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Modded Minecraft - "Magic Bear" - S2E31 - My Miners Be Teleposing

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The Arcane Bore and Ritual of Magnetism both need to be moved every once in a while. Luckily Blood Magic has a Ritual that can make this much easier. FunshineX's new website: http://www.funshinex.net My second time focusing on mods of a magical nature. Primarily focusing on Thaumcraft 4, Ars Magica 2, and Blood Magic For tech mods, watch my upcoming Utopia server series.
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iJimmy // (4 years ago)
The translocater fall because Minecraft Vanila , you cannot put two entity in a block space , so the teleposer do what Minecraft Vanila Coding
Nathan Hastings (4 years ago)
The blood armor is not able to hold enchants if theres an enchant it will break the abilities of the armor
harald berntzen (4 years ago)
I am your biggest fan i hav watched you from the start! I remember all the serieses a speialy the last 1 whit the turtals just going mad and making their own forts and stuff i am your boggggggest fan plz say somting to me forexample a shout out!
Jymi B (4 years ago)
Another great vid bro!
Nemsun (4 years ago)
Pretty cool..
blackraven441 (4 years ago)
Yea tenth like
Matthew Bates (4 years ago)
Maybe he just spawns water directly into your lungs
Killpopers (4 years ago)
hey funshine cool video and the reason the only some of the Item Translocaors fell of is because of the way it stores the direction its placed in is stored and when its cloned it dose not have that value pulled with it so only the ones facing the default way stay this is the same of the lamp
MinedMaker (4 years ago)
Hi funshine

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