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Call of Duty: Black Ops TV Commercial: "There's A Soldier In All Of Us"

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The Call of Duty: Black Ops Commercial "There Is A Soldier In All Of Us". Call of Duty: Black Ops launches Nov 9th, 2010.
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TERABITDEFIANCE (22 minutes ago)
Is this the new Battle Royal?
Ground (36 minutes ago)
It is still not banned?
Maddpirate 75 (5 hours ago)
I remember this
Jens (7 hours ago)
Yet only a mere seven years later, the public would riot over a trailer like this.
Mitchell Gwr (9 hours ago)
I want that cook as a Blackout character.
つきみ2ki3 (10 hours ago)
GT700 (13 hours ago)
When cod was still good
Moon Chan (14 hours ago)
A time before they used "Paint it Black"
Joel Ruiz Lu (19 hours ago)
Blackout teased 7 years ago
Jefrin Turcios (22 hours ago)
agent smith (1 day ago)
But in reality there will be bounch of kids
Pompeii (1 day ago)
Is this the blackout trailer?
Amir Shad (1 day ago)
Pompeii bruh
YOOV1 (1 day ago)
Anyone else got this in their reccomended 7 years later?
Daniel Irizarry (26 minutes ago)
Amir Shad (1 day ago)
YOOV1 yeet
2018 anyone?
Amir Shad (1 day ago)
Siddhartha Bhattacharjee mmhmm
sesmar99 (20 hours ago)
This video predicted blackout 8 years before
Amir Shad (1 day ago)
sesmar99 HAHA XDDD
Tecktonick Gaming (1 day ago)
Hi- Pur (1 day ago)
I'm hoping BO4 will be better than I think.
Amir Shad (1 day ago)
Hi- Pur it will bro. They're gonna update it all week long
Lokd Dhci (1 day ago)
Why doesn’t black ops 4 have a trailer like this ?
Daniel Irizarry (25 minutes ago)
Because people are so sensitive now that if this trailer was released today, people would rant, SJW's would complain and riots would start all of YouTube and the media
Amir Shad (1 day ago)
Lokd Dhci ikr
BadSniper7 (1 day ago)
2018 ??????
Gavin o neill (1 day ago)
Why is youtube recommending me this now.
Gavin o neill (22 hours ago)
+Amir Shad havent watched any cod in ages
Amir Shad (1 day ago)
Gavin o neill cause maybe you watched a lot of cod?
Jared GOAT (2 days ago)
DualAnnihilation (2 days ago)
Gregorian Nex (2 days ago)
I just noticed the guy with the RPG it says ‘Proud Noob’. I loved this commercial and never saw the before. I am idiot
Artem Nietzsche (2 days ago)
Фемки негры мексикансы.И белоснежные" сексисты" конешн
charlie womack (2 days ago)
The good old days
SMH Replayz (2 days ago)
Stick to nba Kobe
asilva5021 (2 days ago)
Fast food cook for blackout
Teagan Alexander (2 days ago)
I remember seeing this commercial on TV back in 2010! Lol the only thing I remember about it was the cook at the end 😂
Dennis Graham (2 days ago)
The real blackout
I don’t remember seeing Jimmy Kimmel and Kobe Bryant on this commercial
I remember this commercial
Ghosty Migee (2 days ago)
2bits (2 days ago)
*tem até gorda no game agora*
Johnny Mikes (2 days ago)
Anyone watching right before the black ops 4 launch?
Nufctoon112 (2 days ago)
The hype and the buzz when this game came out what happened to call of duty 🙄
Tyler Davidson (2 days ago)
Don't know but it's sad
Hamad Alsaeed (3 days ago)
After 7 years It looks like battle royal trailer
pancake fox (3 days ago)
Remember when call of duty ads were badass
Are you okay? (3 days ago)
Why is this recommended right now?!
Fudgypanda 007 (3 days ago)
*There's a Supply Drop in All of Us*
M.c go Watch (3 days ago)
This should be remade in to the blackout trailer
nosiyboy850 (3 days ago)
where did you guys go wrong?
hattrickk333 (3 days ago)
Blackout teaser 7 years before release? Lol
BagelKing (3 days ago)
I was gonna say “back when cod was good” but I think we all have to agree COD is finally becoming a good game again. I don’t think it’s the best cod can get but it’s getting there
Bruno Segat (3 days ago)
I miss the good and old days
Ricardo Pol (3 days ago)
Not in me. Make peace not war.
The real Mac Ter (2 days ago)
Your a soldier of peace. Checkmate
Chino Aronica (3 days ago)
Bryan what the heck are you doing here
Nino White (3 days ago)
Kobe ?
Cristian Figueroa (3 days ago)
7 Years ago a Legendary franchise began.
Daniel Mambrasar (3 days ago)
2018 ?😂
2018 anyone??
MarvelFox Morty (4 days ago)
Best commercial for games marketing
Logan Conley (4 days ago)
New Blackout trailer looks great.
Hans Bryne (4 days ago)
when them 9 yo kids who fucked my mom?
Paul Martin (4 days ago)
did anyone else see that the rocket launcher says proud noob on it?
David Canadian (4 days ago)
Back when cod was good
King Conker (4 days ago)
I wish we could go back to these days :(
Police 159 (4 days ago)
“Proud Noob” 🤣🤣
STAXX (4 days ago)
Cod blackout???
TheDynasty (4 days ago)
Best cod commercial hands down
SPRAY-N _PRAY242 (4 days ago)
Anybody else saw Kobe Bryant at 0:33
Astro Bear (5 days ago)
Why is this in my recommendation? lol
Remmark Sunga (5 days ago)
LazyFaux5656 (5 days ago)
Filmed where Constantine was opened.
Manuel Garcia (5 days ago)
When I watch this I said, Damn I'm old
Max Durk (5 days ago)
Of course Kobe Bryant is a noobtuber.
Hector Robles (5 days ago)
Imminent (5 days ago)
Black ops........BEST COD EVER
Diego Rubio (5 days ago)
7 years ago the Black ops 1 was released wow
Alex Alvayero (5 days ago)
Good old days..
Jerry McDreamy (5 days ago)
Can’t wait till this comes out.
TUNNELROYALE Paz (6 days ago)
0:21 my teammates me :0:47
WolFiemx (6 days ago)
Good old days
DarthOliptius (7 days ago)
Fast food cook needs to be a Blackout character.
Username_SsFun (8 days ago)
To be honest when I rewatched this trailer again and at the end it looked like battle Royale would have been a perfect choice for this game
The real Mac Ter (2 days ago)
Hope this comment is a joke
N7 ODST (9 days ago)
How did cod become what it did today modern warfare 1 and black ops 1 are the greatest cod games made
gamer kid (10 days ago)
2018 when black ops 4 comes out?
Jose Cibrian (12 days ago)
0:35 Kobe Bryant?
Fractal Vlad (15 days ago)
this is an epic fortnite moment
Skadewdle (16 days ago)
Badass advertisements for a badass fuckin' game. Was 11-12 at the time.
AnotherRaider (16 days ago)
Graphics look so realistic! When does the game come out?
The real Mac Ter (2 days ago)
It comes out 8 years ago
Blackout Gaming German (11 days ago)
PoliteJason70 Lmao
Chief Rohan (16 days ago)
Looks like a battle royale moment
Daniel Vega (18 days ago)
The memories😢
Marvis Graves (19 days ago)
8 years later still the best cod ever. Best campaign story. Best multiplayer. Great zombie maps. And great trailer. Everything was intense.
2010 is just Gold
Muhammad Saleh (27 days ago)
Jimmy Kimmel with that RPG 🤣
Gaming Meme (27 days ago)
That damn surgeon better not be using second chance
Brampage98 (27 days ago)
Por excelencia 2018?
Kevin_ramirez2001 (1 month ago)
The good old days I'm glade I played this game at age 9
_Dr_X_ (1 month ago)
No one dies in the commercial because it has to be family friendly
R.ip. fortnite now it's code yea!!
Dovydas (1 month ago)
This is how i like call of duty black ops
B-Y Bryce (1 month ago)
Just like the game, the actors have guns that were not made in the 60s
t.gamplay t (1 month ago)
Henrique (1 month ago)
Back 2010
Adi 22 (1 month ago)
This looks like a film directed by Michael bay
PrinceRblx (1 month ago)
I rather the title is this is america
NDNG: STALİN s (1 month ago)
Good times
Your Comrade (1 month ago)
Western propaganda
The real Mac Ter (2 days ago)
Checkmate, there Russian
HetBaksteenKanaal (1 month ago)
Kid warfare 5

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