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Runescape Mod (Beta)

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I do a walkthrough of the Runescape Mod for Minecraft. This one is very awesome! I can't imagine how it will be when officially comes out of beta! :) Check out Awesome Mod here: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/581898-wiprunescape-modv011173/
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Text Comments (86)
Tommy Stewart (5 years ago)
why not just play runescape
wov333 (5 years ago)
Lol, nope
A Person (5 years ago)
I have I'm a d clawer :)
SuperGodod (5 years ago)
now we just need that runescape map xD
GucciClone (5 years ago)
Holy Fuck, the arrow scared me
Jts (5 years ago)
Made me jump lol
Lavida h (5 years ago)
Carl Owen (5 years ago)
i thought u need 5coal to make a runite bar
Cryores (5 years ago)
no such thing as dragon ore lol
Beansnapper (6 years ago)
i wish everything u showed us is ALL INCLUDED, NO AGS, NO ANY GODSWORDS,NO STAFFS or ANYTHING
crazysarcasm211 (6 years ago)
Wyatt Blackburn (6 years ago)
Ok say Rambo to have my runescape account
lantern26 (6 years ago)
what would your character look like with all the armor sets?
lantern26 (6 years ago)
i am trying to get the file opener for the jar file, it says i need to pay to get it.
Bad (6 years ago)
no dragon ore in runescape
Cornflake (6 years ago)
there is no dragon ore
the mod forgot coppored dragon
AsianFooLi (6 years ago)
is there a texture pack to this mod?
AFC (6 years ago)
Where do i get the different kidns of trees also how do you get the inferno adze?
Senseless Murder (6 years ago)
He didnt make the mod dumb ass. I hate ignorant fucks like you
Senseless Murder (6 years ago)
Needs to be a leveling system
Kizuna Astin (6 years ago)
dragon arrows are white you dumb ass
jacob herrera (6 years ago)
question: can i stand in my grande exchange stringing bows and talking shit to people all day?
Kizuna Astin (6 years ago)
there is no suck thing as dragon ore in runescape or dragon ingot. dragon armour is made by dragonkins in runescape.
Shaynaylol (6 years ago)
Crud accidentally hit the flag oh well ... Btw every hater of runescape should go back to sucking there dads [email protected]&k and go back to there FANCY shmansy 1st person shooters while I play the GOOD shizz
Shaynaylol (6 years ago)
I loved rs so much I am max in EVERY skill I've been that way since I stopped playing I am going back now thank you modder
victor banks (6 years ago)
theres no dragon ore rofl
sciccors989 (6 years ago)
is that... are you holding an inferno adze?
Kershum (6 years ago)
Yes, I know I plank.
throwing-bricks (6 years ago)
lol no dragon ore in runescape btw...
Wisco Blaze (6 years ago)
Puts on the armor in the end* "uhh yea, still in beta... Still in beta." lol
dillon hillton (6 years ago)
cus yer comp sucks???
Joey M. (6 years ago)
there should be an economy in this mod
ali huxtable (6 years ago)
The Goaticornist (6 years ago)
Rune Siphons (6 years ago)
You forgot about iron ore..
Brian Su (6 years ago)
why did the bow shoot wool?
Adamant, The nooby green metal tools in RuneScape.
SlayerSpy (6 years ago)
Nice video guy!! continue like this ur awesome and u make me laugh!!! :D
chris aldridge (6 years ago)
ingots said wrong
ChrizCS (6 years ago)
While guthix sleeps gives only one random dragon platebody part. You can only make dragon platebody from that.
Sondre Hardy (6 years ago)
''go out of the fire! get out of the fire! get out of the fire!'' ''i dont understand! why am i supposed to get out of the fire?''
Alex D'Elia (6 years ago)
thers no dragon ore you dumbass
TheLosdeKingdom (6 years ago)
Umm, yes you do, as a reward from While Guthix Sleeps, you get a lump of dragon metal used to make a Dragon Platebody, no you can't mine it, or trade it, but it's used for it.
TheLosdeKingdom (6 years ago)
Dragon bars does exist actually, you get them from While Guthix Sleeps.
GuidoDirven (6 years ago)
for withs minecraft is this
Devyn (6 years ago)
right from the get go I knew that was an inferno adze in his hand :D
simon andersen (6 years ago)
no coal or silver ore??
Slice (6 years ago)
@Kratos205 ikr...
George He (6 years ago)
I thought theres is no dragon ore and dragon armour is an exclusive membership only armour...
Nightfall (6 years ago)
@Kratos205 I think that's another way to implement dragon armor crafting...I think...
RetGamingTV (6 years ago)
@GODTAGE I don't believe so, but then again, I haven't checked up on this mod for awhile. Go to the link in the description and ask in the forums
GODTAGE (6 years ago)
would it require a certain level to chop certain logss and mine certain ore?
Kratos205 (6 years ago)
You can set things on fire! -Puts himself on fire -
Kratos205 (6 years ago)
WTF! Dragon ore? since when does Runescape have Dragon Ore?
UaEsArcher (6 years ago)
Dont believe him! Its a private server.
Nick Lacey (6 years ago)
to make arrow heads you need to be member!
Miki Gunes (6 years ago)
lmao runescape copppyyy...
themageplate (6 years ago)
can you play this in multiplayer to? :P
KingGamer411 (6 years ago)
this wasnt for 1.0.0 was it? FUCK I LOST ALL MY MODS!
RetGamingTV (6 years ago)
@NerdgamersTv Delete META file in your minecraft jar
RetGamingTV (6 years ago)
@DannyMorel That's a pretty good idea! I believe the creator of the RS mod is working on dragons currently though.
RetGamingTV (6 years ago)
@EtheMinecraftMan Fingers crossed
Brock Wetzlich (6 years ago)
@RetGamingTV yes please (:
RetGamingTV (6 years ago)
@Randre12 Delete META file in your minecraft jar
RetGamingTV (6 years ago)
@Wafflez777vids Would you like a new video on them?
Brock Wetzlich (6 years ago)
You never showed god swords ):
lordwout10 (6 years ago)
there is no dragon ore in minecraft
RetGamingTV (6 years ago)
@pure1emre Make sure your your minecraft is 1.8 and the mod version is 1.8!
Lopig5 (6 years ago)
God swords lololol loool
anthony blanco (6 years ago)
but one thing i like is to make godswords but i kid about my old comment
ItsANoBrainer (6 years ago)
The reason why you cant move the bow unfinished outline to make it is because he didnt make it do it in the coding. Theres a specific area with modloader that you can make it do all of the possible ways when crafting an item.
RetGamingTV (6 years ago)
@pure1emre Do you have winrar or 7zip? Make sure you install those before hand
RetGamingTV (6 years ago)
@pure1emre Hmmmm... Well let me check it out and I'll back to you in a bit
nicemikkel10 (6 years ago)
@RetGamingTV lol ;)
RetGamingTV (6 years ago)
@nicemikkel10 Ahh, where is the all knowing pronouncation website xD
nicemikkel10 (6 years ago)
@RetGamingTV Even though he say you pronounced yew correctly. You didn't... I'm not trying to be mean or anything. But you didn't... *trying to find a way to explain it* You pronounced it "You" For all i know its pronounced "Jew"
Sean Eik (6 years ago)
*turns up volume because he speaks softly* *ears get killed by the bow shooting arrows* >.<;;;;;;
RetGamingTV (7 years ago)
@Ultrawsome Ahh a newcomer to Minecraft or Runescape. Well, I'll explain both. Runescape, as far as my knowledge extends to, is free, but to open up all gameplay options it'll cost you 5 dollars a month, Minecraft is around the $10 to 20 dollar range
Edward Standing (7 years ago)
Don't know what runescape is but it seems pretty cool is it free or will I have to pay an what kind of game is it ?
Vasco Lavos (7 years ago)
Dragon ore? Seriously?
RetGamingTV (7 years ago)
@ManVsWaffles Thanks my pronouncation of those words needed some help xD
RetGamingTV (7 years ago)
@ultrafluffybunz Hahah Added an annotation for that, next video i'll be sure to put my sound down xD
RetGamingTV (7 years ago)
@LearnToScape The mod? Well to be honest, it's pretty difficult to uninstall a pre existing mod, so I would say delete all files in .minecraft/bin and then start up minecraft. From there, you'll have a fresh start with no mod. Hope that helped :)
Skilledgam3r (7 years ago)
love the mod and video still
Skilledgam3r (7 years ago)
no bandos =(

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