to making these videos keep it up!
L.D.C Films (4 months ago)
Richard Phillips (4 months ago)
Super Mario is on of the most memorable games for me , got it with snes when it first came out good game , then street fighter 2 , I played that with friends so much I had a hard lump off skin on my thumb from doing all ryu s moves hardoken ta su maki Kia aku shor ryu ken , har do ken har do ken , perfect
Richard Phillips (4 months ago)
Even playing games bk then I remember say wow it looks so good they will look real soon , I was in America when star fox came out , I got over there it's was called star wing or other way around different to England
malBOROkid (4 months ago)
R type and alex kid in miracle world had good secret levels also toe jam and earl
satria annas (4 months ago)
when i first play prince of persia i found that sword only took 30 sec
ZeoDyce (4 months ago)
How are super secret levels spoilers...? It doesn't spoil the game, especially since most players don't know about the secret. :/
X • e • e •XD ッ (4 months ago)
Did you just pronounce "Oobisoft" Instead of "Yubisoft" ?
ShadowLightning 99 (2 months ago)
N i g h t c o r e X e e X D doesn’t even matter anyway.
The Easter Egg Hunter (4 months ago)
LOL yeah probably, please ignore it's not how i say it now :D
TheLambdaTeam (4 months ago)
You should've added these to the list as well: - Wolfenstein 3-D Episode 3 secret level (the Pac-Mania) - Zinglon's Revenge stage from Tyrian 2000 - The level "Hypercubed!!!" from Tristania 3D (this game in fact has 5 super secret levels) - E1L1 Reborn from Spear: End of Destiny
TheLambdaTeam (4 months ago)
Yea, maybe. Tyrian 2000 is notorious of having VERY WELL hidden secret levels with some crazy unique theme. I can point'em out for ya t'save time if y'desire. The Zinglon's Revenge stage in Tyrian can be unlocked in Episode 4. Y'have to destroy the Core boss on the level "CORE" AND defeat the boss at the secret level "?TUNNEL?". Once y'did, y'must purchase the ship "The Stalker 21.216" and y'have to finish the WHOLE episode 4 using this ship, and ONLY this ship. When all these conditionz are met, you'll get the Zinglon's Revenge super secret level. Wolfenstein 3-D's Pac-man level is an evergreen classic. You can locate tons of videos about it. Its top-down view is also identical to the classic Pac-man game's maze layout. There is another super secret level in Spear Resurrection, which is also about Pac-man, though this time, you can kill them. The level is simply labeled as "Ramparts". This stage can be accessed from the level "Hiroshima" by shooting the left burning torch in a wall nook, then it becomes passable. E1L1 Reborn in Spear: End of Destiny is a direct homage to the original E1L1 Wolfenstein 3D level. Doom 2 also has a super secret level labeled "Grosse", and is also based on the original Wolf3D. There are hanged Commander Keens at the exit as well. The "Hypercubed!!!" level in Tristania 3D may be accessed from level 21: "Vibeke". You have to find 4 hidden areas, activate 2 switches and find 3 keys. If you did everything right, there'll be a secret elevator near the official exit of the level, surrounded by carcasses. The level is of course a direct reference to the movie "Cube 2 - Hypercube". The other 4 super secret levels in Tristania 3D are less spectacular. There is a "normal" secret level featuring Hello Kitty, but it's not that fiendishly well hidden. Hope this helps y'a bit!
The Easter Egg Hunter (4 months ago)
Part 2 ?
I knew about #9 before I watched this.
your tags (4 months ago)
Sonic adventure 2 extra stage is the only thing that i really wanted. Seriously
gamer grabber (4 months ago)
hey everyone
The Easter Egg Hunter (4 months ago)
Hey :)
For me, there's no better Easter egg than when a game hides a secret level somewhere. The perfect hidden level Easter egg? One that involves a previous level or entire game from the earlier games of the series. There's one truly incredible Easter egg that nobody has made a video about and I'm willing to prove it if someone wants to give me credit for mentioning it in the modern world. Here's a hint. It's in a game that had a dedicated group of hardcore fans that's criminally underrated. The hidden level is actually a game and it's the type of game where you control a space ship during an auto scroll map where you fire your weapons almost constantly
lil Clorox (5 months ago)
I bout pissed my pants on the slenderman one
Lightning (5 months ago)
"Tomb Raider OUI Adventures of Lara Croft" has a secret level in the end if you find all the game's secrets.
Michael J. Caboose (5 months ago)
There is a Super Mario Level in Borderlands: the Pre-sequel... Not sure of the place you have to go to, but one of the elevators has no barrier and you're able to go through into a Mario like level!
nathan humberger (5 months ago)
what about the unicorn fountain in ocarina of time
John Smith (5 months ago)
Super secret ??? Its on youtube!!
Hans Clayton (5 months ago)
Did Yout Said UBISOFT He Makes Growtopia So Many People Plays It Maybe 50,000 or 1,000,0
Bec Campbell (5 months ago)
dying light you can get the flying suit
Matt Dale (5 months ago)
In the dying light mario level you can get the glide suit
foxy 777 (5 months ago)
Anthony Fennell (5 months ago)
3:30 how come they havent made a full version of this? wow I nutted
DLAROC (6 months ago)
No mention of ToeJam and Earl level 0? :o
Truthful_Liar13 (6 months ago)
Woooooo 455 hours and I finally beat SAB2 100%. Green hill was pretty cool.
Jared Seymour (6 months ago)
How do you get Bowie that armor and that age? And you leave the island that you live on but I never found that armor and those guys.
Fluffy Cat (6 months ago)
i found you
Quentin Els (6 months ago)
Dying Light is so underrated, people/reviewers were bashing it for being "just another zombie game" all the while it being a very well made "zombie game", probably in the top 10 of zombie games
The Easter Egg Hunter (6 months ago)
It's one of my favourite games of all time and i really hope there is a sequel.
*sees the thumnail* Me: oH FuDgE tHe LoSt kId PoStEr
Lord Aries (6 months ago)
Oobisoft xD lol
The Easter Egg Hunter (6 months ago)
Haha better get it right next time because i have an Ubisoft video on the way :D
William Connolly (6 months ago)
Dying light not that secret found it easily myself probably anyone who completed the game did
Gryphonzwing (6 months ago)
Not sure but i think that last one was added for Markiplier
Rachel Wayne (6 months ago)
Any loyal Theorists get mad during Star Fox? Aileron rolls? No?
Toasty Bruvother account (6 months ago)
In that Star Fox zero game that ship when you go through the wormhole it looks like a Star Wars republic Star ship
Deez Nuts (7 months ago)
That slender the arrival Secret level scared the crap out of me when I played it myself
sasha witwicky (7 months ago)
LOVE the music in your videos 😍
Nightshade (7 months ago)
What is funny, is how so many people believe the Star Fox secret level is Fox being sucked into a trippy alternate universe. I believe it is likely Fox hallucinating as a result of a loss of Oxygen after a collision with a chunk of the blown up asteroid puts a hole in the cockpit of his ship.
Alex Fairgood (7 months ago)
The mad Gamer (7 months ago)
Prince of Persia was then upgraded to become Assassins Creed
Tosic Toxic (7 months ago)
Dying light control in ps4 is fucked up
Suman Khatua (7 months ago)
3;21 awsome
Aiden Dutko (7 months ago)
9:40 isnt this a reference to the beginning of the new star wars movie star wars the last jedi
John Salata (7 months ago)
There’s also the ability to get the fox suit in dying light during that level
Mr. Noob gam3r (7 months ago)
The Cringey Crayon (7 months ago)
theres an easter egg within the star fox one the slot machine is from mario when you get 777 jackpot thats why it sprays out coins
*-MARIO-* *-PINEDA-* (8 months ago)
Super creepy Like if you agree
Condescending online Man (8 months ago)
Slender man? More like "non-binary gender person"
Kyan King (8 months ago)
Don't scare me like that SLENDERMAN
izzybuuuu1 (8 months ago)
Someone alert markiplier
Turin Yeats (8 months ago)
Am simple man. See Dying Light. Like video.
404_Youtuber_Not_Found (8 months ago)
#8 was NOT secret! I found that in what, 2 days?
You can do flashlight, radio, piano (has to say “this sounds familiar”), then poster.

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