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Theo 100 MT TNT experimental Tsar Bomba in Minecraft

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Rival Rebels mod Theoretical Wack Nuke experiment. Toyguy tests the huge nuclear weapon. ► All Wack Nuke Videos: https://goo.gl/wkb4IU ► Previous Nuke Video: https://youtu.be/pSzZmTsJuBE Cast: Lukep, Userpad78 and Ballistic Turtle Rival Rebels mod for Minecraft https://rivalrebels.com/ (Rodol Phito's mod official) \\ Subscribe to RR to stay informed // For Help, tutorials, wiki, and mod discussion: https://rivalrebels.com/RRgame/comment/ For Rival Rebels Servers IP go: https://rivalrebels.blogspot.com/p/gameplay.html For Rival Rebels Game project : https://rivalrebels.com/ Minecraft is a game made by Mojang and is available here: http://minecraft.net/ To get Forge: http://files.minecraftforge.net/ To get world Edit mod: http://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/worldedit/files/2219060 Rival Rebels Mod additions to the game: Rhodes 3 Robot, Force Fields, Ein-Sten Laser, Plasma, Tesla, Rocket, Rod Disk, LTD-RR Laser, B-2 Spirit Stealth, Army Shovel, Omega, Sigma, Smart Camo, Steel Block, Quick Sand, Laptop, Reactor, Loader, Team Objectives, Team Classes, Rebel and Intel. For Minecraft 1.7.10, 1.6.4, 1.6.2, 1.5.2, 1.5.1, 1.4.7 & 1.4.6. Minecraft funny video Series and Adventures featuring Rodol Phito (me, the mod creator), Roda (my sister) and the RR team (my friends) fighting all types of mobs and having fun. Please give me feedback and ideas so we keep making more episodes! ~Rodol
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Text Comments (218)
Christina Linz (4 months ago)
Rodol can you change the theo nuke to last shorter? it is taking to long to finish!
Rodol Phito (4 months ago)
You can do it, go to the RR config file in the MC/Config folder and change in explosionsize: I:tsarBombaSpeed=8 to a higher number. (at your own risk) Also remember to change B:safemode=true to false, so your changes are used.
ionisator idk (2 months ago)
too small
Snehalata Jagati (2 months ago)
Soviet unions biggest nuke
Snehalata Jagati (2 months ago)
How about 100 million zettaton tsar nuke!!!
fakhrul islam (1 month ago)
what? its going to destroy the entire minecraft world.
Think How (3 months ago)
We Need A 1000 Megaton 20 Rod Antimatter Bomb.
Phuc Nguyen Bao (3 months ago)
you to the theoretical tsar
table (3 months ago)
Max with efficiency V is crazy
titiwat95 (3 months ago)
Guest 666 (4 months ago)
Theo mean Theoretical tsar bomba
???DesFox ??? (4 months ago)
I know this is designed not to lag, but don't use theo on a weak comp, it lasts a LONG time, but what you could do is just go to a different dimension and wait it out like I did lmao, but seriously you guys are awesome
???DesFox ??? (4 months ago)
Rodol Phito that's useful :)
Rodol Phito (4 months ago)
You can change the explosion speed (if your system can take it) by going into the RR config file in the MC/Config folder and change in explosionsize: I:tsarBombaSpeed=8 to a higher number. (at your own risk) Also remember to change B:safemode=true to false, so your changes are used.
xOmqisDaniel (5 months ago)
The theo nuke ends after a few days in minecraft time.
Rodol Phito (4 months ago)
Yes, but you can change the explosion speed (if your system can take it) by going into the RR config file in the MC/Config folder and change in explosionsize: I:tsarBombaSpeed=8 to a higher number. (at your own risk) Also remember to change B:safemode=true to false, so your changes are used.
Sveta Lv (5 months ago)
Sveta Lv (5 months ago)
SadGuy Lite (6 months ago)
Emir Ibrahim (6 months ago)
drink more lemonade
Chris Park (6 months ago)
Thank you for the opportunity to work now.
Godzilla Nerd (7 months ago)
Holy crap, I wish I knew how to download Minecraft mods. I'd have A LOT of fun with Rival Rebels.
Boglin Big Boy (7 months ago)
i feel like im watching a sam hyde video when watching these
Yelk Studios (7 months ago)
Lets destroy Flans Mod with this nukas Boi!!!! #RRBest
ph.pokemongo 2016 (7 months ago)
Nuclear boogers?
Wheatley core dummer (8 months ago)
Theoretical Tsar Bomba
Hair Is a Mop (9 months ago)
Please add a Ivy Mike
Driver Nephi (9 months ago)
This guy has destroyed megaton
[PHG] PhoenixGamer (9 months ago)
Oh my god. The Anti-matter nuke made me die with the most op armors i know - avaritia mod's
Rizki Khairan (9 months ago)
This cool 😍😍😍
Cringe YT (10 months ago)
i cant do it, it says : Error : You are a bot
Rodol Phito (10 months ago)
:) You probably aren't filling out the NoCaptcha checkbox (image question) in the login form.
Cringe YT (10 months ago)
anyways your video was super good
Blue Wolf (10 months ago)
This is a very random video XD
ShepardPower (10 months ago)
Soviets: I will show you! *Rodol makes Theo* Soviets: I’m scared.
João Felipe (9 months ago)
russia:yet the same
Jelena Chiornaja (10 months ago)
Why have LordVertice the toyguys skin on 1.43 ??
Gen Smith (11 months ago)
Can u get this mod on Pocket edition
Ognjen Radojevic (1 year ago)
Hey please do not make more than 100 megatons! My computer is going to crash! :P
Atesli Gaming (1 year ago)
Rodol phito nuke tsar and theo explosion
Kollin Kollin (1 year ago)
I can't make it it won't work
Rodol Phito (1 year ago)
You probably have an old version of the mod get the latest here http://rivalrebels.blogspot.com/
[D.A] Triggered Luigi (1 year ago)
Any Possibility That You Can Add More Feelings To Toyguy?
Rodol Phito (1 year ago)
Yes, but what do you have in mind?
BlueHippo45 (1 year ago)
Is there a public server for just messing around on rival rebels, or is all this stuff in a private one?
BlueHippo45 (1 year ago)
Thanks man! This mod is amazing.
Rodol Phito (1 year ago)
It´s public, this is the server page https://rivalrebels.blogspot.com/p/gameplay.html
I like. toyguy
James Moton (1 year ago)
Why "death.attack.nuclearblast" instead of something like "[Player] was killed by a nuclear blast."
Rodol Phito (1 year ago)
The messages stopped working on 1.5.2 and I couldn't fix em
Julian Sanchez (1 year ago)
Minuto 0:45 uops
Rocco Schlieben (1 year ago)
In ihn!h!nbk
Alma ganduno (1 year ago)
row hew (1 year ago)
and..... im watching minecraft
Eikh The Gamer (1 year ago)
Its the Tsar bomb but 10x Bigger
JohnMarkusYT (1 year ago)
omg... kids cant count..... 2x bigger...
Ichigo Games (1 year ago)
so where is this mod ?
Rodol Phito (1 year ago)
here https://rivalrebels.blogspot.com/
Rivade (1 year ago)
Lol my real name is Theo
Daphne mitchell (1 year ago)
I subscribed
Rodol Phito (1 year ago)
harley ryu (1 year ago)
Sherri Olsen (1 year ago)
NO ITS 50 MT NOT 100
Rogerio Otto (1 year ago)
add more nukes pls
Nuno Pereira (1 year ago)
Can you drop it from a plane?
Rodol Phito (1 year ago)
Yes, here is the tutorial vid https://youtu.be/it_0I6KUeHI
KAUĀ M OLIVEIRA (1 year ago)
estela osorio (1 year ago)
chuck noirs: CHUCK-A-LUKE darth vader: I AM UR FAhTeR
iiDrip_Dropii (1 year ago)
How do u make the theos?
Tuna The Pro (1 year ago)
Holy nuts that cloud is awesome
Jamairis McWay (1 year ago)
When will the 20K Subs Special come out?
Shinji Nakano (1 year ago)
OMG the nuke
ATR2400 (1 year ago)
mmy version of the mod is all wierd with missing textures and i cant make both of the tsars
Rodol Phito (1 year ago)
Get the latest version here https://rivalrebels.blogspot.com/
Dominique 9325 (1 year ago)
I downloaded the latest version of your mod, however, once i put 16 nuclear rods and detonate it it won't go away.Whenever the explosion goes away, an animation of another one just reappears.Please fix this.
Rodol Phito (1 year ago)
the mushroom is present until the explosion is done, depending on the system the 16 rods explosion could last more than 10m, but not lag the game. If you leave the chunk and come back MC will render the cloud again depending on your render distance.
Eclipes YT (1 year ago)
Theo is way bigger tsar
Hey add more nuke like the fat man
I'm sorry that I'm Russian and did not understand a thing, but I liked it
Hamzein (1 year ago)
Учи Инглиш, все понятно:)
Rodol Phito (1 year ago)
True :/
I know about subtitles, but the problem is that it's all translated through Google's translator, and he himself knows how to translate from English into Russian, on YouTube.
Rodol Phito (1 year ago)
Пожалуйста, включите Субтитры - CC - Авто перевод - (sorry for my bad russian, but I type all the captions manually so you guys can translate it :)
Why do the nukes glitch into the ground upon detonation?
Mike From CVS (1 year ago)
didn't think i'd find you he-........ never mind, should have expected you here
Rodol Phito (1 year ago)
nukes drop thru 'soft' blocks until they find stone or something similar
Nhi Bach Thi (1 year ago)
I can't make it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rodol Phito (1 year ago)
Please get the latest version of the mod https://rivalrebels.blogspot.com/
SwitchbackSylveon (1 year ago)
I tested this, destroyed bedrock, FREAKING BEDROCK, then, game crashed.
Astronomical (1 year ago)
probably a rare bug never happened to me
Alyssa Medina (1 year ago)
Do a ultra nuke
FuckinAntiPope (1 year ago)
Alyssa Medina the Tsar is the ultimate ultra nuke
Chaddington Finnland (1 year ago)
There should be nuclear winter
Zeus bumanglag (1 year ago)
woh the Nukes are half Nukes with TnT
BenTV (1 year ago)
jamison chadwell (1 year ago)
I knew into this channel
theo carter (1 year ago)
My name is Theo 😱😱😱🤣🤣🤣
Dub (1 year ago)
it blew up my whole world... and i crashed... and i just realiszed that not only my pc sucks, but you realy out done yourself, from the moment i me you on your server, to now 2017, i was finaly waiting for this, te 100 MT bomb!
Titan TheDestroyer (1 year ago)
This nuke maked wrong.... This bomb needs REALLY HUGE EXPload!
ZBoy_Gamer 17 (1 year ago)
now that's one reason to make a fallout vault am I right lads or am I right lads
Catieria Shiblodski (1 year ago)
How about emp Tazar bomba Wich is a 400 Gigaton yeald and I love nuclear lemonade
Comrade Megatron (1 year ago)
its alredy in the mod
Saturn314x (1 year ago)
What would happen if the tsar bomba would be the actual size in real life? I can understand it will take a while to put a blast radius of 2300 blocks in the mod.
Sandvich Man (1 year ago)
just cuz you said that, i'm working on a seperate mod inspired by rival rebels, that will literally change the entire map for up to 10,000 blocks
Saturn314x (1 year ago)
Oh and if that does happen the time until explode should be 60 seconds, and burn/death radius is just 500 blocks. There's no way you're gonna put it at 643738 blocks.
GradeC UnderC (1 year ago)
are the nuclear lemonade and the Lord vertice lemonade in the mod?
GradeC UnderC (1 year ago)
Rodol Phito cool dude
Rodol Phito (1 year ago)
Yes :D
Lori Marshall (1 year ago)
DO 10 THEOS AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS!! My guess: Your minecraft is dead.
is this inspired by M.O.A.B ???????????
Rodol Phito (1 year ago)
not really, RR is just a game, and I made the Theo before that happened.
CrayZigg (1 year ago)
Hey rodol, is there any way to get the mushroom to appear from a further distance? because when i step back far enough, the clour just disappears and when i comw back the explosion animation restarts.
CrayZigg (1 year ago)
Rodol Phito aww.
Rodol Phito (1 year ago)
No, thats MC's chunk unloading limitation.
iDS19 (1 year ago)
Black texture?
Jose Nieves (1 year ago)
Luca Echavarria (1 year ago)
Boris (1 year ago)
Austrian Mapping (1 year ago)
please make a tuturial to download this mod
Devon Songs (1 year ago)
Nice update.:D :D :D But if you ask me the next suggestion, I would prefer a bomb that only summon the sphere things. and the sphere is growing. But this update is nice. I can blow my whole facility once :D
FuckinAntiPope (1 year ago)
Is it already possible to download the RR VErsion with the Tsar Bomba and every other thing that is already added? Because I don't don't find any download link on your website to this version. I only have a small version with a few blocks and weapons but nothing of the huge things.
FuckinAntiPope (1 year ago)
+Rodol Phito thanks ^^ I was just to stupid to build the things XD now I made a large base with parts of the mods in it :D
Rodol Phito (1 year ago)
https://rivalrebels.blogspot.com/ if you already have W please watch my video tutorials to learn how to build them
William JF (1 year ago)
Rodol can u get the mod on Pe if u can't please make that u can btw I love ur channel and love the mod
Rodol Phito (1 year ago)
can't, I'm making Rival Rebels full game :) https://www.youtube.com/c/rivalrebelsgame
iOX iOX (1 year ago)
Good thing you don't lag
krzykara (1 year ago)
UltraHyperDuck (1 year ago)
In season 2 of the Illuminati introduce the Theo (Theoretical Tsar Bomba). I really want to see it being used to blow stuff up. The 100 megaton explosion dwarfs the Tsar its really cool.
Aaron Darch (1 year ago)
This is awesome! Keep it up! :D
Ancalagon the black (1 year ago)
nice i Love this mod so much giantic robots ans nuclear bombs, besten Minecraft Mod ever ;D
Давид Videos (1 year ago)
Давид Videos все здесь британцы не считая меня и тебя
Charlene Irwin (1 year ago)
please join your jesting server because i want to meet you
Micha Grill (1 year ago)
Wow... Can you add an antimatter bomb, plasma bomb and 3rd generation nuclear bomb too? :D
Yasutaka Kogs (1 year ago)
how does he dupe his items in his inventory
Rodol Phito (1 year ago)
click with the mouse middle button
Selena Gamya (1 year ago)
Rodol, this is an intervention. You're becoming too good at making huge epic explosions. I'm worried you'll turn into Michael Bay.
SuperPandaGaming (8 months ago)
He is Michael Bay
Rodol Phito (1 year ago)
hahah, nooo please! Not Michael Bay! I swear.. I promise not to :D
Brick Corner (1 year ago)
You must make more videos dude. Everyone likes Minecraft!
CrayZigg (1 year ago)
(The entire internet disagrees in background) jk
boomchacle (1 year ago)
funnily enough, you could actually drink a few cups of heavy water leminade without any bad effects.

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