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How can you reach the WORLD BORDER in Survival Minecraft? » Subscribe - http://bit.ly/AntVenomSubscribe » Experiments Playlist - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLR50dP3MW9ZW8FdncbqReMHbWgVPmUHF4 SOCIAL MEDIA » TwitchTV - http://twitch.tv/AntVenom » Instagram - http://instagram.com/TheAntVenom » Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/AntVenom » Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/AntVenomPage » Shirts - http://antvenom.spreadshirt.com MUSIC » YouTube Audio Library - Do_Do_Do » Dirt Rhodes by Kevin MacLeod http://incompetech.com/
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Семён Нарнов (10 hours ago)
Маузер выполнил это достижение: без читов и имбового бага с жемчугом достигнул границы мира в выживании. Правда, не на этих муторных крыльях, а на лошадки.
Sanity Rblx (15 days ago)
Ant you can go through the world border by enderpearling when you are close to it or by using a boat or a bed (in survival) but after 6 blocks you take damage
Palieux (23 days ago)
I got to the border accidentaly while using only 1 elytra.there was this one plugin called infernal mob on this server
Kenny (24 days ago)
Fireworks lol
anime lover999 tjong (30 days ago)
Mumbo jumbo just reach the border with elytra in multiplayer hermitcraft server(acidently in a head humting)
joshua games 4076 (1 month ago)
I don't want to reach the border
geometry dash dpoopoop (1 month ago)
Easy! Electromagnetic repeler and ender staff Accelerates very fast Grapple mod
_ DarkSonic312 _ (1 month ago)
One russian youtuber actually got to the border in survival. But instead of elytras he used a horse with speed potions.
Preston - Minecraft (1 month ago)
A B677676 (1 month ago)
I downloaded a custom map and it glirched out. I spawned at the world border
Kevin Zakowicz (1 month ago)
you can use rockets as boosters so you don't have to keep on desperately trying to shoot yourself
Danix9 (1 month ago)
wow this is rly fast, fitmc traveled there through nether on 2b2t using speedhack for something like 38 hours, but he made stops on the way
If you place an ender chest in an ender chest, does that create a paradox?
Jonniek 2006 (1 month ago)
Orm just use fireworks...
doggameplayer (1 month ago)
World type 'infinite'
Snappl's Palace (1 month ago)
You can use fireworks with a duration of 3 to go really far
Brixxter (1 month ago)
What happens when you travel further and then place down the portal? I mean, there was no border showing up in the nether.
DarkMario123 (1 month ago)
I broke bedrock with a shovel on survival
Abdera7mane Gamer (2 months ago)
Whow to back home lol !
LcLeviYT (2 months ago)
I its one year ago but elytra get firework boost now so easier Edit: latest version
Agustin Gonzales (2 months ago)
PD: use instant health arrows
luke Lynch (2 months ago)
Can't you bring a dozen stacks of fireworks with you too to get height with elytra instead of a punch bow?
Gadget (2 months ago)
this was made before fireworks could help flight
Christopher Wiebe (2 months ago)
:O 666 comments
Hack Man (2 months ago)
A Hat (2 months ago)
fun fact: the far lands is NOT a bug actually, its something that can't be prevented, its because of floating point, which is basiclaly in every 3D game in existence, if you get far enough from 0, 0, 0, things get really weird like that
Yaseen Ismail (2 months ago)
The farland is not removed it is back 😎
Disturbed Waffles (2 months ago)
One day I want to give myself a bunch of stuff in creative and then take certain days I have time to fully travel to the border in survival
SirSuperMan (2 months ago)
jimi simpson (2 months ago)
666th comment
fitmc in 2b2t
William boström (2 months ago)
Use fireworks to fly with elytra
This Is A Name (2 months ago)
You are basically game theory for minecraft lol
Carlo Lim (3 months ago)
One problem It’s scary
russian jesus (3 months ago)
Ant I hope u realize fireworks are more affective
Gadget (2 months ago)
this was made before fireworks could help flight
If he waited a little more he could have used fireworks
Carter Hill (3 months ago)
Sub to me and I will sub to you
How to life and stuff (3 months ago)
Why'd they remove the farlands? They were so cool!
Walker Loftin (3 months ago)
Or fireworks now
Hippo Pirate (3 months ago)
omg i thought you would take damage over 192 blocks in the nether same as the void
Tyler Loniewski (3 months ago)
You don't need the arrows u can use fireworks
King Alpha [ExB] (4 months ago)
Why Minecraft PE Has No Borders That Means Infinite Worlds Lol
Maike Alifia (4 months ago)
thats will great when mc added new achievement called C'mon Lets Go In Border Of Minecraft
Cello Covers/Improv (4 months ago)
I think using a fast horse would be better. You can just AFK until you reach the border, and it won't use hunger. Yeah, it will take longer, but the trade off is worth it to me.
Gabriel Thompson (4 months ago)
(Done before fireworks could help you fly)
R. Rod. (4 months ago)
Who is that poor soul that is traveling till this day
Mert Deniz Tatlı (4 months ago)
you could use nether for shortcut
STUPID IDIOT TUBER (4 months ago)
Oh well today just use fireworks on elytra.
3vilwolf (4 months ago)
This is way easier now cause firework rockets exist
Farhan Arief Ramadhan (4 months ago)
NathanE. (4 months ago)
Just use fireworks that dont explode with a flight duration of 3
11fastgamer (4 months ago)
try to launch a ender pearl so far that you reach the border...(im sure that it will take a very long time)
Code Hurricane (5 months ago)
What is the world border ive never heard about it
sheklings (5 months ago)
Hey Ant make a Video about „how high can you go in Creative Mode“ Command: /effect @s levitation 999999 200 Put it in a repeat_command_block! I made it to ~36800 Blocks in just tree minutes!!!
G04TCYA (5 months ago)
And mojang said the world was infinite XD
Mr.Nuclear BG (5 months ago)
I tried it with a plane from mod
Amaroqdricaldari (5 months ago)
Instead of a World Border, what I would have done was tweak the world generation so that going to the edge will just cause you to come back around the other side. With sufficient tweaking to world generation, it could be a seamless transition. I would also make each axis have three overlapping coordinates; 1. Floating Point coordinate (standard/pre-existing) 2. Inverted Floating Point Coordinate 3. Fixed Integer Coordinate All of these overlapping, and repeated in all three axis, would get around the issue with entity behavior near the border.
Nathan Koyle (5 months ago)
Wanna see them reach world border watch FitMC
Adam Gaming146 (5 months ago)
The Far Lands Reminded Me Of The History Of MINECRAFT STORY MODE
runforitman (5 months ago)
Did the firework glitch work back then?
Alex Ting (5 months ago)
Liu Tjin Siu (5 months ago)
Atualy i reach the world border with 1 elitra and 1 hour
_ Xaveir Does Gaming_ (5 months ago)
h o w l o n g d o e s i t t a k e f o r y o u t o w a l k t h e r e ?
Niels The Jolteon (5 months ago)
Uhm... Can't you just use Fireworks?
Springlock Gamer (5 months ago)
you cant build above the nether
darsW 713 (5 months ago)
You dont need all of thous elytras more easy way is just 1 have a boat 2 build up alot of food 3 try going to the bouder
KrispyKrabby (5 months ago)
Oh yeah, that sounds super simple and realistic. Just gotta glitch your way to the top of the Nether and then fly for three days IRL days, no biggie.
anime and things (5 months ago)
I found the world border without doing this
Waldodapro Gaming (5 months ago)
Now instead of the bow trick you can just use fireworks
pate de masa (6 months ago)
BittyThread (6 months ago)
did anyone actually try this?
smashisnotugly (6 months ago)
it has been done on 2b2t.
CaveGame (6 months ago)
I tried doing this but I got bored after 20 minutes
Benjamin Muric (6 months ago)
Luther KHITEC (6 months ago)
I really enjoy it in fact i beem dreaming to visit the border when i had the time
Bernhard Blietz (6 months ago)
A few Stacks of Fireworks will Do too
Bernhard Blietz (6 months ago)
Thomas Comics Fireworks dont hurt at all
Bernhard Blietz (6 months ago)
Thomas Comics you only need to gain the height. Then you can fly without Fireworks for a long time + you dont need that much Food and diamonds for the armor
DeathPaws (6 months ago)
This is how I did mine. /effect IDontGiveAFox 11 999999 255 True (Invincible.) /effect IDontGiveAFox 1 999999 15 true (Speed.) Peaceful mode. (So I don't get hunger.)
Awesome Gamer 333 (6 months ago)
Yes it is possible /worldborder set 100 3
Pirho (6 months ago)
I have a (german) WorldRecordRun on my channel. 30'000'000 Meters in Survival... Sorry for the Ad ;)
Laydax (6 months ago)
Just use a horse
A's World (6 months ago)
Can't you just get mending for 1 elytra? It saves all of the rest 19...
Fept GD (7 months ago)
1 block in the nether = 8 in the normal world
Ichengo (7 months ago)
Now here's a new question; "How do I get back?"
PureOrangutan 10 (7 months ago)
or you can boost youself on elytra with fireworks
Daniel Brundige (7 months ago)
this is an older video
mee (7 months ago)
rashidredwan (7 months ago)
Good luck going back
gassug 2 (7 months ago)
You could also do the infinite minecart glitch, would take a lot longer though.
Pokemon Researcher (8 months ago)
I think Mojang should add a boss when you cross a border
Daniel Brundige (7 months ago)
trump btw it isn't mojang anymore
olek okularnik (8 months ago)
you don,t need an xp farm just kill the enderdragon and you will get like 70 or 80 levels
gamingmetmats (8 months ago)
Just a few DAYS
The Station Of Awakening (8 months ago)
I got a faster way. In creative only. /effect @s speed_boost 255 Then sprint-fly
- _ LIR _ - (8 months ago)
Is there a world border in nether ? If you make a portal in nether as the coresponding portal in overworld to be beyond the barrier ?
Michael_vx (8 months ago)
that is a lot of time to get there :O
The Gamer Mastar (8 months ago)
I only walk to the border. it only takes me a few minutes with the minecraft i have
Noah Emery (8 months ago)
Lies, I’ve foud the farlands in creative by teleportation
Asian Invasion (8 months ago)
SpaceWifi’s best friend Emery he said vanilla survival
experimental h (8 months ago)
Wtf why ps4 worlds much smaller than pc :(
Yakudo TheMan (8 months ago)
In just a few days!
WJP123 (8 months ago)
Well, compared to the two months it would take never getting off Minecraft and going by land, this is Heaven.
WJP123 (8 months ago)
Asian Invasion (8 months ago)
WJP123 are you sure because the nether is called hell
wentworth parker (8 months ago)
Now, in 1.12, just get 256 fireworks and you are set.

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