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1kt NUKE! Rgiant Rival Rebels Game - 27K Sub Special

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Demolition Nuclear Bomb in Tyranika. Mushroom cloud explosion. https://rgiant.com ►Rival Rebels Game: https://youtu.be/N4cHbbTi8ew ►Sub to my developer channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/rivalrebelsgame ►More tests: https://youtu.be/or6ZxmQLJhk I'm programming Rival Rebels Game, a completely independent game for Windows, Mac, Linux, and later the consoles. For more information go here: https://rivalrebels.com/ Pre-alpha access soon! Game discussion: https://rivalrebels.com/RRgame/forum/ For Rival Rebels Game: https://rivalrebels.com/ Music: Rival Rebels theme song by Votrox. Rival Rebels game: DMD, Rhodes 3 Robot, Ein-Sten Laser, Plasma Cannon, Tesla, Corsaire 4, Freighter Ship, Nuke, Tsar Bomba, Theo, Bunker, Force Field, Reactor, Player Skills, Rebel, Nuker, Hacker, Intel, Pilot, Tanker, Enforcer, Ranger, Gunner, Robot. ~Rodol
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Text Comments (71)
royer atack (5 days ago)
Good video
Такое уже не лицезрел :D
Questions i have: Will there be a tutorial in the beginning? How much will it cost? Can you choose gender?
Rodol Phito (10 days ago)
I'm making video tutorials. At first we'll have crowdfunding prices for early access. This is the player customizer https://youtu.be/BRM5EnmCFn4
yarik_game Russia (12 days ago)
you can add nuclear rocket
blader paloma bey (15 days ago)
Mini ball nuke
enderGuardian 46 (22 days ago)
100th like!
Original Ant (26 days ago)
You could improve the sound of when it explodes. You can also make it so when bigger nukes explode the building burns with smoke before being destroyed. But the game is awesome
chicken mommy (1 month ago)
Will you every add a nuclear missile and like abandon silos found around the map?
chicken mommy (1 month ago)
Rodol Phito (1 month ago)
Yes, we will :)
James Stewart (1 month ago)
Please make a mine craft mod refrence
Rodol Phito (1 month ago)
the Plasma Cannon, Einsten, Rhodes, Crates, Rods, and Pliers already are in Rgiant :)
nicostudio legamer (1 month ago)
xlDelta 3443 (1 month ago)
Has the Minecraft mod of yours in the technic ?
Aldrei (1 month ago)
Dear rodol Phito. Hi I am aldrei your one of my favorite youtubers and i really like the mod you made. rival rebels is the first mod i installed. I hope Rgaint will be free..
Sion (1 month ago)
Your building (& destruction) system are AWESOME! :D
Rodol Phito (1 month ago)
Dub (1 month ago)
Oh my... This is just a small nuke, I could imagine how large these could get!
Onda Do Mar Games (1 month ago)
mega nuke
Anders Becerra (1 month ago)
Awesome job
Dmitry Kerinsky (1 month ago)
Gosh, that's that i call nuke, now i want a megaton one >:D
Jack Buckman (1 month ago)
That's amazing but is it possible to add the tsra bomba?
Awesome Nuke and Effects
xxNeed For Speed65xx (1 month ago)
Kaboom! Congrats on 27k Rodol this looks better every day. :)
Noah DaBest (1 month ago)
Lets keep this from getting dislikes👍😀
Piecity (1 month ago)
Thats a very pretty nuke. I was expecting one like the mod in Minecraft but this is much better
The Rawhide (1 month ago)
Quick question, when will we see the alien freighter?
Rodol Phito (1 month ago)
IDK, my to do list is huge!
Radon Productions (1 month ago)
That. Is a beautiful nuke. Take your time, I cannot wait to play this game when it's out! (kjack1111 on the fourms)
draghi dragnov (1 month ago)
Really like this game And would like to support it but Can it be more complex/realistic like speed change, brakes, Vtol mode, motor start. example:"to start motor press X"
draghi dragnov (1 month ago)
And Also i think that you should go blind for a moment cuz its explosion ,Also radiation should be there, the explosion should create a crater (take this as critissism so you can improve)
Shimmering Blaze (1 month ago)
Woah, now THAT is awesome!
Ethernet Cable (1 month ago)
Dennis Junior (1 month ago)
oh man this game is getting better.
Misc. Titancon (1 month ago)
Samuel Birch (1 month ago)
zErG pLayEr FlAsHbAcKs
Maximilian Peters (1 month ago)
Absolutely amazing 😇
Bee (1 month ago)
time for DEATH... i mean EXPLOSIONS
DaTurtle (26 days ago)
HOLY, that looks insane. I love the physics and the strength ability of the character. Great job!
Morinor (1 month ago)
Nice effects
Noah DaBest (1 month ago)
Are you gonna make it free to play because my mom dislikes credit cards and never had one Can you make it free to play
Jonas Kovamees (1 month ago)
Rival rebels. Hell. yeah. Good job mate. Been a sub for a while. Good job on the game. Nice job Rodol.
Darkrisk665 (1 month ago)
You doing a very good job and congratulations on 27k subs
R080G4M3R (1 month ago)
Now THAT. is a NUKE
Dosingr Production (1 month ago)
It become more and more à true game. One day or will take minecraft's rank.
WingofTech (1 month ago)
Not sure why but I was expecting somewhere between 27 and 27,000 nukes at once. xD
Bedbear (1 month ago)
That is just amazing. i would like to see how the rest of the game will develop
Noah DaBest (1 month ago)
The blast should blow away the player and the fall damage finishes them off and the items held by player will drop And in ground zero instakill And looking at the explosion directly will blind the player for 5 seconds
DaTurtle (23 days ago)
Noah DaBest hilarious ragdoll would be added to it
Noah DaBest (1 month ago)
Add a crater and fallout So that nukes could spread radiation Tactical nuke:no fallout and crater Hand nuke:small crater has crater only fallout Normal nuke: medium sized crater and 1/3rd of the map affected by fallout Tsar bomba: big crater half of the map affected by fallout The 100 mt nuke: giant crater and whole map affected by fallout
Lord Vertice (1 month ago)
Wow, this is SO AMAZING!
Isak Logenius (1 month ago)
Think about it. The minecraft nuke had a moving texture and small explosion area, this nuke insta kills like anyone near.
MrAnimazing (1 month ago)
Let's reach 30K and watch him blow up the moon
HbmMods (1 month ago)
But how? 🤔
Rodol Phito (1 month ago)
Lots of math.... .;,;.
Амир Амир (1 month ago)
Yeees!!! 27k
The Blind Wizard (1 month ago)
DUDE! That's so amazing!
Hess Leo (1 month ago)
I Love it
Alkis Demirtiou (1 month ago)
Life Can Be Hard (1 month ago)
Diana Grell (1 month ago)
Congrats rodol! And amazing nuke! Rhodes3 here, hoping the gane hits early access soon!
Alkis Demirtiou (1 month ago)
I WANT this game
MaxBuster (1 month ago)
Wow, that explosion was epic !
fakhrul islam (1 month ago)
fakhrul islam (1 month ago)
btw where is the config file on rival rebels minecraft mod?
Erwan Pontacq (1 month ago)
Tobias Rasch Da Col (1 month ago)
David Sorell (1 month ago)
God Damn It

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